Does Anyone Have the Entire Clique Book Collection?

Yes. I have the entire collection (including summer) Sorry, I am definitely not going to sell them, but try Ebay or Amazon. And also, they sell the whole summer collection as a pack in borders for $39.99 which would amount to less than buying each one separate.

1. Is there a book that is a collection of interesting investing stories, such as the 1993 New York Times investing contest? What is an interesting story that you know?

There are many books which are collections of interesting investment stories. One of my all time favorites is:Reminiscences of a Stock Operator - WikipediaThis book is thinly disguised fact masquerading as fiction. An annotated version exists linking up the actual events.

2. What are some of the best ways to catalog your book collection?

forget it...the fun is in their random organization. My books are all over, but I know where one is, if I set my mind looking for it.How can you arrange books in several languages on topics similar?There are too many ways to organize them: that's the problem; th satisfaction is in their disorderly fashion:enjoy!.

3. Calling Fellow Readers: How do you organize your books? That is, if you have a book collection at all?

we have shelves in our like, second living/family room, and a desktop computer. there are two shelving units, one on each side. one shelf has all our books about gardening and chickens and farmy stuff another is diet books and recipe books then there is many encyclopedia style books, atlasses, field guides (we have a ton of field guides about like every single type of animal and plant LOL) then another is the harry potter books and eragon books and like lord of the rings etc. then another is like, diary of a wimpy kid and captain underpants and some dumb little cartoony elementary school books. then all the childrens picture books like dr suess and stuff and then all my whiney teen novels but then i keep my favorite few books stacked on my desk in my room. that includes: the help yoga for chickens (a yoga book where all the poses are drawings of chickens dont ask lol) pickle things (a picture book about everything in the world being made out of pickles) eat this not that fast food edition and whatever book i am currently reading from the library (its still the book thief right now lol) then a stack of my magazines, mostly, TIME, seventeen, and food network lol.

4. Does a person's book collection say anything about their personality?

I would say it is someone seeking the truth. At this stage of their research it is leaning towards an agnostic belief system. If this person wanted to gain wider base for his research would recommend some books on the Buddha. Then wind is research towards the brain. Zen and the Brain by James H Austin would be a good book to start. Enjoy your research. Keep an open mind you might be surprised what you find. Describing the personality behind the reader is an interesting question. My own personal opinion is a questioning,intellegnet person. Someone who is unsure of his own belief system and seeking answers to confirm his personal beliefs.Some one about mid stream in seeking the truth. Glen

5. Does anyone know where I can find a piano book with a collection of movie/TV theme songs?

Ebay is your best bet b/c you can just put in key words. "piano book movie theme" or go to and put piano book and the top ones will pop up (P.S. I think Sam Goody's closed down around the time Media Play did) If there is a Mars or Guitar Place or Instrument place check them out.

6. Does anyone have the entire Clique book collection?

All but three of the summer collection, but I've read all but Alicia. I would suggest Wal-Mart for cheap prices on some, then and Borders/Barnes and Noble.

7. How Much Is My Comic Book Collection Worth?

Depends on if someone wants those issues Check on ebay for the prices or some of the comic auction sites. There are also many comic auction sites to check out those prices. Incognito comics website is also a good place to check for a whole range of titles and your comics might be listed on their site

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