I Need to Know How to Trouble Shoot a Simple Diesel Engine!?

Diesels, everything with them has to do with the fuel and compression,, check Fuel filters, Thats what I think is wrong, if that do not work engine needs compression test or check fuel pump. Glow plugs would not matter unless it is cold outside, and over there I think its probally warm out

1. Considering a fifth wheel camper(12,000 lbs).Diesel engine(high fuel cost )or gasoline engine?

A diesel would be the better choice.A gasoline engine large enough to pull your trailer would get terrible mileage

2. how do you use a vacuum guage on a diesel engine to test for valve and head gasket issues?

Diesels do not work that way. Old way of checking is to have some one raise rpm to where it misses then if it's safe to do so, wear safety glasses crack open a line at the injector,one at a time, until you open one and notice it does not make difference in how it runs. It's the equivalent of pulling a plug wire on a gas engine. Remember it's under pressure so do not completely remove the line from the injector. It will, at least point you towards the right cylinder

3. Which is a better diesel engine, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, Toyota, or Isuzu?

Now this could get interesting as Nissan use VM-Motori engines and Mitsubishi is sometimes sold as Caterpillar and Ford sell engines to Mazda while Isuzu make engines for many other Car Makers as do Mercedes. It is a real mystery novel to work out who is using whose engines in which vehicle but with the emissions being ever tightened so many manufacturers are using Cummins. I do recall being told that Mazda were using Peugeot engines until I found out that Peugeot were using a "Perkins" in just one model and as Perkins was owned by Caterpillar then were Mazda fitting Caterpillar engines in their Pick-Up trucks or is this just another Urban Myth. Then the next model comes out and it all changes but remember that no-one ever got fired for buying a Toyota regardless of who makes their engines

4. How does the diesel engine acclerates the car? [closed]

The directions of the torques at the different parts along the way should be obvious.

5. my 2003 bmw 325i automatic sounds like a diesel engine why?

can i know what series is that?so that i can tell you,why the car does so

6. What diesel engine to swap in 83 Toyota pickup?

If you have the cash, i would see if you could go to a junk yard and get a VW TDI and the transmission with it and see if you could just match that up Im not super familiar with those old Toyotas but i know TDI's from VW and that sounds like exactly what you are looking for


Yes, these are HEUI (Hydraulically Actuated Electronically Controlled Unit Injectors) this system works just like a Ford/Int. powerstroke, It has a HPOP (high pressure oil pump) a FICM (fuel injection control module) To properly diagnose the problem you will need to follow a Caterpillar diagnostic tree. Usually on a system of this type (as in the case of the PS) the control module will NOT fire the injectors until the injection control pressure (from the HPOP rises over 500 PSI durring cranking) and then the module will fire the injectors!.

8. Is it true that you can put used cooking oil from restaurants into a diesel engine intead of gas?

Yes you can it will run, you will have problems in very cold weather, a percentage mix of diesel will reduce this, and as others have said it will smell like a chippy. I think the retailers have got wise to this practice as cooking oil is a round 1.00 a litre. And yes if you do use it you need to pay the duty on all the oil you use as a road fuel.

9. What all would i have to change on my truck to run a diesel engine in it?

The engine for one The trans because a Diesel engine makes more torque and i am pretty shure you could re use the fuel line but the pumps are not the same

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Cost to Install Diesel Engine on Boat?
A lot depends on if you can put you intended new engine straight on the foot print of the old engine, you will need to take in to consideration the prop rotation, gearbox angles, gearbox ratio, raw water intakes, exhaust route and size and lots of other things, you need to find out what engine is in there now and what can be transplanted with the less hassle. Try and do a one for one, if the old engine make still makes marine engines then try to stick with the brand as you may save yourself a few headaches, if the old engine is not made anymore there are companies that make universal engines to suit what comes out. You can supply details of the old engine to most engineering companies and they will be able to give you an honest opinion if your proposed Yanmar is a good decision. Most re engine work usually goes over budget, allow for lots of new hoses, clips, screws and other similar parts, if the shaft and prop need replacing this will again add cost. Typical re engine job with good access and good engineers would take around 32 hours including a sea trial, this of course would be if its a paired engine for the original engine bed in the boat and without problems. Hourly rates will differ from state to state, Expect to budget for the unexpected, around $2000 Good luck.1. Why did Reliance and Essar shut down their retail oil pumps?Thanks for asking Nikhil.Adding to what Divya Malika explained, Reliance owned less than 3% petrol pumps back then and because of the price difference created due to non availability of subsidy to private companies, their sales were negligible.nHowever, the price differential between the market price and sale price of diesel has narrowed down to Rs 1.33 paisa per litre since the start of August on the back of falling crude oil prices, an appreciating Indian rupee against the dollar and the 50-paisa monthly increase in diesel prices since January 2013 and RIL and Essar may resume their operation soon. Why did Reliance and Essar shut down their retail oil pumps?2. Removing rust from toolsThere are a few good options for thisThis is slower, but works really well. Soak the tools in white vinegar for about 24 hours. Most of the rust will come off, and the rest will easily come of by scraping it. Mix baking soda with water until a paste that you can apply on the tool. Use a toothbrush to scrub off the baking soda. Then rinse with water.Soak the tool in diesel for 24 hours. You can use a brass brush after it is done soaking. Clean it with an old rag after.3. will nitrous mess up a diesel?Nitrous wo not work in a diesel. Diesel operates under a different concept than gas engines4. What is the biggest cost in miningIt depends on the method of mining adopted.. .in case of openpit mines with large size fleet the biggest cost items are diesel, tyres and spares. .In case of manual underground mines the biggest cost items would be wages5. Diesel Engine at Best Price in IndiaREEJA' WARE COOLED SLOW SPEED (LISTER TYPE) DIESEL ENGINE REEJA' Brand Water Cooled Slow Speed (Lister Type) Diesel Engines are designed for reliability, easy of maintenance and economy in operation. Their design, incorporating many outstanding features, permits the widest possible variety of application, plus long6. f 250 7.3 diesel question?Is the Primer Pump in the Tank Working? Check for Fuel "At the Injector Lines!" Does the Engine Crank? Did The Engine Stall and Why? Has it been more then 10 Months since the Fuel Filter Was Replaced? When you Trun the Key to ON does the Glow Plug Circuit Activate? Do you have Fuel Pressure at the Fuel (Pick-up) Pump on the Engine? Really need More Info. to Diagnose the Problem.7. DIESEL engine failer/can't get it to restart???question...why would u need to jump it if the battery was good...think about it8. Diesel fuel smell out of clothing?My hubby was a diesel mechanic for years. All I had to do was wash his clothes in Tide to remove the smell. However, since using detergent has not worked for you, try what a friend of ours had to do. He had to soak his clothing in vinegar, completely immersing, letting them dry and then washing. Hope this helps.
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