I Want to Build a Battlebot. What I Wanna Know Is: Does a DC Motor Require a Gearbox Or Does It Not?

The answer to this question begins with the type of DC motor used. Normally speed and tourqe ratios are used with DC motors as a cost-prohibitive factor, as to Varible-Resistance High tourqe DC motors that need to be controlled by a computer processor are expensive and complex to build. As with anything, function and performance should determine materials.

1. Why does this DC motor have such a wide range of power?

Think of the motor as of a device that is meant to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. If your mechanical load needs a lot of energy, the motor needs a lot of electrical energy to generate that. That's why it does not have a fixed power rating. Does this mean that its internal resistance is somehow dependent on the load?Yes. You can not really use a resistor model for a motor, because its resistance varies due to a lot of factors : mechanical load, input voltage, etc.Or does the user determine the actual power with using a resistor in the circuit?No. Using a resistor in any power electronics application is generally a bad idea. Resistors turn electrical energy into heat. That's a massive waste of energy unless you are making a heater. However, you can use a motor speed controller that basically varies the voltage given to the motor which in turn changes the power delivered to the mechanical load.Now some extra info about the datasheet that you provided, just to make things clear:

2. How to hook up DC motor that has 3 wires?

With the losses inherent interior the motor and the alternator, the battery will progressively flow flat. certainly a motor itself places some skill back into the circuit, it makes use of plenty to start yet them the quantity of modern drops significant because it runs. i am unsure what your question has to do with vehicles and transportation although.

3. does any one know how to make a self powered 12v alternator powerd with a high powered 12 dc motor loop system?

That's called perpetual motion. There are a line of kooks sitting at the patent office as we speak claiming they invented it. You can not get something for nothing. Not in energy or life.

4. I used 5v DC motor as a turbine to generate almost 5-6v but when a load is connected I get 1v 40mA what modifications should I do inorder to get atleast 5v 100mA?

Use a 12v motor and if you are using wind get to a more windy place

5. Should I use both a MOV & a flyback diode for a very high power DC motor (7560W)?

That MOV wo not protect other circuitry from back EMF from the motor. The diode will practically short the MOV. (The diode will start conducting at about 0. 7 volts while the MOV can only start conducting above the 84 volts supplied to the motor.)I would not suggest using a MOV to protect against back EMF, because a: they are non-polarized (the -84V vs -0.7V issue) and b: they wear out and will eventually fail. The diode will be conducting very often and stealing 0.7V*90A=63W from the motor when the PWM level is zero. It may sound like a lot of power, but it's below 1% of what is fed to the motor. That diode would probably need to have a fan for cooling it, or at least a heat sink.And it also needs to be rated for at least 100 Amperes. The inductance of the motor "wants" to keep conducting the same current and when the voltage is removed from the motor, it turns into a generator that pumps out the same 90 amps, but through the flyback diode.

6. In a cold air intake booster, is it possible to use a 12 volt DC motor? What will be the pros and cons?

They are experimenting with using 48 volt DC motors on an active turbocharger. A 12 volt motor with the required power would take too many amps for normal wiring.Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming 48-Volt Electrical Revolution In CarsEdit: The article talks about 12 volts not being enough to power a supercharger for long distances; use a 48 volt motor and generator for that instead. This eliminates turbo lag; the battery really only needs to take up the slack until the turbo spins up.Putting a 12 volt blower behind the air filter won't do much at all.In a cold air intake booster, is it possible to use a 12 volt DC motor? What will be the pros and cons?.

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