How to Attach Bike Or Motor to Pendulum?

A pendulum swings under the influence of gravity, and the rate or period is determined by the length of the pendulum only. Pendulum period in seconds T 2(L/g) L is length of pendulum in meters g is gravitational acceleration = 9.8 m/s Length for second = 0.062 m Length for 1 second = 0.248 m Length for 2 second = 0.993 m Length for 4 second = 3.97 m So you have to explain what you mean by a "very rapid" pendulum? It takes very little energy to start a pendulum swinging, so I do not see how you could hook a bicycle to one. I suspect your understanding of the term pendulum is different from mine.

1. What kind of bike with a motor should I get?

Honda 150r your the perfect size, good begginer bike and you can find them on craigslist for as low as 1200$. Have fun and be safe...... Buy a helment!

2. 80cc bike motor conversion kit on ebay -- like a whizzer ????

that thing is junk. do not waste your time or money.

3. Should I take my girlfriends mother to court for throwing my dirt bike motor in the trash?

If her mom has mental problems then no, but if she is willing to pay for it then everything is ok. Its a tough decision because its your girlfriends mother. I would tell her mother buy me a new one because she threw it away. If your going to take this to court, make sure there's proof, evidence and witnesses. You never want to go without anything but you saying she threw away my engine

4. do u need a license to drive a bike with a motor kit in California?

call your local police department to be EXACTLY sure. good luck!!!!

5. Which is the best way to get around campus, with a bike or with a motor scooter?

Bikes are defintely the best way to go since you will not need any addtional power source. Also bike riding will help give you energy for your classes.

6. Is it possible to bore out a 600cc sport bike motor into a 900cc sport bike motor?

It is not possible. The cylinders are too close together, so you would have a HUGE job to do: The crankshaft would have to have its throws moved apart, meaning that custom crankcases would be required. Then you would need to re-space the camshaft lobes, requiring a completely custom top end: The combustion chamber heads would be in the wrong place. And for all these changes, you would have to look at where to put all the bearings and the cylinder and head studs. So, the final answer is: NO WAY! Might as well just build a custom motor from the ground up! My bulsh!t-o-meter is well into the red zone on this one. Just for fun, I did the math; The stock 1996 ZX-6R motor had a bore of 66mm and a stroke of 43.8mm. To obtain 900cc by over-boring would require a bore of 81mm, or 15mm over! The additional weight of such large pistons would significantly reduce the safe red-line of the motor.

7. Is it legal to drive a bike with a motor attached to it in NJ?

Yes it is ok

8. Is it bad to submerge your dirt bike motor under mud?

Sometimes introducing a really hot aluminum engine to cold water will crack the block. Does not happen often but does happen. Something to bear in mind when crossing glacier streams and rivers on a very hot day. It is a mystery to most people why their motor starts weeping oil here and there a few weeks after this sort of trashing.....Metal will sometimes warp and crack when not cooled slow enough.

9. Where can I get a hold of an extremely fast electric scooter/ bike motor that can go 45 MPH (if they exist)

Well, a diesel starter motor has the torque and the speed, just have to tweek the gearing or use a centrifical clutch which is what I would do, and would be easy to mount, and 2 350 amp Harley batteries for the juice

10. dirt bike motor on 3wheeler?

So he dose not choose to play stick and ball activities (which you would be able to easily as actual get harm engaging in) theres no longer something incorrect with desirous to do something that each and each physique the different young infants are no longer doing. Can he get harm? optimistic he can. yet there is not any longer a game available that dose not have damaging aspects. And in case your finding for something that your husband and son can do at the same time, theres no extra effective way for them to spend their time at the same time than on a music or out in the woods on a dirt motorbike. memories which will final a existence time suitable there. i understand through fact I actual have enjoyed memories with my dad. as long as you husband makes optimistic your son dosent journey above his potential then he would be wonderful. BTW: through fact the guy pronounced above, he suggested he has by no potential broken a bone. I actual have been driving for two decades and that i've got by no potential broken a bone the two. Worst harm I ever have been given exchange into I have been given down in back a sprint as quickly as from touchdown incorrect over a small bounce.

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