How Long Does a Water Heater Last?

I routinely change out HWH's that are around 12 years old but I have have also replaced HWH's that are only 6 years old...... its the condition of the water system, usage, and a couple other factors.... If yours has a warranty, by all means try that route. if not, DO NOT go to your local home improvement warehouse store to buy one. Only buy HWH's at some place like Sears or your local plumbing supply. WHY? The manufacturers have different units they ship to Low's (spelled like that on purpose) and Home Cheapo. The real builders units are sold exclusively to supply houses and Sears.

1. please help how to turn off water heater!!!!!!?

I am not an expert at hot water heaters - but if yours is like most of them - then the control for shutting down the hot water heater is usually on the bottom of the hot water heater. There should be a secret (joking) door that you can open to get to the control - there you should find a volume type control that will regulate or control the temperature of the water from cold to hot - If you turn the knob counter-clockwise it should shut off the burner when it is too hot. I am not sure as to what you are talking about when mentioning the hot water coming out of the tub - That would be an entirely different problem. If you can not shut off the tub faucet then you will have to find the valve that controls that - You may have to turn off the entire water going to the house. The main valve to shut of the water is usually some where in the yard. Do shut off or turn down the hot water heater before turning off the main water supply - just to be safe. Hope that this has been a help

2. Why is 14 AWG the minimum power wire size?

It's not!14AWG is associated with 15Amp breakers in the US electrical code (NEC). Some decade old homes may only have 14AWG wires in the walls. Newer builds tend to have 20A circuits, which require 12AWG wires. Much thinner gauge wire is used in cars with appropriately smaller fuses.Having smaller breakers, in the home, is not logistically justifiable, because there are occasional higher amperage loads like hair dryer, or a vacuum cleaner.Most home electricity is consumed by the larger loads, like AC, range, water heater, all powered from short, hard wired 240V circuits (double breakers). All the 120V outlets are for "convenience", not much power goes through them, with the kitchen as the best exception, and it is usually conveniently very close to the electrical panel, reducing distances.Why is 14 AWG the minimum power wire size?

3. Water heater pilot won't light!?

Gas in the UK is not clean may be the same in what ever country you are in. Stuff (oil vapour grease) can clog the pilot. The guy will just prick the pilot with a small needle and unblock it. If you can easily do that try it. If not I guess you will have to call them out

4. Electric Water Heater popping reset button?

Sounds like its bad. You can buy the thermostats for few bucks at lowe's id replace both

5. I'm replacing my water heater?

Go tankless. It pays

6. What's wrong with my electric water heater?

an open heating element is a good place to start looking

7. Basement flooded and gas water heater wont light?

Not certain if this is relevant, but if your igniter lights a pilot light which then heats a thermocouple which lets the main gas valve open to fire up the burner, it could be that, because of the flood, the hole of the pilot light is plugged with crud or water has filled the small tube between the gas valve and pilot light orifice. The pressure of the gas for the pilot light might be to wimpy to blow the water out, so you might need to disconnect somewhere and blow it out and verify everything is clear of obstructions. Also, if there are any electronic controls that got sogged during the flood there are no gaurantees that merely drying it out will make it OK.

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