Is It Legal to Drive an Electric Motor Scooter in Florida Without a Drivers License?

Great question for the DMV

1. How to increase torque in an electric motor, without increasing the voltage?

All you can do is reduce the speed via gears or other methods such as belts. Cut the speed in half and you double the torque

2. How do I control the speed of a DC electric motor?

alien steves answer about the wall mount unit is good if you are using 9 or 12V battery if u r presently using a few 1.5 V cells ( its not so good idea because the units normally 3, 4.5, 6, 9, 12, 13V)) but a solution would be to then tap off fewer cells if you can use steves idea think of the money u will save on batteries

3. what can I use to awuire a large electric motor (dryer, washer, or other)?

First, you need to use in ordinary terms electric for the washer. 2d, I easily have used the two organic gasoline and electric dryers. the dryer I easily have now's gasoline, and it form of feels to dry the clothing plenty swifter on any cycle. even though it somewhat is advisable to think of roughly how many different home equipment that are making use of your gasoline(warm Water Heater) Kitchen variety? Your Refig. makes use of electric, the two the washer and dryer use electric. in ordinary terms gasoline dryers use 110Volts, and electric are 220volts which will additionally be used on your well-known A/C. those are the specialists and cons of the justifications for categories of home equipment. Like I pronounced i take advantage of organic gasoline and that i like it extra beneficial

4. What is the best way to slow down a dc electric motor like the one I've linked below?

There are 2 effective ways to slow down a motor like this. Just lowering the voltage will reduce the power available to the motor and it wo not run smoothly. You can use a gearing system or you can use a pulse width modulated control. PWM allows for smooth speed control and good power. The link below leads to an excellent PWM circuit tutorial. It's short and deals directly with controlling a motor speed.

5. How does an electric motor know which way to turn ?

the direction it spins; basically, if you take your right hand a curl your fingers and a motor spins in the direction of the fingers curling has the orthogonal momentum of your thumb. So clockwise away, counter-clock back towards

6. What torque would an electric motor need to lift a 150 lb weight using a 6 inch diameter pulley(3 in radius)?

Assuming the use of only one pulley and neglecting friction 150*3/12 = 37.5 ft-lb of torque. I would use 40 ft-lb of torque to ensure friction is over come with ease.

7. Simple electric motor won't work. (for highschool science class)?

The motor is a lot more than wrapping wire around a battery. You have to connect the wire to the battery at least. Search google for "school project motor" and you will find many samples. .

8. does excess current damage an electric motor?

you need to have burned the brushes. With the grinder unplugged, look for 2 black plastic (in many situations) screws (the dimensions of nickels). Unscrew them, in the event that they are burned and nasty looking bypass to a real ironmongery keep (no longer a great container keep) and locate substitute brushes. additionally, use a scotch pad to scrub the exterior which the brushes run against. you additionally could have the means to drop the grinder off on the interior of sight ironmongery keep to have them deliver it out and rebuild it. If that's a reliable grinder this could likely be rather well worth the money. to maintain from pinching the grinders interior the destiny use the main costly wheels you will locate. additionally determine you are making use of decrease-off wheels for reducing and grinding wheels for grinding

9. Question about performance hybrid cars? Why does engine hp electric motor hp not = total system hp?

This does not directly relate being the car he had was not a hybrid but Hitler had a car that used 2 six cylinder engines and they never could get them to work together

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