Heater Fan Question, Not Working Properly?

bad switch, check the connections

1. Leaking Electric Hot Water Heater?

1, Turn off the water 2, Call the plumber 3, Mop up the water while you wait.

2. Enhance central heating with space heater?

Put some bails of straw all around the outside of the house to insulate, this is a quick cheap fix and then you can use 2 space heaters inside, but face one at the front door and the other in the room you use the most, but face it at the outside wall, not in the middle of the room, if you keep the walls warm then the house will stay warm, it's your walls that is cooling off the house and the cold air going under neith it

3. Heater for my betta fish?

With a tank that small, you run the risk of harming the fish if you try to heat it. The problem with heating it at all is that the very small volume of water can change temperature rapidly, which could lead to the fish being either stressed or becoming ill. Betta fish, while they thrive at 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit, can survive at lower temperatures. Basically, it's not a good idea to heat the tank, even externally. You run the risk of causing harm to the fish because of the small water volume and rapid fluctuation that's possible. If you can, try and find a warm spot to keep the tank. Also if you mean for you to place a fish tank heater outside of the tank and let it heat through the wall of the tank, please keep in mind that small tanks have acrylic walls and tank heaters are intended to be submerged. Out of water, the heater might overheat or fail.

4. What energy conversion takes place in a hydroelectric power plant?

The water behind the dam has potential energy. When it is let to run through the turbines, the potential energy has been converted to kinetic energy. As it spins the turbines, the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. At your house, the electrical energy gets converted into light energy (visible and infrared) in your lights, into kinetic energy in motors like a blender, furnace blower, and other appliance motors, and into heat energy in an electric furnace, heater, toaster, and electric oven.

5. 2001 ford Taurus heater not working?

The heater control valve found in between the heater hoses on the top of the engine is bad

6. Space Heater VS Central Heating?

It will be much more expensive to heat the whole apartment through the night with your central heating than to use a space heater. Use the space heater but lower the temperature because bedrooms need to be cooler than living rooms. Whilst it is true that space heaters often draw a large current, this only applies when the thermostat cuts in. Another reason for keeping the room temperature down! Good luck.

7. No hot air out of the car heater?

Check the flow of fluid to the heater core. There are 2 heater hoses (about 1" in diameter) that run from the engine block or water pump to the firewall. Does not matter where they are coming from, just look for the hoses at the firewall. They will be about 3 or 4 inches apart from each other with hose clamps at the firewall. When the engine is hot, both of these hoses should also be very warm or hot to the touch. If only one is hot and the other cold, you have a clogged heater core. If both are hot, the core is working properly. If both are cold, then the core is not getting any coolant from the pump. Time to check the water pump and the rest of the cooling system.

8. smell when turning on heater?

You are not going to get this clean with a little bottle of air freshner. You need to actually clean the coils and ductwork. Window units collect all manner of junk through the season. Mold, leaves, pine needles etc are now a soggy mess inside the unit. You must pull it out of the window and take it apart and clean it out. Use bleach water to be sure to kill the goop that is growing. You've had something growing in their for several years and the hot, humid days of summer have reduced it to a fetid moldy mess. Astrobuf

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