LED Dimming: Time Or Use? Duplicate

According to this article, it is mostly heat over time that causes loss of brightness. And LEDs used for illumination can get really hot. if the LEDs are ON, they will age faster. Ambient temperature is still probably warm enough to cause some aging, so they won't last forever at ambient

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Are GX24Q-3 bulbs compatible with G24Q-3 bases and vice versa?

Are GX24Q-3 bulbs compatible with G24Q-3 bases and vice versa?No.The electronics in the base (often referred to as the electronic ballast) is likely designed for the specific load configuration.The IEC specifications for dimensions etc costs money and is copyrighted - so they are difficult to obtain casually. The G24 appears to have a longer/deeper central peg.Useful references:


Bulb size of a SYLVANIA CF13EL?

If the existing CFL lamp was positioned in the fixture to emit light from it's side as opposed to its end then it is unlikely to be a suitable LED unit that would give satisfactory performance. Most LED units are designed to be used in a manner where the light is mainly emitted from the end of the unit away from the screw base


Eco Halogen Light-Bulbs closed

Most likely these are halogen bulbs with a iodine/xenon gas filling and an infrared coating. They need less electrical energy to reach their operating temperature than older halogen bulbs, but are still wasting a lot of energy. If you need a continous light spectrum (Ra100%), e.

g. for photography, these are the ones you have to buy. For all other applications, LED bulbs are way better


Can an incandescent light dimmer be used to dim LED lights?

Simple answer is NO. There are LEDs on the market that can be dimmed and actually a few that will work with a standard dimmer. The difference is in the internal LED control and how line voltage is handled to supply the needs of the LED. Go to a good electrical supply store and they can give you accurate information and some different choices.


Why doesn't my dimmer switch work after installing LED bulbs in my ceiling light?

This is common with older dimmers and LED's. Old dimmers use a small amount of power to activate the switch (almost always silicon controlled switch called an SCR or thyristor) the small amount of power is enough to light the LED's.

You need a dimmer that is LED compatible I would get a quality name brand dimmer as not all dimmers are created equally.


IKEA recessed lights: extreme clearance requirements?

As said above, the motivation is the heat dissipation and risk of fire. With today's LED technology this risk is no more as long as LED bulbs are used. The insurance issue would still remain, and you could be held responsible in case someone later install an halogen bulb.

These lights are also no more sold by IKEA as far as I can see today


Energy Star LED bulb benefits?

ENERGY STAR is a label that shows that the LED bulb is certified for energy efficiency. LED technology has proven to be the most energy-efficient so far compared to other lighting technologies. However, not every manufacturer adheres to the principles of light production. There will be less quality in saving power. ENERGY STAR branded LEDs make consumers more reassuring to buy


Capacitor in parallel with a resistor between live and full bridge rectifier

Welcome to Electrical Engineering!The point of the capacitor is to limit the current through the full bridge rectifier. According to the 824J400V indication, it is a 820nF capacitor. Its impedance at 50Hz is 3882. It will limit the current to less than 62mA at 240V.

The point of the resistor in parallel is to discharge the capacitor when the bulb is disconnected


Can screen dimming apps damage the screen?

The answer is YES but this happens only with some phones.I have a Samsung S5 I used twilight App for a while, and after I uninstalled it I got my screen damaged, a random rectangulars with random colors appears in the screen when I reduce the brightness to the minimum.The same happened to the phone of my friend after using the same App.


How long should I leave the light on?

A typical light bulb used to light up a bedroom (the original Edison invented incandescent light bulb and not the weak LED ones) uses about 100 W. That means that it is using 100 Joules of electrical energy in 1 sec.

Switching basically takes no power. So, even if you leave for a second, you would still be saving power when you turn it off.


Replacing 3-way dimmer switch with 3-way switch

The color of wires isn't important, and the reason the black wire loops through the one screw is because it's a home run (supply) that also feeds other parts of the circuit. Maintain the positions of the wires based on screw color and orientation (odd-colored screw and the one on the same side vs. the opposite side) and you should be fine.


LED tail lights flashing at ultra high speed

I believe it can be looked at like this: When you have a turn signal bulb go out it causes the other to blink almost twice as fast. Since LED's use much less power, then it stands to reason that by switching to LED's you are not using the expected amount of amps to light the LED's hence, the system see's this as a burnt out bulb


Does LED brightness change with voltage?

While an LED is nothing like a incandescent, the answer is still YES.The only difference in the ohms law calculations will be to subtract the LED forward voltage from the power supply voltage. The difference in the LED's forward voltage vs. forward current is insignificant. I measured the voltage of a string of 16 red LEDs at 200, 350, and 500mA. The voltages were 30.07, 31.20, 31.43. 1.02% change from 200 to 500mA


How linux can be installed on potato/toaster? closed

The picture is a joke.A potato cannot serve as a motherboard.Linux can be installed on any computer. Some items (Microwave, Router, Car) may have a computer in them, but it is still the computer that has the OS installed on it. When people talk about a toaster running linux, they mean a toaster that is controlled by a computer, which is running Linux


how to run single 7W bulb using pc UPS? closed

You are probably not draining enough power from the UPS. If it thinks there is no load it will shut-down to save the battery.As such, you need to read the UPS manual to see if there is a mode that disables that feature, or find out the minimum power you need to draw to keep it alive and add that much load.


LED filament bulbs without an envelope?

There is no special atmosphere inside LED bulbs, some even have ventilation holes. The purpose of the outer envelope is to isolate the user from the mains voltage present on most LED bulbs and to make them mechanically compatible with normal A65 or similar incandescent bulbs. So, yes it would still work without the envelope but no, you can not remove it due to the electrocution hazard.


Defect LED detection for car lights

The voltage of diodes and transistors might vary significantly with temperature, not to mention the variation between different pieces and types, and therefore I do not think that you can do anything better than measuring both the current and voltage, save them and compare to their previous values. You have to do these all in a relatively noisy environment. Not an easy task!


How to reduce maximum LED brightness

Some high-end dimmers have an adjustment function called "high-end trim" that lets you set an upper limit on the dimming range. Getting and installing a dimmer with this function (ask at your local lighting or electrical supply house) on the offending circuits would let you adjust the dimming range down for ordinary use, then back up to full power if you need it for a special occasion


What are the incentives for energy companies promoting energy efficiency?

One argument in favor is load balancing:If you can manage to shave off request peaks, your systems can be smaller and/or have to scale up and down slower and less frequently. That all pays itself back in building and maintaining your infrastructure.You can interpret 'load' several ways:* This is offset somewhat if the user also is billed less in low-demand hours.


Lutron Maestro CL Extreme Delay

See Lutron's list of compatible dimmable LEDs. Refer to pages 19-36 for the CL series dimmers.I do not see any G7 bulbs listed. I would say either your bulbs aren't compatible with your dimmer, or you got a bad dimmer.

Try swapping out whichever is easiest (the bulbs or the dimmer) first, and if that doesn't work try swapping the other


Why is my dimmer switch buzzing?

This can also be a sign that you bought a dimmer that is designed for incandescent bulbs, but you have it controlling CFL or LED bulbs. This can absolutely make it buzz. If the dimmer was not explicitly for CFL and LED bulbs and those are what you are running, then you need to get new dimmers that are explicitly for those bulbs


Is a silhouette photo possible with a glass object?

The trick here is to prevent as much light as possible from falling onto the glass object. Understand that a silhouette is basically a very, very underexposed element within the frame that is juxtaposed in front of a brighter background. But with glass, light from the brighter background will illuminate it. Since your piece is brown, you will probably be able to pull it off


Light diverter for bulb holder

Those threads are indeed designed for attaching screw-on shades. Usually I see them used for table lamps where the socket and bulb are pointing up and the fabric shade (open on top and bottom) diffusing light with no glare from looking at the bulb.I would imagine it could work the same for you, just "upside" down.

.. Try a lamp shop.


Failed LED corn bulbs in bathroom

Cheap LED bulbs use a capacitor dropper circuit to step down the AC mains voltage to something more suitable for running LEDs -- the dropper capacitor used in them is often not a fully mains-rated type and thus vulnerable to being damaged by surges and spikes -- the resulting damage causes a loss of capacitance and would explain why your LED bulbs only glow dimly


Replacement Bulb For Under Cabinet Lighting

What replacement bulb would work?Any LED G9 120V bulb rated less than 25W. A LED bulb of around 6W probably has a brightness (see its Lumens rating) similar to a 25W Halogen. Glossary:Lumens are a measure of luminous flux and are a better guide to brightness than Watts.

Watts are essentially a measure of how much heat the bulb emits, not light


Dimmer capacity for halogen bulb

Halogen bulbs are technically incandescent bulbs. Therefore, the capacity would be 600 W according to the box.According to topbulb.com,Halogen bulbs are technically incandescent light bulbs illumination is produced in both when a tungsten filament is heated sufficiently to emit light or incandescence. The difference between the two is in the composition of the glass envelope and the gas inside the envelope


Laptop screen entirely gray

Sounds like a backlight malfunction. Newer laptops come with LED backlight that normally does not burn out. Older laptops had CCFL bulbs with limited service life.If the backlight is at fault you should be still able to see some very dark low-contrast picture by shining a flashlight at an angle on the screen.

CCFL replacement is cheaper than LCD replacement


Can the light at the bottom of an optical mouse damage your eyes?

Well, I did spend some time experimenting with this few years ago. I noticed that after spending several minutes staring directly at mouse LED at close range (as in 1-2 cm), the way I perceive colors changes. It resets back to normal after few minutes of not staring into the mouse, and as far as I can see, there was no permanent damage.


How to adjust red brightness on MAX7219 with RGB LED

The MAX7219 has a resistor that sets the output drive current for all LEDs connected to the chip. Because you likely need different currents for red, green and blue LEDs I'd consider using three chips. Chip 1 connects to blue, chip 2 to red and chip 3 to green. Now, each chip can be set to deliver the correct current to keep brightness similar between the three colours


Can I use any shaped bulbs in a lamp if the base is the correct size?

Depends on what you mean by "any shape", there are not that many, and it also depends on the fixture design. If you are referring to "flame" shaped decorating bulbs, then yes, absolutely, unless the fixture is a table lamp that has a clamp-onto-the-bulb shade. But spot or flood reflectors type bulbs, or large globe type bulbs may interfere with air flow, depending on your fixture design.

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