Anyone Love Led Zeppelin?

Yep, I do love Led Zeppelin. My favorite song of theirs is "When The Levee Breaks".

"The Song Remains The Same" is the best Led Zeppelin concert movie. You can probably get it on eBay or

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What is better, a 46'' 1080p LCD tv or a 50'' 720p Plasma tv?

At this point in time forget about LCD. The LED's have dropped in price drastically, make a better picture and should last longer. LED backlighting is far superior to Fluorescent tube lighting and far more reliable. Go to a store that displays them and compare the LED with the Plasma. I see a better picture on the LED and far less Glare


Grow light for 1 chili plant?

I have been advised not to use LED lights due to the low reliability of these fixtures. Use 20 - 40 watts per square foot. Fluorescent lights, as you describe, are acceptable. Better, but maybe overkill for one plant, metal-halide (not halide alone) for growing and sodium vapor for blooming. Can be found at Home Depot.


Best kind of HDTV? LCD, LED, or plasma?

If you will be watching a lot of sports like hockey and football you will want to have as little motion blur as possible. So the best for that would be plasma. Although with the most modern LED tvs this isn't as much of a problem anymore


How will MicroLED technology change electronics?

It will create OLED levels of color accuracy and contrast but will minimize or eliminate burn in. This mean cheaper and more durable displays. This is huge for those that like to hold onto products for several years and reduce costs of devices that implement them.


What are the best schools to go to and the type of majors to take to help one become an investment banker on Wall Street?

business economics and finance would be the sweet spot for undergrad. then an MBA with relevant specialization. search for the best schools. it is well known that the top MBA programs are Harvard, Stanford and Wharton (Penn). UCLA has a very good MBA too.


Should Chinese manufacturers worry about the new "Made in America" light bulbs that cost US$50 each?

Yes, I heard from Oprah, during one of her "shows," that the Chinese always avoid anything (such as a light bulb) that the CCP doesn't embrace and promote as a "brilliant idea"... otherwise they could quickly be jailed. That's why so many of the "prosperous Tibetans" still don't have electricity in their homes after 60 years of commie rule


powering a 3volt 0.2 watt light bulb with a pedostal fan?

It sounds to me like the internal resistance of your motor is more than the lightbulb. What happens when you measure the resistance of your DC generator? What is it? It should be around 10x less than the resistance of your load if you want it to work


can you get led poisoning by getting shanked with a pencil? help please?

no you can not get lead poisoning from a pencil as it is not made of lead. it is made with graphite. even if it was made of lead you would not get poisoned as it takes a great deal of lead over time to affect your body


What is the current and resistance of this flash lightl?

First, assume that the two batteries are in series, so that the total voltage of the two is 3.0 Volts.

Second, watts volts times amps.

If the bulb gives off 5 watts when 3 volts goes through it, divide 5W by 3V to get 1.67A.

Third, voltage current times resistance; or you can use power volts squared over resistance.

So, 3V / 1.67A (3V)^2 / 5W 9/5 18/10 1.8 ohms.


want to convert my remington 1100 into a tactical gun. ideas?

It is a case of trial and error. Try different brands and types of slugs,just don't try sabot rounds they are for rifled barrels. I would expect your gun to be accurate enough to take a deer at 100 yards or so


Why is my Toshiba LED 47L2400EE 47" showing nothing at all but a black screen?

Shine a torch at the screen when the TV seems like it should be on, do you see anything like a picture behind there? The backlight could be blown.Otherwise the TV could be not turning on, it could be the power supply or a corruption of the main board.


can i paint a light bulb with acrylic paint?

I personally think is ok is the watts are not too high. Pick a 40 watts or lower.

However acrylics would block the light. I would get glass paint and use that and then your painting would be translucent and the light would shine through like stain glass.

The craft glass paint is actually not expensive.

I think is a great idea.


I have a solar planter with 3 LED lanterns being fed by one solar panel. They contain 2x 2500MAH batteries but?

Yes, add them in parallel. The only issue is if the solar panel can fully charge more batteries.

EDIT: Thanks for the additional information. That panel would not be able to fully charge what you have, much less more batteries. So, you would not get additional run time because the batteries never fully charge. You need a better charging system.


Why are Yes Bank shares falling and what is the good time to accumulate?

Do not buy Yes Bank at all. Always live on 1 rule. If a stock is crashed that means it has fundamental issues.Fundamental issues takes time to get resolved. Instead buy HDFC Bank or Kotak Bank or Bajaj Finance that have cleaner books and ethical management.

Stocks that crash, keeps on falling for 4 to 5 Years


Do light bulbs create enough heat to make an overall difference in the room temperature?

actually they can. unless they are flourescent. then they wont. regular everyday light bulbs create lots of heat. nowhere near as much as an oven though. only like half a degree or so.

he was probably just pissed because he was so hot.

i just know.

make it a good day


Can I use MacBook Air 13" with 256 SSD for programming iOS and Android apps without any speed problem?

Faster is *always* better in development but yes, itll be fine. Make sure you get 8 gig RAM, the 4gig option will not be sufficient.The Air has a low-resolution screen, which means you cannot accurately represent the iOS device on your laptop in the Xcode emulator. This may be a problem for your development workflow or may not


When won't Rahu give bad results, i.e. if sitting with Guru, Venus, etc.?

Rahu is yogkarka if seated with the lords of 1,4,10,5and9.if Venus and Jupiter are the lords of Kendra or tricona rahu gives Rajyoga. Wealth,unexpected positions in government. Unexpected gains from land and property. Although guru rahu yoga is chandal yoga but benefits of rahu planets are better then adverse effects of chandal yoga


whats the best led light for firefighters?


it is important to choose the appropriate emergency light for the car

because you would never know when **** happens

hence the trusted brand and supplier matter.

here is my advice


Compearing Incandescent Light Bulbs and LED?

Is your bedside lamp a 12 volt one, or does it require a mains voltage (110 v or 240 v) rated lamp? A lamp rated for 12 volts would definitely burn out immediately when powered from 110 or 240 volts AC. Incandescent bulbs are energy inefficient, with most of the energy appearing as heat rather than light


Do i need a fuse for LED lights? if i do then what kind? what did cause the problem?

a fuse will blow if there is a problem. if you don't have a fuse things catch fire. perhaps you should look and see why the fuse is blowing? have you got a short? considering how little LED's draw a 1amp fuse is heaps


is this a good computer build?

It is decent budget gamer. Some like Core i3 over low-end AMD because of higher single thread performance but meh whatever. Try to stretch to 6870 if you can, newegg had one for $130 after rebate recently, maybe still do or elsewhere.

Top Ten Gaming Graphics Cards at


Can Cetaceans replace humanity as Earth's main sentient species?

Yes.If humans die out and cetacean numbers bounce back, they could become that by default. Sentience is the ability to feel or perceive the world around you and have subjective experiences. Cetaceans certainly qualify as sentient.The chances of them supplanting us as the dominant sentient species if we dont die out are close to zero.


Is this an adequate light bulb?

Go to the home do it yourself store and get a grow light. I have two 9 watt(40 output) and the plants are doing great!!!! If they don't have the grow lights, get "Daylight" CFL's, you can buy 5 for that price.....!!!!


Is this a good gaming setup? Any advice?

Yeah this is awesome.The price gets cheaper if you buy an AMD FX8 over i5 as this is an hi end product of AMD.FX is equivalent to the price of i5 .For gaming FX8 is good.

Also take an AMD Raedon 7750 OC graphics card.Then you have dual graphics(graphics cardAMD FX8 gpu) .Rest is fine.


Is this enough lighting for my 10 gallon planted aquarium?

Take how many watts (18) I'm not sure how much the marineland led's wattage is and divide it by the tank.

18/10 1.8 watts per gallon.

Now any T5 or HO-T5 bulbs - multiply the 1.8 x 1.3 2.34

Now 6000-7000K will be good for plants, but you're in more moderate/moderately high lighting range. Low light plants will thrive in your tank though just as well.


Looking for a battery to AC power adapter for an entryway lamp with no ac wall plug...?

Buy an inverter, this is the best solution.I think better not spoil the battery for charging phones /lap top.

Besides you have to spend lot of time to build a inverter by yourself at home and also it becomes expensive than you buy from the market.


Baby snails in my fish tank?

If they do reproduce out of control you can buy these other little snails called snail eaters and they basically eat all the snails and then don't reproduce like crazy so you can keep these as your snails and won't have a crazy population explosion


What are my options for dimmable recessed light bulbs, around 45 watts, for use in my kitchen?

Use any incandescent bulb you want. You cannot dim fluorescent bulbs. I have 5 100W Par30 in my kitchen. I don't think you will get enough light using 45 watt bulbs. Mine are on a dimmer also, and when trying to see something on the stove we turn them up all the way


Is there a simple way to tell axial inductors and resistors apart in through-hole type PCBs?

There is no foolproof method because there is no standardized color code for inductors. Resistors are always identifiable by the standard RETMA four bar colorcode, but such a code has not yet been migrated to inductors and capacitors. This is one of those minor problems that continues to plague PCB users.


Recently, my Macbook Pro's screen began to flicker intermittently. I have never dropped it or spilled anything on it. When it flickers, the whole screen distorts like "snow" for a brief moment. What could be causing this?

The wires from the cpu/ gpu run through the hinges to get to the screen. Opening and closing the the lid stresses those wires over time. Most likely youve got a loose or damaged cable.

Eventually it will need service or replacement


What Kind of Lighting for My Tank?

To be sincere i've three tanks with reside crops in all of them one-of-a-kind however just one has lighting fixtures and they're all developing, it depends upon the style of plant, a few plant will thrive with alot of sunshine while different might be first-class with very low quantity of sunshine that may come from simply being in a room with a window


Need Help What to buy and setting up my New 125 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium?

it sounds like a good start, but the first purchase should be a good book on setting up, stocking, and maintaining a saltwatwr aquarium. it will not only help answer many of your questions in proper detail, but will help you discern good info from bad for the questions you do have.

also google search a good saltwater forum for mor reliable info.


My old laptop got repaired and I've removed the LED screen from it. How can I use it externally?

there will be a serial number/model no on back of the display and search for a controller board online, it would have all the common input ports and will be powered by a 12v dc supply so you can easily connect a li ion battery and use it as a portable display


In your experience, how do organizations change? Do they go through recognizable phase, or does it all seem to happen at once?

From small to large, all at once.Typically, the founder can bring the company along only so far, and when growth exceeds that point, managers different from the founders usually take over and keep it growing.If the founder hangs on, things decline. Usually


Can WWE wrestlers see the fans using the WWE Thunderdome while wrestling?

Good question, I do believe they will be able to as with the way the leaked pictures look, it looks like a giant LED board in the stands. So I am sure when the wrestlers come out, they will see everyone on the screen.


I dont know how long to keep my saltwater aquarium lights on for?

Seems to me that you are not finding a straight answer, you've asked this sooo many times, here is a number, its a Pet store online, and they will help tremendously, its Drs. Foster and Smith, also with Liveaquaria, 1-800-334-3699 call they are very friendly!

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