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Jinan Hibest Co.,Ltd was established in 2008, it is located in the beautiful "Spring City" Jinan. It is one of the most influential fast-food equipment manufacturer in China. HIBEST Company is good at researching and developing, which has more than 5 scientific researchers with master's degree and establishes the cooperation relations with several famous universities. Since 2008, we have developed successful a series of Fast-food equipment, some products have got invention patents

1. How much do you spend in homeschool each year per child ?

My parents spend approx. $50 per kid per year to home-educate us. The secret? Well, there are nine of us so that adds up to $450/year. Also, we are cattlekids; growing up on a cattle station and destined to spend our lives in the cattle industry. That means 95% of the resources* needed for our education already exist in our environment, as part of the business. (*aircraft (I am currently learning to fly - roll on when I am 17 and can *finally* solo and get my licence! ); cattle; machinery; land etc, etc) As unschoolers, we do not bother with testing, grades etc. I do not know for sure what year (?year 10) other kids my age are in at school; let alone whether I am somehow at the same level on something that is, after all, a purely artificial and arbitrary scale of academic achievement.

2. Why do cowboys always tuck their shirts in?

It looks much better -dressier and classier -even when working with dirty cows and horses. Also the shirt tails could get hung up and stuck in the little metal parts of saddles, machinery -whatever and that's very dangerous. The cowboy can get severely injured. It can also get caught up in the horns of a charging bull and that can be deadly. It's safer to have the loose shirt tails tucked in. And it looks neater and less sloppy and careless. Cowboys take a lot of pride in their appearance -even when mucking stables! Also a tucked in shirt allows them to show off their elaborate tooled leather belts and fancy custom metal belt buckles -also an integral part of the cowboy's complete look.

3. Best cardio workout from home w/ no machinery?

jump rope. incredibly good cardio workout

4. how do keep bees away from heavy machinery and its operators?

Try fabric softener sheets. thread them in your suspenders and on the back of your hat. Keep a can of Yard Guard handy. Wear a long sleeve shirt, dull colors, no red or orange.If necessary get a Beekeeper net or make one out of black Tulle cloth. Wear gloves.

5. which machinery and raw material use to manufacture micro sd memory card ?

we also want to start, sd card manufacturing in PAKISTAN, please advice

6. What makes Brunello Cucinelli's clothes so expensive?

Made in Italy - by very highly skilled craftsmen.nThese range from the best pattern makers to the Best leather workersnNo skimping on the fabrics or the workmanship. nVery carefully finished and hand checked. nNatural Fibers and luxurious leathers. nSuperb quality control and oversight on out-sourced items.nNONE of this comes cheaply. All fashion companies need to mark up to cover their expenses: salaries, benefits, manufacturing premises, machinery, paying outside contractors, etc, etc. etc. Then add in Sales and distribution cost, PR and marketing. Then allowances have to be added to cover the time it takes them to get paid by their accounts or to pay a factor who takes a percentage. Next add duties and shipping to destination, then the stores markup - probably 2.5X to 3X - to cover their version of the same. (Oh and to cover markdowns too)PR, Marketing and Retail each account for a tremendous, massive % of the final mark up. Big Brands have way more of these expenses than smaller brands do. Smaller brand have to be more creative and/or deliver a better product, not having the millions to spend on marketing - with a big name (luxury or otherwise) brand you are paying far more for what is NOT in the garment than just the actual costs and markup on the garment are. n nBruno Cucinelli is one company that does not skimp on product quality at all, that I can see. They probably have a far smaller add & PR spend than many others, so as expensive as they are, more of the value winds up in the product. Value is far more than just a label and a price. What makes Brunello Cucinelli's clothes so expensive?

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