Please Help Me! I Wanna Know What the Tractors Purpose Is!?

A tractor is a vehicle specifically designed to provide a high tractive effort at slow speeds, for the purposes of hauling a trailer or machinery used in agriculture or construction. Most commonly, the term is used to describe the distinctive farm vehicle: agricultural implements may be towed behind or mounted on the tractor, and the tractor may also provide a source of power if the implement is mechanised. Another common use of the term is for the power unit of a semi-trailer truck.

1. Power tools what does this means in terms of machinery ??

Power tools require electric power of some kind to run. A hand saw has no motor. They user runs the blade back and forth on the object to be cut. With a power saw, the machine does the work. Note, some skills are required to run most power tools. Not all people should use them.

2. Why does childrens cough syrup say "Do not drive or use heavy machinery?"?

That's for when they export it to countries that have child labor

3. What are the Yuuzhan Vong's perception of Gungans?

Although there are no in-canon references to the Gungans encountering the Yuuzhan Vong, the reality is that they would have probably been just as appalled by them as they were with the other machinery-obsessed races they found within the Galaxy far far away. Not only do the Gungans regularly trade plasma with the outside world (used to power machines and droids) but they also marry their organic technology with equipment and machinery they've purchased from offworld traders

4. How should one react to parental stupidity that gets a child killed?

Yes it was a stupid thing to do and she was probably so tired she did not think about the danger. I just read that the weight put on it triggers the belt to move. I think any sort of machinery is dangerous and this calls for more safety in general. Im always telling my kids to be careful around escalators lifts convayor belts. It was a tragic accident she will live with for the rest of her life

5. Where can I buy ammunition making machinery?

Ammunition Manufacturing Equipment

6. What do the numbers associated with pasta mean" ie linguine #2, vermicelli #3 etc ?

The number that is on the packaging of pasta references thickness of pasta piece/strand. It is a uniform system upon which dies are made for pasta making machinery so that different companies all make the pasta the same thickness. It also helps to standardize the pasta cooking times.

7. can intense negative thoughts or emotions cause machinery to fail?

wOW! That's intense. I can believe it happening! Energy flow is a phenomenon because our bodies are an energy field and therefore, like things attract like things!

8. I need help choosing machinery for a coffee shop I will be opening!?

Seriously? You want to open a coffee shop, and do not know about the different brands?

9. What is the journal entry for a purchased machinery?

Before recording a journal entry, it is important to understand different types of accounts maintained under Book-Keeping & Accountancy and also three Golden Rules of Accounting.Refer this video -Assuming that machinery has been purchased by cash, from the point of view of business, the two accounts affected are-Machinery a/cANDCash a/cBoth the abovementioned accounts are real accounts.Machinery a/c will be debited in this case as machinery is coming into the business. The Golden rule of real accounts says 'Debit what comes in, Credit what goes out'.Cash a/c will be credited in this case as cash is going out of the business. The Golden rule of real accounts says 'Debit what comes in, Credit what goes out'. Hence the journal entry will be-Machinery a/c ......................DrTo Cash a/c(Being machinery purchased)Note - If payment for machinery is made by cheque, Bank a/c will be credited instead of Cash a/ c.What is the journal entry for a purchased machinery?.

10. Where to put woodworking machinery if you live in an apartment.?

Depending on how much money you have, you could rent a studio. Or maybe ask the landlord about using the basement?

11. If velocity is truly relative, why does it seem absolutely certain that it is the protons in the LHC that are traveling at near light speed, and they are the ones needing all the energy to do that, not the scientists and machinery watching it happen?

I don't follow your reasoning here.I'm really not quite sure why you would think that any of these facts:People can be absolutely certain that they have built the LHC.A great deal of energy must be input into the LHC, in order to accelerate protons to a very high velocity measured relative to scientists, who are at rest with respect to the LHC.Even more energy must constantly be put into the machine to compensate for synchrotron radiation due to the accelerated motion of those protons in a nearly circular path, in order to keep those protons moving. would suggest in any way that velocity is not a relative notion.Velocity is relative simply because all motion is relative - all motion must be measured with respect to something else, because all positions must be measured with respect to the position of something else. This is not some kind of mysterious magic, to say that velocity measurements are relative, or that position measurements are relative. This is what people must do in reality, if they actually want to measure such things, as far as anyone knows.Places in the world and in time, where things happen that people care about, or are interested in describing, don't come equipped with little real valued vector labels attached to them, like (t,x,y,z). People have been forced to find rules about how to assign those labels, or rather, they have not been forced to do that at all - they have found it useful to find rules about how to make up those labels. Real numbers themselves have been invented in part because they are useful for this kind of purpose. They have also been made up for the fun of it, so one should not disregard that as a purpose either.You need to make measurements when you build a house, a pyramid, a cathedral or a skyscraper and all of these measurements are relative measurements. You need to have some form of real synchronized clocks and some form of rulers in order to do such measurements quantitatively. I personally don't know of any way at all around this.What special relativity says is just the following: the laws of physics are the same in all inertial frames, and the speed of light has the same value c in all inertial reference frames. It doesn't say one can't be certain that something is moving and has energy in a given inertial reference frame, the rest frame of the LHC being to a sufficiently high accuracy an inertial reference frame, for the purposes of the calculation of the motion of the particles in the beams. Inertial reference frames are a class of reference frames which are in uniform relative motion and in which bodies not acted on by any forces move in straight lines or remain at rest.Since the laws of physics are the same in all inertial frames, one could equally well give a description of the motion of the beams in the instantaneous rest frame of one of the beams. It is only an instanteously inertial frame since the motion is continuously accelerated. But it still could be done.That description would be very different. In such a frame, the walls of the beam pipe would measured to be rushing past at close to light speed, there would be a set of accelerating and bending electric and magnetic fields, which would be quite different than the fields in the LHC rest frame, and on the whole the description of the situation would be entirely different.But one would still have to talk about relative velocity - relative velocity of the beam pipe and the magnets and the scientists in this case, and really, most importantly, the relative velocity of the counter-rotating beam, which would be far more energetic. The physics describing the collisions of the beam particles can be described in any inertial frame that you wish. The description looks very different depending on the frame that is chosen.Now, writing down such a description as this wouldn't be a particularly useful procedure. We are quite certain that the scientists are not moving at high velocities in circles, remaining stationary with respect to one of the beams. They can measure that easily enough. So it is convenient to calculate the results of the collisions in the rest frame of the LHC, which is also approximately the center of momentum frame of the collisions. In a fixed target experiment, it is pretty common to calculate the collisions in the center of momentum frame and then transform to the frame in which the target and the detector is at rest. But the LHC is a collider and so the center of momentum frame coincides with the lab frame to a good approximation.A relativistic theory allows you to do these transformations. By the way, Newtonian mechanics was also relativistic in the sense that a relativity principle, Galilean relativity, was built in to it. It was possible to make a transformation between inertial frames in uniform relative motion in Newtonian mechanics, too. It is a different transformation than the one that turns out to be the correct transformation to use at high speeds, due to the constancy of the speed of light, but motion was in fact also relative in Newtonian mechanics. It was said that there was a frame that was absolutely at rest in Newtonian mechanics, which was an inertial frame, but all motion could then be referred to any inertial frame and could be defined relative to that absolute space and absolute time that Newton postulated: the space that he postulated not without some trepidation I think, when you read what he actually says about absolute space and time. Yes, Newton lied, when he said hypotheses non fingo.The rest frame of one half of the beam particles in the LHC is obviously a frame in which the scientists and accelerator would be described as moving, relative to the beam. It is not an inertial frame. But you could still describe all of the physics in such a frame if you like. It will be a lot more complicated to do. But it is possible. Motion must always be measured relative to something - that is why velocity is said to be relative. It's because there is no other way to sensibly talk about motion. Special relativity is based on the notion that there exists a special class of frames called inertial frames, in which the laws of physics take their simplest form. Given the postulate about the constancy of the speed of light, and a couple of other assumptions which are usually left unspoken, it is then possible to derive the exact mathematical form of the transformations between frames.So of course, it's possible to say that from the point of view of an imaginary scientist counter-rotating with one of the beams, that the accelerator is not at rest. Practically speaking, we can't actually make such a scientist, but the theory still allows us, if we are crazy enough to want to do it, to describe things from the point of view of that scientist. If velocity is truly relative, why does it seem absolutely certain that it is the protons in the LHC that are traveling at near light speed, and they are the ones needing all the energy to do that, not the scientists and machinery watching it happen?

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