I Put 6 Qu of Engine Oil in My Engine What Should I Do It This Okay?

dont worry it will smoke quite a lot but it will burn it off. if engine runs okay, you should be okay, it will soon burn off

1. 2000 Honda Civic EX Engine Oil Leak?

IF the mechanic is not then why are you?!

2. Engine oil for my honda?

should say it on your oil cap

3. Improvised recipes. Can I fry eggs in engine oil?

No, you would be very sick or even die if cooked like that!

4. Can engine oil type cause a car to overheat?

I do not think soI've had many experiences with strictly oil cooled engines. In particular the 1986 Suzuki GSXR 750/1100 platform.They went strictly oil cooled with a giant oil cooler and 8 quarts of oil. As you can see, this motor is filled with oil galleys and has no coolant or radiator.Another note, I live in the desert of the US Southwest where temperatures exceed 120F in the shade during late June to August.I have never had an issue running 10w-40, 20w-40, 20w-50. ...so on. Although the 10w-40 is 'less dense' than 20w-50, in theory, I have not detected a difference in power, cooling or engine life.Certainly, comparing this engine to your liquid cooled modern car platform might seem ludicrous but at the end of the day taking the motor I am talking about to a track and running it a very high RPM's in desert summer heat and not detecting a difference in cooling is pretty meaningful.You mentionedI check radiator water constantly and refill it if needed. If you are needing to refill your coolant on a semi-regular basis I suggest you focus on your actual cooling system.I have not added coolant to my 2013 Toyota Truck for at least 6 months and I am sure I will be able to get to summer before I add a little to the reserve reservoir. IMO, focus on the actual cooling system.

5. Is it advisable to use Synthetic Engine Oil in my Suzuki GS150R ?

I do not think it's really necessary to use synthetic oil in that engine. I've gone 30,000 miles on my RC51 and thousands of miles on all my previous bikes and i've never used synthetics. I used to use golden spectro dino oil in my first two bikes, which were Kawasaki, but now since owning several Hondas over the years, i've only used the Honda GN brand stuff.

6. Is there any use of putting engine protection along with the engine oil in the car or they are just fooling us?

Any good quality engine oil will already have a carefully worked out additive pack as part of its composition.Adding more isnt going to improve things in most cases, the experts have already put the correct amount.So instead just use the money would have spent on additives on increasing your oil budget in the first place. You wouldnt get Jamie Oliver to bake you a cake and then just before he puts it into the over come along and lob two extra eggs in to improve it now would you? so why try and do the same thing with a carefully selected oil and additive pack blend?

7. Does it make sense to pay more for the synthetic engine oil?

From what i will tell cellular one is between the greater perfect ones and in case you reside close to a walmart great middle with a lube they positively have cellular a million i've got used the two valvoline and cellular one the 1st oil exchange after the swap replaced into jaw dropping you may desire to of considered the crap that got here out and that's after 5 oil modifications with valvoline it replaced into pitch black and had dissolved expenditures of sludge the 2nd replaced into gentle black amber looking without sludge and that i am on my 8th oil exchange working over 14500 miles with a chevy 2.2 vortec

8. give engine oil fltration process to be used in fire tube boilers?

A centrifuge will throw out the heavy contaminants to the drum walls and the cleaned liquid will pass out of the drum. Do not know how you clear water with a centrifuge. You would use some sort of skimming process as the oil floats on water, OR an oil belt, that captures oil while the water is left behind.

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Chevy Tahoe Gives Me a Warning: Check Engine Oil?
Chevy Tahoe gives me a warning: Check Engine Oil?are you sure it does not say "change engine oil"? If so, the dealer did not reset the OLM (oil life monitor). You can do this yourself, by turning the key to "on" but do not start it, press the gas to the floor 5 times, start the vehicle, then shut it off. There are technical papers on this OLM system, and it's actually the most accurate and advanced version available by any manufacturer, but it is notorious for not always immediately re-setting, so if it does not reset after you do this, give it a few more engine starts and it will. I am not aware that this system has a "check engine oil" function, unless it is referring to low oil pressure, but I do not think it has the ability to tell you if your oil level is low, at least it did not on the 2002 models. If yours is newer, it may. If it does indeed say "check" and not "change", then there is something wrong with the system itself - loose wire to the sensor, bad sensor, something of that nature— — — — — —Vw beetle 1973 1200cc oil pressure indicator lights up when driving,why?low oil pressure. better get it checked out.— — — — — —I have a 1998 freightliner and my low oil pressure light continues to come on.?What engine and what type of freightliner? IE: century,fld,classic, etc Oil in the coolant is not good, but may not be related to the low oil light. First place to look for oil in the coolant is the oil cooler. If it's ok, then it's time to go to the head gasket. If it's not either of those, then it's most likely a cracked head or block. Oil in the coolant will cause the cooling system to get clogged up and make the engine over heat. If you have a detroit, what is the oil guage reading when the low oil light comes on? If the guage is ok, then it is probably a sensor or loose wire, or pressure switch. The sensor is on the left side of the block toward the back. There is a pressure switch on the air manifold, which on a century is behind the carpet at your right knee when seated in the driver's seat. A loose wire there is a common problem. On an fld or classic the air manifold is under the dash panel behind the air switches (tandem lock, suspension dump, etc) Not really common problem on flds or classics. Is it just a low oil light or is it a low oil high water light. If it's a low oil high water light, it could be the water sensor, because of the oil in the coolant.— — — — — —Low oil pressure after engine reaches running temperature.Change the sensor or use a mechanical pressure gauge to verify the actual oil pressure.— — — — — —low oil pressure in 1993 gmc 1500?What weight oil are you using? while you are using too skinny oil, it wo not save your oil tension severe and could drop straight away, and in the adventure that your truck runs warm verify your thermostat is not sticking. I actually have a 1994 GMC Sonoma with a 4.3 that has the around air filter out on proper of the throttle physique and that i run 20-50 weight in it.— — — — — —Motorcycles have a bad reputation to be noisy. When they stop at the red light,....?It is recommend for older Harleys to give them a little better oil flow.also when putting around at slow speed for the same reason.They run at low oil pressure and it gives it a shot of oil.— — — — — —How do you fix Low oil pressure when at Idle after the engine warms up?How To Fix Oil Pressure— — — — — —Low Oil pressure keeps popping up on my 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix, I maintain it well, why is this happening?It could be an assortment of problems without knowing the mileage of the vehicle. You could have a leaky oil pressure switch, the grade of oil or even the oil filter can have an impact. If the vehicle has high mileage, put a product called Rislone in the oil. Use it every oil service and over time it will clean the oil ports in the engine
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