How Do I Remove Gouge Mark From Samsung LED Tv?

Nothing you can do. Be more careful with the replacement

1. Weak or No Signal - Samsung LED TV (Sky)?

Check your cables are not corroded. It could be just that the signal is not getting to your box properly. If your signal is affected by the wet weather, then this is certainly the cause. If wind is the cause, then your dish is not secure anymore. Also ensure that the cables have not been pulled accidentally

2. Which led tv is better, Sony or Samsung?

Samsung gets my vote for everything, just look at how unreliable PS3s are

3. Blurry Picture with New Samsung LED TV, Please Help!?

I am having the same issue...I had a Visio 4k but beleive it or not watching it was making my sick so I took it back and got the 6300 and somethings look ok...most peoples faces are blurry and it is jerky

4. How to fix the lag on a Samsung LED TV?

Yes there is. I have the same model TV. Go to page 16 of your user's manual and right above the title section called Picture Options, you will see LED Motion Plus (OFF/ON). It will be the last entry under the Advance Settings group from the previous page. Hope this helps

5. which one is LED TV or sony LCD?

LED TV is always better / much better than LCD TV. and LED TV prices is 2 to 3 X higher than LCD TV. cant compare between LED TV and LCD TV. Samsung LED is GREAT. Samsung leading in LED TV. world No 1 total quantity sold , 92 % LED TV on the market is by Samsung. if you afford to paid for Samsung LED TV. go for it. is GREAT. If you Budget is low ! Sony and Samsung LCD TV both equally good quality / reliable.but both make Standard entry lever / mid-end / hi end LCD model. please compare to the same range of model. prices is main issue !

6. Which is the best Samsung LED TV to get?

First: There is no LN40B6000 or LN40B7000 in the official 2009 Samsung product line. The official product numbering for the LED HDTVs starts with the initials "UN". Second: The only 40" LED TV announced by Samsung so far is the UN40B6000 (there is a UN46B6000, UN46B7000 and a UN46B7100 though). Third: There is no difference in picture quality between the 6000, 7000 or 7100 nor is there a difference in refresh rates (120 Hz). The 7000 & 7100 add the content library, Internet TV & DLNA Networking over the 6000. Fourth: The UB40B6000 lists for $2,299.99. Sears and Samsung have a 10% off deal for the next few weeks that can get you under your $2100 target.

7. Dead pixel on 2 day old Samsung LED tv! Please help!?

most all the led lcd panels have no long term life expectancy. where i work we get about half back for refund or exchange within the 30 day return policy

8. Do you love your LED tv?

parden me say you like your tv? love means another thing

9. Samsung LED TV, trouble switching from Bluray to TV?

No there is not. It is a hassle and I have to deal with it too. Pretty much all TV manufacturers design their sets the same way

10. Pixelation around fast-moving objects on new samsung LED TV?

With fast-moving images, it's best to use a progressive scan resolution like 720p rather than an interlaced resolution like 1080i. This should prevent the image from breaking up during fast motion

11. How do I put my xbox 360 into my new samsung led tv?

You could use your AV cables to connect the Xbox 360 to the Samsung LED TV. However, to maximize the picture quality, I recommend you use an HDMI cable instead. You can get a nice one for about $10 at Good luck.

12. Samsung led tv specifications?

The UE40B6000 is Samsung's entry level LED TV and certainly the .... However, as you will notice later in the review, it does not stay there

13. What is a small line on a Samsung LED TV?

either a damaged panel or a timing controller circuit problem. If you're really really lucky a loose connector.A horizontal line is pretty much a bad panel, which means watch the TV as long as you can bear it then throw it away as the panel will literally be almost new TV price. A vertical line meanwhile is fixable and mostly is a faulty timing controller or a loose connection if you're lucky

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