How Many 55 Gallon Drums Will Fit on a Tractor Trailer?

Around 4 wide and 12 to 15 deep

1. Finish mower cutting width v. tractor HP?

You know you can have to little HP. But I do not think you can have to much HP. So when in doubt get more power the fuel economy is not that much difference for a few more horses

2. what is the best kind of tractor?

Asking what,s the best tractor is like asking what,s the best food. If you,re talking garden tractor, I would say Kubota or Deere. If you,re talking farm tractor, I could give reasons for five or six brands. Really, the best tractor comes from a local dealer, at a fair price, and does what you need done, without unexpected problems

3. What are the symptoms of a bad ignition coil in a lawn tractor ?

Typically a bad coil will fail when it get hot and work again when it is cold. In your case it starts right back up so testing for spark when it dies is not possible. You can have the coil tested but chances are it will test ok based on your description of the problem. Do not worry about the points and condenser as someone suggested because your engine does not have points. Sometimes these things can be difficult and give you a head ache but. What would happen if when it starts to die you put the choke on? Will it keep running? I am leaning more to a fuel issue than ignition but again it is difficult without getting my hands dirty. A couple of things that I would check is the connection to the fuel shut off solenoid on the bottom of the carburetor. Also make sure that the fuel tank is clean and free of water. You could remove the float bowl from the carburetor and see if it is clean. If it contains dirt/water that could indicate that the carburetor is dirty also. I would try to keep it running with the choke. If that works you probably have a fuel issue. If it dies anyway I would have the coil tested. Get the coil tested before you buy a new one, they do not always like to take electrical items back and they are a bit costly. If the engine dies even with the choke, you could disconnect the ground wire from the coil, it is the small black wire plugged into the coil that grounds the coil to kill the engine. With the wire disconnected run the engine. This will check for a ground in the wire between the coil and the ignition switch. Just some thoughts. Hope you find the solution.

4. Can i use two lawnmower tractor motors and axle off of a lawnmower tractor for a go-kart?

I guess it could work but it wouldnt be very safe

5. Airline on tractor trailer how can you build air up?

Why start so young? You are just a kid. Wait until you graduated from college (in a good backup career). Then worry about flying. There's more important things to spend you money on right now, like your first car and taking girls out.

6. How to make a tractor cake ?

How to Make a Tractor Birthday Cake: Instructions 1.Buy a large sheet cake or make one yourself. If you make one yourself, wait until it cools off before you decorate it. 2.Draw the outline of a tractor on your sheet cake with some icing. Reference the photo above for a general idea of the shape. 3.Use a knife to cut around the cake where you drew the outline. Go slowly so that the lines are smooth. Put the left over cake aside. 4.Place one color icing in each icing bag. If you do not have the right color just add some food coloring to white icing and mix thoroughly. 5.Use a round tip to make all of the outlines of your cake (again, reference photo for basic shape). Black icing should be used to do the outline. Outline the whole tractor, the tires, the windshield, the side window, front bumper, mouth near the bumper, and eyes in the windshield. You do not have to give it eyes or a mouth--that is optional. If you do go with the eyes and mouth, make it look like a happy character. 6.Use a star tip to fill in the cake. The main part of the tractor should be green. The inside of the tires should be yellow and the outside black. Make the mouth red. 7.Make the eyes white with blue on the inside. Add the black pupils. 8.Fill in the rest of the windshields, tires, and bumper with black icing. Tips & Warnings Use the leftover icing on the leftover cake and eat that as a treat before your guests arrive. No two cakes have to look the same. If you want to make your mouth a simple line, go ahead. If you want to make it a filled in character mouth, you can do that too.

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