Ideas for a Food Truck Or Trailer? Savory Or Sweet?

All kinds of fried veggies including fried pickles sell very well. My personal fair favorite is cheese on a stick

1. Are all trailer homes in a trailer park?

No most are on private land. trailer parks are in the minority. You buy a couple of acres, prep the land and the trailer is installed on your foundation and hooked up to your water, septic and power

2. The Hunger Games trailer/movie release date?

There's no official movie trailer. Release date is March 23, 2012. No cast announcements to this date

3. what do you think for this trailer?

Landscaping is cheap. Do not let it distract you from the main elements: WHERE is the trailer located? [private land, or trailer park ... and which part of town] age and condition of trailer? ... including insulation, wiring, plumbing, appliances,,,, how much could you sell** it for in the future??? etc etc. get the help of a professional inspector. Then look at your own finances, and needs. **And, would a future wife want to live there??

4. Is it abusive to put my rabbit in a bike trailer?

not really .. fluffing it in the dryer, now that would be abusive

5. What is the cello piece in this trailer??? (If I Stay)?

I am not sure that I am reading corretly what this other answer, which is saying : "This is not classical music".... because you've never said once so, you are just asking about whom might be playing the cello, which is an instrument, correct me mister "I know it all with master degree and all" , that is played for sure mostly in classical music and far less in pop music of whatever brand and type.... So since Rosette here is saying that someone suggested that it might be Yo Yo ma playing the cello, the question is certainly in the right section, I would not see the point of asking the same question in the rock and roll section... A good friend of mine used to say : "The ones that can, do, the others attempt at teaching others" whatever they attempt at, he did not said, but it is certainly not music! With an attitude like yours it might be more in its place in the army or so ... The question is about music, which is about love, if you are not capable of it, just stay out off it! For you Rosette , what you are asking is not that difficult to find, just type the title of the movie, look for whom made the music, all titles will appear, specially on those movies/ films sites, then just go by the number and follow their lead, you will find the right answer... Mine here is of a supportive nature, I can not take it to see abusive answers from bully, certainly when you are asking nicely ... good luck with finding what you want.. have a nice day ... God bless To mister "I know it all " Get a life, life is too short to be living the one of others ... have a nice one too, you deserver it, like all of us ...

6. What is the best bike trailer for me?

the suited bike is the only designed for the place you prefer to holiday. i might visit the close by bike shops and look on the convenience and hybrid motorcycles. on the trailer i might seek for a sturdy used one on the close by ebay or craig's record. Trailers are not getting used a lot and are frequently in sturdy shape

7. how to remove smells from a trailer?

Lots of fresh air! Also, they make great product called "Odor Ban" that works wonders

8. Bicycle trailer that can secure cargo?

You could make your own cover from plywood and some hardware store parts. Or get some plastic storage tubs that have a pass-through for a padlock and bolt those down in your storage unit. But it would still be pretty insecure. Most things are just there to keep honest people honest. Another option is to bike with your vicious looking dog (or child) in the trailer and leave him with the bike. Not sure if that's a good solution. Related: How do you lock up your bike trailer?

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Buy the Right Size of a Trailer As Per Your Requirement
Online product selling is the latest trend now. Manufacturers are making their own websites and sell the product online. Like this, the trailer sellers also sell the trailer through online. There are different types of trailers are available in the market. The different trailers are used for the different purposes, for example, enclosed trailer for moving products safely from one location to another location, car hauler trailer for transporting the cars, Lawn utility trailers for moving the furniture, home appliances. Read More About This BlogHow to drive with a trailer –The trailer can have a profound affect on the way your vehicle handles, so it's important to ensure everything is set up properly right from the beginning. Driving with a trailer in tow is different from driving solo. You will notice slower acceleration, increased stopping distances and a much wider turning circle. The trailer can have a profound affect on the way your vehicle handles, so it's important to ensure everything is set up properly right from the beginning. The first thing to check is that your trailer sits level behind the tow vehicle. This is important, particularly with tandem-axle trailers, so hitch it up and perform a visual check. Height differences between the hitch ball and the trailer itself can be accommodated by using a special tow bar to drop or raise the ball to the correct height, or with an adjustable hitch. You will also want to check the tongue weight to ensure it is correct. Tongue weight refers to the proportion of the trailer's total weight that the coupler and hitch must directly support. Normally, this will be somewhere around 10 per cent of the trailer's total weight, so a 2,000 lb. trailer would have a tongue weight of 200 lb. Any significant variance above or below this weight can result in the trailer handling poorly, and presenting an unsafe situation. If you know the actual trailer weight, the simplest way to check tongue weight is with a jack and a scale. You will also want to ensure that the trailer is loaded properly. Balancing the weight of any gear you load into the trailer, from front-to-rear and side-to-side, will preserve the trailer's balance and handling. Be sure to properly secure loose items so they do not shift in transit. On long trips, it's wise to stop and check the load periodically, especially if driving on rough roads. Once you are underway, the most obvious difference between towing a trailer and driving solo is the additional length of your combined vehicles. Turning will require extra space, to accommodate the additional length of the trailer. This is particularly true in the case of 90-degree corners. You will want to be well out into the intersection before you turn the wheel, in order to avoid having the side of the trailer cutting the corner short and mounting the curb. Your trailer tires will not follow those of the tow vehicle, but will go through the turn in a much tighter arc. You will need to allow for this, in order to avoid hitting curbs and road signs. If you are new to towing, it's a good idea to practice in a quiet parking lot, manoeuvring around pylons or other markers, till you get the hang of it. Wet the tires before making a 90 degree turn, and you will see how much tighter the trailer takes a corner. Remember that when towing a trailer you will need much more space when changing lanes or passing other vehicles. Not only is your vehicle now much longer than it was before, you wo not be able to accelerate as you might have when driving solo - particularly on even gentle grades. Until you become comfortable driving with a trailer, it's probably best to take greater care when changing lanes, and to avoid passing other vehicles entirely. A trailer that is properly hitched and balanced should not sway excessively as it travels down the road. However, swaying may occur as a result of influences like passing trucks or gusty crosswinds. Trailers may also sway when descending steep grades. If the trailer begins to sway, slow down and try to keep the steering wheel steady - do not stomp the brakes or try to steer in the opposite direction of the trailer's movement. If the trailer has electric brakes, use the hand control to apply them, and stop at the first safe opportunity so you can check things over before continuing. Some hitches incorporate an anti-sway device near the coupler, that consists of a couple of arms that extend back along the trailer tongue. A dampening device controls side-to-side movement to reduce sway while underway. Backing up with a trailer can be frustrating the first few times you try, as the end of the trailer always seems to go in the opposite direction that you want. The key is to go slowly, and to use one hand to hold the bottom of the steering wheel. To turn the trailer to the left, move that hand to the left. To go right, turn your hand to the right. It's really that simple. If you have to reverse in confined areas, you will need to watch the back of the tow vehicle as well as the progress of the trailer. Remember, the point where the vehicle and trailer meet functions as a pivot - if you turn the wheel to move the trailer to the right, the back of your tow vehicle will move to the left.
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