Is There a Collective Word for Nieces and Nephews?

No, there isn't. I suspect that the reason is because English (generally) does not use gendered nouns or pronouns, and when they are gendered we do not use one of them as the non-gendered version. In Spanish, ninos, sobrinos, etc. are all male gendered terms, but they are used as the non-gendered plural.In English, our gendered terms stay gendered, and we have to use a different word for the non-gendered collective (e.


, mother and father -> parent; steward and stewardess -> flight attendant; etc.)

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What unique collectables do you have?

Liqueurs. I have around a hundred and thirty from around the world representing thirty eight different countries. I don't care for the cream ones or volumes of under 28%. Whenever there are over a dozen bottles unopened I have a tasting night for friends and family. The Eastern European liqueurs tend to be herbal. Definately not everyone's favourite.My favourites are the Whisky based ones. They all get their own decanters, after all, how can you go wrong with a base like that? Italians liqueurs are also very nice, especially if you have a sweet tooth. French ones are in a class of their own


Will "Dangal" break the collection record of "Sultan"?

Aamir Khans Dangal has been compared to Salman Khans Sultan since the time it was announced. Both the films are based on wrestling and hence, people thought they would be similar. Yes, the wrestling scenes and the Haryanvi dialogues were somewhat the same, but the movies are quite different. Sultan is basically a love story, while Dangal was more about a fathers relationship with his daughters.

Coming back to the box office, in the lifetime run

Sultan collected Rs 300.45 crore. Dangal, on the other hand, is expected to collect Rs 350 crore, beating Sultan quite easily


How does Smirnoff suspend gold flakes in its gold collection vodka?

We have a bottle of something similar called 'Goldwasser' which is a vodka with gold flakes suspended in it. When you taste it you're left in no doubt as to how they get the gold to sink very, very slowly - it is horribly sweet. For Xmas this year I decided to make a special batch of my home-made limoncello. I added a home-made extract of various spices (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, juniper and vanilla) and some gold flakes.The gold quite quickly (60 to 90s) sank to the bottom. Rather than ruin the taste by adding more cane sugar syrup I just shake it before serving.


At what point do you think a student's privacy is violated by data collection?

Essentially, I think privacy is violated when a student or other persons data is collected when he/she doesnt know about it, how it is done or who it is given to. Still, I imaginable that could be in a user agreement but we run into so many of them that I seriously doubt many people actually read them instead of just clicking on agree and even those who do may not understand what they mean and even if they do, what are they gonna do about it?


What are the sources to collect data?

For data analytics

Databases, Local files, Cloud file sources, Cloud database sources (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure), Applications data sources.For marketing

Data from your stores ( if it is a retail business). Web site visitors details ( if e commerce business) .Each action can be captured using server log. Data from all social media about your product and its feedback.In common usage

Data is everywhere this upto the business or the people who decide to capture depends on their goal & importance. Capturing this data requires different systems or applications. Each system will produce different data sources. By process these data will give you the knowledge and insights.


Why is garbage collection in software so expensive?

It depend on the implementation of the garbage collector but the main reason the most garbage collector are so expensive are that they have to keep track of all objects or at least all dynamically allocated objects to see if they are needed. Also some garbage collectors will run any time they want but you and hint time to run while others can be explicitly called. Usually when a garbage collector is running no other work is done. About 60 percent of the time you do not need a garbage collector or 90% if you doe not include smart pointers as a garbage collector


Should I buy Destiny: The Collection?

Hell yeah! That collection is worth $170, and you get it for the price of $60! The only foreseeable problem is you might not have friends that are willing to play the older content that the collection includes, because they have already played it. On the bright side, it contains the content that the game should of had when it came out back in 2014, and you get the new Rise Of Iron DLC. Also, because you are playing on PS4, you have console exclusives that Xbox doesn't get. (Zen Meteor, exotic sniper rifle).


In what ways are we as Muslims collectively doing wrong?

MAKING A BIG DEAL OF CLOTHING AND JUDGING PEOPLE BASED ON IT.I see this day in and day out, Muslims are very judgmental about the way a person dresses and are quick to point out. This needs to stop. It is an everyday thing, from the length of your tee to the visible hair if youre a Hijabi.

We have to stop obsessing about these trivial matters and focus on major issues like education, employment, poverty, knowledge development and sharing etcI wish we look beyond such silly things and actually focus on something productive and sensible.Peace!


What is the best way to start collecting firearms?

HOW DO YOU START A GUN COLLECTION? Quite simple. First you go out and buy your first gun. Its as simple as that. You have to star somewhere. Now the next step is more difficult. What do you buy for your next gun? Is your collection going to be for hunting or target shooting.? Or are you going to collect a specific gun or are you going to concentrate on a specific era. Either way, it begins when you buy your first gun.Me, I prefer military or in the case of modern firearms,paramilitary guns. But I also like muzzle loaders and 19th Century sporting guns.


What are the best ways to produce the first fashion collection?

you can name it according to the key from where you got inspiration or it can be related to your ideal or dream.If you are an emotional or person for whom family values are very important can name it on the name of that special person.You can name it according to which type of person or designer you are like funky, decent, inspiring, etc.

Some people try to give thier collection names which can give the idea in the mind of people about the collection


If you are iterating over a collection in C, will deleting an item in the collection mess up the iterator?

It depends.. is my best answer.I am referencing STL Tutorial and Reference Guide, Second Edition.Chapter 4 Iterators continues the background for your question.Take a look at section 21.1.4 Sequence Container Requirements and the method a.

erase(q) on page 325. Which states Erases the elements pointed to by q. Returns and iterator pointing to the element following q prior to its being erased or a.end() if q is the last element in the sequence.

You should look up all the references in above book to understand the interaction between erase() and the container type


What is a gas that cannot be collected over water?

No gas can be collected over water. Gases do not exist in the atmosphere and only for a brief time in containers (such as a can of "bad" spray paint). ALL contained gases consist of a concentration of like atoms which constantly bounce around inside the container until the individual atoms return to the atmosphere.For example, a balloon filled with helium will soon become limp and eventually completely deflate as INDIVIDUAL helium atoms constantly seek equilibrium with the atmosphere OUTSIDE the balloon. They eventually enlarge pores in the balloon and one-by-one they escape into the atmosphere - NOT AS GAS BUT AS ATOMS


Is there anything that the whole world is collectively doing wrong?

Yes. And I really do not understand why they do so?Spending on defence equipments and producing defence equipments.Why should countries manufacture bombs, guns etc. If you don't manufacture there will be no terrorism, no wars,Instead they can invest on natural resources, infrastructure to make humans safe and comfortable.

Why do countries spend space research.

.Some scientists say there is water on moon. If so will they bring water from moon to supply on earth.Why do scientist show dream of making house on mars when humans cannot even survive there.

Instead they can spend the money on human welfare.Is this world doing wrong


Is it possible to find an uncountable collection of subsets of the natural numbers so that for any two sets in this collection, their intersection is nonempty and finite?

I think this is possible but I have not completely worked it out. Instead I will replace the natural numbers by the set of all pairs of integers. I believe i saw this in a topology class so it is not my idea.

You view the set as a lattice of points on the real plane. The subsets are formed by taking an infinite strip of width w through the origin at angle a for every real angle from 0 to pi and intersecting it with the integer lattice. You can show that two different strips can only contain a finite number of lattice points.


Is it better to store notifications of all users under one collection / table OR rather provide each user his own collection / table to store notifications?

Instead of creating a separate table for notifications for each user, I would suggest that you create a single table for all notifications, and shard it on time. So for example your table would containuser-id, notification, creation time, notification timeThe tables can be sharded on notification time. So whenever a notification is created which does not have a table defined for it, a new table will be created. And during query, you will always refer to the table which is for the current month. This will also help you to archive or clean up notification tables which are say 6 months old


What is use of capped collection in mongoDB?

In simple words we can tell that Capped collection means we can pre-size the collectio, That's itAnd it has more property like,You can not delete a document form the capped collection.There is no default index in the collection. you can check by ensure index command If you are inserting a document it will not check for new space to insert in will insert at the tail of the collection so insertion also fast and if you are reading the collection it will return in the inserted order. So read also fastbecause go through the below link Community Blog


Does the collection of prime numbers start with 1 or with 2?

2. A prime number is a number which is only divisible by two distinct numbers: 1 and itself. Even though one is divisible by one and itself, one and itself are not distinct numbers, making one not a prime. There does exist something which extends prime numbers to the complex plane. These are called Gaussian Primes. Gaussian Primes are complex numbers which are not divisible by other complex numbers. In this set of primes numbers like 7 are composite (3i and 3-i multiply to get 7) and numbers like 1i are prime


Do you collect anything? What got you started?

Podcasts. I have 30,899 to listen to and 2,058 that Ive heard and decided to keep.I started my collection in 1992. I was listening to my radio when I came across some programs I wanted to keep. I bought a radio with digital tuning that could be left on and not drift then connected it to my VCR to record the radio programs at specific times. When the tape was full after recording six hours at half speed, I copied it onto cassettes.I went digital about twenty years later, downloading podcasts and listening to them first on my Palm Pilot then later on my phone


Java has automatic garbage collection. Why wasn't similar feature added to C in revised versions of language?

C; in my mind; is more of a language that allows you to really do some lower level activities. It allows you to get into the memory, really down to manipulating the memory; manually tweaking..I truly believe that garbage collection would take away from this functionality. Yes; it would mean you don't have to worry too much about loosing memory - though can we truly say when garbage collection will happen in languages such as Java.I don't think garbage collection will ever be added to C/C without impacting its power. Though if you worry about memory why not look at auto pointers or placement new in C.

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Why Don't Security Services (like Garda's Money Collection People) Have to Conceal Their Handguns?
They are not police, true; however, they are legally armed security officers, and because they move large amounts of money, they are occasionally attacked by those wishing to take that money. At a WalMart in Washington state. in a robbery master-minded by a cashier, the shooter walked up behind the guard and shot him in the back of the head. No demand for the money or anything, just a cold-blooded execution. I am sure if I researched, I could find enough similar instances to let you realize why armored car guards are armed. It is to protect the security guards in the event of a hold up attempt1. car accident with no insurance. collection agency wants me to pay?The main uplifting news here is that they said that they may take legitimate activities. They normally do not say that in the event that its actual. Since they said that they may do it, they likely are not going to do it. On the off chance that they were going to do it, then they likely would not have cautioned you2. When do we need to add content inside for Java Collection?For the left hand side of assignments you need to specify the generic types. For the right hand side however you can use the diamond operator "" IF YOU HAVE JAVA 7 or newer.See here for a small motivation:Why Use Generics?In a nutshell, specifying generic types makes your programs more safe (in terms of security, but most of all in terms of stability). The inconvenience that you had to type a lot of stuff inside the braces is now partly gone because you can just use "" on the right hand side of assignments.Do not do stuff like "new HashMap()", do it so: "HashMap map = new HashMap()". You can also use interfaces in your variable declaration and you should whenever you can, so the best way would be: "Map map = new HashMap()". If you do not use Java 7, or better 8, yet, switch. The new features introduced there make your life easier, especially Java 8's stream API and lambda functions3. Why there is not "the" instead of "a": "It requires A thirty-minute drive to the nearest collection box"?Why there is not "the" instead of "a": "It requires 'a' thirty-minute drive to the nearest collection box"?The drive that is being referenced is just one of many 30-minute drives that are possible; therefore "a," not "the."4. If one were writing the next Indiana Jones movie, what would Indy be seeking to add to his Museum collection?I would like to first answer the subtitle of your question, namely "where should the franchise head next?"...:I think there exists a fantastic opportunity to develop a truly "transmedia" property, which could learn from such disparate things as Will Wright's "Bar Karma", geocaching, Kit Williams's seminal book "Masquerade", and the still as yet unrealized promise of social engagement and crowd-sourcing.For better or worse, few properties are so fully developed in the collective consciousness of the consumer population as successful film franchises: we know the central characters intimately, the likely plot points, the requisite twists, and so much more about the mythology of a successful franchise of films. The result is a springboard for our fullest possible immersion, to a degree that most other brands could not confidently engage upon. We feel empowered to participate as more than just an audience, even if the means do not exist to realize and manifest this sense of empowerment. Just take a look at Ken Miyamoto's comprehensive and inspiring pitch, Jon Mixon's tangential but nevertheless compelling "alternative" concepts, and even Rodrigo Estrada Gil's critical satire. These could not have been developed in the absence of multidimensional, fully realized worlds, characters, and through lines. All that's missing is us.3D film-making is not the savior of the entertainment industry that it has been touted to be, IMHO. It is a stop gap gimmick: at best mildly compelling when used in service of the story (Avatar), at worst a messy device to overlay less than powerful content with a veneer of " a little sumethin' else", but most of the time little more than a flashy (and often dizzying) gimmick, designed not so much to enrich the story, but to justify an increase in ticket prices, and add an unneeded spice to the recipe of storytelling. (Oversimplification warning, simply to make a point) Stories used to be told by a griot, around a fire. Then the listeners began to act out the story, and theatre was born. Then came film, then TV, and the participation of the audience was eschewed, in favor of their acquiescence. The Internet, social media, mobile apps, WiFi, games, and other emerging modes of content creation and distribution have brought the process full circle, and the audience is once more moving toward the warm center of the story circle, participants once more in the telling of the story, first by extending the story across platforms and media, and now - quite possibly - by becoming contributors to the core story itself.Indy hunts a mythical treasure. Why not take a page (or several) from "Masquerade" by Kit Williams, a book that inspired a nation to go treasure hunting? Put an actual item of treasure somewhere extremely well hidden, somewhere in the world. Develop a story line that has crowd-sourced aspects (taking a cue from "Bar Karma", and learning from what worked and what could be improved upon in that production). Intersperse certain necessary story line milestones. Produce long form episodic content, incorporating user-generated plot points, characters, as well as professionally developed and existing characters and plot points. Add a parallel dimension to the experience, extrapolating from the storyline clues as to where this treasure might lie, incorporating video captured on mobile devices by fans, and other content. Use these content and story "uploads" to develop the next chapters in the adventure, always controlling the revelation of clues, so that the treasure cannot be found too soon. The layers of storytelling richness, cross-platform immersion, multichannel distribution, brand expansion, and audience engagement are almost infinite. The revenue generation possibilities are also multifarious. The undertaking would be monumental, but it could - if undertaken with equal measures of ambition, open-mindedness, creativity, and humility - finally help the entertainment industry evolve its business model and open the story circle once more to include one and all.
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