How Can We Find the Direction of Revolution of a Diesel Engine When It Is Not Running?

look at the fan and figure it out. as I recall it probably runs clockwise if you are looking at the fan from the side. counter clockwise if you are standing in front of the fan

1. Im thinking of buying 1988 560 SEC with a diesel engine and manual tranny.?

That was an invetsment-grade vehicle before the drive train was swapped out. The car is already stupid, so you really can not go wrong by lifting it. You would need to use parts off of a Unimog or a G-wagon to get it done. It might be easier to put the body onto a G-wagon frame than attempt any kind of body lift. I would forget about the SEC and shop around for a complete Unimog, they are the ultimate off-road/bad road vehicle.

2. What do you think is the best Lionel Diesel engine to buy?

Lionel 6-8857 Northern Pacific U36B Diesel... Good luck!

3. How much would it cost to build a diesel engine hot rod?

Ok, the biggest issue I see here (though this might just be my interpretation!), is the "hot rod daily driver". I mean, if you are thinking about something in the style of a top fuel dragster, that would suck! =P But seriously, depends what you are after. I live in far northern Canada, we spend much of the winter in -40 or colder. Diesels will work just fine in your climate if they are set up properly! Personally, if this were me (wait a minute... I've already been there and done that!), I would simply start with a pre 1996 Dodge Ram diesel. This uses the 12 valve cummins. Only thing is, I do not know about your emissions standards there, wether or not they allow vehicles of that age? These trucks are rather easy to get over 1,000 ft lbs of torque out of, and everything from power brakes to power locks! Pick one up for maybe $5,000, and if you have any mechanical skill at all, you will find plenty of online how-to article informing you how to turn your stock 12 valve cummins engine into a smoke belching monster for only a couple dollars and a few days under the hood. The Cummins engine is on of the most highly modifiable engines in the world! You will likely need to throw an intake air heater grid in there (standard equipment here, but probably not there!) for easy starts in the winter. Oh, and you thought remote start was neat? Up here we have remote starting systems that you can manipulate through a text from your cell phone! Anywhere in the world, you can unlock (and open) doors, start the vehicle, and just about anything else that you can access electronically on your vehicle! Good luck!

4. How did the diesel engine effect society when it was invented and after?

What Did Rudolf Diesel Invented

5. from oil leak to loud knock then silence on 2005 bmw diesel engine , 2l?

you need a complete new engine the valves , guides and camshaft and followers will all have been ruined, the pistons will have been ruined as will big and little end bearings and the cylinder bores, even if these look ok the engine life on a diesel will be massively shorter if they are not replaced, the crankshaft even if it looks Ok may have warped , you could probably have got away with less in a gas powered car, but the stresses in a diesel especially a turbo diesel are much higher

6. what should i expect and be wary of with an overhauled diesel engine?

I would prefer that you have it professionaly overhauled. Overhauling an engine requires use of special tools and machinery. Good luck

7. What are the advantages of a In-line Diesel engine over a V set up?

Kelster The v6 or v8 engines be it gas or diesel have a better balance of power and it just feels a lot smoother in the long run

8. Is it possible for a diesel engine computer to detect (and prevent) a runaway condition?

A runaway happens when the engine starts getting fuel from a source other than the injectors - turbo oil leaks, oil pooled in the intercooler, oil being pulled from the crankcase. The only way to stop it is to cut the engine's air supply.The runaways that I've seen / heard of happen fast - really fast - the increase in speed is unlike anything that would/could happen in normal operation (well maybe similar to free revving the engine. So, it sure seems like the ECU could detect this fairly easily. Besides RPM, and throttle position, the ECU probably has access to road speed and the gear the transmission is in.Stopping it could be done by actuating an anti-shudder valve or something like that, such as a dedicated shutdown flap/valve in the intake. That said, it puzzles me that this does not seem to be a feature of the ECU on any of the VW diesels that I am familiar with - even though they seem to have the necessary sensors and an anti-shudder valve that is capable of shutting down the engine (at least from idle, I've never tried to get it shut down an engine at wide open throttle). Since it seems like it could be done completely in the ECU firmware, I would think that this would have been done - the development cost seems like it would be relatively low and a one-time thing (beyond maybe tuning some parameters if the design was not self-tuning), there would be no per-unit cost that I can see.So this leaves me wondering if there is some other reason for not implementing the feature. If there was additional material costs, I could see trading the production cost against the likelihood of a runaway, but since the per-vehicle cost would be zero (or very close to zero), it does not seem like the rationale for not doing it would be economic

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Cost to Install Diesel Engine on Boat?
A lot depends on if you can put you intended new engine straight on the foot print of the old engine, you will need to take in to consideration the prop rotation, gearbox angles, gearbox ratio, raw water intakes, exhaust route and size and lots of other things, you need to find out what engine is in there now and what can be transplanted with the less hassle. Try and do a one for one, if the old engine make still makes marine engines then try to stick with the brand as you may save yourself a few headaches, if the old engine is not made anymore there are companies that make universal engines to suit what comes out. You can supply details of the old engine to most engineering companies and they will be able to give you an honest opinion if your proposed Yanmar is a good decision. Most re engine work usually goes over budget, allow for lots of new hoses, clips, screws and other similar parts, if the shaft and prop need replacing this will again add cost. Typical re engine job with good access and good engineers would take around 32 hours including a sea trial, this of course would be if its a paired engine for the original engine bed in the boat and without problems. Hourly rates will differ from state to state, Expect to budget for the unexpected, around $2000 Good luck.1. Why did Reliance and Essar shut down their retail oil pumps?Thanks for asking Nikhil.Adding to what Divya Malika explained, Reliance owned less than 3% petrol pumps back then and because of the price difference created due to non availability of subsidy to private companies, their sales were negligible.nHowever, the price differential between the market price and sale price of diesel has narrowed down to Rs 1.33 paisa per litre since the start of August on the back of falling crude oil prices, an appreciating Indian rupee against the dollar and the 50-paisa monthly increase in diesel prices since January 2013 and RIL and Essar may resume their operation soon. Why did Reliance and Essar shut down their retail oil pumps?2. Removing rust from toolsThere are a few good options for thisThis is slower, but works really well. Soak the tools in white vinegar for about 24 hours. Most of the rust will come off, and the rest will easily come of by scraping it. Mix baking soda with water until a paste that you can apply on the tool. Use a toothbrush to scrub off the baking soda. Then rinse with water.Soak the tool in diesel for 24 hours. You can use a brass brush after it is done soaking. Clean it with an old rag after.3. will nitrous mess up a diesel?Nitrous wo not work in a diesel. Diesel operates under a different concept than gas engines4. What is the biggest cost in miningIt depends on the method of mining adopted.. .in case of openpit mines with large size fleet the biggest cost items are diesel, tyres and spares. .In case of manual underground mines the biggest cost items would be wages5. Diesel Engine at Best Price in IndiaREEJA' WARE COOLED SLOW SPEED (LISTER TYPE) DIESEL ENGINE REEJA' Brand Water Cooled Slow Speed (Lister Type) Diesel Engines are designed for reliability, easy of maintenance and economy in operation. Their design, incorporating many outstanding features, permits the widest possible variety of application, plus long6. f 250 7.3 diesel question?Is the Primer Pump in the Tank Working? Check for Fuel "At the Injector Lines!" Does the Engine Crank? Did The Engine Stall and Why? Has it been more then 10 Months since the Fuel Filter Was Replaced? When you Trun the Key to ON does the Glow Plug Circuit Activate? Do you have Fuel Pressure at the Fuel (Pick-up) Pump on the Engine? Really need More Info. to Diagnose the Problem.7. DIESEL engine failer/can't get it to restart???question...why would u need to jump it if the battery was good...think about it8. Diesel fuel smell out of clothing?My hubby was a diesel mechanic for years. All I had to do was wash his clothes in Tide to remove the smell. However, since using detergent has not worked for you, try what a friend of ours had to do. He had to soak his clothing in vinegar, completely immersing, letting them dry and then washing. Hope this helps.
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