. Give Examples of Supply Shocks, One Negative and One Positive?

A supply shock is just something which causes a sudden, short term change in the level of supply and consequently changes the price of a good. A positive supply shock increases the supply of a good. The increase in supply decreases the price we have to pay for the good. An example of this would be if technology improved so that we could have cheaper and more efficient capital (machinery) such as faster/better conveyor belts in fizzy drink factories, so that more drinks could be produced. A negative supply shock decreases the supply of a good. The decrease in supply increases the price we have to pay for the good. An example of this would be if the price of raw materials were to increase. If you were trying to make fizzy drinks using your conveyor belts, but you needed electricity to power them and electricity prices skyrocketed, suddenly it is costs you more to make the drinks and so you will produce less drinks as a business.

1. If carriage inwards helps the assets such as machinery to come into a working condition (transportation expenses) then why it is not included in the cost of that machinery so why it is treated as another direct expense?

Transportation-in costs, which are also known as freight-in costs, are part of the cost of goods purchased. The reason is that accountants define "cost" as all costs necessary to get an asset in place and ready for use

2. textile machinery price, textile machinery price Suppliers and Manufacturers at Alibaba.com

, LTD Our company is a professional manufacturer of water jet looms, air jet looms, and medical gauze bandage making machine . As a leading manufacturer of textile machines, we keep improving our machines and upgrade techniques to satisfy the requirements of clients. We are selling and marketing machines to many countries all over the world .

3. Datasets of Oil&Gas/electrical industry machinery for fault detection systems

I've found an interesting project With tons of data available. It's a real data benchmark executed over an industrial valve. This is the website. Industrial Actuator Real Data Benchmark Study.

4. can automated machinery be the blame for unemployment?

Cities and towns award garbage pickup contracts to the low bidder so those who bid high likely used manual pickup.The cost savings to the cities and towns results in lower taxes to homeowners who use these savings to purchase more food, clothing, home improvements, etc which put more people to work to supply these additional purchased gooda and services. So there likely is no net loss in jobs. Automation to reduce the cost of american made goods and services so that they are more competative with foreign made goods actually preserves jobs in the U S because the additional foreign purchases of American made goods increases the need for american workers to make these additional US made goods. We must learn how to keep the sale of our goods abroad equal or more than our purchase of foreign goods or we will surely lose more jobs. Since our labor costs/ hr are much greater, the only alternative is to reduce the man-hours to make products for sale abroad. Cheep foreign goods benefit the poor and middle class since the money they save by buying the cheeper foreign goods allows them to have more money to spend on other essentials made in america..

5. You purchased a piece of machinery for $180,000. The machine's salvage value is $5,000 and its useful life spa?

a) (180,000 - 5,000) / 10 = $17,500 per year b) Value = Purchase Price - (Annual Depr. * Years in Service) Not sure if this is what you are looking for. c) 180,000 - (17,500 * 6) = $75,000 d) Anytime after 10 years, value will simply be Salvage Value ($5,000).

6. What is the procedure to import machinery from China to India?

Importing from ChinaSourcing:Step 1: Start doing your research online first try and compare prices and specification of different factories and then make list Prospective suppliers.Step 2: Negotiate and Finalise the order; You can also visit Factories in china if the order volume is supporting your expenses.Step 3: Pay the 30% Deposit so they can start production or Pay 100% if the goods are ready to ship. Step 4: In many instances it is mandatory to hire a Professional Inspection team to check the Quality Standards of your goods and sent you reports.Step 5: After the goods Reach India Next Important Step is to Customs clear. One of the most Important Part in Import where a mistake can end up Huge penalties. Always take professional help. Step 6: Pay duties and taxes and Release the cargo.Importing can be time consuming and tedious; to make it hassle free and risk free always take the help of Professional Import Agent to help you in this entire process. comWhat is the procedure to import machinery from China to India?

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