Common Used 1/2 Hp Electric Motor Questions

1. What is the equivalent of 5hp 2 stroke engine to electric motor?

Replacing a 2 stroke 5 HP gas engine by an electric motor.It depend on the application and the type of 2 stroke engine.A generic conversion factor of 2HP gas engine per 1 KW electric motor is often use. Under these conditions, a 3 HP Electric motor shall replace a 5 HP gas engine.A smaller capacity electric motor is often u201cappropriateu201d because of it behavior under a temporary overload. In fact, an electric motor may deliver up to 200% of it nameplate capacity for a short duration (ex: a 3HP electric motor may deliver up to 6 HP temporarily).

In contrast, a gas engine that is temporarily overloaded simply stall and need to be restarted. Therefor, for many application, a gas engine is grossly over sized to prevent the engine from stalling.Load Qualification and exception:A conversion 1 HP gas engine to 1 HP electric motor is appropriate when the gas engine is operated at capacity by the load. In some application, the operator might decide to fully load the gas engine to it maximum. When the gas engine is fully loaded, it is prudent to replace it by an electric motor of the same capacity.This is to prevent the electric motor to u201coverheatu201d under the load. When a smaller electric motor might work, it will frequently operate over it rated capacityu2026 overheating and potentially shortening it operational life.Transmission:Medium RPM engine: These generally operate between 3600 and 5000 RPM.If the gas engine operate close to 3600, a suitable electric motor (operating at 3600) might be readily found that will provide a one for one replacement reusing the same transmission.

High RPM, 2 stroke gas engine (9K to 12K RPM) u2014 Chainsaw like engine.Replacing a high RPM 2 stroke gas engine is somewhat more complicated. It is often expensive to find an electric motor that operate at these high speed u2014 so, modifying the transmission is often the preferred way. However, in some caseu2026 this is not trivial.Other Reference: AC Electric Motors: Introduction and Work CapacityWhat is the equivalent of 5hp 2 stroke engine to electric motor?


2. General Rules of Thumb for Electric Motor Rewinding?

General Rules of Thumb for Electric Motor RewindingFor those of you without much experience in electric motor rewinding, the whole process might seem quite overwhelming. This doesnu2019t have to be case u2013 rewinding is actually quite a simple yet effective procedure that is carried out on motors of all ages and applications. There are, however, some general rules of thumb that should be kept in mind whenever undertaking such a process. We have outlined these in the list below for your convenience.1. Always use a qualified rewind shopQuality rewinding can actually help to maintain the motoru2019s original efficiency, but this is only possible if you have chosen a suitably qualified shop to undertake the process for you. If the shop is careless with the work, it can actually result in further damage and significant losses for your company. Likewise, a reputable shop will be able to quickly determine whether the core has been damaged, which makes the unit unsuitable for rewinding in the first place.2. Replace models older than 15 yearsWhen dealing with motors that are less than 100 horsepower (hp) in size and that are more than 15 years old, it is usually best to replace them instead of undertaking a rewind. This is because they often have efficiencies that are significantly lower than current models, so you would be better off upgrading. This rule is especially true if the unit has already gone through rewinding u2013 in all reality, they can only undergo this process so many times before it becomes redundant.3. Buy a new model if costs exceed 65%If electric motor rewinding is going to cost you more than 65% of what it would cost to invest in a new, energy efficient unit, it is usually best to just purchase the new one. The increased reliability and efficiency of the newer model should quickly help you to recover the price premium of its initial investment. Think about it u2013 why would you spend so much money on having an older, damaged motor repaired when you could invest a little more and leave with a brand new one?4. Energy efficient models are worthwhileIf your energy costs average somewhere around $0.03 kilowatts per hour (kWh) or more and the motor is operated for at least 4000 hours each year, you will find that an energy efficient model is certainly a worthwhile investment. The higher purchase price will usually be repaid through your energy savings within 2 years, which means that savings experienced after this time are all profit. There is no point paying exorbitant bills when thereu2019s a cheaper alternative.In the future, we hope that you will employ each of the above general rules of thumb when it comes to electric motor rewinding. These rules are not here to make your life more difficult, to make the process more expensive or to discourage you from rewinding all together u2013 in actual fact, they are here to help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. If you have any other questions, ensure that you speak with an expert before proceeding.for more information visit this website : com/repairservices.

phpGeneral Rules of Thumb for Electric Motor Rewinding?


3. How powerful would an electric motor braking regeneratively have to be to stop a car in 55 metres at 100km/h, assuming the car weighs 1,500kg?

The basic process to solve this is to look at how much kinetic energy is in the moving vehicle, and then use the equations for Power to determine how much is required to accelerate or stop it in a given time or distance.First, the KE is 1/2 mv^2.We know the mass and velocity, but must convert v into meters/second:100 km/h * 1000 m/km / 3600 s/hr 27.78 m/s n(notice that the units all cancel out)Next,KE 0.

5 * 1500 kg * (27.

78 m/s)^2 578,704 JoulesThat is the amount of energy, also the amount of work that must be done to accelerate to that speed.To obtain the Power, which is work divided by time, we must figure out the time. We can get to that because you have supplied the distance.

A little algebra will be needed to get there from the basic equations for distance and velocity:W F * D,nF m * anD 1/2 at^2, nv a * t, andnP W / tnwherenW worknD distance in metersna acceleration in meters per secondnm mass in kgnF Force in NewtonsnP Power in WattsWorking from what we know, we can use the amount of Work and the Distance to obtain Force:F W / D 578,704 J / 55 meters 10,522 NewtonsNow we can obtain the acceleration:a F / m 10,521 N / 1,500 kg 7.015 m/s^2 (weu2019ll just round it to 7 m/s^2Now that we have acceleration, and given the Distance, we can calculate the time be rearranging the D 1/2 at^2 equation:t (2D/a)^0.5 (110/7)^0.5 3.964 secondsFinally, we can calculate the Power:P W / t 578,704 J / 3.

964 145,985 J/s 146 kiloWatts (rounded), or 196 HPPS:nThere are a number of other items that may come into play that make the problem more interesting and challenging to answer accurately. For example, this answer assumes massless wheels, which would otherwise possess a significant amount of angular momentum and add to the vehicleu2019s overall KE.A real-world, practical solution for selecting a motor would be to fudge this power level up considerably.

How powerful would an electric motor braking regeneratively have to be to stop a car in 55 metres at 100km/h, assuming the car weighs 1,500kg?How powerful would an electric motor braking regeneratively have to be to stop a car in 55 metres from 100km/h, assuming the car weighs 1,500kg?


4. How can one convert a power generator to fuelless?

Principles of operation 101.Energy can neither be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another. Any change requires energy which equates to a loss.

In any system, the energy input equals the sum of the losses and the output or storage.Fuel contains energy. To release itu2014change #1u2014the fuel is burned inside an internal combustion engine and converted to mechanical energy. The mechanical energy turns the generatoru2014change #2. The generator produces electricityu2014change #3. In other words, we converted fuel to rotational mechanical energy with associated losses to heat and friction. The generator converted the rotating mechanical energy to electricity with more losses to friction, heat, etc.

To convert a power generator that operates on fuel to one that does not use fuel requires a different prime moveru2014the source of mechanical energy that turns the generator.One could remove the engine and connect the generator to some other source of energyu2014perhaps a wind turbine, water turbine, or a whole bunch of hamsters turning a wheel. It really doesnu2019t matter, as long as something supplies mechanical energy to the generator.

There is no free energy, just different forms of it. Even if you make some poor little hamsters spin a wheel, you must feed them and what is food? Energy.If I had a dollar for every time someone asked why we canu2019t connect an electric motor to a generator and use the electricity from the generator to turn the motor which turns the generator, I could buy us each a beer and a decent taco. Unfortunately, you only get out of a system what you put into it, which as previously mentioned, includes losses. A 3 horsepower motor will produce less than 3 horsepower (3hp x 745 watts/hp 2235 watts) worth of electricity.How can one convert a power generator to fuelless?.


5. How do I work 16 hours a day without any tiredness?

You donu2019t. No if about it.You work 16 hours a day with acceptable levels of tiredness.See this?This is an electric motor. First image I found on google. Donu2019t know itu2019s wattage or anything. Donu2019t care. Whatever itu2019s rating is doesnu2019t matter.

Because that rating came from running the math of the motor design at a certain wattage and finding out how long it could run at that rate.n1 hp motor? Ok, it can run at 1 hp for as long as you need presumably. Some motors use different ratings systems depending on application but for most people, if itu2019s rated at 1 hp, that means you can have it do 1 hp for weeks or more between preventative maintenance. Great!But that isnu2019t how much it can do. It can do more. Run it with enough electricity and it can do 2 hp or more. But at increased temperature, parts wear out quicker. Some of the parts heat up so much that even with the best cooling they burn out. Smoke out or seize.nYou can run this electric motor at 800% capacity for a second with no harm.nJust like you can sprint for 10 seconds for no harm.

But what is the human 100% capacity for 100%? Something they can do for long periods of time?nItu2019s not 16 hours. Sure you can do it for a while, but it wears you out. Itu2019s the electric motors version of 1.

5hp. Fine if you need to, but replacement parts will need to be ordered sooner than later.12 hours is pushing it as well. Depending on the work. There is a reason we have 8 hour days. It seems to work. Some can do more, some canu2019t. Depending on the job.nFarmers burn out sooner than office workers. They have longer days. More back breaking work. Whatu2019s ok with you?How do I work 16 hours a day without any tiredness?.

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