Editorial: Construction Zones Need to Be Safe Spaces

Remember to slow down, enjoy your summer drive and potentially save lives.

Remember to slow down, enjoy your summer drive and potentially save lives.

This refrain is as annual a tradition as heading out to the lake in time to celebrate the Canada Day weekend. It is a message Saskatchewan residents need for the entire summer, as increased traffic mixes with construction on the streets and highways.

We need to be mindful of the safety of both the people riding in vehicles and those who are toiling in work zones along the way.

This week, the

Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association (SHCA) highlighted this issue

in a vivid fashion. It shared a photo of a camper that was smashed by a semi said to be speeding in a construction zone on the Trans-Canada Highway west of Maple Creek.

"Folks this is what happens when you don't pay attention to the signs and slow down in the work zone," the SHCA posted on Facebook, along with a photo of the shattered camper trailer - a mattress sticking up where the roof used to be, insulation hanging out from the ripped walls.

Speeding in active work zones is an ongoing problem that shows no sign of abating, according to Shantel Lipp, the association's president. Semis are some of the worst offenders, she told Postmedia Saskatchewan.

"Speeding in these zones, in particular with semis, is a problem," Lipp added. "And driving a semi through a construction zone is like driving a tank through a sandbox, really. There's a lot of weight behind those vehicles."

The most recently available stats form a basis for this concern. As Postmedia Saskatchewan reported this week, Saskatchewan Government Insurance data shows that in the 10 years from 2008 to 2017, 10 people lost their lives in construction zone collisions.

Police-issued tickets led to 379 convictions in 2017 for drivers exceeding 60 km/h while passing highway workers or designated vehicles. That was higher than in any of the 12 previous years, with convictions varying between 91 in 2005 and 371 in 2013.

It has only been a little over a year since the

horrific crash that claimed the lives of 16 people connected to the Humboldt Broncos hockey team

. After everything the families, the team - indeed, the whole province - has been through, we should be prompted to action. The best way to honour the memories of those lost is to take steps to avoid such tragedy in the future.

Professional drivers should set an example that needs to be followed by anyone getting behind the wheel this season. We all, however, have a responsibility to drive in a safe, sober and careful manner.


'Slow down': Construction industry points to camper crash to urge safety

One year later: Memorial service for those killed in Humboldt Broncos crash

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Tips to Help You Design the Perfect Solar Battery for That Party
Tips to Help You Design the Perfect Solar Battery for That Party
Various size of solar batteryThe first model of solar battery was built in 1976 and they are still popular today. There are two types of solar battery: solid-state and capacitive. They are used in combination with other energy storage devices such as solar cells. In general, they are useful for many different purposes. A good solar battery is made from plastic and it can run for many hours without stopping to take off the lid of the device. When you put a solar battery in your home, it will provide enough light to let you have a better view of the world.The problem with solar energy is that it is difficult to know what kind of power source to use. When you have to run an electric vehicle, it is very hard to know what kind of energy source to use. Most people don't have any idea about how to use solar energy. The main way to use solar energy is to charge your phone or electricity bank and make a long call to your local utility company. 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Know How to Choose the Best Folding Camper Trailer Tents
Folding camper trailers are considered to be the more suitable option when compared to standard trailers as they are reasonably priced. If you consider the cost, then it is much lesser than the other superior models available.Moreover, folding trailers have various other advantages when compared to standard trailers. These are light weight and can also be folded into a smaller size, thus simplifying the whole process.These trailers are generally small and compact which can towed with the help of just about anything, be it a truck or any other automobile. These are also known as pop ups and include a combination metal base and wood.When the trailer needs to be unfolded upon reaching the camp base, the frame of the trailer tent is snapped in to its place on the spot or at the base. Thus, it creates a tent that is set up and suspended from the ground. These trailers can conveniently be carried; they prove to be the perfect option for weekend trips or other camping trips.These travel trailers are extremely hassle free and can be conveniently carried to any place which is accessible via road. The trailer can thus be towed to the camping site and can be set up in no time at all. These trailers when deployed can conveniently accommodate two people who can sleep comfortably. Thus, it has enough room for at least two people.Even the base of the trailer can be used for sleeping. All that you will need for a restful sleep on the base is an inflatable mattress or a sleeping bag.The best part about using a camping trailer is that you do not need to look for a flat base or a level spot to set up a tent upon reaching the location. Thus, you can avoid the tedious job of driving in the spikes in to the ground in order to support the tent you are trying to set up and many other minor tasks apart from these.On the other hand, if you are using these camping trailer tents, then all that you need to set it up is just unfold the tent frame and snap the tent in place.Thus, with the camping trailer, you can make your camping trip convenient and enjoyable.
Five Highlights in Your Travel Week | March 3
Melbourne's Mantra Southbank is offering accommodation during the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, which will be held from March 23-26at Albert Park, with rates from $449 per night (minimum two-night stay) in one of the hotel's apartments.The property is less than 10 minutes from the venue and hence is a great base for one of Australian sport's great weekends.The deal is valid for sale and travel until March26.The Central West of NSW has gained some extremely classy B&B accommodation with the opening of the Old School House, in the heritage-listed 1879 building that was originally the town of Molong's public school.These days it features comfortable queen-sized beds fitted with fine linens, a modern kitchen fitted out to gourmet standards and a spacious open-plan dining and living area.There's also a loft area that would make an ideal retreat and features a pull-out sofa bed.The property would comfortably accommodate two couples and a couple of children, and would also suit people looking to entertain during their stay.The location, just a block from Molong's main street, places the Old School House within easy walking distance of shops, galleries and cafés.Molong is a charming, historic town just half an hour's drive along the Mitchell Highway from Orange, which has rapidly gained a reputation as one of Australia's foodie and fine-wine meccas.Save up to $196 on a Kangaroo Island holiday, with SeaLink offering free return ferry transfers for two people booking their car and caravan or camper trailer on a Kangaroo Island SeaLink ferry and travelling between May 15 and September 15.Enjoy exploring cliff-top wineries, tasting spirits at Kangaroo Island Spirits, sampling freshly caught seafood, experiencing wildlife encounters with sea lions at Seal Bay, and with kangaroos, koalas and other native animals at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park.Kangaroo Island has four caravan parks, ranging from foreshore caravan parks in Kingscote and Penneshaw to natural bushland settings in the heart of the island in Parndana and at the western end of the island next to the Flinders Chase National Park and popular attractions such as Admirals Arch and Remarkable Rocks.The caravan and camper trailer deal is on sale until September 12 and valid for travel between May 15 and September 15.The northern Tasmanian town of Sheffield's art galleries are different to most, with the town of murals featuring large artworks dotted among the outside walls of its buildings.Sheffield's annual International Mural Fest will run from April 16 to 22and feature nine artists competing in a public "paint off" from Easter Sunday to the following Saturday.Each artist must complete a 2.1-metre-by-4.8-metre mural, using a selected poem as inspiration.With more than $20,000 in prize money on offer, the quality of the entrants is high and Sheffield benefits from a major mural acquisition each year.This year marks half a century since the first planting of commercial vines in Western Australia's Margaret River wine region - 50 years since Perth cardiologist Dr Tom Cullity planted the first vines on his land at Vasse Felix, the district's founding wine estate.In a now-famous paper published in the mid-1960s, Dr John Gladstone, an agronomist with the Western Australian Department of Agriculture, wrote: "I believe Margaret River will with time become one of the world's great wine regions." And how right he was.Specialist tour operator Ultimate Winery Experiences runs several tours of Margaret River, such as the four-night Ultimate Margaret River Explorer, which is priced at $5190 per person, including chauffer-driven return transfer from Perth ($5990 for a private plane), all gourmet meals, private visits to Vasse Felix, Leeuwin Estate and Voyager Estate, and accommodation in Cape Lodge.
Giant Sinkhole Swallows Campsite: 'I Thought We Were Goners'
A camper at a popular beach on Queensland's Sunshine Coast has described the terrifying speed with which a sinkhole swallowed a car, caravan and camping trailer.The 150 by 50 metre sinkhole opened up at the Inskip Point camping area near Rainbow Beach on Saturday morning.Authorities say the sinkhole is now three metres deep and takes in a large part of the MV Beagle campsite.Camper Melanie Wotherspoon described her horror in a Facebook post."Yep, can't believe we made it out," Ms Wotherspoon wrote."I thought we were goners for sure. Was truly scary how fast it came into our campsite and swallowed it up." A woman ran through nearby campsites, screaming at people to wake up and get out, the ABC reports.A post on the Facebook page for Clayton's Towing says two of the company's employees were caught up in the mayhem."Two Claytons employees and friends were on holidays in a group in the middle of the mayhem. They had camped approx 200 metres from the beach next to the boundary fence of the campsite and heard a noise like a storm," the post said."On looking they realised the sand was rapidly disappearing into the ocean at a amazing speed. They only just got their 4wds and caravans out with seconds to spare as their campsite disappeared 3 metres down into the ocean. A 4wd, large caravan, camper trailer, tents etc on the site next to them all got swallowed into the ocean."Appears no injuries with property being lost into sink hole." One person commented saying she avoided camping near the beach."That why we don't camp right near the beach that's happen at Easter this year," said Sheryl Walshe.Police and SES crews raced to the site, and 140 people were evacuated but no one was reported injured or missing.Queensland Parks and Wildlife staff have cordoned off the area to prevent vehicle and pedestrian access.Other camping grounds at Inskip Point remain open but people are being warned to stay away from the sinkhole."There is a real possibility the hole could expand with ocean currents, so people are urged to avoid the area, senior ranger Dan Clifton said.While we continue to assess the situation, our priority is public safety.Holidaymakers who have booked at the MV Beagle campsite can call park authorities for alternative arrangements or to arrange refunds.The sinkhole is the second in four years at the spot, with a similar sized hole opening up in 2011.- AAP
Camper Trailers - Redefining Travel Experience
Camper trailers are a common equipments supplementing travel in Australia. These tow-along light weight vehicles provide sleeping places to the travelers which are often better and more protected than tents. Moreover, they now make a significant lifestyle statement for their owners. Evolving from tent like structures or the plush RVs today, the camper trailers have come a long way. These when you buy a trailer you are buying a lifestyle. Today a very simple trailer would be equipped with the following facilities:Refrigerator Stove, oven, grill Microwave cooker Water heater Beds, often doubling up as daytime seating Toilets and shower Television with satellite dish Air conditioning Clothes washer and dryer Camper trailer in Brisbane is a loud accessory for travel enthusiasts. Such trailers are often available on rent as well as can be bought from stores located in the city. Shops also provides 'try before you buy' opportunities to prospective customer so that they can be sure about their investment. There are also a wide variety of Camp poke in QLD to choose from as per your convenience. Some places from where you can take your pick are listed below:1. Johnnos Camp poke 2. Trackabout off Road Camp poke 3. Vacation Campers 4. Outback Camp poke 5.ModCon Campers 6. A Better lifestyle Campers 7. Aussie Swag Campers 8. Austrack Campers For those who are looking for a reasonable medium between basic tents and towing a large RV, trailer tents or camper trailer tents are a viable option. They are less expensive and smaller travel accessories that can be towed on medium sized vehicles. Some of the smallest tent trailers can be pulled by compact cars and automobiles. These tents are often referred to as collapsible or pop-up campers. Some of the tents are equipped with some of the amenities of the RVs. There are many types of such tents. Some are designed to be used for wilderness adventures while others are more suited for family camping.Sales of camper trailers are a very common in Brisbane, QLD, because of its growing demand as a travel accessory and a lifestyle statement. Individuals as well as families often choose to own an RV just a s a lifestyle statement Shops often conduct sale and hire programs regularly. A visit to the following websites will give a fair idea about the camp poke sales in Brisbane.campertrail.com.au risbanervs.com.au keacampers.com brisbanecamperland.com opaltrailers.com Apart from increasing the comfort of travelers,camp poke have redefined travel experience. They have revealed new horizons in the concept of travel. With the travel trailer you can be carefree about availability of hotels and also have a place to stay which is far more secure than tents. Now you can be home even when you are far away.
Off Road Campers the Rugged Solution
Off road campers are designed in a way that allows the owner to venture out into the wild without concern about safety or shelter. Every element, from the towing of the trailer to the expansion of the shelter, is created with convenience and durability in mind. Many who enjoy the rough elements of camping are hesitant to consider the use of towed RVs, but want to bring a lot of equipment with them to increase their stays. Off road campers provide the perfect blend of amenities, durability, and yet maintain the aspects of camping that lure so many into the wilderness each summer. If you have a 4x4 tow vehicle, then you likely want to get "outside the box" a bit when selecting your holiday destinations. Get a model that gives you what you really want, allowing you to bring the entire family on a trip that they'll remember for years to come.Off Road SuspensionProbably our favorite aspect of camper trailers involves the off road suspension that is utilised. Your towing vehicle likely can handle just about any reasonable terrain, but if you don't have a camper trailer that can do the same, you're severely limited. With tires and a suspension design that is specifically tailored to rugged terrain, you can take your entire camping set-up wherever your tow vehicle can go. It is always recommended that one of the key purchase decisions when comparing various camper trailer models is the suspension.Accessibility Compared to Larger UnitsTowed RVs are very nice to have when you consider how much shelter they can provide when out in the wilderness. However, because they are large and tend to be very heavy, they will not follow you wherever you'd like to go. It is much easier to make travel choices based on the areas that your towing vehicle can reach. Nothing can be more frustrating than having to account for your trailer, and knowing that certain places are beyond your means because the terrain to get there is simply too much for your travel trailer to endure.Weight ManagementAnother unique aspect that makes off road camper trailers so versatile involves the weight distribution. Because so much of towed RVs weight comes in insulation, a feature that spring and summer camping trips simply don't require, you can bring more equipment with you and make the most of the towing capacity of your vehicle. Instead of glass windows and insulated walls, you instead of tent fabric and screens - this ultimately reduces the strain on your towing vehicle and allows you to venture deeper into areas that were previously unavailable.Off road camper trailers are specifically designed to handle intense terrain. Many other camping options will either limit the amount of convenience you have at your disposal or limit where you can travel. Many off-road enthusiasts don't like limitations and we tend to agree! Because there are so many areas that remain relatively untouched by human hands, these are the camping locations that allow you to truly relax and make the most of your holiday.Children may want specific comforts to reduce the amount of "shock" experienced when camping for the first time. These units can help to bridge the gap between RV or home living and camping, giving you the freedom to teach proper camping techniques, encourage safety, and allow everyone to enjoy the experience. Remember, as we mentioned previously, always scrutinize the tires and suspension on towed campers. This will determine where the trailer can go, how you can get it there, and the amount of time you can spend away from home!We needed a off road camper trailer which provided enough room for the children to play in any kind of weather. The GIC campers with its encloseable annex gives all three of our children plenty of room to play happily. They use several car carriers to ensure you receive your camper trailer quickly and safely
Park Life: Crystal Brook Tourist Park
Crystal Brook Tourist Park in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Picture: SuppliedSource:SuppliedSOMETIMES caravanners, campers or cabin hunters strike it lucky with the best of both worlds in a holiday park. That's when you land a bush retreat a stone's throw from a capital city, much like beautiful Crystal Brook Tourist Park in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.Better still, half an hour away in the other direction is the Yarra Valley and all its wineries, sweeping valleys, tourist attractions and the nearby Dandenongs for some really enchanted hamlets amid towering trees and ferns.Crystal Brook Tourist Park is tucked away in a bush setting in Doncaster East and Warrandyte, surrounded by charming Anderson Creek and abundant with bird life including lorikeets, king parrots, ducks, cockatoos and the resident kookaburras, Keith and "Nervous" Nelly, who join guests for a feeding session every afternoon. Nearing the end of some clever renovations, the holiday park is an unpretentious mid-sized venue with new cabins, sites for vans and tents, great facilities and warm service.Sleep talking: Some of the best layouts in cabins I've seen in my travels. Using the new Jayco variety, the cabins are spacious, functional and boast excellent kitchen facilities and appliances. Mine had a master bedroom with a TV and another room with bunk beds for the kids. Vanners and camper trailer owners will love the ensuite sites and those pitching a tent will appreciate the grassy areas near the creek.Things to do outside: Across the road is Beasley's Nursery and Tea House where you will discover some of the finest food in Australia, let alone Melbourne, in a quaint little setting smack-bang in the middle of the nursery. Nearby Warrandyte is a goldmine of attractions (with a gold-mining history, mind you), with walks along a famous artist trail on the banks of the most beautiful part of the Yarra River. Check out the town's amazing bakery, cafes Melbourne's best coffee at Blue Tongue Cafe and shops, nearby wineries and a strawberry farm.Unforgettable: The earthy scents of grass, dirt, bush gums and other flora lining a winding creek at Crystal Brook, lush bush surrounds, colourful bird life and the homemade caramel nut cheesecake across the road at Beasley's that is so good it may make you cry.Downers: None, really, except perhaps my cabin's toilet light also doubled as the switch for the exhaust fan. My thoughtful 9-year-old son didn't want to wake me at 1am so decided to take aim in the dark.The damage: Very reasonable. Cabins range from $120 up to $160 for standard one-bedroom villas up to a deluxe family villa. Powered and ensuite sites range around the $30-$40 mark.Crystal Brook Tourist Park, 182 Heidelberg-Warrandyte Rd, Doncaster East, Victoria.Ph 9844 3637, visit www.cbtp.com.au or email iginally published asPark Life: Crystal Brook Tourist Park
Functional Features and Application Introduction of TG452 Series Intelligent Street Lamp Gateway
Functional Features and Application Introduction of TG452 Series Intelligent Street Lamp Gateway
TG452 street lamp dedicated gateway is an industrial wireless communication gateway dedicated to smart street lamps. It is the core equipment of smart lamp poles. It can be connected to lighting, safety monitoring, wireless coverage, broadcasting, information release, environmental meteorological monitoring, emergency alarm, municipal facilities monitoring, charging pile and other information acquisition sensors and sensing equipment for power remote monitoring and energy consumption monitoring. It has the characteristics of high speed, strong function, single lamp control and edge calculation.Functional featuresSupport 5g / 4G / PPPoE / DHCP / static address and other connection modes, wired and wireless backup each other, and multiple working modes can be selected;Single lamp concentrators such as PLC carrier ZigBee / Lora can be connected externally to realize the centralized management of single lamp of non smart pole street lamp;Arm architecture high-end processor; Standard Linux system supports user secondary development;Strong edge computing capability, integrated data acquisition, processing and execution, real-time analysis, safe and efficient;Support equipment software and hardware self inspection technology and fault self repair; Online link detection to achieve automatic reconnection after disconnection;Support TCP / IP, UDP, mqtt, MODBUS, TFTP, HTTP and other network protocols;Support IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN and other VPN types; Support APN / VPDN data security transmission;Support 5g / 4G, WiFi and network port access to the Internet to interact with the system cloud platform data;main parameter 3-way RS-485 and 2-way RS-232 interfaces, which can connect various peripherals such as environmental meteorological sensor and single lamp controller;1-way WAN port and 3-way LAN port. The WAN port can be configured as LAN port and can be connected to 4 network port devices at most;2-way switching value (DI) input, support low level, and can effectively detect the status of peripherals;TF card storage, external mass storage, capacity up to 128G;Operating temperature range: - 35 75oC; Storage temperature range: - 40 80oC;The protection grade is IP30, the shell and system are safely isolated, and the EMC grade indicators reach level 3;Typical applicationJixun TG452 smart street lamp gateway can help users quickly access high-speed Internet and realize safe and reliable data transmission. It is widely used in various types of light poles in smart cities, municipal, highways, characteristic towns, scenic spots, parks and other occasions.
What Is the Best the Best Solar Street Light for You? - the Best Solar Street Light Reviews
What Is the Best the Best Solar Street Light for You? - the Best Solar Street Light Reviews
Introduction to the best solar street lightLed solar street lights are used in most places in the world. If you want to know more about them, check out our video tutorials and find out more about them on their website. We recommend using a professional solar street light if you want to make sure that your home is safe and secure. We also recommend using a battery backup so that you can run your lights at full power.The main part of the project is to improve the design of the building. It is important to note that it is a very small project, so it is difficult to make an accurate estimate of the size of the solar street light. The biggest problem is that the grid does not know the exact location of the sun and how far away it is from the house. Solar street lights are expensive and can be made in many different shapes and sizes. This will make it difficult to find the perfect place to install solar street lights.Led solar street lights can provide enough light to our lives for every day. However, most people are unaware of the importance of using led solar street lights in their homes. There are several types of led solar street lights and you need to be careful when choosing them. If you want to make sure that you have installed the right led solar street lights then it is better to get a quote from a local solar street lights provider.In order to build a better solar street light, we need to have a lot of research about the features of the solar street light. Most of the people are aware of the sun's energy use and how they use it. So, what is the best solar street light? Solar street lights are much more efficient than conventional street lights and you can get their power from your electricity bill by installing a solar street light. A solar street light will be used by any electricity company or any other electric company in the market. You can use it to make sure that the power you use is working properly and not being too noisy.First impression and using experience of the best solar street lightThere are two main types of solar street light. One is that used by local companies, which use electricity to make lamps, while the other is that used by some government agencies. The good thing about these solar street light is that they are designed to be efficient and will not burn as much as a normal bulb. They also have an added benefit of being compact and lightweight. If you want to know more about solar street light then visit www.pairnecodes.com.We are always looking for new ideas to help our customers make informed decisions about their home. The majority of these ideas come from people who have some experience in solar street lighting. If you are interested in buying solar street lights then we recommend reading this blog post about the advantages of buying solar street lights. We will be happy to give you some advice on how to use the best solar street lights.As with any other kind of energy source, it's important to consider what kind of energy source you are using. We all have our own sets of needs and some of them can be controlled by different control methods. One of the most important aspects of solar street lights is that they use an integrated system that allows them to produce a wide range of outputs. This makes them very useful for building more houses, vehicles and many other types of work. If you want to build a house or make an electrical one then it is good to go with a professional company.In this blog, we are going to talk about first impression and using experience of the best solar street light. The good thing about this is that it is simple and clean. When we use the solar street light, we get a picture of the problem that we are solving. If we have some problems then we can fix them by applying a few fixes. This is how we can make sure that we are working in the best way possible.Pros and cons of the best solar street lightThe next blog titled 'Solar Street Lights are great because they don't require batteries. They can be purchased from your local hardware store or at your local post office. Solar street lights are cheap and simple to install and have many benefits. There are a lot of things that you can do to make sure that you get the best solar street lights for your needs. You can use them to add lighting to your home or business and save energy bills.The only problem with solar street lights is that they are really inefficient. There are two main types of solar street lights, but there are also three types of solar street lights. The first type of solar street lights is called an indirect solar street light. They use a separate halogen bulb to illuminate the street, but use a more efficient LED bulb that can be adjusted to turn on or off in an appropriate manner. This type of solar street lights are usually controlled by a button on the lamp's control panel.Most of the people in the world are using solar street lights to make homes. They are not only powerful, but they are also lightweight. A good solar street light is built to last for years and has an excellent safety feature. There are many different types of solar street lights, but they all come with some common features. For example, a solar street light can be powered by a battery or by a battery charger. If you want to have a home that is just as comfortable as you would be able to use your own power source, then a solar street light is the way to go.This article will show you how to install a solar street light in your home. A good solar street light is one that can make your home feel a lot more welcoming and safe. The most important thing to consider is that it is an investment that will last you a long time. It is also one of the most cost effective ways to save money on your utility bills. You should know the kind of solar street light you want before you buy it.Overall evaluation of the best solar street lightIt is always nice to see how much we can improve on our last report. It is very important to make sure that we do not get wrong and we need to take into account our personal opinions. I want to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience with solar street light and how it has helped me understand the different types of solar street light and how they work. This article will help you understand the different types of solar street light and how they work.If you have been looking for a reliable solar street light then you should look at the impact of solar street light on your lifestyle. If you are planning to buy a solar street light then you should go for a better option. It is very important to choose the best solar street light that is available in the market. This will give you a better view of the current market and how much it will cost. You should also check if the solar street light has any battery power source.The system we use today is far more powerful than any device we have today. The main problem with using solar street lights is that they do not produce enough light to last for long periods of time. We have to replace them every five years or so. This means that if we don't replace them every year then they will only be running for a few years. Solar street lights are really nice because they are easy to install and use. They also have some built-in cameras that can record images on them.In general, we can say that the overall system performance of solar street lights is better than in general. For example, if you are planning to build a home or have an emergency service call 911, then it is important to use a single bulb and replace it every two years. This will save you a lot of money in the long run. However, there are some other factors that affect the overall system performance. The most important thing is to know what kind of bulb you are using and what kind of bulb you are using.
IGBT of Fuji Motor Electronic Equipment Technology
IGBT of Fuji Motor Electronic Equipment Technology
The IGBT technology of Fuji motor and electronic equipment technology has been commercialized since 1988 and has been supplied in the market so far. Figure 1-3 shows the development process and application technology of IGBT products from the first generation to the fifth generation. Epitaxial wafers are used in the first to third generation IGBT, and the characteristics are improved by optimizing life cycle control and refinement technology of IGBT. Then, the fourth and fifth generation products have achieved significant characteristic improvement through the transition from epitaxial wafer to FZ (floating zone) wafer. In this regard, the design policy of IGBT has changed greatly compared with the past.Firstly, the basic design idea of IGBT using epitaxial wafer (series products up to 600V of the third to fourth generation, called "breakdown type") is as follows. In order to realize the low-pass state voltage during IGBT conduction, a large number of carriers are injected from the collector side to fill the IGBT with high concentration carriers. In addition, the n-buffer layer specially set to maintain the high voltage forms a very thin n-layer, so as to realize the low-pass state voltage. In order to realize fast exchange, life cycle control technology aiming at the rapid disappearance of carriers filled in IGBT is also adopted (through these, low exchange loss (eoff) can also be realized). However, once the life cycle control technology is applied, even in the normal on state, due to the effect of this technology (the carrier transport efficiency decreases), there is a problem of increasing the on state voltage, which can be solved by further high carrier injection.In short, the basic design concept of IGBT using epitaxial wafer technology can be simply summarized as "high injection and low transmission efficiency". In contrast, IGBTs using FZ wafers (series after the fourth generation 1200V) adopt a reverse basic design to inhibit the injection of carriers from the collector side and improve the transmission efficiency by reducing the injection efficiency. In the above-mentioned design concept of IGBT using epitaxial wafer "high injection and low transmission efficiency", the carriers that are not easy to be injected are forcibly suppressed through the control of life cycle, which not only limits the improvement of characteristics, but also increases the standard deviation of on-state voltage characteristics through the control of life cycle, It is very disadvantageous to the large capacity required for parallel use with increasing requirements in recent years. The technology developed to overcome this problem is a new IGBT using FZ chip (NPT: non punch through (used from the fourth generation IGBT) / FS: field stop (used from the fifth generation IGBT) - IGBT). The IGBT does not adopt life cycle control. Its basic design idea is to control the impurity concentration of the collector (P layer), so as to inhibit the carrier injection efficiency. However, in order to realize the characteristics superior to the IGBT using epitaxial wafer, it is also required to realize more than one hundred for the 1200V high voltage resistant series IGBT μ M (the thickness of n-layer in NPT and fs-igbt using FZ wafer ≈ the thickness of chip (wafer). The thinner the thickness, the lower the on state voltage can be generated). In short, it is not too much to call the development of IGBT using FZ chip a challenge to chip thickness.Fuji electric and electronic equipment technology has solved these problems. Starting from the fourth generation 1200V series - IGBT, it has realized the commercialization of "s series" constructed by FZ chip NPT. In addition, 600V series technology with higher thickness requirements is further developed, and 600v-u2 series (fifth generation) is being commercialized. In addition, in 1200V series - the fifth generation "U Series", in order to improve the performance better than s series, NPT structure has been changed to FS structure.The so-called FS structure does not use the life cycle control technology. While following the basic design concept of "low injection and high transport efficiency" of carriers, an n buffer layer to maintain voltage is set on the FZ wafer, so as to realize the IGBT structure thinner than the NPT structure. Through this change, 1200v-u series realizes the low on state voltage characteristic better than s series, and completes its commercialization. In addition, this technology is also used in 1700V series high voltage withstand series, and is also starting to be commercialized.Figure 1-3 changes of Fuji motor electronic equipment IGBT application technologyIn addition, Fuji electric and electronic equipment technology is also refining the surface structure indispensable for the improvement of IGBT characteristics (IGBT is formed by multiple IGBT plates. Through refinement, the more plates, the more low on-state voltage can be realized). Up to the fourth generation products, the planar structure (the structure of planar IGBT) has been used to promote refinement, so as to improve the characteristics. However, starting from the fifth generation products - 1200 and 1700V series, the grooved IGBT technology slotted on the Si surface and constituting IGBT has broken the subtle technical barrier and achieved unprecedented characteristic improvement. Figure 1-4 shows the change of characteristic improvement of 1200V series.Figure 1-4 improvement of balance characteristics
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