How Much Would Adolf Hitler's Personal Art Collection Be Worth in Today's Dollars?

A lot, even factoring out the historical value of Hitler's ownership for collectors.Here's a recent news story about the discovery of Hitler's art collection by historian Jiri Kochart: estimated the value of these paintings (which were by Nazi artists sanctioned and collected by Hitler) at $2.

7 million.

However, Hitler also acquired much more valuable art from what was looted from countries the Nazis conquered. The most famous is the Fritz Mannheimer collection, which was stolen by the Nazis and the bulk of which Hitler then purchased in 1941. The Mannheimer collection has pieces now in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum and the Met in New York, and would have been worth far more money.

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As a collector, do you like to show off your collection?

Yes, I do. I collect specific types of stamps, and showing them off to the world takes stamp collecting to a whole new level. This is done by exhibiting your collection at stamps shows throughout the U.S. and the world.When exhibiting stamps, you tell a story with your material, somewhat similar to an exhibit in a museum where the artifacts have write-ups to educate the public. You may think you have a great collection until you start to organize them into an exhibit. Then the holes and limitations of your collection appear. Putting together an exhibit also forces me to learn much more about my stamps.

Heres one page from my Wheat Ridge Christmas Seal exhibit that won many national and international awards


What are the basic feature of different data collection methods?

There are a good number of data collection methods. But depend on the data you are going after and the target participants, some of the methods may be better than others.Interviews (Structured, unstructured, clinical or group)Can be done in person or over the phone.

it usually done for qualitative data collectionSurveys (paper based or online):You can easily collect and analyze the resultsYou can assign numerical values or scales to the answersOne of the problem of surveys, is that you might not get the number of responses you are hoping for.It is also sometimes very slowDocuments:Where you have the data in some unstructured form or scattered cross multiple sourcesIt require less (to none) input from participantsObservation:Tend to take more time (depend of the study)You get exactly what is happening without any bias


What do you think of the Junji Ito Collection (2018 anime series adaptation) so far?

Did not work as an anime. Its format could not retain the original's essence. There are certain manga which can't retain the essence when adapted, examples are :- Kokou no Hito, Oyasumi Punpun, Eden its an The Endless World, Kokkoku, Vagabond, Dorohedoro etc. The reason is the timing of each frame, theme rendering the adaptation useless, art style which could not be recreated for anime as it would be time consuming and expensive, sometimes its the demographic responsible as seinen goes unnoticed that is why Shiguri never got a second season.

For Ito Junji it was both demographic and format responsible for its failure. Too bad but atleast we have the manga of the great author


How does inflation rise affect tax collection by the government?

Capital assets are taxed on sales price minus cost basis. If you inflate the sales price, youll get a tax windfall.Interest income is taxed based on nominal income. If theres any inflation people are being taxed on spending power that they didnt actually get.Inflation increases sales prices and hence sales tax receipts, but inflation also tends to increase wages to workers. Its a race. And the government must buy stuff at inflated prices, so theres no net gain.

The real benefit of inflation comes because higher inflation reduces the value of old government bonds. About 40% of WW II debt was eliminated this way. A lot of the real value of the deficit was reduced by inflation during the 70s.


Are comic collections an investment?

It seems the CGC graded comics have been doing alright but who knows how much a slabbed comic will increase in value over the next 20 years. If you're lucky to come across, or you have held onto gold and silver age treasures, they have always increased in value but will there still be anyone around 20 years from now who will care? Especially how accessable that material is through reprints and digital. My bet is original art from the creators is the best way to go. Many creators have their own sites where they sell original pages and do original commissions. Plus, if you attend conventions you can get sketches. Or you can obtain original artwork from auction sites.


Is a coin collection Muktzah on Shabbos?

Theres no yes or no answer to this broad halachic question, it depends on the reason & function of this collection. (Many collections are certainly mukza)This will depend on the purpose of the collection. If its intended as a collectors item meant to be eventually sold for a profit & stored away from being touched by people then it would be Muktza machmas chisaron kis, valuable & fragile objects like a camera or precious coins are considered set aside by the ownerIf its simply a collection of coins intended for entertainment & leisure & will not to be used for purchasing items, & you arent too conscerned with the condition they are stored in then there are poskim who permit it to be handled.


Which is the best website that has a collection of interview questions in Java Hibernate Spring Struts?

Hibernate Interview Questions and Answers For Experienced this is the website you will find the questions.Q1. State the role of SessionFactory interface plays in Hibernate.An application obtains Session instances from a SessionFactory which is typically single for the whole application created during its initialization.

n• The SessionFactory caches generate SQL statements and other mapping metadata that Hibernate uses at runtime.n• It also holds cached data that has been read in one unit of work and may be reused in a future unit of worknSessionFactory sessionFactory configuration.buildSessionFactory();Q2. Name Hibernate's two different types of collections.

nThere's Order Collection and Sorted Collection.nThis is a skills question, which makes sure you've spent enough time with the program to know its ins and outs


Can you put together a 14 song collection of solo Beatles songs that feature two or more Beatles?

The greatest- Ringo Starr, John Lennon and George HarrisonCold turkey- Plastic Ono band, Ringo StarrInstant Karma- Plastic Ono band, George HarrisonMy sweet lord- George Harrison, Ringo StarrYoure sixteen- Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, George HarrisonWhen we was fab- George Harrison, Ringo StarrTake it away- Paul McCartney, Ringo StarrPhotograph- Ringo Starr, George HarrisonAll those years ago- George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo StarrReal love- Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo StarrFree as a bird- Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo StarrMother- John Lennon, Ringo StarrHow do you sleep?- John Lennon, George HarrisonIt dont come easy- Ringo Starr, George HarrisonIt seems as though Ringo was most willing to collaborate post BeatlesThere are a couple more songs but since you only asked for 14, there ya go!


What is Big Data in marketing and how do they collect it?

In the era of big data, the CRM is a must have for all brands looking to gain wider profile.One of the main problems that companies face in the era of big data is information overload. Brands can generate huge information about their customers. How do they refine it to make it useable? Companies need to know their customers better than their competitors in order to be more efficient and to be able to dominate their market.Analysis is key. Incorporate your data into your daily decisions to ensure you maximise its utility. The use of all dashboards, summaries, trend analysis and product surveys are all essential to make your data work for you.

The Era of Big Data Makes CRM an Essential Tool for Brands


Is there a point to paying off collection debts since my score is already impacted?

Impacting your score does not get them any money, May slow you down from getting money/credit from others.Collection debt agency "Buy" your debt at a discount, If you owe $1,000 they 1st debt collector might pay $500 for it, The who gave you the loan/service gets $500. If the 1st Collector collects they make $500, If they don't they sell it to someone else for (say) $100, (They still attempt to collect the $1000), If they can't they sell it for $10 ... $5 ...If you have paid the debt and your report does not show it satisfied file a report with the credit reporting agency, with your documentation, they will require the Debt holder to update the status within 30? days. If they don't respond, the Credit reporting agency will mark it satisfied/closed


Collection agency keeps reporting the same debt every month. Can they do this?

Do you mean they are reporting the same debt on their own books or are they reporting to a debtor that their debt is due every month?The first one - maybe.The second one - yes.Collection agencies can keep a 3rd party debt on their books as long as they want. Although factoring in location, debt amount and nature of the debt, anything over 6 months old is a recommended write off.

As a debtor (i.

e. someone who is claimed to have owed the debt) the collections can follow up an outstanding debt for as long as they like as per the Ts & Cs in the original lending agreement and/or the guidelines around debt collection in your country/state/city/etc.Collections agency keeps reporting the same debt every month. Can they do this?


What can be a large list of all Physics books to study from the lower to the PhD level?

Physics is Infinite nPhysics has no endnNo book can never tell you everything about physicsConcepts of PhysicsnBy HC VermaProblems in General PhysicsnBy IE IrodovFundamentals of physics nBy Halliday Resnick and WalkerUniversity PhysicsnFrancis W. Sears, Hugh D. Young, Roger Freedman, Mark ZemanskyParticle physicsnBodo HamprechtA Brief History of Timenstephen HawkingThe Elegant Universenby Brian GreeneAn introduction to mechanicsnby Daniel KleppnerSurely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!nby Richard FeynmanThe Theoretical Minimum: What You Need to Know to Start Doing PhysicsnBy by George Hrabovsky and Leonard SusskindQED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matternby Richard FeynmanThe Character of Physical LawnBy Richard FeynmanCourse of Theoretical PhysicsnBy Evgeny Lifshitz and Lev LandauRelativity: The Special and the General TheorynBy Albert EinsteinThe Black Hole WarnBy Leonard SusskindThe Grand DesignnBy Leonard Mlodinow and Stephen HawkingThe Principles of Quantum MechanicsnBy Paul DiracBlack Holes and Time WarpsnBy Kip ThorneAnd there are lots of booksTHANKYOU.


What makes a book collectible?

Original first editions, especially of well know books or authors can be collectables. It can be more difficult for modern day books to become true collectables due to large print runs. However, for new authors the initial print run is usually quite small and when they make it big those books become collectable. I have an excellent copy of the first edition of Fight Club that i picked up for $5 which, the last time i checked was fetching around $100 on Ebay. Another example is on the initial print of Alice and Wonderland there were certain drawings which were excluded in the subsequent prints. That initial print is worth a very tidy sum.

The reason people pay for collectable is because it is rare and the chances of getting some like it again are slim. Well done on your find


How do I sell a 500k collection of fine paintings if I can't afford to open a gallery?

Well theres eBay.Your claim is that these pieces average about $7K a piece. I assume this is what you paid for them. I assume that this was a retail price. You say theyre a mixed bag. Meaning what? Different time periods? Different media? Different artists?Your aesthetic for art work may not match up well with domestic tastes or it may align beautifully. But it is unlikely that it will be perfect. So the trick is to reach as wide an audience of potential buyers as possible.Thank god for the inter web. Put some up on eBay and see if you get a reaction. Be patient.If theyre masterworks (e.g. Rembrandt etchings lifetime editions) you amy find a gallery who sells equivalent work to take them on consignment.

Good luck.

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