I Want an Electric Motor That Is Speed Variable. Should Be Controllable to Move an 8" Diameter Circu

So what is the problem? Motor speed controls are readily available and are generally rated by amperage capacity. The technical term is a rheostat

1. What's the most powerful electric motor to put in a car when converting it?

This Site Might Help You. RE: What is the most powerful electric motor to put in a car when converting it? I am thinking about converting my mom's '05 Nissan Quest to all electric. What is the most powerful motor and where can I get it for how much?

2. How do I attach an electric motor to a fly wheel to spin it and what actually cause the flywheel to spin or the shaft to spin and how on earth is a motor or whatever it is attached to somthing thats spinning like a flyweel?

A flywheel may be directly mounted on a motor shaft or it may be connected by a system of belts/pulleys or gears. Kinetic energy from the rotating motor shaft becomes stored in the flywheel. The greater the mass and the higher the rotating speed of the flywheel the more kinetic energy it contains. An electric motor converts electrical energy to kinetic energy by creating magnetic fields in the motor that rotate the motor shaft and this may be utilized to accomplish work. In the case that you present, that work is expended to accelerate a flywheel which becomes, when it is in motion, a resevoir of stored kinetic energy that was produced by the motor. Even a very small motor may impart a lot of energy to a rotating flywheel over a period of time. A larger motor, that produces more energy, will accelerate the flywhell to the same speed, and level of stored energy, in less time than it takes the smaller motor.. Kinetic energy = the energy possesed by a mass in motion, in this case, a flywheel.How do I attach an electric motor to a fly wheel to spin it and what actually cause the flywheel to spin or the shaft to spin and how on earth is a motor or whatever it is attached to somthing thats spinning like a flyweel?.

3. What's the right electric motor for me?

It would help to know how many foot pounds (or inch pounds) of torque the drum itself will require to accomplish its task. After that it's fairly easy. And I would not recommend a DC motor. Here's what you need to have going on: Torque at the drum, RPM at the drum, RPM (motor) and an associated gear box or belt & pulley drive to lower the RPM of the motor. I would recommend an AC motor that spins around 3600 RPM. Now: Suppose you want to turn the drum at a modest 24 RPM (that's 1 rev per 2.5 sec). Sounds modest enough for me. You need to gear 3600 RPM down to 24 RPM, so you need a gear ratio of 150 to 1 (150:1). That's a significant step down. Worm gears will probably get you there faster. Just finding them will be difficult enough. Then put them into a frame. LOTS of work. But whatever you come up with, the ratio downspeeding the mechanism will result in (in theory) the same torque increase. So if you have a small motor capable of 6 inch pounds of torque (0.5 ft lb), you will be applying 75 foot pounds torque to your project. That's not a TON of force but that is rather significant. You will have to build to withstand 75 ft lbs. force. Finding a lower speed motor will help. Just do the math and calculate out your desired RPM at the drum and what gear ratio you can reasonably acquire then get the appropriate motor. There IS an alternative, but you will need to be savvy with electronics: If you can find an old tread mill - they have variable speed motors of significant power. The good thing about that is you can reduce the force and reduce the need for a large transmission. But to use it you will have to figure out how to build your speed regulator. Quite likely a simple potentiometer will work, but it will need to be the right size otherwise your controllability will be drastically limited. Hope this helps. 'av'a g would ay mate. '')

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