Dell ST2220 Good Led for Gaming?

its a monitor, not a computer, incase you did not know. I guess, but some games might not fit it perfectly though Monitors wont change the speed.

1. Is the break-up of the Eurozone led by Italy nigh at hand?

NO.Some adjustment will be necessary, Germany will realise, that the setting, that the euro is too weak for the German economy and too strong to the rest of the Eurozone.The economists will come out with studies, that the big differences in economic outputs are not natural, but artificial tendencies, multiplying the existing differences

2. What led to the current war between Russia and Ukraine?

Dima Vorobiev's answer to What, specifically, is the reason for Russia's desire to own Ukraine?

3. What singular aspect of England led to the British Empire?

There are many factors, but nothing would of been achieved if there was not a very aggressive culture... This is the spine of British endeavors overseas. Guile ,which is a kind of aggression ,was also a key power asset. Hypocrisy and spin,is related to guile and cunning. Altogether , a number of ungodly aspects help to be successful in any conquest... mixed in would also include good qualities that ordinary people of little pomp and circumstance ,living out in the colonies to a hard day's work ...Adolf Hitler had great admiration for the British Empire and wanted it maintained. The original asset mentioned firstly, aggression , was something he pointed out and felt the German people had this strength too

4. What coincidence led you to your current career?

Well, I graduated more than 12 years ago with a business degree from a local university - good grades but no real idea about what I wanted to do.So, I was applying for local jobs in my hometown, without much success, when my neighbor told me he was working with this company called Accenture, and asked if I was interested.I was not familiar with consulting at that time, did not know Accenture, so I said why not? He proposed to introduce my CV to a partner, I told him he could give it to the cleaning leady as long as I got an interview (back then, I also had no idea what a partner was). Keep in mind internet & information sharing were not as evolved back then. No Glassdoor, etc...I started researching about the company, found it very interesting and eventually got my invite for an interview.When I arrived, I was put in a room with 4 other applicants. We were all given a form with a few questions, a book which contained a lot of text and data, a calculating machine and many sheets of paper.The first few questions were easy, but the final one looked really complicated. All the other candidate immediately started making hectic computations & writing a lot of text - they were almost sweating!I had no idea what to do, so I took my time, read the questions thoroughly before browsing through the book and, after a few minutes, it appeared that the answer to the complicated question was written right there, below a graph! I looked at it twice to confirm - yes, there it was - so I simply wrote the answer & the reference and handed my copy to the HR person. We were given 30 minutes to solve the problem, I left the room after only 10. I had not even touched the calculating machine...the other candidates gave me a WTF look and kept filling their sheets with their hectic calculations.I waited half an hour outside, before the HR lady came back and politely asked me to follow her for the next interviews. When I asked her where the other candidates in the room were, she simply replied "oh, they've already been sent home...."I received my contract offer after a few days & started working for ACN 2 weeks later.I met tremendous people there (including my wife), worked on very interesting assignments and could not thank my neighbor enough for putting me in touch with this company. 12 years later, still in consulting, still curious!

5. What led to the stereotype of female drummers usually being bad drummers?

Because a large majority of them are. While there are some very good female drummers out there, my impression is that just because a girl plays the drums (a male dominated instrument) most people are in awe that they are doing it, and give them a pass on being mediocre.Concentrate on the basics. Rudiments, timing, dynamics. Learn to play with power while being relaxed. I think this girl is pretty solid..... Check it out. Great song to learn to play as well. Tools drummer Dany Carey is the guy who wrote those drum parts buy Meytal does a great job covering this song.

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