Please 11 Months Baby Stoped Drinking Milk?

you need to talk to your doctor. i would suggest getting some formula and trying her on that. the important thing is that your little one gets some food doesnt matter if its breast or formula. What other food is your little one eating at the moment/??.

1. I want to become a vegetarian. Can you help me start?

Hi, well for you. As a lot as i might love to let you know do it bloodless turkey, you'll fail, and can fall again. The primary factor is to do it slowly, so your frame will regulate, and won't detect the difference in any respect. I am a vegan now, and it looks like meat certainly not existed earlier than a couple of months in the past, however i did it slowly. This is the way you do it: one million. Eat as you in general devour for per week and spot how traditionally you crave meat. If you in general devour meat four-five days per week, then minimize it to three, keep on with lean fish most effective, and devour like this for three weeks. Meanwhile, transfer part the quantity of dairy to rice or soy situated milk, yogurt, or cheese. Try to shop for healthy if you'll be able to. two. Then, expand the style of greens and culmination for your nutrition, and get ingenious with them. Cook or grill your greens if you'll be able to, given that vitamins and minerals will soak up greater from them. Sprinkle seeds or chopped nuts in your foods; they're a well supply of the whole lot. three. After three weeks, minimize the quantity of meat merchandise to two days per week, and simply maintain changing dairy with fortified rice and soy merchandise. Keep doing that because it feels comfy. Do no longer attempt to drive your self to devour whatever or alternative it in the event you crave it. Once in a at the same time, you'll crave a few fish or cheese, after which it is k to simply have a work, your frame is attempting to let you know whatever. Otherwise, in the event you devour a balanced veg nutrition, you will have to be equipped to entirely get off animal merchandise in a 12 months or so.

2. Will my kitten die if he licked milk and sugar from my bowl?

lol calm down, its milk, cats are tough. its not like he drank vodka

3. how can i dry up my breast milk?

do not feed baby with them they will dry up pretty quickly

4. Breastfeeding and pumping... will I stop producing milk?

As long as u pump or breastfeed the baby, u will continue to produce milk

5. Why do vegans not eat eggs, milk among others?

to wear animal fur a animal is killed

6. Grocery Shopping & Grocery Budget?

I shop weekly. Generally it works out to 2 large shopping trips, and two smaller ones to pick up produce and other perishables (bread, milk, etc). I am NOT a loyal shopper. Whomever has the most on-sale items I need, gets my business that week. I spend about an hour each week (while watching TV, usually) perusing the grocery ads, clipping coupons, and planning general menus for the week. Some of my strategies are: - Shop at least once a month at a store that doubles my coupons (don't take the kids with you on this trip!) - Look for coupons that will improve sale prices at the store - Buy in bulk. For example, if boneless chicken breast is less than $1.50 a pound, I'll buy extra and freeze it. - Lettuce/salad is a great way to use up leftovers, and can stretch out those lunches you run short on. Same thing with pasta. Both are cheap and help you make the most of what you've got. - Top Ramen is around $.15 a package, and you can put ANYTHING in it - this helps me when I don't have a lot of time, or not much left in the grocery fund. You can throw in leftovers, frozen vegetables, just about anything. Hope that helps!

7. Can a 12 year old drink Ensure milk ?

Yes fine for children, its given to them through a tube in the stomach. (Sick kids with diseases)

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