LGBT: I Like Totally Dont Know Who Harvey Milk

undesirable. Sugar, caffeine and all those undesirable sweeteners. darkish chocolate is plenty greater desirable. So we could study now. >=undesirable darkish. So Milk is undesirable because of the fact it makes use of sugar to sweeten it. darkish chocolate is larger because of the fact it makes use of cocoa to sweeten it. P.S, i like darkish greater desirable :3

1. Why does my 6 year old daughter's stool look like coffee grounds?

i woULd. get her to the doctor,you co0uld try,milk of magnesia.its safe for children,sounds as if she is constipated,try fruit oranges,

2. Grocery shopping with a two month old?

I recommend taking some snacks or a bottle of milk to give to him while your in the store. Take a toy or two that will distract him while your shopping

3. What are some good human foods for dogs?

cooked carrots, cooked rice, cooked chicken. Stay away from fish, milk, chocolate, fried foods, and fatty cooked meats such as steak/pork. And do not listen to VT, her vet is an idiot.

4. Breastfeeding and marriage

If this woman is considered your foster mother what would be the consequences?What is rendered illegal because of blood relations, is also rendered illegal because of the corresponding foster-relations. (Sahih al-Bukhari)See also in sahih al-Bukahri.and finally in Jami' at-Tirmidhi:"No prohibition results from suckling except for what penetrates the intestines while on the breast before weaning. "This means that assuming you have been breastfed from any wife of your uncle before you have reached an age of 2 years: . (tafsir al-Qurtoby)Then those women would be considered as haram for you to marry according 4:23 and the above hadiths and especially this part of the verse ... your [milk] mothers who nursed you, your sisters through nursing . ..and it's implications due to the given rule of the hadith are: So according to this assumption you are not allowed to marry this girl as she is a foster sister. (See also this fatwa from al-Muwatta')Explanation of the shafi'i view on the number of sucklingsAccording to the Hanafi and Maliki (The Imams a-Thawry, al-Awza'y, ibn al-Mubarak and many of the sahaba had the same view, this was also one of the statements of Imam Ahmad) view a breastfeeding counts once a child has been fed so that his mouth was filled with milk. (See also the hadith from jami' at-Tirmdihi and this statement from al-Muwatta')While the definition of the Shafi'i and Hanbali school is:that the child should take the breast and drink milk from it, then leave it of his own accord in order to breathe or to change position, and so on. (See this fatwa)And only a feeding amount of at least five times count according this view. See my answer here for the Maliki view on the hadith which is the basis for this rule. Note that most websites like islamqa and islamweb in their fatwa adapt the Shafi'i view. You should also be aware that both definitions may end up with the more or less same result as a baby who is breastfed may from time to time leave the breast and come back to suckling, so honestly it would be hard to count whether it was during one single feeding only once or even five times. Note that sahih narrations support the idea that one or two sucklings are not enough for a suckling to be considered as a breast feeding see for example in sahih Muslim on the authority of 'Aisha, Suwaid and ibn a-Zubair on the authority of Umm al-Fadl see also the next ahadith in the same chapter) of (Some details on the view of Imam a-Shafi'i about the definition of a breast feeding can be found in this fatwa in Arabic, where the custom plays a role whether a suckling is considered or not, and the discussion of the meaning of an interruption by an act of the feeding mother means the beginning of a new suckling or not a-Shafi'i say no it's just a continuation of the former suckling!)Is it allowed in any school of thoughts for me to marry her? What do the Ahle-hadith say?Assuming you could find a confirmation that the number of sucklings was less than five times orIn the case of doubt concerning the number of breast-feedings, Ibn Qudaamah, may Allah have mercy on him, said: "If there is some doubt concerning whether breast-feeding took place, or concerning the number of feeds and whether it was enough to make the child a relative (mahram) or not, then there is no proof that the child must be considered a relative, because the general rule of life is that a child does not breast-feed from anyone except his own mother, and one cannot dismiss certainty in favour of doubt. (al-Mughni 11/312). (same fatwa as the quote from above)according the shafi'i and hanbali view you are not considered as a foster son of this woman according this school and could marry that girl. Else if there's a confirmation that you might have been fed more than five times you are not allowed to marry that girl as she is your foster sister.If it was more than two times you already would fall in a grey zone because of the ahadith saying that one or two sucklings are not enough to make prohibition

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