POLL:27 People Didnt Have a Car Heater to Munch On?

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1. Car heater won't warm up.?

Try replacing the thermostat it is only 6 bucks. If it's stuck open it will take a really long time for the coolant to heat up

2. Car heater only works when pressing gas?

If you just had the thermostat changed, its probably just air in the system. This is common after opening the cooling system

3. Car heater taking too long to come on if at all?

In addition to Nick C's excellent suggestions there is also a possibility that the thermostat is stuck in the "Open" position - this would mean that coolant is always circulating around the radiator (rather than only once it has reached temperature) which would cause it to take a much greater length of time to come up to temperature (and consequently provide heat to the cabin)

4. What's wrong with my car heater?

do a coolant flush and refill and replace you thermostat and that should fix it

5. A car heater problem, need help bad???

I would give Chrysler a call

6. why is my car heater anit blowing out alot of warm air?

Van? What van? 1966 Chevy Panel Van? 2011 Chrysler Town and Country? Maybe you have a bad resistor pack for the blower motor.

7. Help - Car heater not working properly?

The heater fan blower resistor is bad. Cost to repair will be around $100 and up depending on where you take it. If you can find the resistor yourself of course it will be cheaper. It will be mounted on the HVAC box inside the car, under the dash near the blower motor. There will be a 6 to 8 wire connector to it, and a couple of small screws holding it in place.

8. How do I fix my Car Heater Fan?

They were all good answers. Here are some more things to look for that I found. Dried out bearings in the fan. If you can extract the fan and if you are handy. You can open up the fan and oil the bearing areas. The other thing I found, if you park the vehicle against bushes, mice like to building a nest in the fan area

9. does a car heater use up gas?????? please answer?

Please do not drive you need instructions

10. my car heater is not working. any ideas why?

try the heater fuse or your thermostat may be gone

11. how do i fix my car heater?

check your coolant level and if it is full have your thermostat changed

12. What is the hose that goes from my radiator to my engine to the wall of my car by the heater core?

Heater hose fix it soon,

13. What can cause this problem with my car heater?

Coolant/Anti-freeze low. Heater Core plugged. Coolant/Antifreeze needs to be serviced. Cabin Filter(s) need to be replaced. FYI-post year, make, model & mileage every time you pose a question. What is the answer to my last sentence?

14. My car heater won't work...can someone help me?

blower motor could be shot

15. My Car heater has musty smell, what it could it be?

You do not say what year car but many newer cars have a cabin air filter.It could be that. They should be changed every year or two.Just ask at a parts store if your car has one. They are usually located on the kick panel on the passenger side of the car

16. why does it take driving around for a while for car heater to work?

Check the thermostat sounds like it is rust stuck partially open and not properly warming up the antifreeze. Costs about 20 bucks if do it yourself takes about 30 minutes to do it

17. Should car heater be working when engine is on but I am not driving?

At idle RPM in cold winter weather, the engine is not producing enough heat to overcome cooling from the cold outside ambient air temperature.Assuming a typical 4-cylinder sedan gas engine idling at about 900 RPM, it is firing 15 times per second at a likely lean fuel mix because all it needs to do to maintain that RPM, is overcome the friction of the bearings and the engine accessories. When you get out on the road, the engine goes up to about 3000 RPM, firing 50 times a second on a rich fuel mixture, so much more heat is being produced. The heater is likely producing some warm air, but it's not warm enough to matter to you. If you have the blower on high, the small heater core is trying to heat a huge moving air mass with limited thermal energy. Set the blower on low and it will feel warmer. Also setting airflow to recirculate will help warm the cabin more quickly, though the recirculated cabin air may also fog and freeze the windows with moisture.Turning on additional electrical loads like a rear window defroster and the vehicle lights will add load to the engine via the alternator, increasing the idle speed and fuel richness so it produces more heat. This effect will be limited, though, since the defrost heater and all the lights are about 2000 watts, or 2. 5 HP of power for an automobile engine likely rated for 90-300 HP. Slightly pressing the accelerator so it idles at 3000-4000 RPM will also increase the heat output somewhat, but it does not take much fuel to push an engine with no load up to this high idle RPM, so the warming effect is not as great as actually driving down the road at highway speed at this RPM

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How to Maintain Your Cars Heater This Winter
Winter is here and you will be busy driving to do your holiday shopping and getting to and from work. You will be driving slowly to ensure your safety on treacherous winter roads. This means you may end up spending more time in your car than you normally would. So, it is imperative your car's heater works optimally and does not stop working while you are in it. It can be miserable and even dangerous if you are caught in the middle of nowhere without adequate heating.Your car's heater can malfunction or stop working for many reasons. If you know these reasons, you can always flip the switch for preventive maintenance to ensure the heater works properly, especially when you need it.Some of the reasons for car heater problems include the following:• Leak in the Cooling System: Sometimes the radiator can spring a leak, causing the water or antifreeze to leak. This can cause your car heater to stop functioning.• Thermostat Problem: If the thermostat is not working properly, it will prevent the heater from warming up the interiors of your car.• Blow Fan Issue: The blower fan of the heater can also malfunction, causing the heater to stop working or not work the way it should.• Coolant Contamination: If you do not flush out the coolant tank regularly, the tank can rust. The rust particles then block the heating core, preventing it from circulating warm air through your car. Hence, the interior of you car will not warm up. That is nothing good to hear in the winter!The repair of an improperly working car heater depends on the kind of problem it has. Your car heater is different from the furnace in your home. If your furnace ceases to work, the technician will suggest replacing it. The same cannot be done with your car heater. There are many factors that work together to ensure the heating system of your car works optimally. A problem with one of these factors can affect the functioning of the heating system. Hence, the issue would have to be first isolated and then fixed.So, the cost of fixing your car heat will depend on how serious the problem is. This said, the heating core is the most important part of your car's heating system. It is like a radiator and transports hot air into your vehicle. If the heating core is at fault, it can be expensive to replace it and the replacement can take a day or two.If there is a leak in the radiator, you can get a temporary fix by constantly topping up the coolant level. However, this is not a solution. You should get it fixed immediately to prevent the situation from going bad to worse. If you do not fix the leak, it could damage the motor of your car and fixing this problem would be more expensive than actually getting the leak fixed.So, if you notice the coolant level dropping for no reason or you see a damp patch under your car, take your vehicle immediately to a reliable and trustworthy car repair shop. The technician there will check the hoses and engine cylinder head gasket to ensure your vehicle's engine has not sustained damage.Typically, it can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000 to fix the heating system of your car. However, this cost can increase if the problem is worse than what the technician anticipated.Use Preventive Maintenance to Your AdvantageEven something as simple as car heater can result in serious damage to your car. It is not just about staying warm in cold winter months. As the heating system has several different parts, it is important you get the system checked by a knowledgeable and experienced technician.Usually, make it a point to get the heating system checked before the onset of winter. This way, if there is a problem, it can be tackled during the off-season, before you need a warm, toasty car. Make it a habit to get a mechanic to check the coolant level and other components of your car on a regular basis. This way, any problem can be identified early and fixed. Also, this will not cost you too much.The best way to ensure your car's heating system works optimally is to maintain the cooling system. Yes, it sounds weird, but the coolant and water mixture is used to heat the interiors of your car. So, the cooling system is what needs to be maintained to ensure the heating works properly when you need it.Get the hoses and belts checked regularly, and also ensure the coolant is always rust-free and clean. Make it a habit to check the coolant level and if you notice a dip in the level, top it off. These basic preventive maintenance tips will go a long way in ensuring you are cozy and warm while driving your car this winter. Well, at least something is going right!my car overheats and the heater blows cool air?Car Heater
Car Heater Blowing Cool Air... Why?
it sounds like you probably have a clog in your heater core or your thermostat is stuck open. More than likely it is a thermostat. When your thermostat sticks open the engine never fully reaches operating temperature because coolant is always flowing through the radiator from engine, being cooled. It gets even cooler when you drive because there is more air moving through the radiator when you drive cooling the coolant even more. ASE master tech.1. my car heater is not working. any ideas why?Your car is broken2. My car heater is hot, then cold, then warm then cold; what could cause this?flush out the cooling system and change the thermostat3. My car heater stopped working? 2003 Toyota Corolla with 140,000 miles on it. Anyone have idea of problem?Lack of water/coolant in the main system or an airlock in the heater block4. Car heater not working, what can I do?It sounds like a slug of air in the cooling system. When the engine is cold, remove the pressure cover on the coolant recovery tank. Turn the heat on high but the blower motor off. Start the car and let warm up to full operating temperature. Feel both heater hoses that go through the fire wall. They both should be hot. If they both are not hot replace the heater control valve inside the engine compartment.5. car heater blowing cold even though engine is warm?yea, check your coolant level to see if it's topped off. The heater core is plugged if you grab the heater hoses leading to the core. If either one is cold then the core is plugged. Otherwise you have some kind of blockage in the ventelation system (in dash) OR the doors that route the hot air (also, in dash) are disconnected/defective.6. A car heater problem, need help bad???idk maybe you truck just dosent like you anymore or something7. Car heater taking too long to come on if at all?When the engine was changed, was the heater properly bled when the cooling system was refilled? If there is an air-bubble stopping coolant from flowing properly through the heater, that would create exactly the symptoms you are describing, yet may not cause any overheating issues if the rest of the cooling system is working correctly8. Why has my car heater stopped working?Let's see, you have to keep putting antifreeze in the car. Think you may have a leak?9. Why is my car heater / temp gage on the fritz?It sounds like there is air in your cooling system. If that happens you will see the symptoms you are describing. Refer to a Civic repair manual for the exact procedure on getting all the air out of the system, or you could try asking on a Honda Civic forum somewhere. In all likelyhood the problem wo not be with your thermostat. If your coolant level is dropping and there are no visible leaks it could be a head gasket (and it may not show coolant in the oil either, it could be burning up in the cylinder, I've seen that before). Given the symptoms you should definitely let a qualified technician take a look at it. Good luck!10. Why doesn't my car heater work?Sounds as if the switch is running the air thru the vent rather than the heater core. sucks....you know this is gonna cost more than its worth11. Can you turn on heat when you've broken your car heater knob?i broke it off my pontiac grandam and i just used a pair of pliers to twist the metal stick-like knob. I broke it completely off though. doesnt look pretty but i can still turn on my heater. :)12. i have little heat from car heater?flush system top up with fresh anti freeze and new thermostat if this do not work check heater core have it checked for leaks and to check if it is ok13. car heater stopped blowing strong after cold weather...?Sounds like a blend door problem. Check the vacuum line where the heater hoses go into the firewall14. why is my car heater blowing out not very warm air?Thermostate needs to be replace. Hope that does it for you
Any Mechanics Know??? Car Heater Problem?
The resistors for the fan motor are probably bad if it worked on low, but high didnt work, ect. They are usually located on the circuit board where the heater control and stuff is. You can replace them if you know what you are doing and can solder. Radio shack should have the resistors.1. How can I keep mice out of my car heater and fans?De/con mice & rat killer put it out away from pets say goodby to them>>?2. HELP Why won't my car heater work?possible to have to bleed the system. some get air locked when drained the system.3. My car heater doesnt work, why is this??The heat in the cabin of a vehicle is provided by a heater core. A heater core is just a smaller, secondary radiator. It is attached to the main radiator. The most common failure of the heater core is a leak. Often, you would notice a major leak, due to the fact that the heater core is often located in the dashboard on the passengers side. (Often, the radiator fluid will leak out into the passenger cabin.) This is why, if your car is overheating, you should turn the heat on in the cabin to remove heat from the engine. However, you state that you still have heat. First, check your radiator fluid. If it's low, then there may be no fluid flowing into the heater core. Hopefully, this is the problem and you only have a small leak. It's a cheap fix, just keep an eye on your radiator fluid and take your car into the shop if the leak gets worse. However, I note two hidden clues in your question that lead me away from the above. You state that your car is a 1999 model and that you have to set the temperature to "80 or higher." Some of the premium models of cars have an internal thermometer. Some are mercury controlled, some are computer controlled. (I am not familiar with what system your car has.) If the thermometer or computer have an error, then the car may think that it is outputting greater heat than it really is. It could be a bad fuse or a short in the system. You would have to take your car into the shop for them to fix it. Good luck with your car!4. Will your car heater work if their is only water in your cooling system?nope it will blow. juust like your momma5. there is a disgusting smell coming from my car heater when i turn it on?you probably have a leak in your heater core which is under your dash. it may be the hoses connected to it or it may be the core itself. repair that and you will be fine6. A car heater problem, need help bad???change thermostat to one that is rated 180 degrees or higher. make sure heater controls work7. why wont my car heater work?If you put your hand on each of the hoses going to the heater and both are cold then there's no water flowing through the heater core. Flush the core8. my car heater doesn't heat?Replace the thermostat no change, Then I would look into the heater core could be plugged9. why wont my car heater start heating until i start driving?Two possible problems. Simplest problem being car may be low on antifreeze starving the heater core for water. car may even slightly overheat. Most likely problem is a slightly plugged heater core. The heater core and radiator sort of act like a filter for your cooling system trapping debris. Easy to flush depending on the car sometimes easier to change the core10. why my car heater runs only after i worm up the car?the radiator coolant has to get hot ,thats where the heat comes from11. Car heater wont work, only blows cold air?you probably have a bad dual heater control valve, or the blend door motor is stuck12. can the car heater core be welded or glued?That would be the a/c condenser that your talking about,the heater core is under the dash board. It depends on where the hole is if it can be fixed are not, if you know of a radiator repair shop they might be able to repair it
Why Does My Car Heater Blow Cold at 60mph?
Sounds like a stuck open thermostat to me. At 60 mph in cold weather you've got a massive amount of cold air going through the radiator and if there's unrestricted flow you will pull all the heat out of the coolant faster than the engine can provide it. Even with a good thermostat you need to block some airflow through the rad if it's cold enough outside sometimes. You ever seen those grill covers on trucks with zippered windows?1. why my car heater runs only after i worm up the car?because your heat comes from the water in the radiator and that has to heat up - first all the best2. My car heater won't work...can someone help me?Not knowing the year of your vehicle I could not guess if you have ducts with control doors or not. You say fan works, is this by ear, you can hear the fan, or is the air comlng out as it should, cool of course ?? As was suggested, check the valve that controls the coolant flow from your engine to the heater. You could possibly have a kink in a hose also, had that happen once. You will probably need to disconnect the hose from the valve to see if it works.3. Car heater takes too long to blow hot air??KNIKO There are various reasons why the heater is not working as it should.My first question is this,Have you looked into getting the entire cooling system backflushed out yet.?In most cases the heater core may be plugged up with rust and scale deposits. Have your mechanic do a complete cooling system service done to the car.GOOD LUCK4. My car heater blows cold air when I slow down or stop completely. What could be the problem? 05' Maxima. THX?coolant is low , top it off ans check for a leak5. Car heater not working right '98 Saturn?defroster blowing slow is a fan concern not a cooling system concern.unless heater core is plugged-restricted. history of cooling system problems is key here-any additives like stop leak can cause major problems.are the heater hoses both the same temp going into the dash area?any restrictions to radiator-leaves/debris?any known leaks in cooling system?also check for coolant flow-make sure no air pockets in this pressurized system.6. Car heater doesn't work. Help, it's winter :(?Take a look at a vehicle cooling and heating system diagram. You've got the radiator, hoses to/through the manifold area where there are some gaskets, hoses from the engine into the heater core which is pretty much simply a small version of the radiator, and then hoses from the heater core back to the regular radiator. In the middle of this system, you have a radiator thermostat that when it gets hot enough, opens up to allow the water from the radiator flow through the hoses into the motor, from the motor to the heater core, and from the heater core to the radiator again. On each side of the radiator thermostat and each side of where the water goes through the engine, you also have gaskets or seals. Coolant seal effectively works as a glue or material that plugs up holes and leaks in the system; it can also clog other portions of the system preventing the proper flow of water7. Why is my car heater working in the back but not the front?Check your hose leaking somewhere8. Why is my car heater blowing cold?check the fluid level in the radiator, if its low or you cant even see it... fill it up. if that doesnt do the trick, you might want to take it some place to have the cooling system looked at9. Why wont my car heater heat?The Product is free. Get a piece of cardboard from an old box and stick it in front of the rad on cold days. It works10. Car Heater Only Gets Warm Not Hot?Check blend door actuator, if it does not shuts lets outside air in with heated air11. Can a car heater core be converted to an electric one by running a flexible electric heat element through the previous coolant path?Go to an auto parts store and look at a heater core for any model vehicle and then you will know how stupid that idea is
Student Drivers Instructed to "Just Plug in a Portable Car Heater"!
I have a Google Alert for all portable car heater news, since I blog about automotive equipment. I saw this news story and thought it was ridiculous enough to be worth sharing. I've written before about how rough it is to find yourself--as a consumer--in the dilemma of having a broken or bypassed heater core. And how, obviously, a portable car heater is NOT a perfect solution. But it's good in a pinch--just to get you through until it's time to decide whether to fix the heater or get a new vehicle.Well, can you imagine running a driving school and telling your students, "Hey the heater isn't working--so just defrost the windows with this handy plugin portable car heater. It's great driving experience for every teenager!" Ummmmm, not okay. I can't help but wonder, if the rearview mirror came off, whether the instructor would tell the 16-year-old student that it's excellent multi-tasking training to hold on the rearview mirror while driving.Or maybe offering additional training modules on safe texting while driving?Not too surprisingly, the school shut down not long after students reported back to their parents about that lame portable car heater advice.Here's the little blurb from the news article : it's kind of funny--in a sad, shaking-my-head kind of way.'''The cars started breaking down often, sometimes the brakes went bad, bad steering, bad tires and no heat,'' Prebynski said. ''When the manager said to buy a portable heater and plug it in the cigarette lighter to provide heat and told us the poor condition of the cars could be good experience for the drivers, I knew it was time to go.'" While I think portable car heaters are marvelous little devices, I cannot imagine allowing a new driver to go out in a car with a nonworking heater. Let alone learn to drive on a car without a working defroster.Yike.
Car Heater Doesn't Blow Any Air at All?
check out the resister trio, ill bet that the problem is there. you would be able to find that behind the speed select switch, the fan control.1. My car heater is hot, then cold, then warm then cold; what could cause this?Hot Then Cold2. My car heater won't work, could it be a fuse?try the fuse yourself or call auto zone they will help you3. Does it burn gas to run the car heater? (I know the answer is yes for the AC)?Yes. In order for the heater to operate you have to run the engine in order to heat the coolant that flows through the heater core4. Car heater won't work, only cold air comes out?Has it have been given sufficient water in it? The heater blowing chilly air is the 1st sign of coolant loss, because of the fact it relatively is the optimal element interior the equipment it loses its water first. yet another ingredient to verify is your water pump and its belt. some vehicles force the water pump with the timing belt, on such vehicles if the engine works then it relatively is no longer the belt. The heater matrix's water grant is not effected with the aid of the thermostat, if something a defective thermostat might make it warmer because of the fact the engine may be attempting to chill out itself with basically the heater matrix5. my car heater is not working. any ideas why?that just depends on what is happening. You could have blown a fuse, which is extremely easy and inexpensive to replace. Check your fuses. If your car is not blowing any air out at all when you turn the heat on, then you need a new blower more than likely. If you are getting air, but it's not heating up, then you need a new heater core, which can be somewhat expensive. Above people have stated other things, which COULD be possibilities. BUT, the most likely cause for the air not heating is definately either the heater core, or thermostat.6. Will your car heater work if their is only water in your cooling system?nope it will blow. juust like your momma7. A car heater problem, need help bad???idk maybe you truck just dosent like you anymore or something8. how long do car heater hoses last?it can vary you need to replace them when they start to swell or crack9. my car heater went very cold checked water reserve which was down but no leaks on floor what can i do?Sounds like the system is leaking somewhere hard to spot such as at the heater core, or heater core lines, i had a similar problem, lost fluid but no where was there any puddles, i found a rusty spot on the heater core return line that was slowly steaming away ( very slowly ) and after i replaced the lines all was well.... if its not just your fluid its more than likely the heater core or thermostat10. my car heater blows cold air?It is probably just a thermostat that needs replacing. Inexpensive part11. why is my car heater blowing out not very warm air?Your thermostat is stuck open! I would really question taking it back to the same place that "found" your coolant leak and you had to spend an additional $200 to fix that. ($200 sounds steep, what did they change out for you for $200) However the most likely cause of a heater not working, and the temperature gauge sitting on the "cool" side is that the thermostat that is suppose to be closing when the engine get's too cool and opening when the engine is hot is stuck in the open all the time position. Get the thermostat changed out. The part should be about $10. For most cars this should take MAX 1 hour of labor, but it depends on the car and if the thermostat is hidden or difficult to get to. I do not believe it was the people that did the flush that caused the problem. (Unless they changed your thermostat for you when they did the coolant flush). In which case I would question if they used the proper thermostat (thermostats have different temperatures for when they open and maybe they replaced it with a thermostat that opens at a lower temperature) or if they even forgot to install it. However better for the engine to run cool than for it to run TOO hot. After you replace the thermostat you should also notice a slight mileage improvement as a car operates optimally at a specific temperature, and one that is too cool will cause you to have a lower gas mileage.
Why Is My Car Heater Not Getting Hot?
The passager side it ok just the driver side blows luck warm when I put it on fent1. Why wont my car heater heat?widget_1 Could be on the right track. Is the thermostat old? If it is and you never changed it, it might be sticking open. If you want to get better heat, get a thermostat in a higher heat range. For instance, a 160 degress would be for Summer A 180 would be normal A 195 would be for Winter2. Why is it that my car heater started working after I refilled my coolant reservoir?What he said, you did not have enough coolant so it could not get to the heater core. I would not be surprised if you do not end up with a head gasket problem. The coolant you bought should be OK.3. Car heater problems blowing cold air?if it stays below the cold mark then it,s running cold.sounds like the thermostat is stuck open.you might also flush out the heater core if changing the thermostat don,t change anything. if it,s not blowing very much on high then it could be a bad switch.4. Why doesnt my car heater work when I am not pressing on the gas?Bad thermostat? maybe and check your oil make sure there is no antifreeze in it. just some suggestions...good luck5. Why do I smell burning oil when the car heater is on?i think Chances are that your engine is burning oil and what your smelling is the oil burning off from the engine and your heating system is taking that outside air in to give you heat thats why you will smell a burnt oil smell6. Car Heater Question: Know how when your car is cold in the morning....?It really does not matter. You wo not get no heat until the thermostat opens up and fill the heater core with anti freeze7. 1987 Lincoln Town Car: Heater Core Replacement?you pretty much have to disassemble entire dashboard to expose the core housing. many wires and small vacuum lines that can be easily damaged. very difficult job, even for a pro. should have a manuel , and follow steps for "heater core removal", make diagrams and notes as you disassemble,take your time. it can be done.8. How can I fix my car heater?Disconnect the heater hoses under the hood and blow the core out with a water hose. Then watch for core leaks. Clogged cores can be pretty corroded and start leaking soon after they are cleared9. i have a 2004 dodge stratus my car heater doesn't seem to get hot?My 04 stratus has a similar problem. does your passenger side faster then your driver side? i was told that i have a break in my vents and it lets cold air into the vents. Less air flow and less heat. It gets about slightly warm. If so, it could be the same thing10. What's wrong with my car heater?Heater core11. Burning smell when using car heater?Your fresh air comes in right below the front window. In the event the seal around the hood is not sealing properly, you can get a burning smell coming in from the engine compartment... This is why you would smell it at idle but not at driving speeds because the smell is blown away from the air blowing through the engine compartment12. Should car heater be working when engine is on but I am not driving?Usually there's a vacuum actuated valve which controls the diversion of coolant into the heater core. It's possible that the vacuum tube is either loose or leaking, and is not able to provide enough vacuum to actuate the valve at low engine speed13. Why does my car heater work intermitently?Sounds like the heater core is trying to go out14. My car heater stopped working? 2003 Toyota Corolla with 140,000 miles on it. Anyone have idea of problem?Lack of water/coolant in the main system or an airlock in the heater block15. What is the hose that goes from my radiator to my engine to the wall of my car by the heater core?Uh? Heater hose? Do ya think? The metal hose that goes near the same place is for transmission coolant and will be leaking transmission oil, not anti-freeze; the rubber one is for the heater
Car Heater Malfunctioning. How Do I Determine the Issue?
You have an air pocket in the cooling system. I will bet its because of a bad head gasket. Sealer will only plug up the heater core, not fix the problem. See a mechanic before you waste the motor1. Should car heater be working when engine is on but I am not driving?Usually there's a vacuum actuated valve which controls the diversion of coolant into the heater core. It's possible that the vacuum tube is either loose or leaking, and is not able to provide enough vacuum to actuate the valve at low engine speed2. 2005 Nissan sentra car heater doesn't work..?Take it back to the mechanic and tell them what its doing. They have not replaced some kind of sensor or electronic devise needed to fix this3. my car heater is blowing cold air, can anyone tell me what might be the problem?CHECK THE COOLANT LEVEL FIRST AND THEN CHECK THE HEATER / A/C CONTROLS4. why is my car heater anit blowing out alot of warm air?only blowing on high is a bad resistor, as for the rest, sorry, my crystal ball is on the fritz, year make and model5. Will your car heater work if their is only water in your cooling system?it will blow hot air anti freeze is just in it to keep it from freezing6. Car heater not blowing out hot air?Your coolant level may be to low.Try to add coolant when accelerating motor to 1500rpm with a little more coolant upper radiator hoses have a better chance of caring a solid column of coolant instead of steam.Some smaller cars have trouble generating enough heat in winter. I place cardboard in front of my radiator this allows for a quicker warm up. Back flush your radiator and heater core may also provide better heat transfer.Do not listen to these dip wads your thermostat is fine7. car heater blowing cold. rover 25?start by changing the thermostat and bleeding the air out8. My car heater doesnt work, why is this??LOW COOLANT, CLOGGED HEATER CORE, BAD THERMOSTAT OR PROBLEMS WITH A/C AND HEATER CONTROLLER9. Does a car heater use up the battery or just the gas? Or neither?electric coils heat the car then a fan blows over them kinda like a hair drier10. Does using your car heater or AC affect gas mileage for new cars?The heater is just scavenging engine heat -- engine coolant runs through your heater core -- so its impact on fuel economy is minimal at best. The A/C will cost you a little (additional load on the engine). Then again, so will rolling down the windows (messes with the aerodynamics). If this creates a financial burden for you, perhaps you should not be buying a car.11. My car heater only blows out cold air, How can I fix this myself, and now have to pay a mechanic?Maybe your thermostat has been removed. Follow the rubber hose on top of your radiator to metal. There will be two bolts. Remove and look into the hole. Should be a thermostat. Only cost a few bucks, replace. If that is not it, feel the floor on your passenger side for wetness, if it was wet or has been before, you may have a bad heater core. Way up under the dash12. my car heater blows cold air?Sounds like you left the air on. Make sure the sliders or buttons are on the heat position. In the old days, thermostats were typically the problem................cheers13. A car heater problem, need help bad???should not have bought a Dodge ....Get a FORD!!!!14. how can i survive this winter in a car with no heater?Drive to Miami and rent a apartment until next May, then go home15. My car heater won't work, could it be a fuse?If you have a friend a fuse is a possibility, check thermostat, heating core, or the motor mount, If you smell a odor it may be the heater core16. Foggy windshield. Coolant leaking inside car. Is this the heater core?yep that,s what it is, the heater core is leaking anti-freeze on the floor. yes it can be a time consuming job sometimes. on some cars you have to tear the dash apart to get into the core.
Is It Safe to Route Hot Air into a Leaking Car Heater Core?
Hot air from where? Get the core fixed or you are headed for an accident because your windows are fogged up or iced over. Some of the answers you got are whacko nuts. I could care less about thumbs down. Ask 100 mechanics what you should do and everyone of them will tell you to get the core fixed. If you think this is funny, its not. Try laughing when you kill somebody because you could not see them1. Why is my car heater blowing out cold air, and why is my car starting to overheat?Remove the radiator cap when the engine is stone cold. Fill it to the top with A 50/50 mixture of the factory approved full strength Zerex G-05 and distilled water. Fill the plastic coolant recover 3/4 full any time the pressure cap has been removed. At this point I would replace the radiator pressure cap with one from a Chrysler dealer. If this does not work your cooling system should be drained flushed and CLEANED to get the corrosion, rust and slime out if the cooling system particularly if it has never been done before. Replace the thermostat and flush the heater core both ways 6 times.2. Why doesn't my car heater work?The heat ,cool damper door is not working3. How do I fix my car heater?assuming that you have a temperature control knob for both the passenger and drivers air controls, then it sounds as if you have an air blend door that is not functioning properly. This could be a bad blend door motor, a bad switch, or something may have fallen down in the dash and is now stuck in the door.4. Car Heater Only Gets Warm Not Hot?Check blend door actuator, if it does not shuts lets outside air in with heated air5. Why is my car heater blowing out cold air?Heater core is probably blocked. Most likely get a new heater core6. my car heater is not working. any ideas why?You need to replace your Heater Core7. A car heater problem, need help bad???I would give Chrysler a call8. why wont my car heater start heating until i start driving?A few things matter, but generally its the water pump pushing the hot engine coolant into the heater core. Inside your dash is a small radiator looking device that the blower fan uses to blow air over to heat or cool your car. If you leave your car on long enough it will get hot but it will be from convection as opposed to the water circulation through the core. Keep in mind all vehicles have a similar but "different" design so some heat up faster than others. If the warm air stops all together and its not the thermostat then the heater core should be flushed. A shop can do it or the prestone flush from walfart would work. anyways its a job all in itself.9. Car heater won't warm up.?car heater works with ur radiator coolant.it heats up when coolant is hot.good luck10. 1987 Lincoln Town Car: Heater Core Replacement?you pretty much have to disassemble entire dashboard to expose the core housing. many wires and small vacuum lines that can be easily damaged. very difficult job, even for a pro. should have a manuel , and follow steps for "heater core removal", make diagrams and notes as you disassemble,take your time. it can be done.11. Does the car heater load the engine just like the AC unit?NO the heater blower does not use much electricity and besides would you rather be cold??12. i have a 2004 dodge stratus my car heater doesn't seem to get hot?My 04 stratus has a similar problem. does your passenger side faster then your driver side? i was told that i have a break in my vents and it lets cold air into the vents. Less air flow and less heat. It gets about slightly warm. If so, it could be the same thing13. Why is car heater switched on all the time?Sounds like one of the doors that divert the air is ^&*()_ up (kaput)14. car heater blowing cold even though engine is warm?have your thermostat replace
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