How Do I Light My Gas Water Heater? It Has an Electronic Ignition?

I do not see a position for pilot just on and gas. However it also has a on off button

1. How much does it cost to replace a gas water heater?

Nothing: That is the sellers responsibility to replace before you purchase and move in. your realtor and loan officer should have made you aware of this.

2. New gas water heater installed... still no hot water?

feel the hot water pipe on the water heater while the hot water is running. if its not hot then its an instillation error. if it is hot then more than likely there is something back feeding in the house. i assume if the heater is outside you live in a warmer climate so that would eliminate an antisweat valve. is there a clothes washer? try turing off the water to that then try the water. Same for the kit faucet turn off the valves under the sink and check the bathroom. use this method until u isolate the problem. it could also be the shower valve itself

3. I have a gas water heater thats been working fine since 1984..?

depends on your need. I would say get a new gas tank version

4. Gas Water Heater pilot light does not stay lit. Gas is On. Any Ideas Why?

the orifice is clogged man

5. Why does my gas water heater make a really loud noise when I turn the hot water on?

When you start to use the hot water, the machine will heat you some more water so you dont run out. Its doing its job. The noise is probably the pilot firing the burner

6. What natural gas water heater brand would you recommend/not recommend?

There are lots of good brands of water heaters. Just do not get a cheap one. They do not last. If you go to a Home Depot, anything they have will be good. By the way, the brands that the guys above me mentioned are all good but, if you go to a plumbing shop or to a plumbing wholesale house, you will pay through the nose for them, I got a General Electric brand one about 5 years ago from Home Depot and it has been fine!.

7. Rental gas water heater? chimney lining for 1050 dollar?

Sorry dude. I live in the U.S. and can not tell you about dealing with YOUR Provincial Authorities. Good luck.

8. how to repair a leaking drain valve faucet on a gas water heater?

shut gas off the heater, drain water from tank. get new drain unscrew old screw in new turn everything back on

9. The pilot light went out on our Enviro-Temp gas water heater last night. How to relight?

Read the directions. There usually is a diagram where the spot is. Is it electronic ignition? If you still can not figure it out, call the landlord. That's what you pay rent for

10. my gas water heater is making a noise like it is filling up, but i know its full, whats going on?

The way the tank works is water flows into it to fill it up, after that when you turn on the water at the tap, the water pressure coming into it pushes the hot water out and to the tap. It cannot drain faster than water fills it because the only thing moving the water out is the water coming in. If it did drain faster, then the tank would be leaking and you should notice water on the floor. If you hear water filling, you may have a plumbing leak somewhere. Turn off the water supply to the house and then listen to your water heater. If you still hear a sound, it may be the sound of the water heating. Common sounds are hissing, sizzling, clicking, cracking and rumbling. As to exploding, water heaters are equipped with a pressure relief valve to prevent that from happening. You can test your pressure relief valve by pushing the little lever on a little right angle valve somewhere near the top of the water heater. Careful though, very hot water will come out the valve.

11. Pilot light will not stay lit on gas water heater?

First, replace the thermocouple. And do not buy two (it's always a good idea to have a spare on hand). Second, remove and clean the pilot assembly (a single wire from a wire brush makes a good cleaning tool), reassemble it and adjust the pilot flame via the adjusting screw. And third, if the outside wind is causing a problem then a better vent cap may be the answer. If all else fails. a pro. Above all, safety should be a paramount

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