Benefits of LED Lights

The rising cost of electricity and the harmful impact of greenhouse gas emissions have allowed many organizations to adopt environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient lighting solutions and LED is the most popular highly recommended choice. As a result, many businesses, institutions, and organizations are saving money in bulk on electricity and for better light in their spaces.If you have a big indoor space that requires to be illuminated, then buying LED Candle Bulbs are highly recommended.

These powerful lights offer an accurate amount of lightening for huge spaces along with high ceilings.What kind of lighting you should use?Because LED is available in ample variety, it tends to be difficult to choose the best lights.Ones you know your present wattage and it is equally important to know the color of room for that you are going to purchase light.

Since every spot has a diverse beam angle. A smaller beam angle is used to highlight special paintings or artwork. But a wider beam angle is used for lighting.

GU10 LED Bulbs or LED GU10 Bulbs are the best energy-saving alternative for incandescent and halogen lights which include the latest LED technology. GU10 LEDs are the more frequent type of spotlight bulb, which can be found in almost every home even office too. Its use is common in places where bright lightening is required such as the workplace, kitchens, etc.

Whether you are finding dimmable or non-dimmable variety, the 3-6W output range is sufficient to complete the demand of adequate spotlight.E14 LED Bulbs are kind of decorative bulbs that are perfect for lamp and areas where kind of highlight is required.Whatever type of lightening you are looking for decorative or brighter Ledclever is one stop shop to buy items with FREE shipping on all orders.


Should I get HID or LED headlights? Why?

I'll tell you, my choice is LED headlights.The following is my understanding of HID and LED.Advantages of Xenon Lamp1. The color temperature of xenon lamp ranges from 3000K to 12000K, of which 3000K is pure yellow, with the strongest penetrability in rainy and foggy days.

4300K white to yellow, is the most comprehensive color temperature in rain, fog, sunny days and many road conditions (this is the standard for the original high-grade cars).5500K is the most natural color that is slightly white and close to sunlight.The 6000K color temperature contains more blue components, thus presenting blue and white light.

Simply put, the higher the color temperature, the whiter the color, and the poorer the relative penetration, the shorter the illumination distance.2. HID is three times higher than halogen lamps in brightness efficiency, which has an obvious effect on improving the visibility of driving at night and in fog.3. Xenon lamps emit more than 2 times the luminous flux of halogen lamps.

At the same time, the efficiency of converting electric energy into light energy is also increased by more than 70% compared with halogen lamps. Therefore, Xenon lamps have a relatively high energy density and illumination intensity.4. Save 1/2 of electricity. Halogen lamps consume more than 60W of electricity while xenon lamps only need 35W of electricity.


Since xenon lamps have no filament, the problem of scrapping due to filament breakage will not occur. The service life of xenon lamps is much longer than that of halogen lamps. The service life of xenon lamps is equivalent to the whole operation time in the average service life of automobiles.


Xenon lamp will not go out instantly in case of failure but will go out (or light up quickly) by gradually darkening, so that drivers can gain time in driving at night and pull over in an emergency.Disadvantages1. The requirement of a light-gathering is high. Special xenon lamps must be used. There are two factors for not gathering light.

(1) The mismatch between bulb and lamp leads to, for example, installation of xenon lamp light source for lamps using halogen lamp light source; (This is also why it is not effective for car owners to change xenon bulbs directly. )(2) Bulbs and lamps are not properly installed, and the focus is not properly adjusted, which requires professional and experienced light distributor.2. Some models with the self-checking function will have fault lights on when they are installed because the bulb power of the original car is high (55W) and the power of the xenon lamp is low (35W), so the modified car will give an alarm when its power is not enough.

As a xenon lamp, its starting instantaneous current is 8A, while the original car was started at 6.2A, so the circuit settings of the original car do not match. Professional installers are required for decoding and matching.


The quality of the product is not up to standard. Incorrect installation may cause electromagnetic interference. This requires a professional installation technician to install.

Advantages of LED Lamps1.

Long service life, generally up to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of hours. In the future, LED will be used for automobile lighting lamps, and lamps will not need to be replaced throughout the service life of the automobile.2. High efficiency and low energy consumption.

The LED light source can directly produce red, amber and other colors required by automobile lamps without color filtering, without loss, and the utilization rate of electric energy is as high as over 80%.3. The light quality is high and belongs to environmental protection products. Basically, there is no radiation and "green" light source.


LED has a simple structure, internal support structure, and is sealed with transparent epoxy resin around, with good seismic performance. 5. No delay in lighting, fast lighting response speed (nanosecond), suitable for objects with fast-moving speed.6. It is suitable for low voltage operation and can be completely applied to automobiles.


LED occupies a small volume.

Designers can change the lamp mode at will, thus diversifying the car shape. Automobile manufacturers favor LED, which is completely determined by the advantages of LED itself.Of course, compared with xenon lamps, LED lamps also have the following disadvantages1.

The requirements of lamps are extremely high-since the requirements of lamps are more stringent at the single point of the light-emitting focal plane, this problem is also the reason why the lighting effect of LED lamps is most affected.2. High cost-Take LED reversing lamps as an example. One LED reversing lamp is close to 30 yuan, while the price of one bulb is only 5 yuan, most of which is the cost of LED lamps.

High prices cause ordinary cars to be unable to install LED lights and the market cannot be popularized.3. The difficulty in popularizing LED car headlights is due to the fact that the LED light source is installed in a relatively sealed headlamp assembly, which has poor heat dissipation and easy light attenuation due to poor heat dissipation treatment, thus affecting the service life of the headlamp.4. There is no unified industry standard and the quality of products is uneven.


It is difficult to design a light type.

Because the vehicle lighting is different from the domestic lighting, the width, range and range requirements of the vehicle lighting are much higher than those of the domestic lighting.In general, xenon lamps and LED lamps have their own advantages and disadvantages. Judging from the matching of current light sources and lamps, if the lighting effect is the final judgment standard, the effect of HID xenon lamps is obviously higher than that of LED lamps which are not perfect enough, but judging from the overall development trend of science and technology, LED lamps will definitely be the mainstream in the future.

Maybe you want to know more about LEDs in cars, you can visit myblog( or mywebsite( It will have some good idea

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How to: Choose an LED Bulb
How to: Choose an LED Bulb
How To: Choose an LED BulbIf you've gone out to buy a light bulb recently, chances are you've hesitated over the unfamiliar selection. Traditional incandescent light bulbs have gone by the wayside, having been replaced by a slew of newer—and seemingly quite pricey—energy-efficient options. Clearly, something has changed. So what is going on? In 2007, the federal government passed the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA), mandating higher energy standards. One target of these new regulations was lighting efficiency. While the typical consumer probably never noticed, the standard incandescent bulb is a real energy-waster; in fact, it wastes about 90 percent of the energy it uses. Efficient bulbs can produce the same amount of light with much less energy.— — — — — —How LED Bulbs Are Helpful For Achieving a Brighter and Cleaner TomorrowConsidering the current scenario of energy crisis being faced by people all over the world, contributing towards saving energy in whatever small ways possible, is the essential need of the hour. Therefore, manufacturers too, are seen switching over to Light Emitting Diodes or LED lights, as they are commonly known as, in their bid to reduce the energy consumption as far as possible. Thanks to the advanced technology, LED lights, as compared to fluorescent lights bulbs or conventional incandescent, require far less power consumption, to function. This is the reason why, LED lights are fast becoming the most preferred choice of people all over, when it comes to illuminating Circline T9 LED bulbs on sales their homes or offices. The following article will help look at the staggering benefits one can gain by switching over to Energy saving Circline T9 LED bulbs traditional forms of lighting options.Energy Efficient: This is one of the most major and biggest advantages of LED bulbs. Talking in terms of numbers, LED Circline led replacement bulb is as much as 90% energy efficient than your regular fluorescent bulbs. Only 10% of the electricity is converted to light, by a regular fluorescent bulb, with the balance 90% resulting in going waste as heat. People using regular fluorescent bulbs therefore end up paying even for the heat loss which is not so the case with LED bulbs. Longevity: As compared to traditional lights, plug and play LED T12 tubes and bulbs, are long lasting, with an average life expectancy of an LED bulb being around 1, 00, 00 working hours. On the other hand, a regular bulb can only last for maximum up to 1500 hours. Therefore, using LED lights can prove to be cost effective, in the long run. Cold Light: While, conventional bulbs make use of electricity, for producing heat which in turn converts into light, LED bulbs have a different process, for doing so. Semiconductors are used in place of filaments and electricity, for producing light, avoiding the use of heat completely, This is the reason why, LED light is also known as 'cold light'. LED bulbs can easily be used for prolonged hours as they are sans any risk of fire. Eco-friendly: One of the most vital benefits, which can be achieved from LED bulbs, is that, they are eco-friendly, which is also the current need of the hour. As, no harmful chemical like Mercury is made use of in LED bulbs, they are termed as environmental friendly. LED bulbs make use of eco friendly and toxin free materials. While, it is true that, Circline T9 LED bulbs on sales a bit on the expensive side as compared to regular lights, the advantages and benefits are far too many, for one to overlook this fact. Also, with LED bulbs being longer lasting and durable, the cost effectiveness is there for everyone to see— — — — — —Audi B6/B7 LED Interior Lighting GuideThis is a mod I've done on every vehicle I've owned, and plan to keep doing until I buy cars that start to have them pre-installed. I can think of very few if any mods that have a better bang for the buck in terms of both form and function, so it's no wonder why nearly every OEM on the planet has switched to LED bulbs in their new model line-up.— — — — — —EESL crosses one crore LED streetlights mark, next stop villagesWhen the Hudhud cyclone hit the east coast in 2017, the first success story of retrofitting streetlights with LED bulbs emerged. Seven districts in Andhra Pradesh were retrofitted with a million LED streetlights, accruing a benefit of Rs 82 crore annually on the power bill of the state. Since then, LED street lighting has caught on in the country. At the forefront is state-owned Energy Efficiency Services (EESL), which led LED programmes in the country, including the streetlights. The first retrofitting programme it did was for Puducherry in 2014. In the past five years, it has . Business Standard has always strived hard to provide up-to-date information and commentary on developments that are of interest to you and have wider political and economic implications for the country and the world. Your encouragement and constant feedback on how to improve our offering have only made our resolve and commitment to these ideals stronger. Even during these difficult times arising out of Covid-19, we continue to remain committed to keeping you informed and updated with credible news, authoritative views and incisive commentary on topical issues of relevance. We, however, have a request. . As we battle the economic impact of the pandemic, we need your support even more, so that we can continue to offer you more quality content. Our subscription model has seen an encouraging response from many of you, who have subscribed to our online content. More subscription to our online content can only help us achieve the goals of offering you even better and more relevant content. We believe in free, fair and credible journalism. Your support through more subscriptions can help us practise the journalism to which we are committed. . Support quality journalism and subscribe to Business Standard. . Digital Editor
How May Lumens Are in a Led Bulb
How May Lumens Are in a Led Bulb
How may lumens are in a led bulbSince LED bulbs come in a variety of sizes there is no one answer. If we consider Watts then LED bulbs from 1 to 12 Watts are common. The higher end of quality LED lights that are commercially produced generally yield about 80 lumens per Watt. This means for a 10 Watt LED bulb your looking at 800 Lumens. This is higher than both CFL and incandescent lights. LED bulbs can save money in the long run due to the lower energy use, but they require a larger up front investment. See below for a link to an example of an LED bulb that produces 460 lumens.— — — — — —Top LED Lighting Upgrades for the 2014-2015 GMC SierraAmerican trucks have a longstanding history of being some of the most rugged, capable, and durable pickups on the market. Among them is the much-loved 2014-2015 GMC Sierra. Though it shares many traits with its brother-from-another-brand, the Silverado, the GMC Sierra has a following all it's own. And 2014-2015 GMC Sierra owners are no stranger to upgrading their already outstanding truck to make it even more capable. It should come as no surprise that one of the best improvements you can make to your Sierra is replacing the factory halogen lighting. That's where Diode Dynamics comes in! From plug-and-play LED foglight bulbs to some of the brightest backup and cargo light LED bulbs on the market, improving light output and visibility is the #1 way to make your Sierra more enjoyable, capable, and safe! Keep reading to see some of our most popular 2014-2015 GMC Sierra LED bulbs! Whether driving home on a backroad or working on a job site, brighter fog light bulbs are always a great idea! Unlike generic LED fog light bulbs that advertise "highest lumen rating" or "brightest on the market" our 5202-size SLF LED Fog Light Bulbs utilize a highly advanced optical design to provide maximum light output where you need it most, the road! Our 5202-size LED fog light bulbs for the 2014-2015 GMC Sierra are 100% plug-and-play! In less than 30 minutes using basic hand tools, you can install our LED fog light bulbs! Loading and unloading the truck bed on your 2014-2015 GMC Sierra is easier AND safer when you can see! That's why we recommend upgrading to our Cargo Light LED Bulbs. Built with the highest quality components for years of reliable use, our 921-size XP50 cargo light LED bulb is our most popular LED cargo light bulb for the 2014-2015 GMC Sierra. Compared to the Sierra's stock bulbs, the XP50's 410 lab-proven lumens of light output is a massive step-up! You will not only have a more modern look thanks to the 6000K cool white color, loading and unloading cargo from your Sierra will be much easier. Your 2014-2015 GMC Sierra's factory rear turn/brake light bulbs leave a lot to be desired. With our LED Tail Light Bulbs, your Sierra will be MUCH easier to spot when braking, turning, or using your hazards! Diode Dynamics 7443-size XP80 rear turn/tail light LED bulbs are a drop-in upgrade for the 2014-2015 GMC Sierra. Producing a whopping 510 verified-lumens of light output, the XP80 LED bulb is one of the brightest 7443-size LED tail light bulbs on the market! On the 2014-2015 GMC Sierra, each tail light uses to rear turn/brake light bulbs. To upgrade your Sierra, you will want to order two pairs of our LED Tail Light Bulbs. To correct hyper blinking resulting from LED turn signal bulbs, check out our Resistor Kit! The 2014-2015 GMC Sierra is NOT a small truck, and the outdated incandescent backup bulbs it comes with from the factory do not provide much light when reversing at night. For a serious boost in rear-facing light, check out our 921-size LED Backup Light Bulbs! With our LED backup bulbs installed, you will have a much easier time seeing other cars, buildings, and any other potential hazard when reversing your Sierra in the dark. Best of all, our LED backup bulbs are a direct LED bulb replacement! You wo not have to modify your 2014-2015 GMC Sierra whatsoever! Giving your 2014-2015 GMC Sierra a fresh, 21st-century appearance is easier than you might think! Our LED License Plate Bulbs provide up to 94 lumens of light output in your choice of cool white, pure white, warm white, pure white, or natural white. The 6000K cool white is our most popular option, it's the perfect color for a more modern look! These 194-size License Plate LED Bulbs install in less than 10 minutes and do not even require any hand tools. Upgrading the overall appearance of your 2014-2015 GMC Sierra does not get simpler! • None Fits all 2014 and 2015 GMC Sierra 1500, 2500, and 3500 Diode Dynamics LED lighting is proudly engineered and tested right here in the USA, and is backed by our 3-year worry-free warranty! Want to check out more LED lighting upgrades for your 2014-2015 GMC Sierra? Click here!
Discover the Basic Differences Between T5, Ccfl, and Led Bulbs for Light Boxes
Light boxes serve as promotional signs, menu boards, POP displays, directional products and more. With back lit and edge lit technology, light boxes are fast becoming some of the most popular advertising display systems in today's market. Compared with traditional poster frames and sign holders, illuminated signs grab more attention and can even be seen in dark and dimly lit places. Using any of these lighting systems, your posters, advertisements, menus, and promotions will be noticed in the environment of your choice.There are several styles of light boxes to choose from and it is important to consider your options. To assist you in this process, below are some basic differences between three popular bulbs that are common in most present day light box models. These three lighting systems include LED, T5, and CCFL bulb displays.For an aesthetically pleasing look, all three light box displays have products to suit every environment. For a very thin illuminated panel, most would choose an LED light box display. LED lights take up a very small foot print, which allows you to have a light box that looks more like a light panel. An LED light panel can be reduced down to 0.83 inches, which is actually less than an inch thick. Since the newest breakthrough in light box technology is the development of light emitting diodes, or LEDs, most do have a very sleek, elegant, "newer" look to them.If the longevity of your lighting system is your highest priority, LED bulbs last longer than all other light box bulbs.If you are in a business where "going green" is an important concern, CCFL or LED light boxes are the most environmentally conscious displays. In researching the power consumption of a standard T5 light box in comparison with either CCFL or LED light boxes, you will find that the CCFL and LED displays will have tremendous electrical savings. With today's push to be more environmentally aware, many businesses are now considering these less absorbing lighting systems. Some businesses are even replacing all of their T5 light boxes with the less economically consuming CCFL and LED bulbs.If budget and price is a concern, it is important to take several points into consideration. Let's say that the "apparent budget" equals the initial purchase price. Let's then say the "true budget" equals the actual cost after adding in electrical consumption and cost of bulb replacement.
The Color Smart LED Bulbs As Good As $50 Philips Hues Are Down to $14 in This Amazon Sale
At this point, we've covered MagicLight WiFi Smart Light Bulbs enough that you probably already know they're just as good as Philips Hue bulbs. They support the same 16 million colors, they can be controlled with a free app, they work with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, and so on. On top of all that, they don't need a hub and they only cost $17 per bulb while comparable Philips Hue bulbs will run you $50 each. Well, we have even better news for people in search of good smart LED bulbs at affordable prices. Amazon now has a 2-pack available for just $30.95, which cuts the price to $15.48 each. But if you pick up a pair and use the coupon code MAGIC10OFF, the price is slashed to $27.85 (or $13.93 each). In other words, you can now get TWO of these awesome smart bulbs for about half the price of ONE Philips Hue bulb!Here are the bullet points from the product page:Related storiesTurn any speaker into an Alexa speaker for $19.99 thanks to this saleThis $20 iPhone XR battery case has more capacity than Apple's $129 caseContigo's most popular travel mugs are down to $11.57 each on Amazon Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant: Voice Control your MagicLight WiFi light bulb with your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot and Google Home Assistant Works with IFTTT: DIY Your WiFi Light Bulb Depending on Various Events by Connecting it to IFTTT Works with iOS/Android: Personalize Your WiFI Smart Lights to Match Your Mood, Control Your Smart WiFi Lights Bulb Remotely When You are not at Home Various Scene Modes: Color Palette, Group Control, Sunlight, Music Mode, Timer, Sunrise, Sunset, Dimmable, MIC Function, DIY Mode, Scene Mode, Energy Saving...... Application: This is a WiFi enabled light bulb, no hub required. Multiple lighting patterns, suitable for a showcase, residential, office, hotel, shop, exhibition room, landscaping, indoor, home etc.Sign up for BGR's Newsletter. For the latest news, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.Trending Right Now:See the original version of this article on
Troubleshooting Defective LED Bulbs
You probably have this IC: something similar one but it does not matter much because it fit your PCB arrangement.As you can see from it the LED peak current is set by parallel connected $R_S2, R_S3$ resistors. And this current will probably be equal to $I_LED approx frac0.6V2.35Omega approx 250textrmmA$.I bought 10 Thomas Watt LED bulbs and 8 are dead in less than a year (each last about 2-3 months). Soometimes a couple of days before they stop working, they flicker when I switch them on or after they are warm.I have open some of the bulbs and for some of them, I saw a little black dot on one or two LEDs. I removed the LEDs and solder the connections (cf the picture). After this repair, the LED bulb works for a while and then stop working again.On a forum someone having similar LED light bulb wrote that the LEDs get twice the current that they are supposed to get. Is this my problem? How can I solve this?On the "SMD side" of the PCB:- DB1 (right) is a brigde rectifier (MB10F)- DS1 (top left) is apparently a Fast / Ultrafast Diode (ES1J)- the resistor: RS1 (1045) 10.1m, RS2 and 3 (4870) 487, RS4(514) 510kOn the "DIP side" of the PCB:- U1 51LP F45·OTHER ANSWER:I bought 10 Thomas Watt LED bulbs and 8 are dead in less than a year (each last about 2-3 months). Soometimes a couple of days before they stop working, they flicker when I switch them on or after they are warm.I have open some of the bulbs and for some of them, I saw a little black dot on one or two LEDs. I removed the LEDs and solder the connections (cf the picture). After this repair, the LED bulb works for a while and then stop working again.On a forum someone having similar LED light bulb wrote that the LEDs get twice the current that they are supposed to get. Is this my problem? How can I solve this?On the "SMD side" of the PCB:- DB1 (right) is a brigde rectifier (MB10F)- DS1 (top left) is apparently a Fast / Ultrafast Diode (ES1J)- the resistor: RS1 (1045) 10.1m, RS2 and 3 (4870) 487, RS4(514) 510kOn the "DIP side" of the PCB:- U1 51LP F45
Why Does Low Power Factor Make My LED Bulb and Clock Radio Flicker at 0.2 to 3 Hz?
Likely problem: The computer psu is almost certainly running in a "burst" mode, drawing a short pulse of energy occasionally. This is for less than a mains cycle and/or not synchronised to the mains waveform, so the waveform is arbitrary & non sinusoidal with random shape, so many harmonics are produced and power factor is poor. The filtering on the other devices is not adequate to remove the harmonics. Possible solution: Adding a load - maybe via a USB port (fan / light / coffee warmer (higher power) ...). If the USB ports are powered up in this mode then you can probably tailor the load to keep the psu in non burst mode - and waste a few watts in the process1. Will this 20,000k LED bulb function as a grow light?A 20,000K lamp will have peak output at 145 nanometers (Wien's Displacement Law). That's hard ultraviolet. It will hurt your plants. 10,000K still peaks at 290nm, UV. You want a lamp with a far redder color temperature. Here's a nice graph of the wavelengths plants like: See the page Light and Plants2. I have a 60 watt equivalent led bulb that takes 10 watts can i use that and leave it on all night in a 40 watt lamp?Mike's answer is correct but does not answer your question. The LED bulb is actually using only 10 watts, thus lower current and would be safer in the fixture rated for 40 watts. You should be able to leave it on for extended periods with no danger if everything is as you have stated. To be safe, check to see if the socket is getting warm after an hour or so. I leave some like that on 24/7 with no problem3. How do i make a simple LED bulb flash on and off ?The basic concept is a power supply (battery), a switch, and a resistor. How complicated you want to get beyond that is up to you. Although I could understand it's not real fun to run the switch by hand for very long. Beyond that you get into more circuitry; anything from a 555 timer, all the way to playing with a pic-processor like the Arduino which is very popular. It should be easy to find example circuits and even videos.4. How do I make a battery-powered lamp? If it's a LED bulb, could I do it with ONE AA battery?Yes and No ,, A high powered led just one will produce as much light as a 60 watt light bulb ..somewhere around 800 lumens will seem brighter because it's generally more focused but if you shot the beam into a diffuser like a frosted opaque plastic looking lightbulb it would look pretty much the same ,, The down side is ....NO a AA battery wo not do 800 lumens . it takes a serious battery to give you that much light An 18650 battery is a cell like the ones in your lap top battery pack or the ones that the tesla roadster /electric Lotus sports car uses (thousands of them ) The new flashlights use them , the battery is 18mm across and 65mm long and cylinrical so they call it an 18 65 0 18650 It has 3.6 volts basicly and that's like 3 AA batteries It's also a different chemistry's a lithium ion battery like your cell phone battery (which is also about 3.6 to 3.7 volts ) it just has a greater capacity to store energy for a longer period of time because it's bigger than your cell phone battery capacity is measured in amperage . the 800 lumen light would kill the little AA battery in an a matter of minutes ,in fact it would not even run on a AA battery without a small curcuit board called a driver which electronicly boosts the voltage of the AA from 1.2 1.5 volts ...up to 3.6 .. here we are agin at 3,7 volts which lots of electronics curcuits seem to like ..certainly these high power led emitters do . the AAA has i/3rd the power of a AA battery .They are really lame And the AA has 1/3rd the power of a 18650 So this battery about the size of your thumb (if you have a long and fat thumb ) is the most researched and about the best our battery science can give us . We've sort of hit the wall so to speak .Any efficiencies as far as lighting needs to come from the new leds . No is the answer :)
What Type of Centralized Home Control Hardware Is Available?
What you're looking for is home automation. X10 is probably the most popular technology system for this, but that Wikipedia page lists a number of alternatives.To address your specific areas of interest:LED lightingThere may be pre-built solutions out there, but as you're already writing custom software, you may want to look into using something like the Arduino platform to control your lights. Done correctly, you should be able to get the effects you're after. I found a tutorial about how to do a simple LED system that may be useful.Speaker ControlThere are actually a number of systems out there for home media distribution, such as Linux MCE (it took awhile to load that page when I wrote this, but it did load without timing out). You may be able to use one of these, or work some of the code in from one to duplicate the functionality (MCE is open source). The most simple solution is to use small appliance computers that run a very lightweight Linux solution (like MCE) that stream from the base computer. There are actual streaming devices out there, but I'm not sure how well they would integrate into your automation/control software. If you literally just want to run speakers, you'll need multiple sound cards in the base computer to differentiate between the feeds.Automagical ApplicancesThis is where the home automation tech comes in. Using something like X10, you have the ability to flip switches, monitor their status, etc. There are appliances out there that will talk some of these languages, allowing you to control them remotely. A quick search turns up an Engadget article pointing out LG Thinq devices that are accessible via WiFi and ZigBee. If you program your software to speak ZigBee, you should be able to integrate these appliances. Given the number of different protocols out there, you'll probably want to find your devices, try to settle on devices that use one protocol, and then write your code to speak that protocol, but you can also work with multiple protocols if you don't mind developing for each. I believe Linux MCE supports a few of those languages, and since it's open source, you can expand it to support whatever you'd like• Related QuestionsWhy do warm white LED bulbs emit colored light?The semiconductor material inside any LED consists of two differently-doped regions which meet in a common junction. In the P region there are many more positive than negative charges, while in the N region the negative charges (electrons) are more numerous than the positive electric charges. When the P-N junction is forward-biased by an externally-applied voltage, and current starts to flow through the semiconductor material, electrons in the N region are imparted with sufficient potential energy to cause them to move across the P-N junction into the P region. Once the mobilized electrons enter the P region, they are immediately attracted to the excess positive charges in that region - the result of the mutual Coulomb forces of attraction that exist between opposite electric charges. When an electron moves sufficiently close to a positive charge in the P region, the two charges combine with one another in a process called recombination, where the electric potential energy associated with the Coulomb attractive force is converted into electromagnetic energy. For each recombination of a negative and a positive charge, a packet or quantum of electromagnetic energy is emitted as a photon of light, at a frequency/wavelength that is characteristic of/determined by the semi-conductor material - typically a combination of the elements gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), Indium (In) and phosphorus (P). Indium gallium nitride (InGaN) is used to make up the blue, white, true green, and UV types of LED's, and Aluminum gallium indium phosphide (AlGaInP or AlInGaP) is used to make the red, yellow, and orange types.LED's that emit white light are made by one of two different methods. The first method combines different (red, green, blue) semi-conductor materials on the same chip, with each material emitting photons of a particular wavelength/color and energy, which determine the color temperature of that emitted white light. The second method uses a blue LED with a phosphor coating, which fluoresces when the blue light from the LED shines on it, causing it to emit a yellow light. Combining the yellow light with the blue light forms a white light, whose color temperature is determined by the proportions in which the blue light and yellow light are combined,Follows is a chart showing the different color temperature of commercial LED's, and where those occur in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. LED's classified as "warm white" emit light in the 2500-3000K color temperature range,Why do warm white LED bulbs emit colored light?.------How to tell what is causing my breaker to tripIn most cases of getting a "bzzz pop" on a circuit breaker there is a 98% chance you have a direct short to ground and if this happens once you shouldn't keep trying. The only thing it does is cause further damage to your electrical system. The first thing I would do is to turn very switch to the off position and unplug every piece of equipment from the system. I would remove the panel cover and using an ohm meter or continuity tester to see if I got a "ring" between the load side of the breaker and the neutral/ground buss which indicates a short. Or you could just reset the breaker if you don't have any meters but remember you are damaging your circuit and the breaker. So if you do not get a ring or the breaker stays on, then you know it is not the receptacles or the switches. Now you know the short is after one of the switches and probably in one of your light fixtures. You can then go around and turn on each switch on until you get a ring. This will locate which lighting branch is shorting out and you have at least isolated the problem to a smaller area of the circuit. If you do get a ring or the breaker trips off, you know the short is either before the switches or at one of the receptacles. Experience would tell me to check the receptacles first. Shorts are easy to find since they are and arc flash and create a lot of heat. so there will be the smell of something burnt, melted wire, blackened residue and melted insulation. Removing lamps form light fixture really doesn't help especially in fluorescent fixtures with ballasts and LED's with drivers. These ballasts and drivers use energy regardless if the lamps are plug in or not.Isolating and locating where the problem is allows you to make better informed decisions on if its a simple fix you can handle or you need professional help.FYI - since you have already turned the breaker on let it trip multiple times. It may be a good idea to change out the breaker. It is probably not operating within allowable tolerances (laymen terms the contacts are burnt and the bi-metal trip material is damaged).Good luck------Are LED bulbs safe for enclosed fixtures?Heat is the enemy ofLED light bulbs. Though the LED bulbs may have a similar shape to incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, the LED chips inside the bulb arent that different to the chips in your laptop or other electronics. For this reason they cant be used in microwaves or ovens, and some of the larger LED bulbs may utilize a passive heat sink or internal fan to keep the electronics from overheating. Enclosed fixtures that dont allow for proper ventilation can drastically affect the temperature of the LED bulb, causing it to overheat and shortening the lifespan of the bulb. Thats why some bulbs will tell you not to use it in an enclosed ceiling fan or fully enclosed porch light fixture. Today wed like to address some frequently asked questions about enclosed fixtures or enclosed fixture rated bulbs to help you get the most light out of your light bulbs.What is an Enclosed Fixture?An enclosed fixture is any fixture or application where the light bulb is encased in a way that does not allow for proper airflow or ventilation. This includes but is not limited to porch lights where the bottom is glass or plastic instead of open air, enclosed Mason jar light fixtures, and lensed recessed light fixtures.Can an Enclosed Fixture Rated Bulb be Used in Open Fixtures?Yes, just because a light bulb is rated for enclosed fixtures doesnt mean it requires an enclosed fixture. To use a bulb in an enclosed fixture, it has to be designed to handle the heat of the enclosed space. In the open air, thats not a concern. The other reason to buy enclosed fixture rated bulbs is to use them outside. You may have garden lights or fully enclosed street lamps that require an enclosed fixture rated bulb. Because the bulbs are fully protected from rain and other elements, the bulb does not have to be rated for wet or damp locations to be used in an outdoor enclosed fixture. Understanding which light bulb is rated for a specific application, whether it be outdoors or an enclosed fixture, is important for getting the most light from your bulb. Dont hesitate to give us a call if youre still unsure whether you need a bulb rated for enclosed fixtures------How exactly does Curiosity's floating bus work, and how does it continue to operate when voltage drops from 11 to only 4 volts?The term "floating bus" means the power supply is not connected to the rover's chassis.In for example a car, the body is used as part of the electrical circuit: the negative terminal of the battery is connected directly to the body. This means every electrical component needs only one long wire to the positive terminal of the battery, and a short wire to the nearest part of the body.In some cases, electrical components are designed with a metal housing that acts as the ground connection, so there's no ground wire at all.This all works well, with one exception: when a positive wire contacts the body, you get a short that can damage the electrical system. Although most circuits are protected by fuses, there is at least one high-current circuit that isn't protected: the starter motor.If you wanted to convert your car to use floating circuits, you'd have to replace all these ground connections with wires to the negative terminal. And you'd have to insulate all components from the chassis.As a result, when either a positive or a negative wire contacts the chassis, nothing happens.I'm not convinced the answer here is correct. The circuit shown there is the correct way to connect a non-floating circuit to a floating circuit. But in Curiosity's case, the entire electrical system may be floating, so you don't need this conversion. I haven't found a source that specifies this though.Either way, the voltage they measured was between the power bus and the chassis. This indicates there's contact between the bus and chassis.The power bus voltage remained nominal, I presume, or they would have mentioned it.A short between the positive and negative sides of the power bus would have been a much bigger problem, as this would have reduced the amount of power available to run the rover.The short did not threaten the mission:"The vehicle is safe and stable, fully capable of operating in its present condition, but we are taking the precaution of investigating what may be a soft short," said Mars Science Laboratory Project Manager Jim Erickson at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.A "soft" short is a leak through something that's partially conductive of electricity, rather than a hard short such as one electrical wire contacting another.
Are Household LED Bulbs Suitable As Supplemental Light for Plants?
I use led lights for a planted fish tank, and all of the plants have very high light requirements, and it works fine. Mind you- each fixture (I have two of them), costs around 175.00 dollars, but if led's can grow plants in 20 inches of water in an aquarium, I am sure that for regular plants- led's will do fine.1. Blues was one of the main factors that led to the birth of Rock and Roll.?Yes the blues petatonic scale was the basis of the petatonic scale.. Blues orginally came from africa to the western world.. i.e guitar, bass guitar, drums were used in africa to play folk songs. . It was the conversion of classical music that made scales that then made jazz then many american blues guitarist used the classical and jazz scales to help create modern blues in America in the 20's american blues is as old as jazz is to america.. then in the late 40 early 50 you had R&B... some R&B and early Rock & Roll.. musicians Elvis played blues and R&B, Fats Domino R&B, Chuck Berry R&B and early Rock &Roll, Buddy Holly country and Rock and Roll. .Holly and Berry came up with standards in early days of speed and thier chord progression.. the Beatles credit Fats Domino for thier sound..Elvis opened up music from early unknown black blues musicians he had heard at younger days he was influenced by that and country music also from early country music.2. What led to the success of Nordic countries?Small populations. There never have been many Scandinavians, so there's always more to go around. Like the family w/one child or no children, they can afford that extra vacation or bigger car or both.Jutland has always been one of the most fertile areas of Europe allowing for Denmark's material wealth. Prior to oil discovery in the North sea Norway was never known as a particular success, now they are the Saudi Arabia of the North,While we are talking the dark side, Scandinavia has always been way up there in alcoholism and a leader in suicides. MOF, Denmark has consistently led Europe in alcoholism.So what would you rather have, a drunken wife and a dead dad (by his own hand) or a little less bread in the pantry? And who sez they are such a success anyway? WTF have they done lately. Saab is gone, Volvo is on the way out. Is Erickson still around? Scandinavia, schmadinavia3. Lighthouse LED simulator [closed]You can do this with one 555 and a flip-flop, plus a single PNP BJT (or p-channel MOSFET). Low output = ON. Toggle the FF with the 555 output. The 555 discharge resistor R4 gives you the 750msec 'ON' time. The charge resistor R1 R4 gives you the 7. 5 seconds or 1 second when paralleled with a second resistor (switched by the BJT) R1||R2 R4. This is pretty easy. Use a FF compatible with your supply voltage (eg. 4000 series CMOS for >5V or 74HC for 4. What led you to reject your former religion?They acted like they were all under mind control and like the poster above me said..They would not listen to anything that went against their dogma. They will only accept who they want to into their club and I was not good enough for it.5. How to toggle LED on button press?hello sachleen try this code it working I edited from your code6. led tail lights or stalk with blue dot?I would play it safe and go with the LED's7. Where do I go to get HALO LED headlights installed?look for a custom shop in your area, if you were in the los angeles area you would see ryan over at west coast customs for all your needs8. connecting common anode rgb ledConnect the common anode pin to 3.3 volt and each of the other pins to a GPIO (add a current limiting resistor between the LED and the GPIO pin. To Light one of the colors set the corresponding GPIO pin low
SMD Led Bulb - White
There are numerous parts and accessories installed on a vehicle. It is very impossible for one to get to know every piece of them quite clearly. Every item is specially designed for a particular purpose. As more people are going to purchase at least car, it is necessary for we to get a general knowledge of the automobile itself. Doing this will not only help us in choosing a car, but also give us the ability to maintain our car in good condition as possible as we can. For example, when your front bumper lip is out of shape in a car accident, you are probably able to replace it with a brand new one. It is not a piece of hard work.These parts make up vehicle's many complicated systems. Engine system, brake system, and drive line system are very complicated as they are composed of various parts with totally different function. Lighting system, however, is relatively simple by comparison. Headlights, tail lights, fog lights, side markers are all the components of the lighting system and they are indispensable to a vehicle. They perform different tasks but for the same task that is guaranteeing a safe driving. Headlights work to bring the driver illumination in low-visibility circumstances such as precipitating and darkness. Tail lights perform to let the vehicle seen by other vehicle behind to avoid unnecessary bumps or collisions. Fog lights are specially used on foggy days. Side markers are turned on to show the vehicle's turning direction.It is very good for you to know the lighting system well. When any light can work, you can check out where the problem lies: if the ballast of your HID projector headlights is broken? If the halogen gas filled in the headlight bulb can not produce bright light for you? If the tail lights needs shinning angel eyes to highlight the appearance...Anyway, renew them time whenever you find the problem.
Replacing an Incandescent Bulb with LED Bulb
When we talk about replacing an incandescent bulb with LED bulb, one question comes in everyone's mind: Is it possible to use a LED bulb that has higher wattage equivalent than the fixture I have?Well the answer is Yes, as far as the LED bulb uses less wattage than your fixture. If you see the label states "100 watt LED equivalent" it does not mean that the LED bulb is using 100 watts, it means the bulb produces an amount of light (Lumens) equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent bulb. When your socket says do not exceed 60 watts, it means the dangers of high heat output is associated with Incandescent bulbs.LEDs do not discharge the dangerous levels of heat. Thereby, if the fixture states "not to exceed 60 watts" and you want to use a 100 watt equivalent LED bulb, this remains safe to do.Why LEDs are so much efficient?Because LED bulbs or tubes don't use direct heat to produce light, where Incandescent bulbs give a much bigger spectrum of radiation since they are heating metal as the lighting source. An important question that often asked by people: "How can I know if my LED bulb will be bright enough or not?" When we deal with LED bulb brightness, we need to think about Lumens, not watts. As per general standard, 800 lumen LED bulb generate the same amount of light as an old 60 watt incandescent bulb. Maybe you would like to use a bulb that is more brighter. So, for 60 watt fixture, you can use 100 watt, 125 watt or even 150 watt LED equivalent because as far as electricity consumption is concern all above mention replacement bulbs uses under 60 watt, and 150 watt LED equivalent produces about 2,600 lumens brightness, while only uses nearly 30 watt.It means you can use 150 watt LED equivalent bulb in 60 watt fixture and get three time or more than three time brightness of your traditional 60 watt incandescent bulb·RELATED QUESTIONWere can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project?If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance.You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your home's external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, it's significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes?Outdoor LED lightingmay be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lighting's LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient.Whatever options you settle on, you're sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.
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