Hello! Answer My Survey :)?

1. Hahahahahaha... No! 2. My favorite roller coaster is called the Renegade 3. I finish it in the middle! 4. I like Google.... Same with you-- because I like it?! :D 5. Yahoo and AOL 6. Yes I am pretty good at math... And yes, I got 592, too! 7. I would like to be a dermatologist 8. Water! :) 9. Like, umm... To my boobs probably lol 10. Nope! Trust me, I've tried that many times... YAY! Byeee! :)

1. Hello everyone, I have Java Programming question, Arrays :)?

You can not remove an element from the basic Java array. Take a look at various Collections and ArrayList instead

2. I'm looking for a song named Hello Goodbye?

its the Arcade Fire i think

3. Hello all long time no see do you guys know any good animes?

You should watch Gantz it is awesome. It has blood, gore, action, some nudity, and above all a great plot. Warning: Filler Ending in the anime,91. Oh and it also has a live action movie out now with a second one coming out in this summer.

4. Obfuscated Hello World

Fourier is always obfuscated. This follows all of the rules.Breakdown:This could maybe be refined a little

5. How do say Hello and Goodbye in any language.?

Wave your hand

6. Hello Everybody! I need your help!?

After high school, you will be ready to transition to a US University. Since you are studying at an American School, transition to an American University should not be too difficult. During your last year, you will begin your application to universities. You will then take either the SAT's or the ACT's (you will have to look into this if your school does not readily offer it). That, combined with your GPA and high school diploma, should be enough for entrance into an US University. That's if your American school works the same as an American high school. Hope this works, and good luck!

7. Hello kitty throw/blanket knitting patterns?

confusing problem look on to yahoo just that could actually help

8. Hello Pregnant Ladies Just Wondering...?

12 weeks...13 tomorrow Doing well...after the morning sickness (or as I called it, ALL FREAKING DAY) passed. Emotionally? Yes, this is my 2nd time so I know what to expect...Physically? Umm sure! I have not gotten anything yet...still have to clean out the spare bedroom & set it up as nursery! But we have a while! Do not know what we are having yet...should find out in a month or 2! Ca not wait for it so I can buy stuff! We have names we like but do not want to tell anyone since we know so many prego's & do not want them to steal our names...plus people (namely MIL) like to bash names they do not like!

9. Jehovah's Witnesses : Hello Kitty is bad?

Not sur about POKEMON but Hello Kitty is awful like the Chinese good luck god - you see it in most Chinese restaurants

10. Hello. Is inversion necessary in this sentence?

Here in A. and B. are being used in the sense of "now". We are not talking about a physical area. Q1. No. The "here" in this statement is a real place eg the bus stop Q2. No. But you could say "Here, the bus comes"!!! Best to say NO to this question. Q3. Why? "Here comes the bus" could be rephrased "The bus is coming now" not "The bus comes here"

11. ¿Hello I´m mexican girl, I'll submit toefel in my University, How to better?

5. Read it. Even the back of cosmetic bottles, the warning label on the car visor, and the instructions on frozen food are good reading practice. 4. Try to think in it. When you are in English class, try to only use English. 3. Listen to it. Go on Youtube and find something in English. Anything. A soccer (ftbol to you) game narrated in English...a song. Anything will help. Even if you do not understand it at first, hearing the sounds native speakers make will better your pronunciation. 2. If you are speaking to someone in English, and you do not know a word, do not just give up and say it in Spanish. Try to describe it in English to the person and see if they can figure out what it is. 1. Find a native English speaker who knows some Spanish to converse with. It helps if you are learning each others' languages, rather than just one way.

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