How Do I Change a Heater Core in a 2001 S10 Pickup with Air?

Well first go a radiator repair shop--then tell him the problem--give him the keys and find out when you can pick up the truck. You can ruin the carpet--break a lot of plastic stuff, screw up old hoses, and do it wrong and have leaks---a shop will not make mistakes--and they give you a guarantee for the job--something you wo not have if the job goes bad and you get a puddle on the carpet while driving on the highway

1. What is the easiest way to install a clutch and heater core into a 92 vw jetta gl?

If you are fairly new to this repair scene, the clutch is one of the most difficult things to do, same goes for the heater core. However, if you get the Bentley repair manual for the Jetta, you might be able to attack that heater core

2. best way to lie about a heater core problem?

No good way....tell them it's sound therapy

3. Would a bad heater core cause other problems?

They probably will cover the heater core because it should have some sort of warrantee. However, if the old core went it's likely other things were as old and nearly ready to go too. It's not likely the shop did anything to hurt the pump or radiator. Those will probably done at your expense. Sorry. "(

4. I have a 92 F150 V-8 that is overheating after a new heater core,water pump,fan clutch,and thermostat?

Did you replace radiator and heater hoses? Did you have cooling system power flushed? On a 16 year old truck, I would suspect the radiator core. And sadly, just because there is not obvious water in the oil, or oil sheen in the water, does not mean that you do not have a head gasket starting to go. Have you done a cylinder by cylinder compression check? Have you done a pressure check of the cooling system? (A pressure test could reveal something simple like a bad radiator cap, or major, like high cooling system pressure, from a head gasket starting to go.)

5. Blown heater core, bad hose, etc?

The heater core is leaking badly. You are not seeing it in the car because it's probably leaking outside through the drain for A/C water

6. Heater core is leaking in a 1990 Ford Taurus.?

There is a product called Silver Solder that will work if the leak is not too bad. Any auto parts store should have it. Just follow the directions on the package. I do not like to use this stuff, but in a Taurus I would. Do not take it to a shop unless you are willing to put around $700 into it. My brother changed a heater core in his Taurus because he could not believe how much the garages wanted. It took him 14 hours. The entire dashboard must be removed.

7. 93 Mercury Sable Heater Core Replacement?

Just like everyone says This is the hardest. I would bypass the core and sell it quick. lol

8. My heater core has been replaced 2 times already and I think it needs to be replaced again, whats the problem?

There is a high probability that you are dealing with electrolysis in the coolant system. A good chance that there is a poor electrical ground in the radiator and the engine. This is the most common cause of electrolysis in the cooling system. If you have a DIGITAL volt meter, connect one lead to the metallic part of the radiator, and dip the other end in the coolant through the radiator cap. It yo see ANY voltage, yo have located your problem. This time when you replace the core, completely flush the coolant (NOT with a flush, but with FRESH water) until ALL of the old coolant has been removed. Locate the failed ground connection(s) and repair them. If you can locate a Truck Parts store, or a GOOD quality (e.g. NAPA) parts store, purchase a bottle of NALCOOL or WIXCOOL and use according to the instructions. Mix fresh coolant 50% / 50% with water. After the repairs, periodically check the coolant voltage level and keep it

9. how to replace a heater core in a 1995 ford escort?

I also agree here, some are simple, others turn the car into the bane of my existence. If you have never done one before, take it to the shop

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