In the Guitar Solo on Led Zeppelinu2019s Heartbreaker, It Sounds As Page Fumbles. Does He, and If so

He is certainly not intending for the parts to sound sloppy. It definitely is, but it was likely the best take out of three that he recorded.There's a larger picture to Jimmy Page that time keeps forgetting. He is far more than a guitar hero. Those albums, sonically, were far a head of their time. The drums just sound massive compared to most other contemporary recordings. The songs were dynamic, light and shade was found all over one side of a record. The album became an artistic statement, an art form, not merely a vehicle for singles. Each of those first 4 featured a different engineer, but they were fantastic productions in their time. Jimmy was the producer, and how many guitar players can claim to have such a fingerprint on the way their act sounded? If there was one aspect of his overall performance that was bound to suffer, that was going to be the lead playing, since its such a small portion of what the man was able to consistently deliver.

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Does something become a proof when there are no other possibilities?

I'm going to say, yes (see Proof by exhaustion).If (and that's a really big If) one can eliminate all other possibilities, then the one that remains must be true. However, it's extremely rare that this happens. In your example, the only possibility you have eliminated is that you have not seem someone leave a painting there. The next one you should consider is, obviously, a ninja, hanging upside down in the tree above, dropped it when he moved to scratch his butt.Or, the mighty, but deceptive, Xulaku is looking for minions and is trying to trick you into doing something. (Note that Xulaku is not any sort of god. She is just an alien from another galaxy with some really cool tech, which would appear to be magic to us since we're not nearly as intelligent as her.)And there's a whole lot of others too- maybe a unicorn farted on a piece of wood and it turned into a painting. Or, and this possibility only needs to be considered for the sake of completion, maybe someone left it there before you went into the woods


What is the difference between Google and Google Chrome?

Not sure if this is a trick question or the setup for a joke or not.As others have already pointed out Chrome is the name of Googles custom web browser, as well as their operating system based on Linux that web browser.Google Search is just a web service that when promoted with a question can answer all sorts of questions with accurate results from around the world. Its like having an old wise man to ask questions of and you dont even have to bring him gifts or make a trek up 1000 steps up a mountain to visit him.Now, with all that said, the web browser named Google Chrome *does* have google search built in (you can just type your questions into the address bar up top of the chrome window), and since Chrome OS is built on top of Google Chrome, google search is also built directly into Chrome OS. So, there isnt really any difference. Google Search is built into Google Chrome. Chrome OS is built on top of Google Chrome (which includes Google Search).Hope that helps!


Did Russian cossacks considered themselves as Russians?

Very interesting question. Cossacks could consider themselves as a separate ethnicity at some time many centuries ago. Mainly to differentiate themselves from the people who lived around. At that ancient time cossacks lived or even survived at the borders of the Russian Empire. They were men of the Russian frontiers, I would say. But still they also considered themselves as a part of Russian people and true Orthodox Christians.Last couple of centuries in the Russian Empire they considered themselves rather as a different estate, and legally they were an estate as well.

But not many people know that cossacks contributed to the existence of a real state and a real ethnicity, well known nowadays. I am talking about Kazakhstan and Kazakhs. The words do not sound just similar, they are the same, just different spelling. The men at the southern borders of the Russian Empire were Yaik (renamed later to Ural) cossacks similar to any other Russian frontier. And the people who lived south from Ural river associated themselves with cossacks as well. They became the Kazakhs


What was the best battleship in WW2?

The best battleship during World War Two?If it would be about a combination of technology and firepower, than that would be the Iowa-class battleships Iowa, New Jersey and Missouri.Taking the most damage before being sunk: Than the Yamato-class battleships Yamato and Musashi comes to mind, taking a great number of bombs and torpedos before being sunk. Also the Bismarck-clas battleship Tirpitz took a lot of damage, being sunk by extremely large tall-boy bombs. In a surface engagement, the battleship Bismarck wins. The Bismarck was hit by at least 700 shells and a number of torpedos and even took her own crew to scuttle her.If we are going to look at the battleships that sunk the most number of enemy ships, than the Scharnhorst-class battleship Gneisenau wins this one: Sinking 10 merchant ships by herself and sinking together with the Scharnhorst a carrier, a merchant cruiser and two destroyers. Scharnhorst sank 9 merchant ships by herself.If we are ging to look at the battleship that sank the biggest enemy ship, than the German battleship Bismarck winst this one, by sinking the battlecruiser (although it was really a fast battleship) Hood


Why were the British so shocked that the Hood, an old battlecruiser, was defeated by the Bismarck, a modern battleship?

While there was a long interval between the commissioning of Hood in 1920, and Bismarck in 1940, the Washington and London naval treaties had effectively halted construction of capital ships over 35000 tons from 1922 until 1936, so the technologies of hull design, propulsion, armor, and guns had not advanced very much.To illustrate that fact, even HMS Vanguard, built during WW2 but not commissioned until 1946, used complete dual 15-inch turrets and guns of a design dating back to 1915.The significant advances were in radar and fire control - but in 1940 the radar on both sides was still primitive, and some of Bismarcks radar was damaged by the concussion from its own guns. In 1940, on all sides, navies had a mixture of late-WW1 technology, which worked just about as expected, and late-1930s technology which was not yet fully debugged and battle-tested.On paper, Hood was a decent match for Bismarck - not clearly superior, but not massively inferior - and could be expected to slug it out for a while and at least do considerable damage. It just didnt turn out that way


Would the police drop their weapons if someone is held at gunpoint?

Depends on the person (cops are basically people, no matter how well trained they are), but the by the book answer is that you NEVER put your gun down if youre holding a bad guy up and he has a hostage.Why is this?Someone who takes a hostage (or kidnaps someone) rarely means well. If they are sane, they understand that they are pointing a deadly weapon at someones head and can end their life with a measly eight pounds of pressure on the trigger (often less).

If someone is INSANE, then they dont understand the gravity of what theyre doing and they might do it without even thinking about it.In both cases, hostages that are allowed to be removed from the scene have a terribly low survival rate.A cop should never lower his gun.There are certainly cops that deviate from this, but the training (and the education I have received on the subject) says that the only time you lower your gun is when the hostage taker is no longer a threat.


Why are Scandinavian people tall?

Apart from their diets and ediblesThe other reason which has some role to alter the genetics are the Depletion of Ozone layers in the regions of Antarctic and Arctic. The human settlement is very less in the Antarctica. Scandinavia is located near the Arctic circle. During the Industrial revolution the use of chemicals and fuel in factories resulted in increased air and water pollution and an increased use of fossil fuels which escalated the emission of chlorofluorocarbon and depletion of ozone layer resulted in rise of UV rays.On account of increase in UV rays it will produce sufficient amount of VITAMIN D in the near by regions. VITAMIN D is responsible for the human height vitamin D production depends on exposure to sunlight. Humans living at latitudes far from the equator developed light skin in order to help absorb more Vitamin D. People with light (type II) skin can produce previtamin D3 in their skin at rates 510 times faster than dark-skinned (type V) people.This became BLESSING IN DISGUISE for some European countries.


Do Americans fear their policemen?

In general, as others answering this question have indicated, most Americans do not fear law enforcement. Most law enforcement is well trained and dedicated to keeping their communities safe.HoweverThe issues that concern some Americans relate to the poor screening and/or training of some law enforcement personnel. We are a diverse, multi-cultural, multi-racial country. Racism exists across society. Society includes government and the private sector. By definition, that also includes police departments.

Racism in non-public sectors is hidden or systematic. Those who practice such beliefs are not easily identified. In law enforcement, officers face the public every day. A racist who, through inadequate screening, happens to be an officer can cause damage not only to an individual, but to his department and fellow officers, and to the community, and law enforcement at large. The mutual mistrust that then develops between communities and law enforcement snowballs, and eventually becomes a crisis.This is my (greatly simplified) impression, but the important take-away is to understand that fear is not the issue. It is mistrust.


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