How Were the British Ships Who Led the Offensive Columns in the Battle of Trafalgar Able to Avoid Be

To the other excellent answers I would just add morale. The British thought their Admiral walked on water and they could trash anybody that came within his range. The Spanish did not want to be there, their ships were undermanned and their morale was about as low an you could get. The French Admiral had to be ordered to engage Nelson and thought it was clearly the decision of a man who knew nothing about the sea or its battles. And he was only too well aware of the state of the Spanish fleet

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What are the downsides of Modi government?

demerits:too much noise and PR; less item that is really impacting the lives of peopledemonetization literally broke the back of many genuine business men who were dealing in cash, like event agencies, small business who were not really in any way corrupt but working within the systemextremism in the name of gau raksha; emboldening fringe elementmake in India ( has been good in many ways like mobile manufacturing) but overall more in papersi think a hurry to initiate everything and not telling people that such initiatives will always take time, 5 years is not a huge timeline,some great initiatives but impact yet to be really seen


If Lyanna Stark went with Rhaegar willingly, then did Rickard and Brandon Stark die for nothing?

Great answers everywhere. Lyanna was not to blame. Rhaegar was the stupid one here.The problem was that he was nowhere around to face the Starks nor to stop his father. The guy was said to be very smart, so how could he not anticipate that running off with Lyanna was going to cause a major conflict? the Starks (and the Baratheons) were not going to sit in their hands and would demand an explanation and satisfaction, and without Rhaegar to intervine the situation was going straight to the very unhinged King.A spark to the gasoline, basically


What is the difference between a Sony Bravia KLV-40R482B 40-inch LED TV and Sony Bravia KDL-40R470B LED TV?

Sony's KLV series are analogue TVs whereas KDL series are analogue & digital. It's better to go for digital TVs as they are the future in television broadcasting.KDL uses X-Reality PRO engine for more detail and clarity whereas KLV series comes with Clear Resolution Enhancer for detailed TV pictures with less noise.

When it comes to sound, KDL is featured with Bass Reflex Speaker for clear and crisp full range sound with slim design and KLV with Built-in woofer for powerful bass sound with Slim Design.These are the major differences, inter alia, I have noticed.Source: Compare LCD TVs : Choose your LCD TV : BRAVIA LED TV.


What books have you read that led to your being an atheist?

I was already an atheist, I just didnt realize it. I read A Witches Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar. I dont remember what it was that made me come to the realization, but reading that book made me realize that other people actually believe in deities. That the worship is real for them. It was just ritual for me and I always saw deity, Abrahamic or otherwise, as mythology. The ritual was nice for me, but I didnt truly believe any of it. I thought everyone saw it the way I did, but they dont. I dropped all religion at that point.


Why are New York brownstones elevated so high above the street?

For maximizing square footage built on your land, owing to specific zoning and build able land use rights. Typically its only square footage above the street level that counts toward how many square feet you can build. Sink your first floor a few feet below the street, and you get a free buildable floor thats still livable with natural light within your buildable envelope. This compels you to raise the true first floor (or parlor floor in brownstone nomenclature), up nearly a full flight from the street. Its about getting the most bang for your buck on a land purchase


Which MCU film is simply the most important to the overall plot of the MCU excludin Infinity War?

I have to go along with Nathaniel Stanish on this one: The Age of Ultron. So much was going on, so much was revealed. We already knew that Thanos was a threat, but now we could see that he was getting closer. And the threat that Infinity Stones were. But I have to add this -The first Avengers movie has to be considered important as well. Each Avenger movie has been a threshold event. Where all the existing elements, and plot lines came together, and created something new. It kicked that first stone down the mountain side


Why is space really dark even when the sun shines?

Whole universe is filled with the light.Something need to there to suck the light.Mass or perticles suck the light and ratote all arrond. That's why we can see the mass and thought it is the light. But actually we can't see the light. We see only perticles.

Not all the mass rotate the light. For example air, it tried to suck the light, but this hot energy gets slipped because of speed.I think, light gets momentum due to cold energy. It is not thrown by the object with high speed.

So universe is union of hot energy and cold energy. It is like a cyclone


What small decisions led you to where you are right now in terms of your professional career?

Thanks for A2A..Life is all about taking small steps, no matter what the popular beliefs say about it.Every small decision, no matter how insignificant they appear to be play a crucial role in being some place. In fact, every small mistake counts more in becoming better, provided one is willing to learn from them, instead of getting sad or disheartened.

The important point is to define an objective and stick to it, no matter what happens.You have to become one with your decisions to be anywhere..ORIGINAL QUESTION:


What are your top 5 reasons to vote against Trump in 2020?

He is orange and everyone knows orange man bad amiright?He believes in borders (I know we all leave our homes unlocked when we go out). What a cad.He believes in America first. How disgusting amiright? Why wouldn't he put other countries first before the US? Its almost like his job is to look after the US and its citizens.Would you believe he married a foreigner? I shudder to think.

Would you believe african american, asian and hispanic unemployment levels were at record lows (before Coronavirus)? We need those minorities to stay addicted and dependent on the welfare state amiright?Wait, what was the question again? ;-)


Why does Scotland seem to have a hard time getting independence from England?

Scotland is not having a hard time from England in getting independence, you need to look to Nicola Sturgeon and her motives. She is being tactical in what she is doing. Instead of formally approaching the Scottish people and having a referendum (again) she is waiting until she thinks she will get a favourable vote. Until that happens she will continue spouting and not pursue it further.Also, what do you mean that Scotland is getting a hard time gaining independence, as a referendum has already been held, and the people voted to remain in the UK. Just because its Nicola Sturgeons desire doesnt mean its anyone elses.


Can we expect surprising results in 2019 Lok Sabha elections?

BJP winning 303 NDA reaching around 350. Almost all the exit polls came true.Complete white wash to regional party players like Akhilesh, Kumarasamy, Mufti and others.CBN failed to win the loksabha elections.BJP gaining foothold in Telengana, Odisha, North East and states including west bengal as well.

Karnataka sweep will still hope for BJPs entry in Southern states of India.Smriti winning Amethi , the giant killer.AAP losing the battle again to Modi. AAP completely washed out by BJP as 70.End of dynasty politics, KCR daughter loosing the seat to BJP.

Congress loosing the entire Hindi heartland completely


Why is Avengers: Infinity War praised so much?

So far the general response to Infinity War has been one of its very good, but.Many of the reviews are not mindlessly gushing over it. The responses have been largely fair and objective.

It is a very good movie IMO. It deserves plenty of kudos, but what elevates it is the sheer balls and originality required to craft a movie that brings together multiple huge personalities from multiple blockbusters into a coherent and highly-watchable whole.Think of how many things that could have gone wrong, and the (not-altogether-undeserved) fawning over Infinity War starts to make sense


Could a peasant who was talented in combat (sword, staff, or just bare hands) during the Medieval Ages ever be promoted to being a knight or taken on as a career soldier in the army?

Yes. Absolutely. Having said that. Knights were the only career soldiers unless youre talking about the late middle ages/early modern period, where professional mercenaries like the lansquenets became an integral part of warfare.However becoming a lansquenet was pretty easy, all you had to do was sign up basically. I dont know where the myth of static caste systems in the middle ages europe came from but its bullshit.

Enoblement was a common practice and even European Royal Houses today trace their ancestry back to Castellans that would somehow end up in posession of a castle that they were assigned to run


Why do Americans think that Canada didn't do anything in WWII?

Theres about 320 million people in the US. Of course youre going to meet Americans that think of this fallacy. To be frank, on Quora, many Canadians make statements on here that the US sat out the war until it was almost won by the other allies, we only got into it to make money, we were inept, we didnt do much fighting, the USSR beat Japan, shall I go on? All people are guilty of ignorance.

Regretfully, if an American that thinks only American and British soldiers fought in WWII, is basically an idiot. Let it go


Does the color affect power consumption in LED and LCD screens? How?

Any screen has a particular color gamut that it can reproduce. There is a design trade-off between a larger gamut, with more highly saturated colors, and power consumption. This is because more highly saturated colors require narrower band passes on the pixel color filters. That, in turn, requires a brighter backlight in order to produce the same screen brightness.This is actually much more of an issue for displays with fluorescent backlights than those with LED backlights. LEDs can be made sufficiently narrowband to begin with. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why most backlighting today uses LEDs


What will be the scenario in 2020 if Donald Trump gets elected as President of the US?

The Good Times continue. Economy, Unemployment, GDP upWall may finally be completed and we stop that bleeding. Perhaps even liberals will acknowledge the United States is a Sovereign country and their country and needs protecting. Miracles happen everyday. They might even realize taking a dump in public on the sidewalk is not the best thing to happen to the advancement of civilization or handing out needles to druggies might be a bit stupidtalk about being habitually not smart and encouraging people with chemical addictions to continue until they die from it? I guess they buy alcoholics a bottle of liquor when they see them too?.


Who do you trust more to get the country back on its feet, Trump or Biden? Why?

Neither one! Its sad that our choices are between two people who are not the best for the position. At the moment I would hate to say it, but Trump might be the only option. Dems have wasted years trying to get him out of office and done everything short of killing the guy! He has done pretty decent with everyone against him. For not a well polished politician hes doing better than Biden would do! We should be voting for president not a Vice President and thats what its coming down to!


Do some Moroccans have Arab DNA?

To be an Arab is to speak Arabic, but yes DNA more specifically from the Arabian peninsula is part of the mix in Morocco. In most places local DNA dominates and invading Arabs brought few people so the language dominates but DNA tends to be a mix of indigenous and Arabian peninsula people and people they brought like sub-Saharans, or later, Europeans. Ancient DNA shows both some sub-Saharan DNA was present as was DNA from Iberia as well.

Even the Arabian peninsula has a mix of DNA itself, i.e. to be Arab was not one thing even in 600 AD

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