Can I Make Large 3-phase Machinery Run on a Single-phase 240V, 20A Circuit, and If so, How Do I Do I

You can do it with a phase converter. Basically there are rotary and static phase converters that can convert single phase 220 into three phase. Rotary converters are a solid technology that has been in use since the 1960's. you can operate multiple 3 phase machines off of a single rotary converter. Static phase converters basically allow 3 phase motors to work on single phase, but not at their full rated horsepower. There are also digital phase converters that create true 3 phase power, but are considerably more expensive

1. is it wrong that i see people who spend over $1000 on a ring to be stupid?

I know exactly what you mean. I usually take my wedding ring off, on the way to work. Usually because its unsafe for me to wear it, while working on machinery at work. On the way to work i was involved in a serious car accident. Luckily im fine. But the tow truck driver, or someone at the insurance company who processed my totalled car, just happened to come across the ring inside one of the consoles of the car and was stolen. So now i had to explain to the wife, how my wedding ring is gone. Its not the money that hurts, although it cost alot. Its more the sentimental nature of it, what it represented, which is more of a loss. I could not replace the sentimentality of it, even if i tried. Its not like i can go buy the exact same ring and it would be the same. Because its not , the meaning is lost. Hope you get my point..........

2. How was wheat and other grains harvested before high tech machinery?

by use man power.. the process in different stages. 1).cut the plant at base with small hand knife( like 'C' shape with handle) 2)bring the plants to the plain surface, plant still hold the seeds in his stem. 3)Remove the seeds from the plant stem by hitting in to the rock or some plain surface or let the animal to walk above on that for some duration ( like cow or elephant) 4)remove the empty plant with its stem and collect the seeds. 5)then remove the derbies from the seeds by dropping the seeds from few feet height, the natural air flow will remove the derbies due to its velocity. 6)pack the good seeds in to the bags. hope you can understand.. :-)

3. Why does it say do not use before work with heavy machinery on the back of childrens tylenol?

Those are the export drugs to countries with child sweat shops

4. What amorphous form of graphite or pure carbon is used mainly as a lubricant for machinery?

This is graphite. Comes in layers that slide past one another and attached surfaces due to flatness and electron repulsion.Each layer is a 2D hexagonal lattice pattern much like chicken wire.This lamellar, hexagonal lattice structure is the same, but impurities such as inclusions interlayer (Intercalation) of ions or small molecules such as water are possible. Very pure graphite, given the right conditions in "geologic" time, can form impressive hexagonal crystals, as well.What amorphous form of graphite or pure carbon is used mainly as a lubricant for machinery?

5. How is cantilever technology used in heavy machinery?

anytime the load is extended out from beyond the structure, for example: 1 container cranes 2 shiploaders 3 ship unloaders 4 building a bridge over empty space (river, gully, road, railways) from both sides, especially evidenced in fixed stay bridges where the next segment is attached to the previous construction although the shooting bridge takes some of the loads 5 diving board at a pool

6. A Quick Guide to Manitowoc Error Codes

Ice machines run into problems from time to time, which is why manufacturers build service features to help users and technicians diagnose problems quickly. Like Hoshizaki beep codes, Manitowoc NXT ice machines have a series of notifications that inform users of potential problems. There are 36 Manitowoc error codes that cover a range of issues that occur within the unit. This list is only a reference. If you are an Easy Ice customer who is experiencing one of these Manitowoc ice machine light codes, call one of our helpful service representatives as soon as you can. We will send one of our qualified ice machine technicians to your establishment as soon as possible. Do not try and reset the ice machine or fix the issue yourself. A Manitowoc commercial ice maker is a complicated piece of machinery and you could risk damaging the unit.

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