Leaking Basement and Need Help Protecting Water Heater!!?

I am confused. The sump pump's whole reason for existing is to pump out water before or as it reaches the pump's level, usually just below the basement floor and at the basement's lowest point, so gravity directs any water to it. The way to protect the water heater (and everything else) is not to attempt to create a waterproof barrier around it but to get that sump pump working. A plumber can repair or replace it, if you are not handy. Even if water comes in through the hole in the wall or some other place well above the water heater, the basement should not get more than a trickle of water across the floor to the lowest point--the sump pump, which will send it to the wastewater line.

1. can you sell a house without water heater?

yes if its declared. You can sell a house without a roof as long as its declared in the contract. I would want at least 500.00 off the price if there is a hookup...much more if there are no hookups

2. Water heater running water way to hot.?

kick the floresent convention down to the south and front the waterworks

3. Hot Water Heater Pilot light Blows Out?

The pilot flame needs adjusting. AS the Main burner lights up, a tiny vacuum is caused between the pilot flame and the main burner. this causes the pilot light to go out. The flame can be adjusted at the gas valve, but it is a job for a Corgi man. About a 10 minute job

4. Hot water heater switching off...help!?

could be the switch

5. How difficult is it to change the MagRod in a Hot water heater?

It really depends on the location of your water heater. How long is the rod? Its probably a foot or so less long than the height of your water heater. If you do not have the clearance above your water heater, then the job gets a lot more complicated becauuse you will have to disconnect the tank, drain it, etc. This means disconnecting gas and exhaust(is it a gas heater?), and disconnecting other pipes (hot, cold, etc). After disconnecting, loosen the rod with a pretty massive sized wrench to get strong torc. This will be the other complicating factor.... if the hot water heater is old (more than 8 years) the part may be rusted on and you may do damage to the tank during this step. So, based on the location of the tank, and its present age, you may want to consider replacing the tank at this time for the amount of work it will take to replace the rod. If you are on the fence, you should monitor the water during draining. If there is a significant amount of sediment build-up and discoloration of the water at the bottom, you should more strongly consider tank replacement. Good luck.

6. Rinnai water heater won't lite.?

You possibly have air in the line make sure its bled out fully. Does the pilot light at all, and then go out? it could be a bad thermo couple. I am betting its air in the line from switching between the two tanks. Good Luck.

7. brand new water heater is tripping and has to be reset?

Did you make sure its grounded proper, also make sure it is wired right (white-common, black-hot, copper-ground) you should also check the amp load of the heater and the circut breaker, if this is all correct remember breakers do not last for ever! Good luck

8. how do you safely hide a water heater?

That is fine, but I would suggest you go to the discovery channel website, pull up mythbusters and when their page is up type in the words Water heater. They show the amount of energy an explosion makes. Scary!!!

9. shop sink hot water heater running pipe?

It will work but you must insulate the pipe really well to hold the heat and reduce heat loss going that distance. If it is not used for a while it will take a couple minutes for the hot water to reach the shop, no problem

10. What kind of water heater would you put in?

How about insulating the heater to keep it from heating up the house? It would also be more efficient hot water storage. I have a tankless natural gas water heater, but we are blessed with extremely soft water in Oregon. It works great, though it is important to have it really close to the faucets and showers it feeds.

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