Do You Need a License to Drive a Dirt Bike?

if you drive on the dirt -NO--if you convert to street use--YES!!--as to bicycles they generally do not have motors so you are not required to tag/license/have drivers permit--bicycles in US that have motor less than 50cc do not require a license

1. How do I operate a 3-phase motor with an Arduino controlled relay module?

3-Phase solid-state-relay can be used to operate AC motor. This relay can be activated by control voltage of 4V to 32V DC(with 4 to 16mA current).Krushi ControlsSavik SSR 16A, DC -AC,Three Phase Solid State Relay,440 VAC/ 16 A, 4 -32 VDC.

2. how long does a microwave oven typically last before it can no longer be repaired?

My Panasonic was purchased in 1987 and finally went dead. It's a good idea to open the cabinet every five years and clean the buildup of dust, dirt, and grease. Especially the heat sink fins on the magnetron. Also clean the dirt off the exhaust fan blade & motor. Aside from needing a good cleaning, the high voltage capacitor had shorted, (reading 1 ohm) which caused the 15A fuse to blow. The best prices are had at Repair Clinic ($6. 95) for a 2. 1 KV capacitor and about $11. 00 for the Diode. Microwave light bulbs are outrageous, often costing over $10.00. However, I found one at my local hardware store (120 vollt, 25 watt with screw base) for under $3.00. Those simple parts fixed the microwave. It now needs some rust areas cleaned with Naval Jelly and re-painted. Then it should be good for another 27 years provided the magnetron does not fail

3. Which DC-DC converter power supply to choose for a 6A motor from a 7.2V battery?

You do not need a separate DC/DC converter. A motor controller that does Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) into an inductive (motor) load is essentially a buck-type non-isolated DC/DC converter. At an intermediate duty cycle, the voltage across the motor will be less than the battery voltage - try measuring it. Power is conserved, so Vbatt * Ibatt = Vmotor * Imotor [switching losses]Note that if you limit the maximum duty cycle, you can safely use a higher battery voltage than the motor can withstand. This may allow you to add more energy storage (more batteries) to your project without being constrained by motor voltage.Whether you decide to close the control loop with voltage (like a DC/DC converter), current (torque control), or go open loop (most small electronic speed controls) is up to you.

4. Maximum Allowed Time for Short Circuit

If thermal heating effect of the short circuit on a device is considered, the short should be removed before the device temperature rises higher than allowed. The repetition of such events will increase the probability of failure of the device If the short circuit (over current protection) is implemented as a safety mechanism, it depends on the system being protected. If the device is sensitive or the protection of the user is of utmost priority (safety) then there are fast acting fuses Slow fuses or PTCs also work as current limiting but slower. Here, it is assumed that the risk of the device failing permanently will be less. If I am using a small fuse for a motor driver circuit,I do not want the fuse to trip every time motor takes the surge current. But when the motor is stalled, it should not be in that condition for longer. Here I can use slow resettable fuses..for example. Rule of thumb is application dependant. A shock for a person even for 20 ms can make his heart beat miss its rhythm. Little fuse document as reference: defining the application type The PTCs are limited by number of such limit events, they are rated for such number of cycles.

5. Is it possible to add an electric battery to a folding bike?

It is . I did see electric folding bike - really nicely modified on the road but will be expensive to build if I thing about all the parts and motor . Schwinn I think sell new folding electric bicycle for about $ 500

6. Ford Ranger. Good truck or not?

The Ranger (and Mazda twin) are good trucks... they are quiet, comfortable, and haul well... if you get the v6,, the truck is too heavy for the 4cyl... My other option would be the Nissan Frontier ... Nissan more or less invented the small 4x4 truck...

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