2001 Ford Explorer Fan Motor Question?

unfortunately not really any quick temp fixes. you can test for power and ground at the blower motor to verify you have a bad blower

1. Whats the computer fan motor called?

Power Supply Unit

2. Could a large floor fan motor power a 2 person cart?

I dont think the motor has enough torque to push a cart with that much weight on it. Although you could use a really big gear ration and move the cart slowly at like 2mph and yeah you could use car batteries too with a power inverter but the batter wont last more than like 30 minutes. You should find a different motor and power source. Try power drill batteries b/c they are rechargeable

3. How do I tell if my air conditioner has a faulty fan motor?

do you know how to read a circuit diagram and use a multi metre go thru the control circuit and find out if the motor is getting power in the right places?

4. Older Bryant A/C air handler fan motor make whirring noise, stops spinning after a few minutes.?

Your com presser could be going bad. Or your system could be low on freon

5. Where to start when standing oscillating fan motor wont turn on?

The easiest component to test is the switch, but the most likely to fail is the capacitor, which is that thing on the right with the purple wires. Your motor looks like a simple induction type. Do a web search on "why does my motor have a capacitor" and you will know as much as I do. Here are some tests you can try. Spin the shaft by hand (You've already done this, have not you?) If the bearings are seized you can probably get it to run by cleaning and lubricating but my experience is that cheap motors never last long after this.Turn the fan on and spin the shaft by hand. If the motor starts then the capacitor is bad. Replacing this part is dead simple but finding the replacement is an exercise in industrial engineering. It's a great learning experience, especially if you want to continue fixing stuff.For the following test you will have to cut some wires. Isolate the switch and test it for continuity with your ohmmeter. This is great fun with a multi-speed switch because you have to simultaneously find out how it works, and why it does not .Isolate the capacitor and test it with your ohmmeter. The capacitor should first show zero resistance, then quickly go to infinite resistance. Swap the probes to see it again. If it consistently shows zero or infinite then it has failed.As long as you have it all apart anyway, test the motor wires for continuity. It is very rare for a motor winding to break but you paid for that meter so you might as well get some use out of it.I think everyone will agree that cheap appliances are not worth the time to fix, unless you enjoy the work and the learning. Personally I have been pulling machinery to pieces for seventy years and I never get tired of it. Sometimes it even works after I fix it.

6. Oldsmobile dash/electrical stays on without keys when fan motor dial is turned?

Possibly a bad control module. Could be as simple as a bad ground connection under the dash

7. Can having a different Amp on the AC fan motor trip my circuit?

make sure he installed a new fan capacitor when he installed the new fan motor. The tech sounds like a hack if he replaced the motor with a different amps

8. i have a ruud deluxe 80 plus furnace, the fan motor keeps running and wont shut off,what could be wrong?

Someone turned the thermostat to fan instead of auto . Check the thermostat

9. A/C Condeser fan motor problem. Anyone know where I can find a bearing set for one, or a possible replacement

Forget about fixing motor. Replace it. Just take it down there and they will match it up. You might find a used one somewhere but a new one will last a long long time

10. what type of hydraulic oil should i use on 2000 lincoln ls fan motor?

According to Ford service manual the hydraulically driven cooling fan on you LS uses Mercon automatic transmission fluid for hydraulic oil. You should be able to get ATF that meets Mercon specifications at any parts house, Ford no longer markets Mercon ATF, they have superseded it with Mercon 5 and have told us we can use the Mercon 5 in place of the Mercon

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