Help! CCFL Or LED Screen in My Dell Inspiron 1545?

Ca not tell you without the EXACT model number. The 1545 series had lcd and led screens

1. What kind of force does it take to damage a pixel on an HDTV LED screen?

If the set still has a good picture - it likes you! But seriously, there is no definite answer on this one. From what you were doing, the higher risk would have been to have left a scratch on the screen. Most set damage is done by playing a video came in front of the set and having a controller smash into the screen... and that is the end of the set no matter how much it cost.

2. How do I judge the quality of a transparent LED screen?

Transparent LED screens are already selling like hot cakes. Transparent LED screen manufacturers are also large-scale growth, but how to judge the quality of Transparent LED screen Some people say that through the appearance of the panels can be judged roughly, is it true? At present, many manufacturers produce transparent LED panel similar, even if the appearance is different, the same construction principle, circuit board, beads, wire and so on. How To make a preliminary judgment on the quality of Transparent LED screen by closely relying on eyes, LEADING LED TECH sums up some methods here for your reference:Compare brightness, will acrylic plate close to the same number of modules and then slowly up a short distance, here to see whether the brightness of the lights can meet their own requirements. Of course, the module directly in the text inside the more direct, the higher the brightness of the lamp, the higher the requirements of the original also relatively high. Pure indoor environment can use low brightness, but if it is window Transparent LED screen or led glass screen wall, then will have a higher requirement for the brightness of the Transparent LED screen.While looking at the brightness, pay attention to the uniformity of the light, and be sure to notice if there is a chromatic aberration (this is quite important) when looking at white light-you may not be able to see it if you cover it with a thin sheet of White Paper So use a certain thickness of acrylic. There is no color difference is the most important part to distinguish between good and bad quality, but also Transparent LED screen price differences lead to one of the main reasons.Wire discrimination. The most direct way is to peel off the outside and count the number of cores. There are generally 11,14,15,17,19 cores or even 20,30 cores. The more the better the quality of copper core is the best.Lamp bead temperature. After lighting for a period of time, with a hand touch LED beads, high temperature or even hot hand certainly no low temperature stability is good.Solder joint quality. Transparent LED screen paste lamp: At present, there are two ways of making Transparent LED screen, one is a positive light, one is the side light. Although the side light has a high transparency, the light beads packaging technology is to be tested in the market, and the positive light beads are the traditional led display lights beads, aftermarket testing, the quality is very stable.PCB Board thickness. If the PCB board is thick, it will affect the Transparent LED screen permeability. All Right Reserved to LEADING LED TECHHow do I judge the quality of a transparent LED screen?

3. What Should You Consider When Buy A Rental Led Screen

LED rental screens have been shown in large and medium-sized performances and events in recent years. Compared to the fixed display, it is more suitable for the above rental occasions that require flexible installation and short-term use. So what factors should be considered when choosing a LED rental screen? Waterproof and dustproof. The number of spectators attending large and medium-sized performances is high, and it is very important to ensure the safety of the performance. For outdoor rentals in extreme weather conditions, the screen should be protected from any form of rain and snow, aging sun, internal moisture and dust. The display module must undergo strict flushing and related tests before leaving the factory to confirm that it meets the domestic dust and water resistance test requirements. Under 5000 lux ambient illumination, the screen is protected from direct sunlight. From the process, the rental screen is recommended to use the surface mount SMD black light, high contrast, strong light, low light decay, good color consistency, more realistic color reproduction, strong anti-static, and more stable overall display. Viewing angle. The greater the viewer's viewing angle, the lower the contrast, and the larger audiences in the open-air show are more dispersed, requiring a wide viewing angle to maintain a stable viewing experience. The viewing angle represents a certain angle, and the viewer can still clearly see the content displayed on the screen. At present, Shanghai Sansi adopts a rental screen solution with a horizontal and vertical angle of 160. Housing material. Light-emitting diodes are the main components that make up LEDs, and high temperatures in summer affect their stability and longevity. At present, among various types of LED box materials, the aluminum die-casting box is preferred for the rental screen solution, which has good heat dissipation and heat conductivity, low weight, high precision, convenient installation and disassembly, stable use temperature and long service life. A large-area, high-pixel, rich picture needs to be spliced with multiple rental screens. This solution is related to the adjustable angle of the screen, the installation method, and the like. For example, can the adjustable angle of the screen be quickly adjusted, and whether the direct screen and the fine curved shape can be seamlessly switched. In installation, lifting and seat mounting are two common methods of renting screens. Whether special tools are used at the installation site, whether the lifting is determined by strict tensile testing is safe and reliable. The use of rental screens for medium (small) performances is frequent and not fixed, and the process of renting screen screens and screens is fast and convenient (recommended under the guidance of professionals). Whether the scene content of the show and the scene supports fast switching and different signal access, whether the picture is real-time, clear and stable.

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