Diesel Engine Suddenly Doesn't Start and Returns to Normal Without Aparent Reason

It's very possible that you have a problem in the glow-plugs of your diesel engine. Glow-plugs are used to preheat the combustion chamber on a cold engine. If you are having problems starting the car when it's cold, the glow plugs are probably not working, or there not on long enough to heat the chamber properly. You also mention that it has a bad sound when it's -2 deg, it's probably a knocking sound, and you get black smoke from the tail pipe, when the car warms up it goes away. All these symptoms point to an issue with the glow plugs. My old Mercedes diesel allowed the driver to hold the start switch in the 'glow' position as long as you wanted to, so you just had to know to glow it longer on a cold morning. Your car most likely has a sensor/computer controlled glow time, so maybe it's just an adjustment or a bad sensor

1. Is it possible for a diesel engine computer to detect (and prevent) a runaway condition?

All engines will reduce fuel injection when the red line is surpassed. That's what rev limiters are for, and they've been with us for many decades.Some engines (most modern?) have a throttle valve, although not strictly necessary for basic operation. That valve should start to close when the engine needs, well, throttling, as is the case when you release the accelerator or when over-revving.By the way, I once could not turn off my gasoline engine because it was running on self-igniting oil sucked in through a hole burned into the piston by a broken spark plug. It did not over-rev, but it would not stop for a minute or so after I stopped and turned ignition off. So the issue may even happen with non-diesels

2. can I use 15 40w diesel oil in my marine diesel engine, its a 65hp westerbeke?

use whatever the manufacturer recommends. Shell Rotella is pretty widely used in the diesel world. As for which weight, go with whatever it says in the book. 15W40 is common for automotive diesels. The engines are essentially the same but have different emissions requirements. Edit. I found you a manual for a very similar engine. 15W40 is fine. Get yourself some Rotella and call it a day.

3. Is it okay to use home heating oil for fuel in my Volkswagen that has a diesel engine??

No grade 1 diesel fuel is much cleaner than heating oil, if you can not get to a fuel station use just enough to get you there then fill the tank with A1 diesel fuel. and hope the filter does no glogge on you! They are simpler but fuel oil is not as clean and could cause a filter problem!

4. What are the most common questions in the maintenance of diesel engine and heavy equipments?

reliable and cost,because if you use the bad quality spare parts during the maintenance,it would be a Potential danger for your engine.they may become a killer of your engine.

5. Whats the best diesel engine i could put in my 1985 k10 or 1987 k5?

Cummins "4BT"..the 4 Cylinder version of the Cummins in Dodges...Good power and its Turbo'ed

6. Can I convert a gasoline car engine to a bio diesel engine?

It can be done. Can it be come cheaply - NO. Can it be done so you will have good working car - probably not. It is cheaper to sell your old car and buy a diesel truck. === The cost of conversion will be more than the value of your car. Good Luck... P.S. Biodiesel is a hoax. OK not a real hoax. But you can not buy it anywhere. You have to drive around town picking up donated used french fry oil and then convert them yourself.

7. How can adiabatic compression occur in a diesel engine when the cylinders are made of metals and not very well insulated?

Adiabatic compression does not occur in any engine I know of as they all suffer at least a small amount of heat loss and have imperfect seals. That being said, it's common to represent compression and expansion as adiabatic processes when performing quick analysis; if performace is poor in adiabatic analysis, there's no point in doing the work to incorporate heat loss and seal leakage.My own process starts with adiabatic analysis alone and a fixed ratio of specific heats (gamma). If the result looks good (typically around 35% better than the desired end efficiency), I break it down to discrete stemps (0.1 devrees) with heat transfer (using Holenberg's heat transfer coefficient), seal efficiency (typically 90%), and dynamic gamma (varying per temperature)

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