Can You Use a Led Tv As a Moniter for Your Computer? Should You?

if you have a suitable (powerful) graphic card and a dvi to hdmi cable then yes you can certainly use your led as a monitor, and you can always between using led as tv or a monitor.. even i use my LCD tv and it works great..

1. Which LED TV has the best sound quality without being super expensive?

None of them. Lol. This is essentially due to the ever shrinking waistline of flat tv form factors. There's simply not enough space to create a resonant sound that matches the size and scope of the image. Even an $80 soundbar from Amazon will improve sound pretty dramatically.

2. Is there an app or a way for a LED TV to detect an android phone or tab thru a usb cord to play movies/files?

Not usually. Most TVs only recognize built-in storage, not external (card) storage. If both TV and phone are DLNA compatible, you can show the pictures over WiFi Does your phone have an HDMI output? Use a Micro SD card reader Always backup important files from your phone. Flash memory cab get corrupted fairly easily.

3. I bought a new LED TV to be used as a monitor?

I am not sure about the resolution, try some differnt settings. Yes you can mount it on the wall

4. How do I connect a mobile with an LED TV?

go into your phone settings click on screen mirroring or it will look like a box with a couple perentheses then go on your tv go to connection settings and click screen mirroring there you will find the name of your phone click on it and accept the request

5. Which Color is nice for a Flat Screen LED TV for a dorm room, White or Black?

Black would be my color choice for any electronics

6. Will Obama help me to buy new big screen LCD or LED TV?

Not soon ...find another way

7. How to play YouTube videos on my SAmsung LED TV?

Here is a video tutorial about how to get connected to the internet and then to your other devices

8. Would a standard composite video cable work in a component input on a LED TV?

In the standard def world - a 3-wire component cable is just 3 identical length composite cables bundled together with red, green and blue markings to identify each end. But standard def video tops out at about 4 mhz. HD video tops out at 35 mhz. You can use 3 composite cables for HD component cables. But chances are the coax is not designed for the HD frequencies and you will suffer a loss of fine-focus, non-solid colors, and perhaps even ghosting. So it will APPEAR to work, but may not. If you are going to go component - just make sure to get cables rated for HD.

9. Our Sony CRT flat TV set is working great even after 18 years. Is it time to upgrade myself with a latest Smart LED TV or should I wait more?

If you are happy with it, just keep it till it breaks. You will never get a set these days that will last more than 2 or 3 years. They all have a chip in them that registers the date when you first turn it on, and after the warranty goes it runs a routing in the random fault generator and then you are out shopping for a new set.

10. I bought SONY 32 LED TV from Saudi. Can I get repaired/serviced in Chennai?

in my opinion NO..........because you paid service fee to saudi company when you were buying that tv

11. can any one suggest which car will fit 46" samsung led tv with box?

We put a 60" tv in a Rav 4 toyota. Seats way forward. You should have no problem. Enjoy the tv

12. What is this line going up my led tv?

use a shielded vga cable .or for shielding your vga may cover it with aluminum foil .

13. Has anyone had their Samsung LED TV die after several years?

yes after about 10 years they will just die out If you take good care of it and depending how long it is on it will last longer I have a LG and so far it has lasted 7 years and will be my 2nd TV when I get a new one later this year

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LG Display CEO Promises to Double the Supply of Large-size OLED TV Panels
On January 10, according to foreign media reports, Jeong Ho Young, CEO of LG display, who took office last September, recently promised that their supply of large-size OLED TV panels will double this year to about 6 million pieces.LG shows that the increase in the supply of OLED TV panels is due to the global oversupply of LCD TV panels and the decline in prices. LG shows that it has continued to lose money in the first three quarters of last year and is expected to achieve a record operating loss of 1 trillion won in 2019.In the three quarter of last year, LG began to adjust the management and business of LG. Zheng Haoyong, who was originally LG chemical CEO, transferred to LG in September last year and became CEO.From the current situation, Zheng Haoyong, the new CEO, hopes to improve the company's financial situation by expanding the production and sales of OLED panels. They have begun to shift their focus from LCD panels to OLED panels. The large-size OLED panels used in TV are one aspect of his hope to expand.Zheng Haoyong promised to double the supply of large-size OLED TV panels from 3.3 million last year to about 6 million this year at a press release before the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition in Las Vegas.In order to achieve the goal of doubling the supply of OLED TV panels this year, Zheng Haoyong revealed that their generation 8.5 plant in Guangzhou will be fully operational by March this year at the latest.While expanding the supply of OLED TV panels, Zheng Haoyong, who shoulders the important task of reversing LG's display performance, is also expanding the use of OLED panels in other fields. At this press conference, he revealed that they plan to expand the sales of OLED panels in the transportation field and supply OLED panels to automobile manufacturers and aircraft manufacturers. These manufacturers also show interest in adopting OLED panels. Zheng Haoyong also revealed at the press conference that they had begun to supply OLED panels to a global automobile manufacturer in January, and the relevant models may be launched in the second quarter of this year.
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