Can I Make Payments on Boots at Tractor Supply Co?

Take the guess work out of it, and give them a call. 1-877-718-6750

1. Does places like Lowes, & Tractor Supply allow you take your Dog/Puppy inside?

You can always run inside and ask. When I was socializing my mini schnauzer, I got permission from the bank and the grocery store to take him inside. We also have a Cal-Ranch that allows dogs inside. Give it a shot!

2. I am getting some speckled sussex chicks from tractor supply but don't know how to see male from female?

The males will be a bit bigger, have more comb and it will have more red in it and they will show a little bump where the spurs will grow. Look closely as all these are just a tiny bit different

3. You ever stop by Tractor Supply on your lunch hour?

I would be broke as hell if we had a tractor supply here

4. Has anyone used Tractor Supply's 4health dog food?

I have used 4Health. I bought a large bag for our Rottweiler mix. He is almost 2 and weighs 60 pounds. He is not a picky eater, so he likes this. I have been looking for a really good dry dog food for our 2 chihuahuas. I have bought high end dog foods and they do not like it. I bought a small bag of 4Health with small bites, and they really do not like iteither, but when I put chicken broth over it, they will eat it better. Sometimes they will eat it if I do not give them anything else. I have searched online, trying to find the best. I still do not feel sure about a certain brand. When I think I have found a good choice, I find something negative. I realize there is no perfect food for all dogs, however, finding worms in the bag is totally not what I want to do. I read that as a review on dry food. I do not feel comfortable giving them raw meat and do not want food with meat by-products or animal digest so I am still looking. Thinking about getting 4Health again. Thank you for any suggestions and health.

5. Where would you rather shop? Walmart, the Mall, or at the Tractor Supply Company?

The Mall. Is there any choice? ---- They are , Their, There - Three Different Words. Careful or you may wind up in my next novel. Pax - C

6. Can I sell chicks to Tractor Supply?

cows but some chicks

7. Do places like Coastal Farm and Ranch, Wilco, Tractor supply, or Cabellas carry riding boots (tall or paddock)?

Yes to TSC, but for everyday western pleasure or trail riding, you cannot go wrong with durable, plain roughouts from Boot Barn. Dan Post comes to mind. They are my Go To, if they fit properly for both summer and winter once you break 'em in.English? Ariat brand

8. Does Tractor Supply Carry Alum Powder?

"Does Tractor Supply Carry Alum Powder?" Unfortunately, no; not at least according to the TSC website. The closest thing that they list is a wound stopping powder that contains potassium alum powder, which would not work for your application. You can try to see if they can order it for you though, as a special order.

9. Speeco replacement gasoline engine from Tractor Supply? Any good?

Let's just say for the difference, get the Kohler

10. will puppy vaccines from tractor supply work?

Yes. I did the same thing with my dog when I first got him as a puppy. No problems at all. You just pull up some extra skin on the back of his neck and inject it in

11. Best dog food at tractor supply?

Tractor Supply's brand is actually called 4Health and is made by Diamond dog food (same people that make Taste of the Wild). 4Health has a brand specifically for large breeds but is a bit more expensive at 27.99 for a 35 pound bag. The food you choose is grain heavy and requires 7-8 cups of kibble as opposed to 5 cups of 4health. This will result in nearly the same price overall. Because 4 health meets the nutritional requirements at a lower caloric intake, your dog will be less likely to become obese or help bring him to a better weight if already overweight. (In a higher quality food, giving him a cup a day over what is needed for his weight, will help put some weight on)

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