Did Congress Try to Remove Article 370 When They Were in Power?

The people of Kashmir never wanted abrogation of Article 370. So the Congress had no occassion to try to remove it while they were in power.Even when the situation in Kashmir valley was quite normal post adoption of separate constitution for Jammu and Kashmir in1950s the Janasangh the earlier avathar of BJP and it's leader Shyama Prasad Mukherji had agitated against Article 370 in the name of one country one flag, one constitution .

So abrogation of Article 370 has nothing to do with the situation in Kashmir valley today or in the immediate past. It is not for the welfare of either Kashmiri people or Indian people. This decision was taken to satisfy RSS and BJP followers who blindly support everything which the party do without a clear understanding of its fallout.

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What were ways in which Operation Barbarossa could have succeeded in hindsight?

The one thing that's the Germans always misunderstood and always seem to have ignored is that with the United States in the war Russia and Great Britain for that matter had unlimited supplies they had more supplies at times than they knew what to do with. I do not care how great Germany's tanks are I do not care how great Germany's aircraft were and their tanks were not as good as history seems to think they were because of mechanical problems. however you can have the best tank on the planet but if that one tank must go up against an unlimited supply of Tanks it will lose and that is what cost Germany the war because the same thing happened with aircraft Russia and Great Britain had an unlimited supply of War fighting materials Germany Supply on the other hand was very limited.


Why doesn't Ukraine join NATO?

Mr. Eliason from below honestly wrote that he is living in Donbass and would be weird if he called things as they are.Few days ago Ukraine became a NATO aspirant. According to mr.Eliason Ukraine developed a democracy and economics in 6 month.

Also he calls this civil war. I knew few people who lost their lives in the conflict. I know even more people who lost someone defending Ukraine. These guys have seen so many proofs of Russian presence. They showed me photos of Russian military papers, documents, photos of only-in-Russian-army vehicle units.In Kyiv were represented dozens of proofs of Russin invasion in form of passports, broken vehicles. Photos of captured Russian soldiers.I may assume mr. Eliason is another Gram Philips, puppet journalist on Kremlin salary.

Or maybe mr Eliason is hold captive in Donbass and cant express opinions other than those he is forced to express?


What is the difference between full HD & HDR smart LED TV?

Short Answer: Full HD TV has better picture quality.Long answer: HDR means High Dynamic Range, it is basically a 720p resolution TV it has less pixel density than Full HD TV, which has 1080p resolution.Smart Led TV is totally different category, it means that LED TV has connectivity to the internet, where the internet is connected via a Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable.

Smart Led TV contains apps pre-installed to connect to the internet.Buy an Android TV if you opt for buying a smart TV,or else buy a normal Full HD TV and a chromecast, or a amazon fire stick to make them smart TV.Edit: It seems HDR means high dynamic range, but hdready is the word written on stickers of some TV's which totally confused me. Everything else seems fine.


Is India's annexation of Hyderabad similar to Pakistan's attempted annexation of Kashmir?

There are many differences so before you compare you must know the facts and history.Balochistan was Independent country and was free for 100 years before creation of Pakistan, Pakistan annexed it by force. To this day the UN has a pending case against Pakistan.

Hyderabad was part of British India there was no way India was going to allow an independent country in the middle of India, it was annexed soon after the razakars and MIM started genocide of Hindus in hyderabad.Kashmir was illegally attacked and POK was illegally occupied by Pakistan, violating the standstill agreement that Pakistan signed with Maharaja Hari Singh. Due to Pakistan own stupidity, Maharaja signed the accession agreement which made the whole of Kashmir legally complete accession to India as per the British partition act. Hence now legally Pakistan is occupying illegal on Indian territory. Pakistan is in violation of UN resolution as it has not fulfilled the first and mandatory step to withdraw from Kashmir


What is the smallest LED (Light Emiting Diode) size?

The smallest standardized LED size is 0201: that is 2mil x 1mil x 1mil, where a mil is 0.001in. For comparison, an average grain of salt is 3mil on a side, giving it 4.5x the volume of an 0201 LED.I can consistently solder 0603 packages using a microscope and a temperature controlled iron. At this scale components "cook" rapidly; the 350C iron you use on 1/4W resistors will turn these SMT packages into burnt plastic. So, you set the iron at 280C and use lots of flux. Also, you preheat you PCB so the iron has less work to do bringing the pad up to temperature.

The forces from static charge and surface tension dominate gravity in this size range. You must consider how you will hold the device in place when you withdraw the iron. Depending on the circumstance, I use a dental pick and opthamologic surgery micro-tweezers for this task.

The SMT packages below are, right-to-left: 0804, 0603, 0402, 0201


What is the exact decimal representation of 1/81 without any approximation?

It is well-known and easily proved that a rational number with its denominator having any prime divisor other than 2 and 5, (in its reduced form, i.e. after cancelling off common divisors up and down, if any) cannot have a finite decimal representation, because 102×5.Hence 1/81 must have a recurring decimal expansion, and it is 0.

012345679,012345679,................ (ad infinitum) and this is its most exact decimal expansion. This is not a defect, but a fact.The expansion of 1/81 in base 3 or 9 will be 0.

0001 and 0.

01 respectively, which will then be the exact ternary or nonary representation respectively.Hence 'base' is the word for deciding whether the exact representation is terminating or recurring. There is nothing sacred about 10.Adopting any base other than 'ten' does not, in anyway, change the intrinsic properties of the number, like its prime product factorization, which actually incorporates all the intrinsic properties of the number.


Which party will win the 2014 general elections in India? Why?

From recent surveys being conducted by C-VOTER and other agencies, it looks like NDA will end up as the single largest coalition anywhere between 200 and 230 seats. Let us consider worst case scenario of the surveys i.e., 200 for NDA and UPA coalition around 140. Jayalalitha from TN is the frontrunner from TN and she is predicted to win above 25 seats. Chandrababu Naidu has also supported Modi on some occasions. So I have a feeling like these two parties will be part of new government supporting NDA from South India. Two other major parties that I am guessing might support NDA are Naveen Patnaik's BJD and Mamatha Bannerjee's Trinamool Congress. With these parties in the coalition and with the help of few other minor parties like JD(S) there is a high probability of Narendra Modi being the PM


Was Paul McCartney hard on George Harrison?

IMOPaul is an extremely talented guy (obviously lol!), and he kept pushing at the end of the Beatles run and hed learned to play guitar at least as well as George, and he pushed to have guitar-leads he liked on the songs he wrote. IMO nothing wrong with that.George, mainly (again, IMO) had gotten frustrated that his own increasingly-excellent songwriting ability was not supported by John and Paul - they dismissed As My Guitar Gently Weaps as weak for ex and they never colloborated with him.So when Paul would pick at George wrt a guitar lead for one of Pauls songs I think (opinion) George was already in an increasingly put-upon mood fundamentally ergo George got frustrated, bitey, etc.

So, as to the answer to your question its just a little complicated thats what Id say


Which older movie had the best CGI for its time?

Hands down, Jurassic Park and its faulty sequels.I think a lot of it has to do with something that is often forgotten or under-reported: D.I.D.s or Dino Input Devices. These weird little robotic looking figures were motion control devices made for Phil Tippets stop motion animators. Tippet and his people would animate the figures and the motion data captured would be used to animate the computer models.In this regard, I think really solid animation was achieved. It avoided the 100% animated in a computer feel of many films from that time period. Its much harder to achieve weighted animation in an environment devoid of reality.In the intervening years puppet controls have gotten much better and animation has really moved forward but its hard to argue that going all-in with CGI so early has given us a lot of memorable films from that era. Sooo many films undone by crappily animated CGI!.


Will Hindu religion eventually vanish?

Once it was Hinduism right from Afghanistan to Myanmar. Today, it's primarily Nepal and India.

Although then the enemies were Muslims, today Hindus face two (or rather three) enemies. Muslim continue to be the enemies, with ridiculous concepts like Ghazwa-e-hind. Christians are the next bunch of enemies, who are systematically degrading our culture and injecting their religion, this is a kind of cold war. The third enemy are the Maoists; although their religion is the state, commonality with them and the Islamic invasion is extremism. They are indirectly helping Muslim invaders, by attacking on Hinduism. The fate of communists in Bangladesh is obvious. Hindus, as long as they remain under an impression of never ending, no beginning and no end like concepts, they are not recognizing the enemies and their strategy. As long as Hindus have their heads buried in the sands of secularism, Hinduism is at the risk of extinction.


What happened to the Jewish people in Israel during WW2? Did Hitler attack there?

Back then what is now Israel was British-ruled Mandatory Palestine. For a period during the North African Campaign known as the 200 days of dread, it was seriously feared that the Nazis would conquer Palestine and the Haganah, the secret Jewish underground army that was the forerunner of the Israeli military, made plans for a sacrificial last stand. In the end it was unnecessary as the Germans were stopped before.

That being said, the Italian Air Force, in a few cases with the Luftwaffe involved, did repeatedly bomb Tel Aviv and Haifa in 1940 and 1941, trying to hit strategic targets such as oil refineries and ports, causing civilian casualties. The most notable was a September 9, 1940 Italian raid on Tel Aviv that killed 137 people.About 40,000 Jews from Palestine also enlisted in the British military, and an entire Brigade, the Jewish Brigade, was set up for them. Around 700 or so were killed in action.


What is it like being a married couple that still lives in the family's house with their nuclear family? Does the environment make copulation impossible?

we love the out doors, any way presented. Ocean going vessels (a 27 ft sloop), remote lakes & canoe, tents in the piney forest, a blanket under the stars, hotels are ok but not greatBed inspection and movement with the hand can reveal appropriateness. I dont believe one can adapt a noise bed into quietness (but wuz wrong once before). As a partnership (my own) there is no difficulty w/anything louder than deep breathing for us. We waited till every1 wuz asleep but have no way of checking that (as do not wish to discuss outside the couple).It is something that must be discussed w/wife and agreements made just like all other aspects of a strong well working couple. Many cultures develop the means (are not embarrassed, sleep on the ground, share sleeping space) and it works for themHTH, thanks for trusting me w/a difficult Q.

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