Motor Swap for (87) Isuzu Pup's It a (2.3)liter?

your best bet is to find a small v-6 such as one in a honda accord. the mounting brackets will be off, but it is workable. the other thing I would look into if you are going to do the toyota swap is to look at EFI systems. All they do is change you carb to a fuel injected, with an extra insert. Next is exhaust. You can make your own or get it factory. Make sure you get the right exhaust for the motor. Last but not least is an intake. You can go to autozone and build your own intake. it can increase you isuzu by 10-35 hp.

1. Ins on motor wiring diagram

You are correct. The brown wire is not connected to anything, but it must be insulated

2. Teleflex will not turn motor?

It does feel/act like a sheared key as there is no resistance on the steering wheel. I will check out the websites to see if I can gain some insight. I started to remove the back plate from the helm but stamped on the casing is a warning that opening may make steering unsafe, but, what have I to loose? Thanks guys, you have given me a place to start!.

3. My motor home has battery problems!

check the isolator solenoids as they may be staying on due to broken spring. This is what i've found most often

4. want to change my motor?

Nissan does not have a lot of interchangeable motors. If you have a bit of money get the motor rebuilt and get a supercharger. That is about the only way to have real power with it.

5. 1991 Ford Explorer... what weight motor oil???

5W-30 is what thw owners manual says

6. Is a starter relay needed to supply the current to the starter motor solenoid?

Earlier cars did not use a relay, as the ignition switches were built sufficiently well to carry the 50A current for the pull-in winding current.Newer cars have components like the ignition switch that are lighter and have more functions and need a relay to drive the starter solenoid. This relay is usually in the fuse box in the engine compartment. We had a Commer van (petrol) that the ignition switch had the following positions : off, ignition, start. Another van (diesel) had off, on, heat, start...Most relays are the electro-mechanical type as they are cheap and easy to get hold of, but as cars get more computer well more micro-processor control then some things are being replaced with solid-state components. Edit: here is a link kindly provided by a comment :example starting circuitsIt does not include all possibilities, early Landrovers just had a big spring-loaded push button that directly operated the starter - no relays, solenoids at all

7. new motor msd lock out timing?

Since an MSD is an ignition system, I guess you are asking about the ignition timing. Install the timing chain straight up with marks aligned. If you have a timing light, set the timing to about 10 degrees BTDC to get it running. Once you have it running, adjust it so that it runs best. Generally you advance it until it is hard to crank over, then back off a few degrees until it starts easily and instantly. Once you have it on the road, get a tank of the gas you intend to use. Try out different timing settings by advancing it until you hear knocking under hard acceleration, or it is hard to crank over, then back off a few degrees until the knocking is gone. The optimum timing setting is the most advanced the engine will stand without knocking

8. Will this motor work for a windmill?

Your link shows nothing but a blank. However, motor is not a generator and it cannot be used as a generator. I was wonder why so many people got this mis-guided information from dump teachers or websites

9. TCP communication with step motor

Since your HDCommunicator class implements IDisposable, you should wrap your code Inside a using block, like this :That way, you do not need to manually dispose of your object : the using block does it for you.I find it cleaner to use string.Empty than "" :To ensure consistency, you should use braces even on conditional statements, like this :You should avoid using abreviations or shortened terms and rename comm to hdCommunicator or communicator. Abbreviated variable names are OK when their lifetime is very short, like inside lambda expressions.

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