I Am Getting Two Female Rats soon, and I Need to Block Off My Closet, but Im Not Sure How...?


1. What should I use to block off part of the crate for my puppy?

They have a thing called a "crate divider" and it comes in different sizes to accommodate the size crate you have. It is a piece of fencing that has spring clips on it to hold it in place. You can get them from places like Drs. Foster and Smith or any of the other dog catalog houses.

2. Is it necessary to block off hotel rooms for out of town wedding guests?

It would be nice of you to reserve a block of rooms, you may even get them a discount! 40 miles is closer than where they came from

3. how do i block off a heater core?

Just unhook the two hose going into the heater core at the back of the engine on the (Firewall),then hook the two hoses together, it's that easy. You want have a heater,

4. when sitting on the couch, I feel cold air from the cold air return. Should I block if off?

Wear slippers or socks

5. Is it legal for my apartment manager to all of a sudden block off the rent drop slot in her door?

Yes. You can either pay your rent in person during office hours or mail your payment. It may however violate the lease if the lease specifies the payments can be made by drop slot at any hour

6. What did they use to block off crime scenes in 1950?

A cop stood there and said, "move along now, nothing to see here"

7. Is it Legal to block off part of a road with cones and tape,?

nooooooooooooo unless the state give you a permit to put the cones up it is illegal and very very bad if you get caught call the police or somthing thats not legal at ALL!

8. Do you have a phobia for elevators? Why are buidlings allowed to block off stairwells?

I could be wrong but I was under the impression that doors in business building are locked because people were sneaking in and doing things like grabbing people's purses and getting out of the building before anyone could get to them. Like I said I could be wrong but it's what I understood the reason for locking the doors

9. ways to block off toddler room without acess of a gate?

They make plastic things that go on the door handles that would keep her from getting out of her room. They are only a couple dollars. I use one to keep my 3 year old from escaping through our garage and running down the street. On bedroom doors they make me a little nervous though, because if there happened to be a fire the plastic could melt onto the door handle, preventing you from opening the door. Of course, the burning hot door handle might too... Anyway, there the information is, you would have to make your own decision on whether or not it's right for you

10. How to block off a door leading onto a flat roof?

Would a metal grate-type security door satisfy the requirement? Instead of using the hinges, you could just screw it to the outside wall. That would allow the inner door to open, but would not allow any egress

11. How do I "block off” an area with command blocks?

You could do it by TPing all players not in a specified team away. Add all players that you want to access the area to a team:Then you need a command block in Repeat mode in the area, you can use needs redstone or always active, but I would suggest that you at first run a redstone wire with repeaters and a lever at the end for testing.Repeating command block command:Example:

12. How do I block off part of my large backyard?

Either fence off the furniture/ grill area or vice versa. Those are pretty much your options with big dogs. Ideally electric fence (or well trained dogs) for the outer perimeter and solid fence with gates for the grill area.

13. As terran, what are the most common techniques to block off the entrance ramp to your base?

You would build your first depot in the corner then your bunker in the middle and your second depot on the other corner like so:This is the most typical wall off because it is the fastest. If your enemy is doing a super early attack such as a 6 pool you can have it up in time with only minor cutting of workers (based off your scouting info).Later game you can then move your barracks to a more central location if you wish or if the ramp placement prevents add ons. If you wish to maintain the wall off you can easily replace it with another depot.If you suspect there will be an early one base push you can move the rax to build a bunker in it's place, this will make you safe from most attacks with a few scvs repairing behind.This kind of wall off is the most commonly used simply because it's the fastest standard way to get one down. In most cases it will be fine to do this in every game. However note that it is less likely to be useful against Terran and Protoss as a wall off to them provides them with a safe way to poke at your buildings. So if your apm is not high enough to handle ramp harass on your wall off I would suggest you do not do it against Protoss and Terran. Another similar wall off is a barracks and a depot at the bottom of the ramp. However this has been removed with the introduction of the rocks that render the bottom of the ramp unbuildable but still pathable

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Were one or more machines required to be running 24/7 on the network after the first block was mined?
Were one or more machines required to be running 24/7 on the network after the first block was mined?
He didn't have to, and it appears that he actually didn't. Block #1 has a timestamp that's more than 5 days later than the genesis block. Any decent computer in 2009 would have been able to mine a block at difficulty 1 much faster than that, most likely within a couple of hours. (I have a computer I bought in 2010, not particularly fast by the standards of those time, and it produces about 2 MHash/sec, so that it would mine a difficulty 1 block in an average of about 2000 seconds or about 33 minutes.) So almost certainly, neither Satoshi nor anybody else was mining during those 5 days. There's another gap of 24 hours between blocks #14 and #15, which suggests nobody was mining during that time period either. I don't think we know this. It's likely he did some sort of testing with multiple nodes prior to release, but I don't know of any data for how many nodes there were on the live network in the earliest days after release. We also would have no way to know for sure whether they were being operated by Satoshi or someone else.Then no blocks get generated, that's all. Nobody collects any block rewards if nobody is mining. If any transactions were created during that time, they could not have been confirmed until after someone started mining again. It's not inherently necessary that people be mining at all times - things start right back up when they come back. The software can't really tell the difference between "nobody is mining" and "people are mining, but due to bad luck there hasn't been a new block for a while". As mentioned above, probably not. • Suggested Reading Where is the old option TraceInternal->True? Let me first answer your second question, since I can only guess about the main question:It's really just the coloring that goes wrong and has nothing to do with functionality. You can see that it is not even related to TraceInternal by using a officially documented optionThe reason for the wrong coloring is the FunctionInformation.m file. There, the coloring patterns for each built in function can be found and the one of Trace is just wrongAs you see, Trace is supposed to have 1 or optionally 2 arguments which is not correct. Fix it with the following and everything looks non-red:In the case of the behavior of TraceInternal one should first note, that it indeed still works. You can test this by e.g. search this site for TraceInternal and try the examples you find. You will see that it indeed traces internal functions, just not Roots. What I suspect is that Wolfram turned tracing for some part of the Solve code off. I can kind of mimic something like this by using Block to temporarily overwrite the value of $TraceOn or $TraceOff. With this, I can prevent that the tracer steps into some part of my code. It seems Wolfram did something else because I couldn't find traces of something like that when looking closer at your Solve call. By looking closer I mean something like the following which prints the evaluation stack when Roots is reached.In the above output, you will find many things that are called, for instance PolynomialGCD. . Still it is not possible to catch those expressions with trace. In my opinion the more general question should be: How is it possible to make parts of the evaluation completely invisible to trace? ------ Disable compression on SSL/TLS connections in Apache 16 using mod_header First, CRIME only applies if your website uses all of these three: It is only useful for hijacking active sessions, and is most useful if your server doesn't require session IP matching. While many websites do use this combination, it's not as common as many would think. Also, some statistics suggest that What Does NOT Work: The Vary field just tells upstream proxies if they're allowed to cache a dynamic page. While it's important to consider for your caching strategy, not so much for this particular vulnerability.Unsetting the Accept-Encoding field will only affect mod_deflate or mod_gzip; it doesn't affect compression by SSL/TLS. So your method will not work.What Does Work: There are two options for protecting your server. You can disable compression support in your SSL/TLS library, by recompiling it without compression; or you can patch your server to support the SSLCompression directive. Apache 2.4.x supports this directive natively. Apache 2.2.22 can be patched relatively easily. Various Operation System Distributions are back-porting the patches now, check with your Distro provider for details (most Linux Distro use ancient versions of Apache that they've written custom back-ports of security patches for. So you'll pretty much be at your Distro's mercy if you're using their sanctioned packages).How Sure Are You: There's a very easy to use SSL "Problem" Scanner available from SSL Labs. It will detect if your server is CRIME vulnerable. You can semi-ignore BEAST warnings as all modern browsers have fixed the issue client side. It would depend on your particular set of circumstances however. ------ Use of javascript in Tor browser If you need the javascript turned on to sign in to a website, your biggest problem is not javascript, your biggest problem is signing in. By signing in you are revealing who you are! Of course, you may use a pseudonym to sign in, but even using pseudonym, you are not anonymous any more. You are pseudo-anonymous. Now you should be real careful not to associate your actual name with your pseudonym through any means. For example, the style you write may reveal some information about you. What you write is also reveal some information about you. What Websites you visit reveal some information about you. If you let something slip, your anonymity maybe over and your pseudonym maybe linked to your real identity. In short, you have a bigger problem now than the javascript being turned on. Having said that, The javascript being turned on is one vector to attack and de-anonymise you, albeit, an important one. But remember, it is one vector among many vectors that can be utilized to de-anonymize you. Anonymity is difficult, specially if you continuesly use Tor to visit many different websites and you do not isolate each of these visits by for example, starting with new identity for each website you visit or even better having a new and unique instance of Tor for each website you visit.By default The Tor browser enables javascript. Thus, you should have no problem to sign in or log in to many sites. Folks have an option to manually disable the javascript to enhance their anonymity. In your case, since you like to sign in or log in to some sites you should stick in with default Tor browser settings. ------ I think there is something wrong with this problem. How do you know if the vertical acceleration is zero? You're correct that the vertical component of Newton's second law should be$$sum F_y ma_y$$You set $a_y 0$ because the block is not flying up off the table. This is implied by the wording of the problem: usually blocks are assumed not to be flying up off their tables unless it is explicitly stated that that is a possibility. Plus, the fact that they ask for an apparent weight suggests that the block is staying against the surface it sits on. However, you can also show that the block stays on the table if the diagonal force is $15text N$. To do so, you use the rule that the normal force will be as strong as it has to be to cancel out the forces pushing the block against the surface.In detail, you add up all forces acting on the block other than the normal force, which in this case gives you $Fsintheta - mg$. If this "subtotal force" is directed into the surface, the normal force will have the same magnitude but will act away from the surface, so that the net force including the normal force is zero.$$N sum_textother F_perp 0$$On the other hand, if the "subtotal force" is directed away from the surface, the normal force will be unable to counteract it. In that case the normal force will be zero, and there will be a net force on the block. Since net force equals acceleration, you can then conclude that the block will have an acceleration perpendicular to the table, i.e. it will fly up off the table.In short, the status of the block's motion and the normal force depends on the sum of the other forces: ------ Windows 2008: re-use of deleted blocks on virtual thin disks Check with the vendor but you are likely wasting your time archiving. The allocated space to the LUN will not shrink by virtue of deleting files in Windows. Note that the allocated space to the LUN is different than the size of the LUN itself. If you thin provision a 100GB LUN, and write 10GB of data to it, the SAN will allocate 10GB worth of raw disk blocks on its underlying disks to the LUN. Then, when Windows wants to write to a new block, this grows the % of space on your thin LUN that becomes allocated/provisioned. Over time, as Windows requests to write to pristine (never-touched) blocks, those blocks will be allocated by the SAN from its global pool of unused blocks, and the allocated/provisioned size of the LUN will increase further. Eventually with enough data churn, a thin provisioned LUN will become thick provisioned. It may take a long time, but it depends entirely on the OS's behavior.Without special software (that basil has mentioned), the SAN has no way of knowing which blocks can be reclaimed, as the SAN can't "see" NTFS (or any other filesystem) by itself. Additionally, most of the time you need to have this software running in Windows before the volume becomes thickly provisioned, but again check with the vendor.In general, thin provisioning buys you time (you don't have to allocate all your storage at the get-go) but eventually you will need to back your volumes 100% with storage.Note, my understanding is that Linux does prefer to overwrite blocks instead of using pristine ones, but I don't have a reference to back that up. ------ Asynchronous commit on Postgres over iSCSI with BBU storage Actually, that's kind of backwards. Turning synchronous_commit off is unsafe no matter what, in that it permits the database to lose recently committed transactions if it crashes. This is true with, or without, BBU or crash-safe SSD storage.What synchronous_commit off does is allows you to trade durability for speed when you're on storage where flushes are expensive so you want to batch them up and want to avoid client latency while apps wait for flushes. It has much less effect on storage where flushes are fast, since you do less waiting for commits to happen - so it's pretty much all downside and little benefit.In general, you should not set synchronous_commit off globally. As the documentation advises, you should SET LOCAL synchronous_commit off in specific transactions that you don't need to be durable, leaving it enabled otherwise. That way you might lose transactions you're not so fussed about, but not the ones that're making important changes.If you can't afford potential loss of transactions that clients think are committed at all, you may instead want to consider a commit_delay, which pauses to try to batch a few commits together before flushing. This can produce a throughput improvement on I/O subsystems with really slow flushes without sacrificing durability. You may also want to consider using UNLOGGED tables for specific tables you can afford to lose in a crash. If Pg crashes while the table is dirty it'll truncate it and you'll have to re-populate it, but there'll be no wider database corruption.If anyone tells you to turn fsync off - please don't. It should be called eat_my_data on, and is totally unsuitable for anything except throw-away instances where you can easily reconstruct the lot after a crash
Block Off: Common Questions
1. Port 25 blocked but Firewall is off duplicateWhy can't I receive external mail/incoming SMTP connections? Sendmail and other MTA serversAre you sure your sendmail does not listen ONLY on loopback interface? is default configuration on quite a few distributions.You may use netstat -ant| grep :25 to chek it.Sendail FAQ 4.22: Why can't I receive external mail?In short: You may need to comment out DAEMON_OPTIONS line with in your sendail.mc and recompile it into sendmail.cf.------2. Is it bad SEO to embed an img tag in the middle of a sentence?This will not affect your SEO. And even if it did, how much do you really think it would affect it? Not to mention a better user experience usually makes for better SEO anyways as that increases your chances of acquiring natural links which we all know does have a positive impact on your rankings.Basically, don't even give SEO another thought when it comes to this or anything like it------3. Create one-off page with specific fields and templateUse the Empty Page module and create an empty page.Just like node content types, you can create a custom block type in /admin/structure/block/block-content/typesAdd fields to your block type, and then in /admin/structure/block/block-content create a block of your block type. Place block in content region and for Visibility > Pages put the URL for your empty page, so the block is only visible at this page.------4. What happens if an attacking creature is blocked by a creature with equal power and toughness?A combat isn't "won" or "lost". In fact, creatures aren't really directly compared at all in combat. Each creature deals damage equal to its power to the other creature, and then, if they have received damage equal to or greater than their toughness (including damage from other sources earlier in the turn), or any damage at all from a creature with deathtouch, they are destroyed------5. Can a wallet deny payments to it?No, you cannot do that. The wallet doesn't really hold the coins, it is a structure that contains some private keys which in turn can digitally prove that you are the owner of their public hash, also known as a bitcoin address. As long as a bitcoin address is valid, anyone can send any sort of payments to it and none can prevent this from happening------6. Why is AF slow in Live View on DSLRs?A typical compact camera uses a smaller sensor, which allows for shorter focal lengths and deeper depth of field for similar field of view and f-number. Therefore, a compact camera has to move its lens much less and also needs less precision for achieving acceptable focus.Also, expectations for compact camera focusing speed are lower than for dSLR, so slowness is less noticeable.------7. Geographical distribution of mining power/workNot that I can find. You could work out the geographic distribution of mining pools based on information provided by blockchain.info, but they receive mining power from pool contributors from around the world, so that wouldn't really give you a complete picture. If a major pool went down (or was blocked off from the rest of the internet) most miners would just switch to another pool.------8. Trying to fix a website that was built with WordPress and then taken off of itIf you have no database copy/backup, and the site is entirely static HTML, then you're going to have to populate it by hand. You have a lot of copy pasting to doYou'll need to take a minimal theme such as underscores, and copy over the styling and HTML, plumb in the post loop and important PHP such as the header and footer function calls etc------9. xfs incremental backup doesn't fit new diskUsing cp -R to copy your hardlinked data is removing the hardlinks.At this point ls shows two 140MB files, but they are hard linked, so du reports just 140MB in use.This shows that cp -R doesn't preserve the hardlink status.The (or at least, one) right way to copy this is to use rsync again, with the -H (or --hard-links) parameter------10. Disable phone calls while in certain appsNope I dont thing there is an app to do that. The game developer has to build a game such away that when game starts airplane mode has to start or even a setting for to change airplane mode on/off. As far as I know apps cannot block incoming calls.Workaound is you can try Callcontrol and schedule the time to block calls------11. What if I'm wiped out battling against the legendary Pokmon?Where you find Groudon is when it takes you somewhere and you battle its Primal form, right? If memory serves me right there's another way you can go in the cave that leads to where the actual fight happens. This other way is blocked off until Groudon/Kyogre take you to where the actual battle occurs but since you've done that scene it should be fine------12. Algorithm for distributing members over activites (with individual preferences)Although you could probably formulate and solve this problem using some sort of optimization algorithm (a mixed-integer formulation immediately comes to mind, and would be expensive), you might first try looking at algorithms for solving variants of the stable marriage problem. Your problem sounds close to something that might look like the hospitals/residents problem, but it would be difficult to know for sure without asking more questions------13. Why exposed filter doesn't appear, when ajax is off in block viewSimply because it is not a page. If you notice on page view, with ajax off, you will see a parameter passes through the url. If you go to that url directly, it automatically filters your value. Since blocks are not pages (do not have urls), you cannot do that. Therefore, reloading the block with AJAX is the only option for exposed filters in blocks------14. When is MPI_Wait necessary for non-blocking calls?You are right that there are situations where you can determine by reasoning that an Isend or Irecv has been concluded, and so you don't have to do a Wait semantically. In that case, the only reason for doing the wait is that the "I" operation allocates an MPI_Request object and you need to deallocate it. So the wait prevents memory leaks. You can also use MPI_Request_free to deallocate the request object.------15. Pass custom variable to block.html.twigYou will need to preprocess the block instead of the page. Preprocessing pages will not pass a variable to the block. See hook_preprocess_block. If you are needing to determine values based on how many times a block is rendered you can look into using drupal_static to store variables that can be reused during the rendering process. Drupal static example:.------16. Is the sharing of variables in Module/Block within Compile documented behavior?If you look at the generated code (CompilePrint, for example), the procedure is as follows: Here is what CompilePrint gives for your example:and here is a more complicated example including nested Module-s and local variable naming conflicts:Analyzing the register allocations in these examples confirms the procedure I suggested above. Given this, it looks like the effect you have noticed can be relied upon (but this has a status of an educated guess only)------17. How do I hide the default page /node?Create a node, then go to site configuration -> site information, and set the home page to the path of the node. So if it's your first node, it would be node/1.Edit: By default, just by creating a node that page will disappear if you check 'promote to front page'. The site information step will make that node your actual front page------18. Can i use ipv6 without ipv4Assuming those websites and other resources run on servers that support do IPv6 - sure. However, IPv6 addresses are mostly unique (and if you have a few, they could block the whole range).You would also tend to connect to IPv6 then try IPv4 in most dualstack implementations so "turning off ipv4" should be not needed.Its worth figuring out why you're blocked before doing any of this as well------19. Is it possible to resume fsck.ext4 using offset X?in case you only need to look for bad blocks, you can call badblocks directly. From the manual:the problem with this answer is: I havent tried it so I cant suggest a safe command. fsck does call badblocks program.you can use the bad blocks result with this fsck option later Obs.: anyone feel free to edit this with a safe command/way to use badblocks :)------20. Blocking or deleting a sent messageIf the message shows one tick in Whatsapp then it is already too late. The contact will receive your message when they open their Whatsapp app on their device.If you had turned on airplane mode whilst the clock timer was visible on the message then the message wouldn't have been sent, and you could have deleted it to prevent it from leaving your device.------21. Which one is considered the departure time of a commercial flight?In this document you will find some of the many timestamps used in CDM.As you can see there, the EOBT is the timestamp displayed in the flight plan.The time on the ticket usually corresponds to the ETA/ETD which in term should be STOT (scheduled take-off time).Are you extracting information from a data source or are you just curious?------22. I'm having trouble with collision detection in XNA closedHere's how I would solve this problem. The code written below is written out of memory, not tested - you will obviously have to make it legal C# code and adapt it to your project.This solution is the most basic one, and has many problems. I wrote some articles about 2D collision I advise you to read:------23. Retain empty lines in a RichText fieldDon't use Redactor / a Rich Text field for code blocks is probably the only answer one can give right now.Instead you could use a Plain Text field for your article and get the formatting done with markdown. Or you could use Matrix and keep using Redactor for the text parts of your article and have a separate block type for code.------24. Is taking a method explanation from books and papers considered plagiarism?If you are using somebody else's words, you need to make this fact clear and explicit via quotation/block quotation; to do otherwise is clearly plagiarism, even if you are splicing together multiple different sources into some sort of Frankenparagraph. If you are making a complex remix of two sources, proper quotation may feel very choppy and incoherent, however, so you are probably better off paraphrasing into your own words instead------25. Why won't ossec block SSH connections when it seems to be configured correctly?The timeout in the OSSEC block is after what time the response will be rolled back: in other words, after 1800 seconds (or 20 seconds, when you changed it), the IP will be allowed again.Rule 5712 in the default configuration detects SSH brute force -- try connecting a number of times. You can also look in the file /var/ossec/logs/alerts/alerts.log to see when alerts are fired.------26. How do I set Google Chrome to not allow javascript to hijack my right click menuYou can easily enable/disable or allow/block javascript on any website in Google chrome.Just click on paper sign before the site url. Under permisions you will see javescript, click down arrow you will see a menu, select "Always block on this site" and reload web page so changes can take effect.Hope this will help.Here is link to image.------27. How do I check server tokens are off?Take a look at InSpec, a tool that allows you "turn your compliance, security, and other policy requirements into automated tests."can do all the configuration testing that you need for your Nginx server. Here's one way to test for the existence of the conf file and the value of server_tokens:If set correctly, InSpec returns:If not:.------28. How do I block access to the webserver from a given IP?The firewall rule may not been effective against an existing session. Although you added the rule to your firewall, the existing connection from the attacker may have still been in affect as it was established prior to the rule. Breaking the connection after placing the rule into affect would stop the attack situation.To break the connection, you can just stop and restart the web service------29. Will I have to appear in court or another proceeding about a suicide I discovered?I've been called back to the police station a week after the event, to make a statement. Constable said (paraphrasing)Almost two years later, I have been notified of the coroner's inquest and that a formal court hearing will not be necessary in this instance. Admittedly C19 could have added 9 months, but the initial reading of "up to 12 months" was an underestimate.Added for more closure.
Questions About Common Block Off
1. Spectrum of perturbed matrix independent of perturbationIf the spectrum of $A t B$ (including algebraic multiplicity) is independent of $t$, then the characteristic polynomial is also independent of $t$. This can occur if the nonzero entries of $A$ and $B$ are placed so that the first minor of $AB$ for each nonzero entry of $B$ is $0$. For example, this occurs for $A$ and $B$ of the form$$ A pmatrix* & * & * & * & *cr * & * & * & * & *cr 0 & 0 & * & * & *cr 0 & 0 & 0 & * & *cr 0 & 0 & 0 & * & *cr, B pmatrix0 & 0 & * & * & *cr 0 & 0 & * & * & *cr 0 & 0 & 0 & * & *cr 0 & 0 & 0 & 0 & 0cr 0 & 0 & 0 & 0 & 0cr $$(where $*$ denotes an entry that may be nonzero). Thus, corresponding to the $(1,j)$ entry with $j ge 3$, when we delete the first row and $j$'th column of $AtB$ the first two columns of the resulting matrix have nonzeros only in the first remaining row, resulting in a determinant of $0$. Similarly, if the $n times n$ matrix $A$ has an $m times m$ block at the top left, such that all entries below this block are $0$, and the only nonzero entries of $B$ are in the first $m$ rows to the right of this block, then the spectrum of $AB$ won't depend on $B$.------2. What are the current carriers in a PN junction?Mobile electrons are the (plentiful) majority charge carriers in the N type region whilst mobile holes are the (plentiful) majority carriers in the P type regionThe fact that the holes that diffuse to the N type region recombine there does not take away from the fact that they crossed the depletion region contributing to the total current through that region.Similarly, electrons that diffuse to the P type region recombine there but, as with the holes, they crossed the depletion region and contributed to the total current through that region.Since the device is overall charge neutral, the (total) current through the depletion region is the current through the device (don't forget that there is an attached external circuit through which the current circulates). I don't follow your reasoning; the depletion region forms at the junction on the, e.g., N type side since electrons diffuse to the P-type side leaving behind ions.But when an external circuit is connected with the appropriate polarity, electrons flow from the external circuit into the N-type side which reduces the width of the depletion region.------3. Cant access my raspi web-server from outside my local networkAfter doing some research I have found that my ISP blocks traffic from port 80. So port forwarding won't do much. What I am able to do is change the site to be hosted on port 8443. But since the default port that http is connected to is 80 that means I have to do www.websitename.com:8443 every time to access it. Once my internet providers give me access to switching the (port block) off, on port 80 (which I think they will be adding it soon) then I should be fine with the apache default setting. But since I already changed my configuration to host it on 8443 I am thinking I can just redirect traffic to go from 80 to 8443 via port forwarding. But I will have to wait until I can unblock 80. This is what I've followed THIS to get the site hosted on 8443 but I did have to change some things because of the apache2 version I am using. Here are the changes I had to make.apache2/ports.confapache2/sites-available/000-default.confapache2/sites-available/default-ssl.confapache2/apache.confThis goes at the bottom of the file------4. Can you file an open-ended IFR flight plan?If operating within a single area (TRACON) then file from KABC -> KABC and in remarks put "Practice APCHS KXYZ KDEF". The controller will be asking you what your next approach will be at some point. Another tactic is to file to ABC VOR (or some other fix) and request a hold. I like this method, as the student gets a hold with an EFC and that gives me time to decide how many orbits they will need as well as the next approach request. I normally have the student ask for the next approach, as it keeps their workload up.The first suggestion is generally preferred because in the event of lost com, in a true IMC environment, it is clear that you will be returning to KABC, unless you encounter VFR first.Remember that an IFR clearance can end at a fix (even a pilot defined fix) and when you are in VMC that can be useful. Similarly, an IFR clearance can begin at a fix, and that can be accomplished in a non-radar environment------5. How to turn off emacs-lisp-checkdoc of flycheck when edit source block in org-mode file?Disable the checker emacs-lisp-checkdoc with the org-src-mode-hook.First search for possible variables which change the behaviour of Flycheck. There are several ways to do this: I would highly recommend to use a completion framework like helm, ido, icicles or any other because with enhanced minibuffer completion the methods above a far more convenient. In this case after some digging and trying out the methods above one may find:Ok now we know the variable we want to change. We only want to change it when editing source blocks in org-mode. If you check M-x describe-mode and look for an enabled minor-mode that starts with org you will find:Know that we know the mode we search for a hook for this mode. As almost always it is just a -hook appended to the mode name: org-src-mode-hook. Most of the time there are multiple methods in Emacs to do stuff. I hope this helps beginners, I know how I was lost in the beginning. Don't be intimidated, when you use the techniques above several times you don't think about it anymore------6. When is MPI_Wait necessary for non-blocking calls?Bill answered the first part, so I'll only answer the second question. An MPI send is blocking if it does not return until it is safe to modify the send buffer and a receive is blocking if it does not return until the receive buffer contains the newly-received message. In practice, outside of buffered sends (thanks, Hristo Iliev), this implies that communication may be required before returning. For example, MPI_Send is blocking because it cannot complete before the message has been buffered or sent. Implementations will usually "eagerly" buffer short messages, in which case MPI_Send appears to return immediately. This means that code looks like:is expected to deadlock for large messages, although it will likely succeed for small enough messages. Nonblocking sends and receives return MPI_Requests that must be completed before buffers are accessed/modified.Some operations are a bit different from sends and receives. MPI_Probe is blocking because it does not return until a message has been found, although the message need not have been received yet. MPI_Iprobe is non-blocking in that it always returns even if there is no message------7. inlineEditSupport not working for components which are not rendered when page is loadedIt's not terribly clear what the issue is. My best guess is that there is something wrong with your DOM and that's causing your rerender to break. Going off of your snippet you posted, I refactored the VF to clean up the DOM some, and changed the object to Account and used standard Account fields just so that it would work in my sandbox. Also, I tested it first with a rerender on the "show details" button below. With rerendering, the field would show up ok and inline edititng worked, but the page block buttons would not show/hide appropriately. I took out the rerender and just let the "show details" button reload the whole page and that made it work properly.Here is what my code looks like:VF PageExtension:And in my testing, both inline edits function ok:The page with top section showingInline-editing field in top section works fineClicking "Show Detail" button to render bottom sectionAnd inline-editing field in bottom section works fine------8. A question about unitary matrixI am supposing that by "block form" you mean "block diagonal form", with diagonal square blocks $V_1,V_2$, and off-diagonal blocks $0$ that you forgot to write. Otherwise your question does not seem to make sense.Although you have difficulty explaining what you want to allow doing with the matrix, I think what you want to allow is some form of change of basis. An arbitrary change of basis will possibly destroy the unitary property. However a unitary change of basis (conjugating by a unitary basis, which means changing from the standard basis to another orthonormal basis) will preserve the unitary property. This is easy to see, since unitary matrices form a group, so even an isolated left or right multiplication will preserve the unitary property (such isolated operation are not what you want to allow, since they do not correspond to a change of basis; however conjugation is made up of two such multiplications).The question arise whether unitary conjugation suffices to bring you unitary matrix into block form. This is the case, and even more: unitary conjugation suffices to completely diagonalise your matrix, which is certainly block-diagonal------9. Windows 2008: re-use of deleted blocks on virtual thin disksWhat you're looking for is actually called "thin reclamation", a process where the server OS tells the underlying storage when it has unmapped a block, even if it's not been zeroed out. Windows 2008 can be configured to act this way with some vendors, however (at least the last time I read about someone testing starwind) not yours. I believe the decision of where to write new data to disk is not configurable in Windows. I'm pretty sure that it's complex enough that you wouldn't want to configure it lightly, though. In any case, you have to assume that Windows will write where it wants regardless of what the back-end storage is up to.If you do delete a large quantity of files, consider migrating them to another thin provisioned LUN. It's a terrible waste of time if you're going to be doing this frequently, but it'll buy you enough time to grow your storage hardware or decide on a more permanent solution------10. TikZ pic gives error in a german exsheets enviromentThe problem seems to originate from the shorthand character " activated by babel. These enable you to type e.g. "a to get the umlaut "" etc. As you also entered umlauts in your example I'm guessing you do not want to use these shorthands anyway, so you can just disable them by adding the option shorthandsoff to the babel package.Note that I also added usepackageutf8inputenc to get the umlauts working. This only works if your file is saved in UTF8 encoding. Depending on your editor and environment, there may be other options for the encoding, e.g. Latin-1 is common on Windows. In that case, simply change the utf8 option accordingly, e.g. to usepackagelatin1inputenc. You will probably get strange errors if the encoding is not set correctly. The only other change I made below is setting question/headings to block instead of topic - you have probably defined that elsewhere in your code, but it gave me an error message. The code as shown below works fine for me.------11. Improve my little syntactic hackI like the idea in general but usually when I introduce a lock in a scope, the scope is usually the whole method so it does not look that ugly:But lets assume that you have situations that make your style worth while in using:Now my problem is that you have situations where things are not as they seem:Only the first statement is inside the lock. Yet I get no compiler error (yes I know silly error but the idea is that you should design your class so that it is really hard to abuse even accidentally):I would change the design slightly so that it used a lambda:This way it will be harder to abuse accidentally.If you are going to have operator bool() conversion method then at least make it explicit so it can not accidentally be abused. But since you are calling this from your own macro I would have a method that you explicitly call. This makes the code easier to understand.I would do this:
Block Off with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
1. Why won't mobs spawn in my trapThere are two points to remember that may seem contradictory: first, like Nicholas pointed out, you need to makes sure that your mobspawner is the only nonlit space in a pretty big area around you (I think the area's actually about 150x150 blocks), but second, you need a lot of empty space around. In other words, minecraft will choose places that have a lot of surface area (not volume) to spawn mobs in, so if you were to have a lot of open caves beneath your mobspawner, the game will flag that area as more likely to spawn mobs in. You just also have to make sure that it's all well-lit, then you've effectively tricked the game into flagging that area to spawn mobs in, but then conveniently your mobspawner is the only dark area where it can do so. I would recommend you take a look at this tutorial. You may not want that particular style of mobspawner, but it goes over the prerequisites of any good mobspawner quite nicely------2. How do I do /scoreboard players test functions in 1.14?It sounds like you are using an impulse command block.In your case it seems like you want a repeating command block, or you can build a redstone clock that activates your command block repeatedly.You may want to build something that looks like this, to prevent the player from saying "hi" repeatedly:You would have this command in the repeating command block:And this command in the impulse command block:An impulse command block activates ONCE whenever you give it a redstone impulse, or the moment you set it to "always active"A repeating command block is blue, it activates repeatedly, as long as it has a redstone signal going in to it, or as long as it is set to "always active"A chain command block is green, it activates whenever a different command block that points at it (there should be arrows on the command blocks) and is touching it activates and there is redstone going into it, unless it is set to "always active", in that case it does not require redstone.------3. Can you nest blocks when generating RSS feeds?That's a good question.I think the key is here:I don't use CDATA all that much (because I don't use XML all that much) but one place where I do use it is when I'm adding an inline stylesheet to an SVG file.See:the difference here, is: I know the limits of what will be going inside the CDATA.I won't know in advance the exact contents of the CDATA but I do know that it will be valid CSS.This means I can anticipate it might contain a > (direct descendant selector) which I need to escape or a in a @media query (both of which I need to escape) but I also know that it will never contain > anywhere, because that substring has no place appearing in valid CSS.So, I'm going to suggest that the advantage of CDATA is when you can be 100% certain that its contents will never contain >.If you can't be 100% certain of that, then you're right: the utility of CDATA is significantly diminished.------4. TikZ pic gives error in a german exsheets enviromentThe problem seems to originate from the shorthand character " activated by babel. These enable you to type e.g. "a to get the umlaut "" etc. As you also entered umlauts in your example I'm guessing you do not want to use these shorthands anyway, so you can just disable them by adding the option shorthandsoff to the babel package.Note that I also added usepackageutf8inputenc to get the umlauts working. This only works if your file is saved in UTF8 encoding. Depending on your editor and environment, there may be other options for the encoding, e.g. Latin-1 is common on Windows. In that case, simply change the utf8 option accordingly, e.g. to usepackagelatin1inputenc. You will probably get strange errors if the encoding is not set correctly. The only other change I made below is setting question/headings to block instead of topic - you have probably defined that elsewhere in your code, but it gave me an error message. The code as shown below works fine for me.------5. inlineEditSupport not working for components which are not rendered when page is loadedIt's not terribly clear what the issue is. My best guess is that there is something wrong with your DOM and that's causing your rerender to break. Going off of your snippet you posted, I refactored the VF to clean up the DOM some, and changed the object to Account and used standard Account fields just so that it would work in my sandbox. Also, I tested it first with a rerender on the "show details" button below. With rerendering, the field would show up ok and inline edititng worked, but the page block buttons would not show/hide appropriately. I took out the rerender and just let the "show details" button reload the whole page and that made it work properly.Here is what my code looks like:VF PageExtension:And in my testing, both inline edits function ok:The page with top section showingInline-editing field in top section works fineClicking "Show Detail" button to render bottom sectionAnd inline-editing field in bottom section works fine------6. Spectrum of perturbed matrix independent of perturbationIf the spectrum of $A t B$ (including algebraic multiplicity) is independent of $t$, then the characteristic polynomial is also independent of $t$. This can occur if the nonzero entries of $A$ and $B$ are placed so that the first minor of $AB$ for each nonzero entry of $B$ is $0$. For example, this occurs for $A$ and $B$ of the form$$ A pmatrix* & * & * & * & *cr * & * & * & * & *cr 0 & 0 & * & * & *cr 0 & 0 & 0 & * & *cr 0 & 0 & 0 & * & *cr, B pmatrix0 & 0 & * & * & *cr 0 & 0 & * & * & *cr 0 & 0 & 0 & * & *cr 0 & 0 & 0 & 0 & 0cr 0 & 0 & 0 & 0 & 0cr $$(where $*$ denotes an entry that may be nonzero). Thus, corresponding to the $(1,j)$ entry with $j ge 3$, when we delete the first row and $j$'th column of $AtB$ the first two columns of the resulting matrix have nonzeros only in the first remaining row, resulting in a determinant of $0$. Similarly, if the $n times n$ matrix $A$ has an $m times m$ block at the top left, such that all entries below this block are $0$, and the only nonzero entries of $B$ are in the first $m$ rows to the right of this block, then the spectrum of $AB$ won't depend on $B$.------7. Feedback to router users during access-restricted hours for DD-WRTWithout knowing any detail about DD-WRT, I think you should be able to concoct an iptables rule that would DNAT all port 80 (HTTP) traffic to a given port on a given host, which could then respond with a standard response regardless the URL requested. You'd need an HTTP server configured to cough up your 'Access Denied' pages, but it'd be doable.For the DNAT games, you'll need something like this:with your correct internal subnet numbers for the source (-s), and the actual IP and port for your webserver that's kicking back 'access denied' pages. Naturally, there may be a handy web interface to create that rule; I don't know DD-WRT.I put that destination value in thinking that you could probably configure the apache demon in the device to listen on that port (particularly on the loopback only) and make your response pages.Unfortunately, I'm not as handy with Apache, nor do I know how the arrangements are in DD-WRT, so I'll leave that part of the exercise for someone with more knowledge of the DD-WRT details. Good luck!.------8. What will be the immediate action by the pilot and ATC if any plane blocks the runway while landing?That would never happen. Planes are under ATC control from the moment they start their engines until the moment thay shut down their engines at the destination. (This is a simplification, but for the context of this question it makes sense).ATC decides basically everything a flight does: which way it taxies, where and when it takes off, which way it flies, how high, how fast, when and which runway to approach and when to land. ATC will always ensure that there is enough separation between flights so that there is no risk of collision. That is literally the main reason ATC exists.Generally speaking, only one aircraft is allowed on any one runway at a given time. While a plane is taking off from a runway, another plane cannot be cleared to land on that same runway. The aircraft approaching will not be cleared to land until the departing plane is in the air. If the departing plane decides to abort takeoff, ATC would simply instruct the landing plane to cancel the approach, and then direct it around for another try.------9. Clear examples of Fixed Point Algorithm Specification Block Diagram for FPGA ImplementerI designed a lot of DSP algorithms and I would usually be the one implementing them in an FPGA. I rarely had to explain the internals of an algorithm to other people. That beind said, it is a good idea to represent the number of bits (I usually used the s:m:f notation from Sony Playstation 2) in a block diagram/design document for every components. You should also specify whether or not the FPGA designer must truncate or round.Otherwise if you leave the number of bits used for the internal calculations up to the FPGA designer, you're looking for trouble. Using an insufficient number of bits can render your algorithm useless or unstable.It is also a good idea to create a fixed-point model of your algorithm in Matlab/Python/Octave/C for 2 reasons. First, you will be able to validate the number of bits needed so that your fixed-point algorithm behaves similarly to the floating-point arithmetic algorithm. Secondly, you will be able to compare the FPGA implementation to your fixed-point model. The FPGA implementation should behave exactly the same as your fixed-point model------10. Long user locations without a space causes the user page to display weirdOn the Wikipedia webpage List of Long Place Names there are legitimate names of up to 85 characters with the top half dozen all being longer than the length you suggest to truncate to.The user above that @flawr also has a long place name, but it's not their longest line. Other users, like @user2428116 (to the right) have no location and use less vertical space.Perhaps we should allow wrapping, instead of restricting to a single line 3 could be allowed.A background process could determine if the text matched a know place and restrict the user to a reasonable length while legitimate names could be afforded a bit more space.That walks the line against discriminating where people claim to be from, censorship and reasonableness.A bit of vertical whitespace wouldn't be nearly as bad as a huge amount, horizontally situated inbetween user names, which propagates the length of the webpage.The question "Attempting to use too long tag breaks popup" has comments suggesting that design issues are lower priority Bugs and an answer there offers a fix------11. Change Map Title Block Information through ArcPyIf I understand correctly, you have a text element in your layout called Title. You'd like to replace the text of the element with variable titleList. I assume the value of the variable looks like "Exhibit 1;Exhibit 2;Exhibit 3".If you want all the titles in a single text element on different lines you could do something like this. The code below assumes that titlelist looks like a string with titles separated by a semicolon, and the text element area is large enough to support multiple lines of titles.Swap the semicolons for carriage returns:Then replace the text:or this way to clean up any spaces:You can also get more sophisticated using formatting tags so you can have subtitles:I realize that isn't too flexible since it is hardcoded to three titles. You would need to loop through in some way. I found using 10.2.2 on my machine only using the n doesn't create a carriage return you need rn for it to work.Edit: See @paul's comment for an explanation about r and n.
Where Can Students Go on at School to Unblock Stuff Like, Youtube, That the Teacher's Block Off?
Chances are its not the teachers that block it. Its the school system. And its the same restrictions on any connection in the school, including for teachers1. Dual carburetor setup, carburetor block off plate?Get a new tunnel ram top for a single carb2. Is it necessary to block off hotel rooms for out of town wedding guests?Yes i believe it is necessary. These guests are your friends and family and want to celebrate the commencement of your love with you. Why not make it easier for them to celebrate it with you? In you wedding invitations just add a list of the closest hotels and if that a chunk of rooms have been blocked off at a particular one. That way they have options. Also you dont want guests to have to call you up and say that they want to stay with you at your house . ....believe me I've seen it with my sister's wedding (she also got married in a small town) and just from experience seeing your Uncle Ned in his underwear and only his underwear on an inflatable mattress scratching himself is not the first thing you want to see on the morning of you wedding......just take the the block of rooms out that way you wont feel guilty or obligated to let Uncle Ned and his tighty-whities sleep on your brand new leather sofa3. when sitting on the couch, I feel cold air from the cold air return. Should I block if off?No, you need the air return for your furnace to work4. Trying to block off narrow (24") opening.?Only 24" wide wow that is one small doorway. I would suggest you get a piece of cardboard and cut it to fit. A piece of wood would be stronger and could be cut to fit exactly. You could install a piece of wood on the jam leaving a space between the piece you install and the door stop or two pieces of wood. Then you could lift the blocking piece up to take it out and slide it down when you want it closed off.5. What are those things called that block off corners or sections of a room?We call them room dividers or shoji screens.....and there are some beautiful ones , depending on decor. enjoy6. What is the purpose of a smog block-off plate?The block off plate replaces the plate which allows an air pump to pump air into the system to allow for better burn of the exhaust gasses (any fuel which may not have been burnt during the combustion process). Here is what the Graves Motorsports web page has to say about it:The air induction system (AIS) burns unburned exhaust gases by injecting fresh air (secondary air) into the exhaust port, reducing the emission of hydrocarbons. Once these are capped off the air injection system can be safely removed. These Smog Block Off Plates are made from CNC'ed billet aluminum and feature the Graves Motorsports "G" logo. There are three reasons why you want to remove the air injection system from your bike; As far as installation goes, it seems pretty straight forward. Here is a video of how to get to the plates. There are several videos which cover the installation. This one does not go through the installation per se, but does show you where they are at and how to get to them (I think they did not finish the entire video). Basically, the install calls for removing the seat, the side panels, propping up the gas tank, taking the velocity stacks off, taking off a heat shield, taking the air injection plates off, taking the air injection system out, replacing the air injection plates with the new plates, then reinstalling everything. According to what I could find, (besides what is already detailed above) one of the main reasons for installing these is to reduce popping during deceleration. Obviously, if you are removing them, the down side will be the possibility of greater emissions at the tail pipe7. how should i block off my room? interior design advice please?If you have pictures it would help; having some trouble envisioning this. How about an open book shelf with lots of plants and knick knacks. Or, a folding screen. You want your privacy, but do not want to make the place an eyesore; make sure it goes over well. I am sure your roommates would understand as long as it blends in nicely
Oil Block-off on Yamaha Rt 100?
It's probably smoking really bad because the top end is worn out (cylinder, piston & rings). Blocking the oil pump and running premix will not cure the excessive smoke. Engine rebuild is necessary. 2 stroke engines require rebuilds quite often.1. Why donu2019t police block off the visibility of a car accident from traffic? Wouldnu2019t a barrier be an effective remedy for rubbernecking traffic?One of the idea involved in working traffic accidents it to clear the accident as rapidly as possible to assist int he steady fl;ow of traffic-the idea of building a barricade in not part of that throught process2. i am getting two female rats soon, and i need to block off my closet, but im not sure how...?put them in a cage, its not good for them to run around on the floor,3. Can I block off my PCV valve temporary until I get it fixed and have my truck idile right? ?Yes. If you can plug it well enough to stop the vacuum leak, you can drive it for a while. Pull the PCV valve out of the hose and plug it with a bolt that fits tightly into the hose, then put a small hose clamp around it. Cars in the 60's did not use PCV valves. They had a breather assembly to let out crankcase vapors and some also used a vent system to force the vapors out of the engine while going down the highway. Please get it fixed,because the PCV system keeps vapors and moisture from building up in the engine, which causes sludge buildup.4. Trying to block off narrow (24") opening.?but the smallest you can and mount it outside the door frame, there's nothing that says it has to inside the door frame5. Insulation recommended to block off unused windows?I would try a sheet of the 1" pink foam insulation board that they use to insulate between studs on new houses. If you are careful with your measurements and cutting, (you can cut this stuff with a Stanley knife), you can make it fit into the window casing, (frame), tight enough to stay without having to nail or glue. That way it's removable anytime you want. Should cost less than $20.6. What should I use to block off part of the crate for my puppy?There is no point in blocking off part of the crate because its all the same to the dog. It is still the crate. If your dog is urinating in his crate then maybe you should look at how long you are leaving him in there for. If he is in there hours at a time then as a puppy it is hard for him to hold his pee and wait to be let out. Put your dog on a schedule and stick to it. Let him outside every hour for him to get the idea that peeing is done outside. Keep that schedule up for a few weeks and then you can start lessening how many times you take him outside and do it every 2 hours and then 3 hours. If you have to be away from your dog for a period of time and do not have anyone to watch him and let him out, then put a puppy pad in his crate for him to pee on. It will make it easier for you to clean and will give him an idea of where he is permited to go. Good Luck7. How do I block off part of my large backyard?How much money can you spend. How big is the yard. Go to Home depot or Lowes or Sears for the cost of the fence with a gate.8. What did they use to block off crime scenes in 1950?A cop with a club They did not have protracted forensic examinations like they do today.9. How can I block off a doorway with studwork on a brick wall?Add shim strips on the face of the stud wall that add up to 3cm. A bit less is usually better, and then you makeup any deficit with mud (joint compound). Since this is a lot of material, you might just place the shims at regular intervals, such that you can screw through them to attach your plasterboard. I like to glue and pneumatically nail such strips with 18 ga or thinner brads..On another tack.. What about splitting the stud wall in two, make each 5cm thick, attach the top-bottom and sides to the original frame and leave a 3cm air gap between.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Block Off
1. What is the correct way to set cache contexts on custom blocks?When using cache contexts for anonymous users, be sure to disable the internal page cache module, as mentioned in cache context documentation.It took me while to figure this out as well :-)------2. How can I re-use PHP configuration directives in multiple Nginx server blocks?Create a directory such as /etc/nginx/package-configs/ and put the common php stuff into file /etc/nginx/package-configs/php.conf.To use the file, in your php locations put include /etc/nginx/package-configs/php.conf------3. Router Security Log Shows Many Blocked TCP ConnectionsSPT (source port) is 443, probably the rest of yours are too, as are the ones in my log, which looks very similar to yours. This is HTTPS. Much of this is likely web crawler traffic and nothing to worry about in general------4. Execute org-mode source blocks without security confirmationWhile I personally don't use babel much, going from the example, this should simply be:Where C, clojure and sh should be replaced by the languages you don't want the confirmation for------5. How can I get past corruption?If you have some bombs you can blow up ebonstone and building a bridge with them because only people with nightmare picks or higher can mine it so yeah that could work------6. Calculating kernel density for polygons in ArcGIS Desktop closedData aggregation or the classics of discrete data symbolization (Dot Density, Proportional Symbol or Graduated Symbols) may be a possibility.Not sure if that answers your question but it could be another way to look at the symbolization and data standardization for your data set/AOI------7. Aggregating taxi data to census block data based on number of taxi trips?Aggregating data is pretty simple in ArcGIS. You use 'select by location' to select all points within a given block, and then use 'Dissolve', selecting the 'sum' statistic. Then just make a loop to do the same for each block.------8. Does large text datatypes reserves storage on disk?Mot eactly, see mysql manualAs you can see it save 256 Bytes if you have equal or less than 256 bytes.And if you have more than 256 bytes mysql reserved 200 Bytes blocks till it can store all data------9. Minecraft - teleport a player when stepping on specific coordinatesI will test this when I get access to a desktop, but I belive tp @ax?,y?,z?,r1 x y z on repeat should work. It worked for me in 1.7, but I haven't tested this on 1.10 yet------10. View locks acquired during query execution (SQL Server)You can view acquired locks history in "Messages" tab after running this:DBCC TRACEON(1200, 3604, -1)But BEWARE, it is enabling those trace flags GLOBALLY, so do not forget to turn them off as soon as you do not need them.------11. How can I block a caller on Lumia 521?For enabling block number you have to go to Settings > Call SMS filterHere you can turn ON or OFF call blocking as well as manage blocked numbers and use some advanced settings.Hope this helps..------12. What effects does opening your town's gate have?Along with what's already been said, you cannot give Shrunk food for emotions. If I'm thinking correctly, you also cannot purchase another exhibit spot in the second floor of the museum------13. How can I block IE 9 using WSUS?It's also possible to deploy a registry key using a startup script to disable Internet Explorer 9.Under HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerSetup9.0 create a key called DoNotAllowIE90 and set it to 1 for blocked and change it to 0 to unblock it.Source.------14. Why is mass per second constant in the Equation of continuity?Do you mean this equation $A_1v_1A_2v_2$In that case, we are supposing the liquid to be an ideal fluid i.e. it is incompressible fluid. That should mean that mass entering per second in the tube is equal to mass exiting per second------15. Temporarily disable popups on Android (Facebook, Snapchat, LINE, etc)I now use MacroDroid for that.Gratis (within MacroDroid's 5 macros free tier).Not sure whether it needs root or not. I can only say it works with root, please comment with the result if you try without root, thanks!------16. Turn off gzip for a location in NginxJust for the sake of some necro-romancy: the updated nginx configuration of the OP wasn't working because it's handled ultimately by .php$ location block.The proper solution would be removing it and making the named locations as the ones forwarding requests to FastCGI (PHP-FPM):------17. How can I unblock my IP address for outlook.com?To remove your IP from the Hotmail/Outlook blacklist, you could try to submit a request to Hotmail by following this link and wait for a response from hotmail------18. people can't call my s3 after I have already unblocked them"Blocking mode" has nothing to do with blocking individual contacts. It stops all calls and other notifications disturbing you, like a "do not disturb" mode. If you want people to call you, turn off blocking mode.------19. Position with the largest material imbalance that is a draw, no matter whose turn it is?Here's a humorous, uncredited example I found in Lasker's Manual of Chess. However, a search revealed that it was created by Ludwig Meyer in 1886.A draw by perpetual check, against all odds! Black has all the pieces, White only a few. Every move is forced.------20. How can you give yourself a block if you break that block using commands?If you have a list of ores/other blocks you want this to work on use these 4 commands:Then have a repeating command block with:Then place a chain command block set to conditional with the line:Then you need to turn of tile drops using:------21. Is it possible to setup a shortcut for enable/disable wifi?Something like: sudo ifconfig down or sudo ifconfig up?Here's my script: FYI: rfkill as david and misterben suggested is better in case you're using Network-Manager.ifconfig will disable the interface, but Network-Manager will re-enable it automatically.------22. My texts are not showing up delivered. Does this mean I could have been blocked?There are various reasons why your message hasn't been delivered. It could mean that they haven't received your message because they do not have Internet access, their device must be turned off or they might have blocked you------23. Explain why a 60 day old post can't be migrated when voting off-topicThis would be a good addition. There are many complexities to the migration system that are not at all intuitive or obvious to most users. Doing this should improve the signal to noise ratio on Meta, and possibly on other sites as well------24. google Safe Search web filteringSome proxy filters, especially aimed for schools, have filtering that will automatically enable safe search from Google. I believe the filter we used from Microsoft had this feature, and I'm fairly sure that the big vendors for proxies and filtering have that feature built in------25. Order Tracking not showing up in shipment emailThat solution works for me, but be careful as another file extends the create() function. So you need to also comment the call to $shipment->sendEmail() in Sales/Order/Shipment/Api/V2.php------26. setting comments off as default for pages and custom post types?If you simply add this code in functions.phpGo to the post, and in the screen options, tick on "Discussion" and "Comments", you can enable/disable comments for each custom post type------27. Some LTspice questions. Decoupling capacitor doesn't effectively block DC. Pull up resistor voltage doesn't drop to logic low levelV3 is a 0V source in DC simulation, so it provides a path for currents or voltages from one side of C2 to get through to the other.You could put another capacitor in series with V3 to avoid this------28. Dynamic Content - based on dateSolution:Create content blocks that can be dynamically added by system date.This requires that a data extension that contains a date with the associated content block name, ID, or key (depending on what you want to key off of.------29. Timer job for copying list itemsHi i was able to acheive the same by following the below url. Hope it may help for some one ( is my code how i have acheive it.****Event Reciver------30. Where does the variable for the left sidebar get set in Drupal 6?I ended up changing the menu block settings from having the 'fixed parent item' at the top level with 'starting level' set to 2nd to having the 'fixed parent item' at 'new products set' with 'starting level' to 1st. Now they both work fine------31. procedure to select the first name of the passed idanonymous block completed is not an error, just an informational message. Actually, when you use EXECUTE, you implicitly use an anonymous block. If you want to get rid of that message, you can turn it off by:set feedback off.------32. What does You might be better off thinking of something mean?In this context it means "You might gain a greater advantage" or "You might be well-served by." The author is encouraging you to think about the problem in the way he has described------33. How much of a drop will a mob voluntarily walk off of in Minecraft?There may be some "sensing" of elevation change before an animal will fall off, but I've seen many unwilling creatures simply wander to their death - so there seems to be no height restriction------34. How to stop a signal from being sentForget about all these signals, and just use a ButtonGroup. When multiple buttons have the same ButtonGroup assigned to their group field, Godot will only allow one to be toggled on at once------35. laspy ValueError: buffer size must be a multiple of element sizeI ran into the same error with las files containing EXTRA_BYTE information generated with lasheight from LAStools. After removing the EXTRA_BYTE information laspy had no issue to open the files------36. In defining a hook_block_info() is it possible to define the region per theme?You can implement hook_block_info_alter(), which gets $theme as parameter. The visibility, and the region the hook sets are valid for that specific theme.As example of implementation, you can look at dashboard_block_info_alter().------37. Vanishing permission on device file (RHEL 6.1)Setting permissions in udev manually will almost never work. You should really look at adding a rule in /etc/udev that will set "MODE0666" on the device in question. That will make it so the system creates it that way.(adding per comment discussion).------38. Bringing up EC2 instances with vagrant-aws errorsThis may be related to incorrect ami for the region#101.This has been fixed in the recent vagrant-aws, so please upgrade your gems via:or apply the patch from the pull request by the following steps:------39. Tool to easily block Internet access completely for Windows?Create two batch files, one to release your IP address and one to renew your IP address. Then create a shortcut to each of them in your Quick Launch toolbar.To disconnect:To connect:------40. Disconnect a user from a windows networkThis is what I ended up doing to get it working. Handy trick for other issues too I would assume.Get THE_IP of the machine that you want to block.From elevated cmd promt:To remove the route, again from elevated cmd prompt------41. Can I listen out for the S1 'back arrow'?You can navigate back yourself using sforce.one.back(true); with the parameter indicating the page should reload if possible.Would that work?You can listen for back button events, but it is really tricky to get what you would like working.------42. After I overrode a block template for a primary links, block-edit-link doesn't show anymore?Ok, tracked down the reason - every block requires to have a className of block:Once I added this, contextual links regained the functionality. Still not sure where it comes from though, or if it's the only thing sufficient in all cases------43. There's no block I put my head on (put one's head on the block) closedThe expression have/put your head on the block means that you might run a big risk:what you want to say is that they can trust you, so the expression you may want to use is:------44. How can I navigate and mine hell safely?Try wings! They can fly you across. Harpy wings are the best. Or make a grappling hook from iron chains and hooks found by killing piranhas or skeletons. Then you can grapple across. But if you did, practice using it first------45. SharePoint custom JavaScript and jQuery blocked by MDS Minimal Download StrategyTry with this:My additional advice.Don't call jQuery using $, in some pages it will conflict with SharePoint use of the $ variable. You can either use jQuery or create a JS module for your custom code:-Hope it helps------46. Questions about design approach and technologiesAsking for a critique of your design should be OK.As should asking for help with specific aspects of the design you are stuck with.The same rules on asking specific, answerable questions apply here as they do on Stack Overflow.------47. What's the line protocol and Link?For this particular interface, the line protocol is ethernet.The Link Up/Down Trap is enabled message is telling you that the SNMP trap for when the link goes up or down, for whatever reason (admin up/down, cable inserted/disconnected, etc.), is enabled------48. How to get the equivalent of Apache's Alias /foo /path/to/foo working in nginxSource is a long standing bug in nginx. But you can work around by using the root directive again. Kind of a hack, but at least it works.At same time I would add a slashes to the locations directives.------49. I Can't Leave Lanayru Province In Twilight Princess?The Zora Prince Escort mission starts in Telma's Bar in Castle Town after you've removed the Twilight from Lanayru Province. You're trying to get the prince to Kakariko Village so that Renado can heal him.After you make it to Kakariko safely,------50. Removing news headlines from Spotlight Search in iOS 9It looks like it is an all or nothing affair. If you go to General > Spotlight search then toggle off Siri Suggestions it gets rid of suggested news but it also gets rid of suggested contacts and apps as well
Tips to Help You Design the Perfect Solar Battery for That Party
Tips to Help You Design the Perfect Solar Battery for That Party
Various size of solar batteryThe first model of solar battery was built in 1976 and they are still popular today. There are two types of solar battery: solid-state and capacitive. They are used in combination with other energy storage devices such as solar cells. In general, they are useful for many different purposes. A good solar battery is made from plastic and it can run for many hours without stopping to take off the lid of the device. When you put a solar battery in your home, it will provide enough light to let you have a better view of the world.The problem with solar energy is that it is difficult to know what kind of power source to use. When you have to run an electric vehicle, it is very hard to know what kind of energy source to use. Most people don't have any idea about how to use solar energy. The main way to use solar energy is to charge your phone or electricity bank and make a long call to your local utility company. You can find out more about solar energy by reading this blog article.There are different types of solar battery, but what is the best way to use solar battery? What is the best way to use solar battery? Do you know which type of solar battery to buy? I would love to hear your thoughts. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. I would love to hear your thoughts on these questions and what are the best ways to use solar battery?I don't know if there are any number of different types of solar battery, but it is hard to say. Most solar battery come in the form of lithium ion batteries, which are very expensive and have low storage capacity. If you want to buy solar battery then there are many other options available. They include: 3V Li-ion batteries, lithium ion batteries, and 2V Li-ion batteries. There are also some more popular 3V Li-ion batteries that can be bought online.What are the pros and cons of different solar batteryPeople have different opinions on how to use solar energy. Solar energy is renewable energy that uses electricity from fossil fuels. There are many different types of solar energy systems, some of which use batteries as backup power sources. The main way to use solar energy is to store it in a storage system and then use it to produce electricity. A good solar energy system will work in most cases, but there are some disadvantages to using solar energy systems.In general, there are two main types of solar battery. One is that it's much more efficient than a conventional battery and it uses less energy than a traditional battery. The other is that it's very expensive. You can buy solar battery directly from the store and charge it in a tank or in a mobile phone. It is quite easy to make and make use of batteries, but you need to learn how to use them properly. So, here's the guide on how to use solar battery.I am so used to looking at solar lights in the background, but my biggest concern is how do I get them to work properly? There are some really good options out there. If you have an electric car you will be able to see a few hundred meters away from you when you turn it on. Solar lights can also help you save energy and use less electricity. A good solar light will last up to 6 hours, but they can also cause problems with night driving.All solar batteries are energy efficient and you need to choose the right one for your needs. The best solar battery is that they have an efficiency of over 200% and have low noise. All solar batteries have good durability and cost, so you can choose the best solar battery for your needs. It is easy to clean and doesn't require any maintenance. All solar batteries have an eco-friendly design and can be charged in a matter of minutes. All solar batteries have high safety and quality.How to decide the right size of solar batteryThis guide will help you determine the right size of solar battery. This guide will help you make sure that you have the right type of solar battery and what kind of solar battery you need. Also, it will help you choose the right type of solar battery and how much it will cost. You can check out the current market trends and compare with other factors like model, price, capacity, output, and installation. If you are planning to buy solar battery then make sure that you have the right type of solar battery.As we are all aware, there are many different types of solar batteries and some of them can be found in different sizes. For example, you can find solar energy storage devices in your home, or you can use solar energy storage devices to store electricity. You can use solar energy storage devices to charge your phone, connect to your internet or connect to a utility pole. If you need to get a new battery or get a new battery for your car, you can always buy solar energy storage devices from Solar Battery Company.I would say that I don't know how to decide the right size of solar battery. You can use your own judgement and you will be well on your way to making sure that you get the best possible light and heat efficiency for your home. You will need to make sure that you have enough batteries for your home so that you can run them in the most efficient way possible. Also, make sure that you get a good warranty on your solar battery so that you can keep it running for as long as possible.The average price of solar battery in India is around Rs. 4,000. The most important thing to do is get the best price for solar battery in India. There are two main types of solar battery that are available in the market and there are two types of solar battery. They are Solar Rechargeable Battery and Solar Lithium Battery. These batteries can be bought from various stores and you can find different kinds of solar battery at different prices. They are good for low energy consumption and it is very easy to charge them.
Functional Features and Application Introduction of TG452 Series Intelligent Street Lamp Gateway
Functional Features and Application Introduction of TG452 Series Intelligent Street Lamp Gateway
TG452 street lamp dedicated gateway is an industrial wireless communication gateway dedicated to smart street lamps. It is the core equipment of smart lamp poles. It can be connected to lighting, safety monitoring, wireless coverage, broadcasting, information release, environmental meteorological monitoring, emergency alarm, municipal facilities monitoring, charging pile and other information acquisition sensors and sensing equipment for power remote monitoring and energy consumption monitoring. It has the characteristics of high speed, strong function, single lamp control and edge calculation.Functional featuresSupport 5g / 4G / PPPoE / DHCP / static address and other connection modes, wired and wireless backup each other, and multiple working modes can be selected;Single lamp concentrators such as PLC carrier ZigBee / Lora can be connected externally to realize the centralized management of single lamp of non smart pole street lamp;Arm architecture high-end processor; Standard Linux system supports user secondary development;Strong edge computing capability, integrated data acquisition, processing and execution, real-time analysis, safe and efficient;Support equipment software and hardware self inspection technology and fault self repair; Online link detection to achieve automatic reconnection after disconnection;Support TCP / IP, UDP, mqtt, MODBUS, TFTP, HTTP and other network protocols;Support IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN and other VPN types; Support APN / VPDN data security transmission;Support 5g / 4G, WiFi and network port access to the Internet to interact with the system cloud platform data;main parameter 3-way RS-485 and 2-way RS-232 interfaces, which can connect various peripherals such as environmental meteorological sensor and single lamp controller;1-way WAN port and 3-way LAN port. The WAN port can be configured as LAN port and can be connected to 4 network port devices at most;2-way switching value (DI) input, support low level, and can effectively detect the status of peripherals;TF card storage, external mass storage, capacity up to 128G;Operating temperature range: - 35 75oC; Storage temperature range: - 40 80oC;The protection grade is IP30, the shell and system are safely isolated, and the EMC grade indicators reach level 3;Typical applicationJixun TG452 smart street lamp gateway can help users quickly access high-speed Internet and realize safe and reliable data transmission. It is widely used in various types of light poles in smart cities, municipal, highways, characteristic towns, scenic spots, parks and other occasions.
What Is the Best the Best Solar Street Light for You? - the Best Solar Street Light Reviews
What Is the Best the Best Solar Street Light for You? - the Best Solar Street Light Reviews
Introduction to the best solar street lightLed solar street lights are used in most places in the world. If you want to know more about them, check out our video tutorials and find out more about them on their website. We recommend using a professional solar street light if you want to make sure that your home is safe and secure. We also recommend using a battery backup so that you can run your lights at full power.The main part of the project is to improve the design of the building. It is important to note that it is a very small project, so it is difficult to make an accurate estimate of the size of the solar street light. The biggest problem is that the grid does not know the exact location of the sun and how far away it is from the house. Solar street lights are expensive and can be made in many different shapes and sizes. This will make it difficult to find the perfect place to install solar street lights.Led solar street lights can provide enough light to our lives for every day. However, most people are unaware of the importance of using led solar street lights in their homes. There are several types of led solar street lights and you need to be careful when choosing them. If you want to make sure that you have installed the right led solar street lights then it is better to get a quote from a local solar street lights provider.In order to build a better solar street light, we need to have a lot of research about the features of the solar street light. Most of the people are aware of the sun's energy use and how they use it. So, what is the best solar street light? Solar street lights are much more efficient than conventional street lights and you can get their power from your electricity bill by installing a solar street light. A solar street light will be used by any electricity company or any other electric company in the market. You can use it to make sure that the power you use is working properly and not being too noisy.First impression and using experience of the best solar street lightThere are two main types of solar street light. One is that used by local companies, which use electricity to make lamps, while the other is that used by some government agencies. The good thing about these solar street light is that they are designed to be efficient and will not burn as much as a normal bulb. They also have an added benefit of being compact and lightweight. If you want to know more about solar street light then visit www.pairnecodes.com.We are always looking for new ideas to help our customers make informed decisions about their home. The majority of these ideas come from people who have some experience in solar street lighting. If you are interested in buying solar street lights then we recommend reading this blog post about the advantages of buying solar street lights. We will be happy to give you some advice on how to use the best solar street lights.As with any other kind of energy source, it's important to consider what kind of energy source you are using. We all have our own sets of needs and some of them can be controlled by different control methods. One of the most important aspects of solar street lights is that they use an integrated system that allows them to produce a wide range of outputs. This makes them very useful for building more houses, vehicles and many other types of work. If you want to build a house or make an electrical one then it is good to go with a professional company.In this blog, we are going to talk about first impression and using experience of the best solar street light. The good thing about this is that it is simple and clean. When we use the solar street light, we get a picture of the problem that we are solving. If we have some problems then we can fix them by applying a few fixes. This is how we can make sure that we are working in the best way possible.Pros and cons of the best solar street lightThe next blog titled 'Solar Street Lights are great because they don't require batteries. They can be purchased from your local hardware store or at your local post office. Solar street lights are cheap and simple to install and have many benefits. There are a lot of things that you can do to make sure that you get the best solar street lights for your needs. You can use them to add lighting to your home or business and save energy bills.The only problem with solar street lights is that they are really inefficient. There are two main types of solar street lights, but there are also three types of solar street lights. The first type of solar street lights is called an indirect solar street light. They use a separate halogen bulb to illuminate the street, but use a more efficient LED bulb that can be adjusted to turn on or off in an appropriate manner. This type of solar street lights are usually controlled by a button on the lamp's control panel.Most of the people in the world are using solar street lights to make homes. They are not only powerful, but they are also lightweight. A good solar street light is built to last for years and has an excellent safety feature. There are many different types of solar street lights, but they all come with some common features. For example, a solar street light can be powered by a battery or by a battery charger. If you want to have a home that is just as comfortable as you would be able to use your own power source, then a solar street light is the way to go.This article will show you how to install a solar street light in your home. A good solar street light is one that can make your home feel a lot more welcoming and safe. The most important thing to consider is that it is an investment that will last you a long time. It is also one of the most cost effective ways to save money on your utility bills. You should know the kind of solar street light you want before you buy it.Overall evaluation of the best solar street lightIt is always nice to see how much we can improve on our last report. It is very important to make sure that we do not get wrong and we need to take into account our personal opinions. I want to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience with solar street light and how it has helped me understand the different types of solar street light and how they work. This article will help you understand the different types of solar street light and how they work.If you have been looking for a reliable solar street light then you should look at the impact of solar street light on your lifestyle. If you are planning to buy a solar street light then you should go for a better option. It is very important to choose the best solar street light that is available in the market. This will give you a better view of the current market and how much it will cost. You should also check if the solar street light has any battery power source.The system we use today is far more powerful than any device we have today. The main problem with using solar street lights is that they do not produce enough light to last for long periods of time. We have to replace them every five years or so. This means that if we don't replace them every year then they will only be running for a few years. Solar street lights are really nice because they are easy to install and use. They also have some built-in cameras that can record images on them.In general, we can say that the overall system performance of solar street lights is better than in general. For example, if you are planning to build a home or have an emergency service call 911, then it is important to use a single bulb and replace it every two years. This will save you a lot of money in the long run. However, there are some other factors that affect the overall system performance. The most important thing is to know what kind of bulb you are using and what kind of bulb you are using.
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