My Gas Water Heater Is Making a Noise Like It Is Filling Up, but I Know Its Full, Whats Going On?

That means there is something seriously wrong with it and you need to get it looked at before it blows up. Yes, they do blow up mine nearly did a year ago

1. I have a gas water heater, years old, my pilot light will lite won't stay lite, main gas goes quickly as well

Call the gas company or the repairman as soon as possible

2. Is it normal to smell natural gas by the pilot light of a gas water heater?

You only need be concerned if your pilot light is not burning. Otherwise the flame would be burning all the gas right there. Gas leaks are only dangerous when a lot of gas has leaked out without being ignited. Then when the gas does hit a flame there is a lot more of it, and everything goes up in smoke. So, as long as you got your flame you do not have a problem. You would probably smell the small amount of gas coming out as it is being ignited if you were that close. You only have to worry about smelling gas in places it should not be able to reach.

3. Why does my gas water heater make a really loud noise when I turn the hot water on?

It's turning on a heater, to heat the water to a high temperature, in case you want to take a shower etc

4. Why does my gas water heater keep going out?

I would check the drafts if this has not happen in the past. My draft vent in the chimney was sticking from negligence and when I cleaned the ends and made it open and close better the problem stopped. Good Luck

5. Pilot light won't stay lit on gas water heater?

replace the thermocouple or get a HW heater with an electronic igniton. you waste about 5 bucks a month with a standing pilot.

6. Is it safe to sleep in a garage with a gas water heater??

If the carbon monoxide detecter is broken, then of course not. Unless you replace it, of course

7. Just installed a new gas water heater - smelled natural gas for a minute or two?

It is normal to smell gas when the line to heater was disconnected and reconnected. The inside of functioning gas line reeks of the odor.If you are concerned of a leak, mix a solution 50/50 of water and dish soap. Soap all threaded connections (with paint brush) including shut off valve. If you see any bubbles getting larger you have a leak.No bubbles getting larger/ no leak. If there is a leak shut off gas valve at heater / disconnect gas line at union / Re- dope all threaded connections and re- install pipe. This is the correct method for testing all gas installations

8. Can someone pls help me troubleshoot problems with my gas water heater?

the pilot light dont come on ??

9. The pilot of my 4 month old gas water heater keep on shut off pilot itselfevery 2-4days, why, how to fix it.?

Maybe a new thermopimple

10. Can I put boxes next to a gas water heater?

Two feet should be plenty of room, no problem. Just make sure the boxes are not stacked in a way that they could possibly fall over into the heater, that could cause a fire

11. What would cause my gas water heater blower motor to continuously run?

Are you sure this is not a circulating pump that is supposed to stay on?

12. Gas Water Heater Hissing and Water Dripping from Flue?

Time to replace it. Once it starts leaking it wo not be long before you are trying to mop up 30- 40 gallons of water

13. Why won't my gas water heater burner stay lit?

ir would help what make and model it is, itll probably needs servicing the diaphram probably stuck causing the gas valve to stay shut so that no gas is supplying the burner, should cost u about 40-50 to get it fixed by a gsr registered person (previously knwn as corgi)

14. How long do I need to worry about isopropyl fumes near a gas water heater?

No-one can know, because it depends on if anything is particularly absorbent for example, also the air flow in there. Volatile vapors need time to build up, so if there is plenty of air, they will not reach a high enough concentration. The biggest risk was probably the last 15 seconds (approximately), when the vapors would be at maximum concentration. You are probably quite safe now, but I would not want anything to happen to you, so please take no risks and leave the door open for a few days, just to be absolutely sure! I think we all do things like this at times!

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