I Have a Heater Core Question.?

theres a valve in the heater hose.if it has greene,then antifreeze is leaking there.if your heater core leaks then you would have antifreeze on the floor and the windshield would steam up

1. What type of heater core does a 2002 mitsubishi diamante use?

YOU DONT BUY A CAR THAT YOU HAFT TO WORK ON B-4 YOU CAN START DRINVING IT that is a big no no , If you wont that car you tell the dealer to fix it and call you when its fixed and you will come back and see , Some of them cars like that you haft to remove the whole dash to swap the heater core out and it can run in to big bucks $BIG BUCKS ,as you sayed ASK YOUR FREND HE IS A MECHANIC and i am also ive been doing it for 30 years gas and diesel , dont let them play games with you

2. Does anyone know a good website for instructions on how to replace the heater core in a 1990 Nissan 300ZX?

No websites, but a Chilton's or Haynes manual is only about $10. It will come in handy later, too. You can get them at any auto parts store

3. I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota and very little heat. Heater core is fine, thermostat fine,and AC works - ideas?

Do the easy thing first, replace the T-stat with a hotter one for winter driving, I am guessing 190 to 195 degrees

4. Would a bad heater core cause discoloration of coolant?

no it wont ,unless someone added stop leak to the radiator ,that will cause it to be colored ,other than that it may be rust or oil mixing with the coolant anything that has been added to it will cause it to be a different color,and rust will also cause it,you might should have it flushed out and checked,you could have engine problems with it,good luck on it

5. do i need to take out dashboard to replace heater core 1996 chevy blazer?

Hello Vincent. Unfortunately, yes, the instrument panel carrier assembly (dash) must be removed to access the top of the evaporative case. If you have a solid set of tools and a decent service manual (Chilton's is pretty fair), you can perform the repair yourself. The dealership charges $90/hr. x 5.5 hrs. labor plus part. Some shops charge the full book-time of around 9. 0 hrs. labor. If you have the know-how and time, the repair is not difficult, just time consuming. Good luck and peace

6. how to repair heater core on 1984 Lincoln Towncar?

Generally speaking you do not repair, you replace, especially with a 25 year old vehicle. It's a labor intensive job, not really something that is do it yourself. Heater core is generally behind the glove box, the box needs to be removed before you even reach the heater core.

7. Does a 2001 chevrolet impala have a heater core?

Anything that has a heater has a heater core

8. How too bypass heater core in Saab 9-5. A 2001?

the coolant bypass valve, and the mess of hoses that go along with it. it's against the firewall, right under the brake master cylinder. I had to remove all of the crap on the driver's side. all rad. hoses, the intake pipe, and the wiring harness for the inlet pres. sensor, DIC, and intake temp sensor. when it's all removed, you can clearly see the inlet/outlet of the heater-core it's as simple as re-connecting hoses. you also have to take a "T" off of the vacuum port for the BPV solenoid. I would recommend getting hose clamps instead of re-using the spring clamps that saab put on from the factory. they work well, but there's no REALLY easy way to get in there. you can NOT get to the valve/heater-core from underneath like you can on a 9-3. Just take your time, and remove everything in your way. __________________

9. i have a 1992 mazda pickup b2600i. the heater blows cold air i changed the thermosat,and the heater core does?

Maybe the connector hose has a hole in it or has come loose. You may be able to get by with a small ceramic heater with a plug that fits the cigarette lighter. Heater core replacements are $$$.

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