Does Python Support Automatic Garbage Collection?

Yes, but CPython has its own implementation approach which is notably quite different to the one used by other language implementations. It uses references counting and maintains a set of possibly cyclic structures which it scans for reference loops (which otherwise prevent deletion)

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Why does the US Social Security Trust Fund and the US Treasury hold a collection $4.3 trillion (33%) in US securities?

I don't know if your numbers are correct. Every day 10000 (ten thousand) more Americans retire and go on social security. That's a lot of people. 300,000 a month, 3,600,000 a year. If they got just 1000 bucks a month each, that's quite a lot of money added every year to an already huge number


What is the Difference between collective and cooperative farming?

In cooperative farming, farms are owned by several farmers who pool their resources voluntarily, work together and share the profit or produce while incollective farming, farms are owned by a productive cooperative union, based on social ownership of the means of production including land and labour


Can you share your novel collection?

it'sAlchemist -Paulo CoelhoAnimal farm -George OrwellEmma - Jane AustenApple cart - G B ShawShiva Trilogy -Amish TripathiTwo States - Chetan BhagatAn Indian girl - Chetan BhagatFive point someone -Chetan BhagatGhar beghar - Mamta kaliaGunahon ke devta - Dharn veer bharatiYogayog - Ravinder nath TagoreTamas - Bhishm sahniGodan - Munshi premchandGaban - Munshi premchand


Is it bad to have a plush toy collection at 23 years old?

No it is not bad to have a plush toy collection at 23 years old.Collect what ever you want as long as it is legal.Other artistic people I know collect unusual things, souvenir dolls, French pottery etc.

Keep you collection well curated so it doesnt turn into a hoard and you should be fine


Is there a British equivalent to the Presidential dollar collection? I would love a coin collection of British Prime Ministers.

You wont find a collection of British coins with the PMs because only the reigning monarch appears in currency (currently HM Queen Elizabeth II).If you have the patience (and funds) for it you can try collecting British coinage from the various kings and queens. That will be a lot of work, but an absolutely awesome collection.

Have fun :).


Where can we find iit-jee past question papers (38 years) yearwise?

You can find chapter wise questions for the past 38 years but finding complete papers is not an easy task..Only 1620 year papers are available in the market. You can go for Arihant for that.Best WishesSatnara IIT AIIMS Academy(an initiative by IITians.

. )Mayur Vihar, Delhi.


Do you think someone interested in trying FPS should get Halo: The Master Chief Collection?

I would say yes if you want to play single player campaigns with a few friends but no if you want to play online. Master chief collection is pretty much dead for matchmaking but it is a great way to refine your fps skills against AI


How long do collections stay on your credit report?

A lot of the answers here are seriously outdated.Judgments and tax liens are now no longer reported on your credit reports.Most other derogatory date falls off no later than 7.

5 years from date of first delinquency. There are exceptions for certain student loans and child support.Bankruptcies can remain for ten years from date of filing


What is the appeal of coin collecting?

Imagine holding in your hand a silver denarius of the Roman emperor Tiberius. Many believe it to be the very same coin referred to be Jesus in his render unto Caesar speech. The coin that you hold might even be the very same coin.

Or not, but holding history in your hand does have a certain adventurous appeal


What comic books and graphic novels should be included in a university library's collection, and why?

It's long out of print and therefore hard to find, but David Kunzle's

The Early Comic Strip: Narrative Strips and Picture Stories in the European Broadsheet from c.1450 to 1825 Vol. 1 is an astonishing academic prehistory of the modern comic. Scott McCloud's books are excellent, too.


How do you manage your physical gold/silver/platinum collection?

One simple solution is to create an excel document or a google doc with columns - name, weight, purity and its price. Have a master column where you enter the price of Gold at any particular point in time. Create formulas ( weight * purity * cost) in the price column. And a final total price, that sums up the price of all products. m/


What is the most expensive game or item you own in your video game collection?

As I only buy the more expensive games on discount, I almost never pay more than 30 for games (not counting DLCs bought afterwards).The most expensive game on my library is NiER: Automata which sits at 60. I bought it for 30 on a Steam sale


Is the Bible a myth?

Is the Bible just a collection of myths?The Bible is not just a collection of myths, but is *is* mostly a collection of myths. There is some poetry, some letters and some morality tales.But mostly it is a collection of written versions of older oral traditions that have little in common with fact or history - myths, if you like.


What is the difference between "AW13 pre-collection" and "pre-AW13 collection"?

A pre collection can sometimes be used to either begin selling initial parts of the collection in order to get a head start on the sales and also promote the line that way when it drops it's been anticipated for a while which also helps with sales. It's all about sales and buzzing that hype up as high as possible


Is there any VM that doesn't require garbage collection?

WAVM is the VM for WASM (WebAssembly). WebAssembly is a low-level byte code and has no GC though there are plans to support GC languages in later versions. Even when GC languages are supported you will still be able to run non-GC code from languages that generate it


Is it true that only 20 people in the world truly understand Java garbage collection?

Which one?There are different implementations of the JVM (theres the Oracles everyone uses, IBMs J9 And all these: List of Java virtual machines - Wikipedia), with possible different memory models (which implies differences in garbage collection.From here you can only infer that the only 20 people statement is simply BS


Is it possible for a collection agency to suspend my driver license?

No.In addition, making a threat of this type is actionable in the United States under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Other jurisdictions have similar provisions.This would appear to fall under s. 807, clause 5 - The threat to take any action that cannot legally be taken or that is not intended to be taken.


What is the box office collection of Baaghi 2 (2018 movie)?

According to reports on, Sajid Nadiadwalas action entertainer Baaghi 2 witnessed an extraordinary week one at the box-office, with a total collection of Rs 111.75 crore. Tiger-Disha Patani starrer minted Rs 7.75 crore on day 7, garnering immense love and appreciation from audience and critics alike


What is the collective noun for books?

What is the collective noun for books?As a generic, I would go for:Library of Books - this seems to be the favoured term.However, you might also see:Pile of BooksShelf of BooksCornucopia would seem like a good choice, but thats the collective noun for slugs


Is it bad to collect things?

I was do interested as a kid collecting matchbooks, bottle caps, leaves, butterflies, rocks, sea shells and of course the ultimate baseball cards. Once that started I didnt collect anything else as kid. Now as an adult I collect records and books. It is fun. Whether that is good is up for debate. But it is enjoyable!.


What is the most inappropriate experience you had with a debt collection agency?

Years back I officed with someone who apparently had enormous credit card debt. Her phone was ringing constantly by these people. It appeared to be quite unpleasant for her. Fortunately, I don't know current creditors methodologies for handling deadbeats beyond impacting one's credit score. I am certain they are creative, however, judging by what I observed in the past


What is the collective noun of notes?

Thank you for your A2AAssuming you are talking about money notes rather than musical note I would have a stab at a wad of notesOn the other hand, if you are talking musical notes perhaps a string of notes? Or maybe a melody of notesBest regards Bob


What is the statistical tool for bio data collection and analysis?

Tool? Or methods? If tool is the right word you can use paper, cellphone, spreadsheet or whatever soft that makes more easy to collect data. The analysis depends of your goal. In my experience the software is a medium the knowledge is what you need


What is the best way to sell an entire baseball card collection?

You can try selling it on ebay. Start with the lesser value cards to build up credibility and accuracy in your descriptions. Once people believe your descriptions via feedback, let loose with the big buck cards. If you havent used ebay before, theyll limit your selling anyway.


What is the "generational hypothesis" in the context of garbage collection?

Jeff is correct. In situations where the generational hypothesis holds, a tracing garbage collector can perform better by looking at young objects frequently, as many of them are likely to be dead already, and considering older objects less frequently, as the payoff in terms of recovered memory will be less when proportionally more of them are still live


Will the collection of coronavirus cases in India peak by the end of July?

We are in August. Infection may peak in big cities in this month but its spreading in towns and villages where most of the peoples are susceptible to infection. Now it appears that this pandemic will be prolonged for many months.


Was Persia a single nation or a collection of nations?

Persia was, and is as Iran, a single nation with varied parts like most other nations. Persia has an illustrious history. It was one of the few major empires of history. Persia succeeded in Asia Minor , India, and even central Asia but not against the Europeans ( as represented by the Greeks and Macedonians).


What is Advance Under Collection Account (AUCA)?

Advance Under Collection Account (AUCA) is an account to hold the portion of a Non-Performing Asset (NPA) accounts. AUCA is an NPA reduction strategy that allows the bank to take the bad debt off their balance sheet, but will have the option of recovering the amount from its promoter. By writing-off bad and doubtful assets, bank can improve its NPA ratio.


What is a collection framework?

collection framework is an API(java.util package) containing group of classes and interfaces which helps in storing and processing data effectively and efficiently.It's a huge topic..visit - Tutorials For Beginners or read Oracle docs of collection for better understanding.


Will "Dangal" break the collection record of "Sultan"?

Surely , by Margin of atleast 50%.Expected business in India: 400 cr Overseas: 300 cr Should cross the record of PK (740cr total) by end of third weekend only as pe current trend.Compare to sultan's 540 cr worldwide collections.Edit : already broken dangal now at 350 cr only in domestic business.


Is it possible to find an uncountable collection of subsets of the natural numbers so that for any two sets in this collection, their intersection is nonempty and finite?

Take the power set, then throw in, e.g., 1 in eachsubsets . out Edit:spointedin the comments, there may be an issue with the use of the element 1 here. We can then, as suggested, either use P(2,3,) or stipulate to throw in 1 only if it is not already in a subset.EDIT. This is incorrect; I will change shortly or delete.


That is tax collected at source?

Tax deducted from a payment by the payee is tax collected at source. This is from the perspective of payer.However from the Payee perspective, this is treated as Tax Deducted at Source.Either way this is a tax on income, payable to Income tax Department.


What is the world wide Box office collection Kesari movie (2019)?

Based on the true story about the Battle of Saragarhi, Kesari movie has crossed over 140 crores in just 3 weeks. Released on 21 March, the first-day collection of the movie was 21 crores.First-week collection: 105.86 CroresSecond-week collection: 29.66 CroresThird-week-collection: 7.50 CroresTo know more about the movies review and box office collection, visit here.


What is the art of collecting stamps called?

Per Wiki:Stamp collecting is generally accepted as one of the areas that make up the wider subject of philately, which is the study of stamps. A philatelist may, but does not have to, collect stamps. It is not uncommon for the term philatelist to be used to mean a stamp collector.


How does Go 1.5 improve garbage collection performance?

In Go 1.5, the "stop-the-world" phase will be reduced to 10ms or less. They achieved this by dedicating one or more CPUs for GC work, allowing the mark and phase sweeps to run concurrently with the application runtime (running on the remaining CPUs) without pausing.You can read this doc that goes more in depth:

Go 1.4 GC Plan and Roadmap


What is the weirdest thing you know that people collect?

I didn't see this in person. It was an online news story. This guy would collect lint from his navel and put it in a quart jar. Most of it was either blue or red. Two jars of it ended up in a museum!


What are the top 5 personal development books and articles?

There are many. But you have choose them, as required by your personality. Please identify that aspect of it, which needs development. Like knowledge, devotion, bliss, or any of your material needs. Inform me & I may closely be able to suggest you relevant books pertaining to that aspect

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Why Don't Security Services (like Garda's Money Collection People) Have to Conceal Their Handguns?
They are not police, true; however, they are legally armed security officers, and because they move large amounts of money, they are occasionally attacked by those wishing to take that money. At a WalMart in Washington state. in a robbery master-minded by a cashier, the shooter walked up behind the guard and shot him in the back of the head. No demand for the money or anything, just a cold-blooded execution. I am sure if I researched, I could find enough similar instances to let you realize why armored car guards are armed. It is to protect the security guards in the event of a hold up attempt1. car accident with no insurance. collection agency wants me to pay?The main uplifting news here is that they said that they may take legitimate activities. They normally do not say that in the event that its actual. Since they said that they may do it, they likely are not going to do it. On the off chance that they were going to do it, then they likely would not have cautioned you2. When do we need to add content inside for Java Collection?For the left hand side of assignments you need to specify the generic types. For the right hand side however you can use the diamond operator "" IF YOU HAVE JAVA 7 or newer.See here for a small motivation:Why Use Generics?In a nutshell, specifying generic types makes your programs more safe (in terms of security, but most of all in terms of stability). The inconvenience that you had to type a lot of stuff inside the braces is now partly gone because you can just use "" on the right hand side of assignments.Do not do stuff like "new HashMap()", do it so: "HashMap map = new HashMap()". You can also use interfaces in your variable declaration and you should whenever you can, so the best way would be: "Map map = new HashMap()". If you do not use Java 7, or better 8, yet, switch. The new features introduced there make your life easier, especially Java 8's stream API and lambda functions3. Why there is not "the" instead of "a": "It requires A thirty-minute drive to the nearest collection box"?Why there is not "the" instead of "a": "It requires 'a' thirty-minute drive to the nearest collection box"?The drive that is being referenced is just one of many 30-minute drives that are possible; therefore "a," not "the."4. If one were writing the next Indiana Jones movie, what would Indy be seeking to add to his Museum collection?I would like to first answer the subtitle of your question, namely "where should the franchise head next?"...:I think there exists a fantastic opportunity to develop a truly "transmedia" property, which could learn from such disparate things as Will Wright's "Bar Karma", geocaching, Kit Williams's seminal book "Masquerade", and the still as yet unrealized promise of social engagement and crowd-sourcing.For better or worse, few properties are so fully developed in the collective consciousness of the consumer population as successful film franchises: we know the central characters intimately, the likely plot points, the requisite twists, and so much more about the mythology of a successful franchise of films. The result is a springboard for our fullest possible immersion, to a degree that most other brands could not confidently engage upon. We feel empowered to participate as more than just an audience, even if the means do not exist to realize and manifest this sense of empowerment. Just take a look at Ken Miyamoto's comprehensive and inspiring pitch, Jon Mixon's tangential but nevertheless compelling "alternative" concepts, and even Rodrigo Estrada Gil's critical satire. These could not have been developed in the absence of multidimensional, fully realized worlds, characters, and through lines. All that's missing is us.3D film-making is not the savior of the entertainment industry that it has been touted to be, IMHO. It is a stop gap gimmick: at best mildly compelling when used in service of the story (Avatar), at worst a messy device to overlay less than powerful content with a veneer of " a little sumethin' else", but most of the time little more than a flashy (and often dizzying) gimmick, designed not so much to enrich the story, but to justify an increase in ticket prices, and add an unneeded spice to the recipe of storytelling. (Oversimplification warning, simply to make a point) Stories used to be told by a griot, around a fire. Then the listeners began to act out the story, and theatre was born. Then came film, then TV, and the participation of the audience was eschewed, in favor of their acquiescence. The Internet, social media, mobile apps, WiFi, games, and other emerging modes of content creation and distribution have brought the process full circle, and the audience is once more moving toward the warm center of the story circle, participants once more in the telling of the story, first by extending the story across platforms and media, and now - quite possibly - by becoming contributors to the core story itself.Indy hunts a mythical treasure. Why not take a page (or several) from "Masquerade" by Kit Williams, a book that inspired a nation to go treasure hunting? Put an actual item of treasure somewhere extremely well hidden, somewhere in the world. Develop a story line that has crowd-sourced aspects (taking a cue from "Bar Karma", and learning from what worked and what could be improved upon in that production). Intersperse certain necessary story line milestones. Produce long form episodic content, incorporating user-generated plot points, characters, as well as professionally developed and existing characters and plot points. Add a parallel dimension to the experience, extrapolating from the storyline clues as to where this treasure might lie, incorporating video captured on mobile devices by fans, and other content. Use these content and story "uploads" to develop the next chapters in the adventure, always controlling the revelation of clues, so that the treasure cannot be found too soon. The layers of storytelling richness, cross-platform immersion, multichannel distribution, brand expansion, and audience engagement are almost infinite. The revenue generation possibilities are also multifarious. The undertaking would be monumental, but it could - if undertaken with equal measures of ambition, open-mindedness, creativity, and humility - finally help the entertainment industry evolve its business model and open the story circle once more to include one and all.
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