I Got a Few Ounces of Motor Oil in to My Transmission Reservoir.?

Engine oil is mostly LUBE Tranny oil is mostly hydraulic fluid. too much lube will make the clutch slip. But few ounces will not be a problem. Good Luck...

1. Little engine oil/radiation fluid; car stalled twice today.?

If u added motor oil and the cooling system is fine and your car did not stall again that day. I am guessing your asking what cause it to stall in the first place. It is hard to say. It could be anything from bad gasoline to poor maintenance. If i was a betting man I would say maintenance. Check your air filter, spark plugs fuel filter, A general tune up. Love your care and your car will love u back. Love does take work and care not just what it can do for you

2. What is the best engine oil to use in a car past 100,000 miles?

usually 10w30 is best since most cars & trucks aside from diesel use 5w20 and 5w30 this provides the proper viscosity as your engine goes on the rings and bearings wear down so keeping the thickness of the oil up to par you can keep from burning oil and oil cosumption. Do not use 10w40 or higher as this will be harder on your engine when its cold

3. Engine/Oil/Head Gasket Question?

A head gasket will not make you burn oil. If the gasket on the valve cover is bad and leaking it will leak on the engine and you will smell it burning on the exhaust maniforld. If you are indeed burning oil, then it is the rings on the pistons. Your mechanic friend is not very mechanical or knowledgeable.

4. What's the engine oil viscosity "upgrade" from a 10W-30 oil?

I would not run full synthetic with that many miles, your engine would leak from every seal and gasket. I would use a 10w-40, and put up with the noise. Thicker oil (20w) in the winter would take longer to reach your valvetrain/camshaft, and would actually cause increased wear. If all you can complain about is valvetrain noise from your 3100 with that many miles, your actually doing quite well. Keep the oil changed, sounds like she's gonna last a while longer yet!

5. Will my i blow a head gasket if i accidentally spilled coolant in the lower intake manifold?

spilled coolant into what? The valley where the camshaft is? Or you spilled coolant into the intake or exhaust ports of the heads. If you spilled coolant into the valley, flush the entire area with clean oil. Then drain the oil out of the pan. Repeat a few times until the oil comes out clean. If you spilled oil into the intake or exhaust ports, get a shop vac and jury rig and small vinyl tube onto the end of the hose and suck the coolant out. Then pull the plugs and rotate the engine by hand several times. Then go into each cylinder with the vacuum hose and suck out each cylinder. Finish by blowing compressed air into each cylinder to remove any remaining coolant. Then squirt in a few shots of engine oil and rotate the engine again by hand.

6. what is non - detergent engine oil? and why some people buy it instead of regular engine oil?

Non Detergent Oil

7. What part of the engine is the oil filter found on in a 1990 Acura Integra?

It's located at the right side of the cylinder block (towards the firewall) below the intake manifold - can only be accessed from under the car

8. What Are The Consequences Of Putting Too Much Engine Oil In A Vehicle?

RBH and cat are spot on

9. How do I refine waste engine oil with a rotary evaporator?

Oh, thats easy. modern recyclers are pretty easy to operate these days. You press AUTO Cycle Start, and walk away from it. If a yellow light starts flashing you read the GUI and do what it tells you to do. If it flashes a red light and makes a real racket. Hit alarm silence and call me. I will send someone to fix it for you.Just so you know, A rotary evaporator does not refine anything. It just gets the muck, and water out of it. The oil is not ready to pour in an engine again.How do I refine waste engine oil with a rotary evaporator?

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