Is It Healthy for a Teen to Go Vegetarian?

I had been a vegetarian since i was 13 (Im 27 now). There is no problem with that. Are you planning to be a pure vegetarian (vegan) or ovo-lacto vegetarian (still eat eggs, milk, dairy stuff). If you are going ovo-lacto, then you still have many protein sources like cheese and milk and eggs. However, if you are gona be vegan (No animal by-product, not even honey) then there are tons of fortified soy or rice milk available now that you can drink to meet the daily requirements. The KEY is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Make sure you double up on dark green leafy veggie (spinach, broccoli) to aid in your iron intake and lots of beans, chick-peas for more protein. If you practice a balance diet, it will be helpful to also take a daily vitamin/mineral supplement. Check-out They have awesome herbal and natural vitamin and mineral supplements suitable for vegetarians. You need this to ensure you get your daily requirements.

1. is there any effect when you add water to the scrambled eggs?

I know milk makes it fluffier

2. Which of the following is a solution: pure water, fruit punch, cereal, or milk in a bowl. explain how you know?

A solution is formed when a solute is dissolved in a solvent. So fruit punch is a solution containing sugars and other substances dissolved in water. (milk is an emulsion - a dispersion of fat in water)

3. Great breakfast recipes for my friend who just opened a B&B?

Ham and Grits Crustless Quiche Ingredients: 1/2 cup water 1/4 tsp salt 1/3 cup quick-cooking grits, uncooked a (12 oz.) can evaporated milk 1 1/2 cups chopped ham 1 cup (4oz.) Cheddar cheese, shredded 3 large eggs, lightly beaten 1 Tbsp Chopped fresh parsley 1 tsp Dry mustard 1-2 tsps Hot Sauce Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Bring salt and water to a boil in sauce pan; stir in grits, remove from heat; cover and let stand 5 minutes.(mixture will be thick). Stir in milk and next 6 ingredients. Pour into sprayed 9 1/2 inch quiche dish or a 9 1/2 inch deep pie plate. Bake for 30-35 minutes. Let stand 10 min. before serving. Cut into wedges. Yield 6 servings. Variation: Use Italian sausage in place of ham (saute', drain and crumble well) and eliminate mustard and hot sauce. This is a recipe from a bed and breakfast at Mtn View.

4. Can you explain "Kosher" to me?

I am Jewish so I hope I can help. The word has two meanings: 1) It refers to food that is 'OK' to eat; that is, it has been killed in such a way as to minimise pain to the animal. It also means that the food/meal does not include pork, certain types of shellfish, and various types of fish, for example skate. Jews also are not meant to mix milk and meat. Kosher foods will always have a label on them signifying that they are prepared according to the correct principles. 2) In general conversation, if you say something is 'kosher' it means it's the are al thing', the genuine article. Something that is 'kosher' can be trusted. I hope that has helped! Feel free to ask for more details - you could also post this question in the Israel forum, in the 'Travel' section and you will get some very detailed responses!

5. What are some tastey egg recipes?

Monte Crisco 4 slices bread 2 slices of ham 4 slices of Cheddar cheese 1-2 eggs 1 Tbs milk or cream butter Assemble the sandwiches by top a two pieces of bread with cheese, then ham, then more cheese. Top with the other slices of bread. Mix together eggs and milk in a flat dish. Put a sandwich in the egg mix for 15-20 seconds per side so it can soak up a bit of the mix. Heat a frying pan and a pat of butter while the sandwich sits in the egg mix. Preheat the oven to 300. Cook each sandwich a few minutes on each side, adding a pat of butter before flipping so each side gets some butter. When the bread has lightly browned on each side, put the sandwiches onto a baking sheet and then put them into the oven and bake 5-10 minutes, flipping once halfway through, so that cheese is totally melted.

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