How to Increase Speed of Golf Cart/improve Output of Electric Motor?

you may also burn out the motor. have had three carts and tried it on the first with bad result. assume you are not a golfer. golfers dont hurry

1. What is the range on a Chevy Volt that just uses it's electric motor and not it's gas engine?

Had mine for over a year - 9,500 miles 12 gallons of gas used. I've averaged 44 miles a charge over time I've had it. Best I've done is 51 miles and the worst was 29 during a sub freezing couple of days. Best car I've ever owned.

2. Does GMu2019s dealer network cripple GMu2019s transition from ICE to electric motor vehicles?

Quite the opposite, Ray. GM's dealers tell GM's management what the American public wants. How else would a bunch of fat-cat executives know?Transition... To what?Adjusted for inflation we have the lowest gas prices since I was a kid 60 years ago. Unless you count the consumer nightmare called California. There is practically no EV infrastructure yet. Even with hybrids, there is almost no demand. As soon as Washington drops EV and hybrid subsidies the interest in those products evaporates. The GM dealers are out there in the countryside where the rubber meets the damn road. They are taking the pulse of the American public seven days a week.They know exactly what the public wants (and it ai not little windup cars). The public wants big honkin' SUVs and pickups. And that is exactly what they should have

3. would a typical electric motor 220v work on car battary?

220v is an AC voltage, car batteries are DC DC is 1 phase of AC so I think your answer is No

4. How can I apply a load to an electric motor to simulate realistic conditions for an experiment?

You could use almost anything as a load. As has been mentioned before, a brake would work, so would a second motor, driven as a generator with a bank of power resistors as a load (They can get nice and toasty). A variable pitch propeller in air would work, varying the pitch would change the load. So would a centrifugal pump circulating a fluid, if you had a flow control valve opening and closing it would vary the load. The possibilities are pretty much wide open. Personally, I think the easiest to implement would be using a second motor and a resistor bank, but that's mostly because that's what I did way back when I was in college

5. How much does a pre-2016 battery and electric motor cost (including labor) for a Toyota Prius? Trying to make a car-buy decision. :)?

You should not buy a car without a engine it suggests that the transmission was probably pretty worn on to also to get a engine put in itd cost around 2000 and it's got to many unknown factors

6. Where can I purchase a two-stroke electric motor w/ electic start?

two stroke electric? Do you mean 2 phase electric? 2 stroke refers to a gas engine that has two cycles. As far as getting one with electric start, you could look for a scooter to take apart.

7. Any opinions on electric motor repair in Irving, TX?

Answering this question skill stereotyping. the a number of element could be actual for some for some time. no longer unavoidably all factors would be actual for all women people all time. subsequently, this is a sturdy question yet know female as she is is the respond

8. How do you change the horsepower in an electric motor?

by changing the pulley or gear on output shaft smaller gear will make more power

9. How efficient is a gasoline engine to a electric motor car?

Yes, but I would also include the energy efficiency necessary to charge the batteries with electricity! That does not come for free you know. Your power electric company is spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and burning fossil fuels in many cases so you can keep your batteries charged up

10. How do you remove the shaft from an electric motor?

Depending on how the casing is dismantled (a) two semi-circular prisms forming a cylinder or (b) a complete thick short tube with one or both ends removable, the armature can usually be lifted/slid out with or without the need to undo circlips/retainers. Very seldom will the field-windings and commutator (small dia' end) be detachable from this shaft. But the 'slide-fit' brushes, whose wires are attached to the casing, are often a user servicable part. Much herewith also applies to generators/dynamos, each application only differing by directions their diodes operate in.How do you remove the shaft from an electric motor?

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