Hello, and Welcome to the Y!a Hockey Section?

im from detroit the wings are the best

1. Hello anyone, what do you comment this?

I do not really know what you are talking about

2. Why do we say hello to answer the phone?

The internet says that Graham Bell's girlfriend was the reason. Complete BS.The reason: The word "Hello" actually came from hola which meant to stop and pay attention. Alexander Bell preferred to use hoy"as in the ships those days which co-incidentally was misheard by Edison.Read more on this Quora answer: Was "Hello" the name of Alexander Graham Bell's wife?

3. hello help here guys/girls =]]?

try calorielab.com! it's not only about what you eat but the quantity

4. "Hello, World!”

Run and debug online!4G is the packed form of the ASCII Stax code jaH1"jS3!, which is in turn a compressed string literal of Hello, World! with the ending backtick omitted

5. Hello every one I have another joke?

That was hilarious rock on

6. Which is appreciated to address Hi, Hello or Hey?

It depends on certain factors,as in,the mood,the person being addressed etc.Moreover,the salutation or the way your address a person matters more.However, coming back to your point,id like to say,"hey" is generally used when ypu are about to address someonebybtheir name. Example: "Hey,John. "We generally, do not write,"Hey,Sir. "On the other hand, we prefer to say,"Hello,Sir." OR "Hi,Sir."However, as i have already stated,the tone,the behaviour and the content of the conversation matters more.Hope this helps

7. does wearing Hello Kitty really mean you're a Wh*re?

Of course not. Go tell ur brother to kiss ur a$$

8. hello kitty or miffy?

I've seen Miffy and it's cute and all, but I have to stand with Hello Kitty. I grew up with Hello Kitty and not trying to be biased, but Hello Kitty's an influencial icon all around the world, so I would not be surprised if a lot of people said Hello Kitty

9. Hello , I'm a Kamar collector and I'm searching for vintage Kamar catalogues from the...?

I do not have catalogues, but I have two large Kamar animals from The Kings Collection - Sitka and Marooshka (a white seal and a white bear). I am getting ready to list them on Ebay and on Craigslist (South Florida - free pickup). They were gifts to me and have been carefully maintained in a smoke free home.

10. How do I say hello in Kiswahili?

There are several ways of saying hello in Kiswahili and these are:Hu jambo? and the response is Si jamboHabari gani? and the response is njema or nzuri.There are other ways of saying hello that we were taught in school e. g. Shikamo whose response is Marahaba. This is more when saluting your elders and is used by people who live along the coast of Kenya. There is also slang and I can only talk about Kenyan slang such as.Sasa? whose response is poa. Mambo? whose response is the same as Sasa?

11. Different ways to say hello?

hi hi, there hey aloha good day good morning good evening cheerio

12. Hello , my name is Ryan , please enter !?

Most welcome

13. What are some ways to continue a conversation with someone after saying "Hello", without it being awkward?

Almost everybody likes being genuinely complimented, and a follow-up to clothing or accessory compliments is asking if they mind telling you where they got it. "I really like the colors in your shirt, That's a very pretty necklace, Great shoes, You have a beautiful home, I see by your clothes that you are rooting for the home team - those kind of comments. You can ask, How do you know (the person who introduced us), Can you recommend a good place to eat after the event, Do you think the weather will let the game be played and anything else about general information. It helps if you have a few seconds to look at the person before you meet them so that you can decide what to say. If appropriate, be prepared to shake hands or otherwise exchange signs of social fellowship

14. come on ,everyone ,one word ,to say hello at this day?

Learn how to use commas. Otherwise... HELLO!

15. Hello how to get to Volta Redonda from GIG airport?

If youll go by Taxi, the trip will be very expensive. I should to take a taxi until bus station or special bus in airport until bus station. The name bus company is REAL (about 20 minutes in traffic). If youll have many luggage, take a taxi. In station youll take a bus to Volta Redonda. The name bus company is VIAO VALE DO AO, in 1st floor. Every hours have bus to Volta Redonda. Cust: Taxi Airport x Bus Station: R$ 30 Airport Special Bus x Bus Station: R$ 8 Bus Rio x Volta Redonda: R$ 20

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